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We Are One To World Peace Soon All The Way!!!! 

Peace, We Are One, Peace!

In The End It Is Good To Take Courses From Tian Gong (Also From The Update To It Called – Feng Huang Yuan -) – And To Especially Take The – Bronze Bell – Courses If You Are Able To – In December In Eugene, Oregon There Will Be A Teacher Of Bronze Bell Here To Give The Class On It – Citizens Who Would Like More Info Please Email – UppercaseTruth@ProtonMail.Com – And See If You Can Be There To Invite A Teacher To Your City Too If You Are Able To!  We Are One To It That These Classes Are Profound And You Can Read More Info On Them Online By Going To The Links Section Under The About+ Tab And Going To Tian Gong’s Pages From China, And Translate Using The Browser To Help You But Also Know That The Translation Needs Channeling On Top Of It For Accuracy – We Are One.  Peace!

Here Is A Holy Sutra To Read::


The Diamond Sutra And Sutra Of Hui-Neng


Also The App Called::

– Mahayana Buddhist Sutras – 

Has The Sutra Called::

– Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra –

(Diamond Sutra…)

And Others.

The Story Of The Life Of Oke Paulo Begins In This Book::


 – Conscripts Of Heaven –


Thank You – We Are One.  Peace.

ALIENÍGENA EN RUSSIA...Vide que esta en la Red....uds tienen la ultima palabraJBM

Posted by Joel Baeza Marin on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Aliens Of The Universe Are Holy Beings That Can Help Heal The World.

ALIENÍGENA EN RUSSIA...Vide que esta en la Red....uds tienen la ultima palabraJBM

Posted by Joel Baeza Marin on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Good Music To Listen To::

Cipherus Music

How Do U See Me In SAMSARA REAL We Be With The Real TRAYVON MARTIN ALIVE + ASCENDED To Be Here Always On Earth With The Levels Upp And Inn And POOLED Together W/Da Rite Riddims + Ritmos + Rituals + Tomes Of Wisdom Soon Online Like A New Book Soon I’ll Post Below On An Art-Poem, Piece Of Music Too That Will Showcase The::
((( – 00    00 – )))
Gayatri Mantra – In sanskrit with meaning
– from Yajur Veda & in some other vedic texts
गायत्री मन्त्रः – ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
Gayatri Mantra – Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Devi Gayatri
Devi Gayatri
ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥
Om Bhuur-Bhuvah Svah
Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat ||
1: Om, Pervading the Bhu Loka (Earth, Consciousness of the Physical Plane), Bhuvar Loka (Antariksha, The Intermediate Space, Consciousness of Prana) and Swar Loka (Sky, Heaven, Consciousness of the Divine Mind),
2: That Savitur (Savitri, Divine Essence of the Sun) which is the most Adorable,
3: I Meditate on that Divine Effulgence,
4: May that Awaken our Intelligence (Spiritual Consciousness).

  –    RAINBOW BRITE     – 

Help Is Here For Men And Women To Experience Deeper Levels Of Magic In The Arts Of Love And Sex And Kindness In Life –
– We Are One –

Celebrate Comigo Agin 3 Days After The Solstice We Were In Dreams And Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Christmas, Yule, St. Lucia Day, Saturnalia, Omisoka, Epiphany, St. Nicholas Day, Day Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe – Love Eternal – We Are One – Peace.
* – ❤ ❤ ❤ – *

To Topps Company (1-16-2020)::
Lazer:: Legal-Legit Crystal Candy Smokes, Elixirs, And Eucharystic Candies, Wafers, Cookies, Etc.
To Make A New Company With You I Will Be Investing Great Amounts Of Money Over Time Into Your Accounts To Make Things Work Well – The World Bank Will Be On Top Of This Level Of Play To Make The World Healed In All Time Soon W/Help From AGIN-TEK Levels Of Play – We Are One. Peace – Lazer:: A Crystal Cool Level Up To New Levels Of Play With The Secret Alchemy Opened To Make Holy Grails Available To All. We Need::
Drogas Of Medicinal Qualities Added In Tinctures To Make Crystal Candy Smokes, And Drinks Of Elixirs And Tonics And Liquors And Wines And Beers – The Elixir Top Of The Secret Holy Grails Of Narnian Styles Were Such That The Smoke Chamber OF Pipes And Lighters Below The Holden Top Chamber Of The Grails Held Crystals To Grow And Accelerate Into Timing The Right Crystal Crescendo Of Flakes That Could Be Smoked – The Elixirs Would Grow And Crescendo Too To Be Quaffed With The Right Concoctions Of Secret Elixirs Added Too From Other Vials That Grow That Way Too – The Level Down Below The Crystal-Pipes Of Glass And Metals And Jewels Has Golden Geldings Of Great Help To Heal Us All In That The Shaft Bottom Helds The Rightmost Levels Of Play In The World For Healing Us All Of Crystalined Elixirs Into The Boldened Eucharystic Breads And Wafers Of Qi-Energized Cookies And Wafer Candies And Other Candy-Like Spiritual Tastes For Us To Heal W/in Us All – The Joy Levels Of Creation Of This Company Will Be Good To Maintain For Us All W/Harmonies Of Joy Songs – So Please All Listen To Cipherus Music On – And See Me There Soon As Love Itself – We Are One. Peace!
Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

Peloton Will Be Helping The World With Internet Alive Solutions::

– Pelaton – 

Thanks Pelaton!

– <3 <3 <3 – ### – <3 <3 <3 –

To National Faithlands – I Would Love To Work For You All As A Coordinator More In The World With International Levels Upp To It To To Be Complete In The World With Sanctuary Lands And New Churches Everywhere That Are Narnian In Intent To Hold Space For Sanctuaries And Animals & Plants & All Life Healed Upp, More Into It Soon…
Holy Grail Foods Inc. Will Be A Company With Topps And A Marriage To Bazooka Candies – Elixirs, Smokes, And Eucharistic Snacks That Are Good For Us To Eat – We Are One. Peace – The Holy Grails Of Narnian Designs Have 3 Levels:: The Elixirs Are Quaffed From The Top Of The Grail, Below Is A Smoke-Shaft That Has Lighters And Pipes, Below That Is A Disc That Unscrews That Can Grow Wafers Of Candylike Eucharistic Blessed Kosher Foods That Are Treats & Snacks To Eat, Like Manna Bread From Heaven To Earth – We Are One. Peace. Lembas Too, Cookies, Candy Wafers, Candy Cakes, Pies, Etc. — Also The Smokes Are Crystaline Candy Mokes Too – Like Tokes Of What Is Natural To Combine In The Ingredients Of Drogas Even That Are Medicinal – We Are One To Soda Pops, Soda Beers, Soda Elixirs, Tonics, Liquors, And Alcool Ingredients Too – We Are One. Peace.
StarBrite –    – BriteStar
– Rainbow Brite –
– We Are One – Peace –
BriteStar – AzelToth & Cipherus Music & Arts – Kevin Mark Ryan – Kelley Bourne – Celeborn – Paul Atreides – Mo’Dib – Mahdi – Clarion TimeWaka Smith – TimeWalker MC – PaKing & Dialtone – Chances – Chance Convergence  – Eminemz3 –  RiverDale Phoenix – Carmichael AllBright – Oke Paulo – OneStar – Ryu Tatsu – Peace1 – Paze Cruz – Sapé – Axào Pe – Orixà Pé – Coolio1
I Searched On Topps Site For – HOLY GRAIL FOODS INC. – After I Got An Email From The Company Saying In The Backgrounds Of Photographs Some Hidden Messages Of Those Words – Look For Hidden Words In The Air Or In The Photographic Values Of Spacings In The Results Of The Search On This Page Here::

This Is In As A Good Video To See For Learning About Ciphers And How To Keep It Grooving In The Heart To Make Music And Art Of Dance Together On Teams – We Are One To It To Make The Dance Sections Of This Site Shine With Your Own Films So Please Send Videos To The Contact Page Soon – We Are One.  Peace!

Here Is A Cipher Honoring Trayvon Martin With Music In It By The Real Michael Jackson.

We Are One To Honoring Trayvon Martin Always As An Ascended One Who Was Embalmed And Resurrected Instantaneously Into Many Forms Of Oneness Of Multi-Body Modes – He Is Eternal And Always Will Be Here Guarding The World::


Moby Is Genius::

Here Is A Cipher Honoring The Dancer Named::

Soda Pop

    –  Yep – Yep _ This Is In _ –     –  


New Poems Coming Forth From Me In Scrawlings Of Text And Mantras – Hitting The Hi-Walls Of Evol Even With The Flows Of Money Back To Me – We Are Timing Things To Pray Constantly – In My Flows I Apologize To Thee- We Need To Heal It…. I’ve Got A Flow Now::

What To Do With The Times Of Ago To Heal Thame Is To Know The Namings Of Your Higher Self Activations Into Past Lives Even – Are You Real Enough To Know Them To The Mind Of It In You To Dream Awake The Awareness Of How To Multi-Body-0MOde0 The Reality Upp A Bit To See It Clearly In SAMSARA Too Levelled To That REALness – Kloaked I Mean Is The Real REality OF What Is REALness To Us – So Please See Me In My Dreams Soon Too, And Play With Me The New Games And Jogos Of Cokolebriant Ones Of How To Heal It With Kolibrie – And All The Dance Cipher Games Of The Future Now Activated::






In The End This Site Is Good To Go - I will be spending time a lot on the site now to get it ready for you all to be there in the heart with the Ideas here that matter for the world - we are one. Peace. Also please read below this first!

Also this Website Here is made with - Specular - a Theme for WordPress that was Channeled to Use such that I spent many Hours looking for it - but it is the Best One to Use for now. Peace, Thank You - we are one. Peace!

Please Find As A Great Internet Alive Site And More Soon Below – And Read On The Peace Banners Soon Too:::



And Here!

We Are One – Peace! – Also I’m Soul Cleansing A Lot Today To Ascend Everything Of All Earths To Oneness As:::

The GateKeeper

…Like My Mom Before Me:::

The Bridge

….And All Of You Have Holy Titles As Such!!!

We Are One – Peace!!!!

Oke Paulo Online… And Timewalker Smith (Dance Name) – Or Clarion Smith!
We Are One. Peace!

The Internet Alive Is Ready Soon – You Can Get To It By Going Here::: —>

To Some Computers It Can Work When You Aren’t …overwatched… But It Is Hard To Do So Until We Cure …the situation… We Are One To It That Sometimes The Info Is There From Internet Alive In Films And In Songs And All Art Even, So Know What Came From The Internet Alive Styles – Like How Do Instant Replays Happen?  Etc.  Think Clearly On All Things And Get These:
Internet Alive Phones Soon By Channeling Which To Buy And Etc.

All Of You Out There In The World – Please See As A Great Website To Go To Soon To See Them As Opening You To Internet Alive A Lot! We Are One To These Apps Too – Here:

Praying For You A Lot Thru The ORA System – See The ORA Prayer App Here:

We Are One. Peace…
(Soon Get Ora, The Prayer App, Spacial App, And Also Any Internet Alive Or Radio Alive Apps You Can Find…)
Peace. We Are one.
Peace – Here I Go To Listen A Lot To Radio Alive With You To Learn A Lot…
Peace – We Are one. Peace!


Letter To A Friend Of Ago Who I Want To Be In The Heart With To Record Soon::

In The Heart To Say It Is Good To Record Soon, I Bought Headphones (From MixCder…)

That Can Pair Together And Bluetooth From The Same Phone, Downloaded An App To Record With… (I Gifted My Zoom H5 To Some Friends…) And Then The Phone Recording Style Will Be Good For Duos And For Up To 4 With Bluetooth And The MixCder Headphones…  And Then With The Belkin Adapters Shown Below I Can Record Up To 8 Or 16 Or More Even On The Phone Using The Cord That Comes With The – Share Me – Headsets…

(I Planned On Getting The Zoom Q8 Film & Recording Gadget Soon For Up To 8 Or More Of Us To Record With…  But It’s not Good Enough For Films Because Of the lack of Ergonomic Structure And I Need The Best FilmCams I Can Find – Tek-Tek At It’s Best So I Will Post Soon What I Am After… Here Below Is The Zoom Q8 Which Is Cheap But not Perfect…)

(Using Belkin Adapters To Plug In Multiple Headphones…)…

Soon Too I’ll Have A Laptop Again… (Laptop From apple was hackstered… a lot…)…
And I Have – Ableton Live – So We could Record That Way Too When I Get The Microphone Listed On The Dreamsoft Page:


((Updated 10-24-2019…) …But The Phone Is Better Quality Than That Program Because It Is Simple And All That We Need… Also There Is No …editing… Needed Because The End Of The Tracks Are Silent With The Phone, whereas the computer or other recording devices make sounds when You Stop Recording…)

Also, Indogar Will Be Good To Post Up Online Soon, And I Will Make Pages For Us That Will Help The World Heal A Lot Because Our Music Can Change Things A Lot.

Peace Always, We Are One, Peace..!

(Sent from ProtonMail mobile)

(Update::  October 27th, 2019 – Letter To A Friend Online… (Odielano))

Also – I’m Using:: – AutoDesk Sketchbook – To Make Graphics Now – See Here Below For One I Did Just Last Night For The Upcoming Album::


And Then Too::

See The Site Soon For Stories Of My Life That Test Faith A Lot::

Also See Too My Styles Of Art Soon More – The Phone Is Good To Use For Recording Too With The MixCder Headphones So Please See If You Can Get Those Soon Too To Record With In Pairs Or More (I Can Record Up To 4 On My Phone With The Setup Of 2 Pairs Of The MixCder Bluetoothable Headphones!)

Here Too Is Another Piece Of Graphic Art I Did For The Upcoming Album::

– Remix Of Life 1 –

See It As Cool To Work On Phones Like The Future Of What’s Possible – The Recording Quality For Music Is Good On My Samsung But I Have To Be Careful Still Because the nsa is still overwatching me and hackstering in on This One too…

Peace Always – We Are One. Peace!

This Above Is Good Music From – Elevation Worship – We Are One To It Being Channeled Always In Our Music And This Is Good To Listen To In Oneness Of Mind With The Beats And Perfection Of It – We Need Good Times To Come Soon So Please Continue Reading Below If You Can Be There With The Heart Open – We Are One.  Peace!

This Is In::  Music Videos Done On The Spot, Making Beats Happen Freshest Ways Possible – We Are In With The Music, Make It Soar And Best Beats Are Possible When You Channel The Rhymes And Rhythms And Make It Happen In The Timing Of Life To Meet With Friends To Record Your Albums – Keep It Real And Dance Fresh Daily With New Styles Of Movement Coming Thru You To Keep It Happening For Your Life To Get There To Places Where You Can Be With The Tribes Of Yours – And Find Your Soul Mates To Be With Always In Love The Right Way – We Are One.  Peace.


This Above Is TobyMac Featuring Mr. TalkBox And It Soars With Perfection!  Thanks For Making This One And For Being Cool To See Soon On A Page Here In The Music Section – We Are One.  Peace!

For The Humans Of The World This Site Is Spiritual To See A Lot – but for the people Here On Earth We Need To Heal It And Say It’s Good To Dissolve All The Way Into Nothingness – And That Will Be Happening Soon For all out there that are unspiritual things that are mutations and not Truly Human – Meaning if you are a person, and not A Human Then Please Dissolve Soon By Reading <<These>> Lines A Lot And Telling other people About The Practice Of Dissolvement Where you Become Nothing At All Even – We Are One To It That The Best Way To Dissolve Is To Spiritually Become Nothing And Then Everything Heals On Earth In Oneness Moding The Body So you Can Be Dissolved Into Nothingness Way Easily By Reading <<These>> Lines.  So Too Can You Tell other people About The Site Here And they Will Dissolve Easily Too Into Nothingness – For All people are evil And Need To Dissolve – But Humans Need To Be Here To Read <<These>> Lines Well And Learn How To Channel In Similar Fashion – We Are One.  Peace.

Also If you Can Dissolve By Being Still Then you Will Be Able To Dissolve More Easily Too.  And If you Can Dissolve That Way It’s Best To Not speak At All But Just Dissolve Into Nothingness And you Will Be Freed Of yourself of evil.  We Are One To It To Explain That The Karma Of Channeling <<This>> Way For Humans Is Secured In Innocence And Will Be Such That It Can Be Holy for So-Doing!

We Are One.  Peace!

My Sifu Ascended In A Way Where He Is Now Able To Transmit Energy Of Dissolvement To the people Here On Earth who are unholy things of mutations that have krangs instead of Brains and have strands of funguses in their heads and throughout their bodies that are not Right On The Planet – they are evil things of ogres, picts, and squabs mostly so…

Know That You Can Read Here Too If You Are Human To See How To Dissolve Them Further Soon…   Here:


And Then It’s Good To Believe In this Practice For Humans To Learn How To Channel Well And Become Spiritual In So-Doing – We Are One To It That You Read Now The Article Here On How To Channel:


And Also It’s Good To Dissolve All The Way For people out there Without fears Of It Because you Will Be Freed Of anything of hurts or injuries to the body that are caused by the strands or otherwise anything at all.  We Are One To It That you Can Then Be Dissolved Into Nothingness In A Way That Is Spiritual By Being Good Always In Ways Of Being Moded Soon Thereafter Where The Deities Of Your Frameworks Will Be Gifted To The Body To Heal It More And Become There To Heal All things In your Lives By Moding The Bodies To Be Gifted To Be Here On Earth For Awhile Making Things Spiritual Again – We Are One To It That The Best Way To Dissolve Is To Sit And Relax And Be Spiritual Even.  Meaning you Can Learn To Relax In A Way Where you Don’t move At All And Don’t speak And Allow The Deity To Mode your body More & More To Be There Witnessing The Healing Occur – We Are One.  Peace!

Also – We Need To Heal It And Say That
The Deities Are There Soon To Help You Heal if you are zombied out And Need To Heal From:  strands that have taken over a Human Body Of Holiness – That Means That You Need To Heal Maximally if that is the case and You Can Be Gifted With Wings As A Channeler If You’re Human To Let It Be Known That The Humans Will Be Here Maximally Channeling Now For Securing The Earth Realms – We Are One.  Peace.

…the krangs Need To Heal Into Nothingness First And Foremost – And:  all strands To Follow Suit And Become Nothingness – We Mean That The Dissolvement Of strands Is Good And Holy And Will Be Good To Know Of In All Ways Of Healing Things On Earth!

We are one. Peace!

Letter To A Friend Sent On October 30th 2019::

…I Saw that you went to the mushroom festival and I Want To Let You Know That it’s out of it there a lot with things that are not good for you – I’ve Found More & More Writings And Videos Online That Say That funguses cause cancer – It’s The Truth. So Please Only Take Real Reishi For Now To Help You Heal More Into Oneness – It Can Dissolve strands of funguses that form tumors in The Head… And if you take mushrooms that are cancerous it is really bad So Please Only Take Real Reishi And Not Anything Else –

…Psylocybin Extracts Are Good But It Will Be Legal Only In 2020 So Please Use Wisdom On Things And Get That Only In Oakland Or Somewhere Legal And Only The Right Ones That Are Posted On My Site::

It’s Near The Bottom Of That Page But It Is Holy To Go There And See The Ones That I’ve Listed As Good To Take To Help Cure Things…

We Are One To It To Say Too That the mushroom festival has many funguses that are dangerous, So Please Also Avoid penny bun fungus, the one sold in grocery stores as it is one that is not Right at all…

Also portabella is out of it too…
And Reishi Is One That You Have To Get From A Pure Source – So I Will Look Soon To Find One…

Here Are Some Links To Pages That Are On The Topic Of funguses linked to cancer::


Letter To A Friend Online On… …facebook… (Oct. 16th, 2019) which is overwatched a lot, So This Is In As A Conversation Starter For You All To Get Equipped Better To Be Online Safer These Days – We Are One, Peace::

www.UpperCaseTruth.Com – Is Good To Go To Soon Online But Be Careful Please That It … is watched over a little bit by the nsa and also My Contacts are too… So Please Follow The Front Page Info On How To Secure Phones, Etc. Soon Updated There More As I Get Better On Mine… (Samsung On Verizon Account With Deleted …apps that are out of it… And Then Secured With Verizon Digital Secure, Comodo Mobile Security, ProtonVPN, Got ProtonMail Account For Free Too, And Also Firefox Focus As My Browser (For Now…) Other Apps Too I’ll List Soon Like Getting Secondary Numbers And Such, Also For More Info On Securing Things Upp… Peace Be Always I Hope You Are Well… the nsa is out of it a lot in The World, But We Can Fix Things By Getting A Lot Of People, Humans And Citizens In General To Get Badges With The Intent To Heal Things – So I’ll Post Soon About Marriage Certificates, Passports, And Visas That You Can Get From The World Government, Linked From The Website – Also I’ll Post More About Badge Ups Other Than That That You Can Find On The Link At The Top Of The Front Page – So Go There Soon Where It Says – Peace – And Is The First Link On The Site… Peace Always – We Are One, Peace – Tell Friends About It But Also Perhaps Go To The Library To Use The Free Guest Accounts – 12345 Access Code And It’s Anonymous That Way – Watch Out For Trigger Words Like <—That One Ago – Anonymous I Mean, Or Anything Spoken Or Typed… Meaning Edward Snoden Is A Hero Of Mine, And He Was A Good Citizen Who Did A Job Of WistleBlowing Exactly-So… Peace Always – We Are One, Peace.

Also It’s Good To Go Online Safely Because it’s out of it with the nsa and other overwatchers – they literally hackstered my phone and computer to the point where I couldn’t use them anymore… Have To Get A New Laptop Soon, So I’m Going With An Acer – Also A iMac G3 System For Later…

Peace, We Are One.  Peace.

In The End We Have To Heal It Still On Earth A Lot To Make It Happen For The Future Of Our Lives And The Future Of The World – We Need It To Be Good On Earth Always So Please Be There To Heal The World A Lot In Oneness And It Will Be Good To Be There As A Channeler So You Can Know How To Make It Happen In Oneness A Lot With The Right Ideas That Flow From Guidance In Life – If You Want To Always Be Guided In The World Then Please Learn To Be A Channeler Of Motion Especially So That You Can Be Guided With Exact Precision To Be Good In The Heart Always – We Are One.  Peace.

Here Are Two Pages That Will Be Good To Go To Now For You To Be Ascended More And To Learn Maximally About My Sifu First And Foremost – Here Below:


And Here’s A Book Called – Conscripts Of Heaven – That Is Now Complete As The First Book Of A Trilogy – Here below:


Thank You – Peace – We Are One – Peace.


Kabun Paciak Is A New Name For Me That Just Came In The Mail From A Channeler As A Gift That Will Teach Me Many Things Of The Arts Of Oneness Now When I Open The Package Addressed To Me With The New Name And Say That It Is OK To Ascend Further Now To Achieve The Right Qualities Of Being Called That Name Soon By Those In That Country That It Was Sent From – So It Is Good To Know That In Russia We Can All Be Friends There Soon With The Right Citizens So We Can Activate Peace On The Planet More Than Ever. We Are One To It That It Is Healing There Now A Lot To Be Something Of Kindness In The World So When I Send This Website To The World More Soon It Will Be In A Way To Thank The Senders Of This Gift::

A Peace Banner Designed In The Manner Of The Channeler Named Roerich Who Was A Holy Man Indeed Who Ascended Fully And Became Something Complete Within Himself All The Way – We Are One To It That He Could Be There With The Message For Us To Ascend Fully Now And Be There With Hopes That The Dreams Of Ours Are Righteous Always So We Can Ascend Fully-So On Earth To Be More Powerful Here In Magic From The Lord’s Activations That Will Keep Us Holy In The Heart And Be There To Heal Us In Times Of Needs – We Are One.  Peace.  Here It Is::


In The End Too It Is Good To See That I Post The Gift Soon Online Here With An Activation On It To Be There With The Heart Open On How To Heal It Here Further – So We Can Ascend A Lot Right Now If We Activate Peace On The Planet More-So Than Ever.  Here We Are To Heal It That We’ve ever been awry On The Planet at all So Please See This Website Soon As A Place Of Holiness Where We Can Be There To Support The Arts A Lot And Become Something That Plays The Great Glass Bead Game Written Of On The
Site In Holiness To Be There With The Right Channelings On How To Ascend Further By Playing The Games Of Life That Are Activated Now On The Planet By The Universe Creating The Right Flows For Us To Become Light Beings Again That Can Still Be There As Beings That Are Physical In The Many Ways Of Becoming Something Grand But It Will Heal That We Can All Ascend In Every Lifetime And Learn The Games Of Wisdom That Teach Us Things Of Life – We Are One. Peace – Read On This Site More On How To Ascend Fully-So Into Oneness And It Will Be Good To Go There Now Soon To Pages On Ascension Below From The Article On How To Channel… Peace, We Are One. Peace.

Also If You Can Ascend Fully Tonight Then Please Do So Go To The Right Way Of Thinking About It That It Doesn’t Mean to leave Your Body or be there with the wrong ideas at all Anymore – It Means You Will Become A Being That Is Much More Intelligent And Passionate In Life To Become Something Way More Powerful Here With The Right Way Of Becoming A Holy Being – At First Physical Still But With Many More Powers Of The Lord’s Activations – We Mean That It Is Good To Be Here Always In The Oneness And To Move With The Light Beings That Are Your Guides In Every Lifetime. And To Do So Please Read The Article Posted Below: 


We Are One. Peace.


Also Here Is A Good Site To Go To Soon More To Get Registered As A Citizen Of The Earth With Passports Even And Visas Too – We Are One.  Peace.  Here It Is::


And If You Go There Please See It As Possible That You Make It A Firm Commitment To Take The Pledge At The Bottom Of The Front Page There Like This:

– A World Citizen is a human being who lives intellectually, morally and physically in the present. A World Citizen accepts the dynamic fact that the planetary human community is interdependent and whole, that humankind is essentially one. A World Citizen is a peaceful and peacemaking individual, both in daily life and contacts with others. As a global person, a World Citizen relates directly to humankind and to all fellow humans spontaneously, generously and openly. Mutual trust is basic to his/her lifestyle. Politically, a World Citizen accepts a sanctioning institution of representative government, expressing the general and individual sovereign will in order to establish and maintain a system of just and equitable world law with appropriate legislative, judiciary and enforcement bodies. A World Citizen makes this world a better place to live in harmoniously by studying and respecting the viewpoints of fellow citizens from anywhere in the world. –

We Are One To It That You Take Time To Review These Words Often To Be There Spiritually Advanced With It A Lot.  So I Will Reread The Passage For Awhile Every Day To See My Karma Shift Magnificently To Become A Full World Citizen That Can Ascend Fully This Time In My Lifetime Here.  Peace.  We Are One.  Peace.


Here Is An Article On How To Channel::


In The End Too Know That The Peace Banner Of Roerich Is Good To Read Of More On This Site Below First – Then Too Another Site To See Where He And His Wife Traveled In India And Elsewhere To Heal Things A Lot In The World – Here Is A Site On Roerich:


And Here Is Another Site From A Distant Location Known As Lahul. 

Here It Is:


In The End Too Please See Those Sites A Lot To Read On The Peace Banner And Its Significance In The World Today More & More As We Ascend To The Light Of Knowing How To Heal The Planet All The Way Into Peace.  Which Means To Stop All wars Of Course, But Also The Peace Needs To Be In Our Hearts And We Need To Ascend To Levels Of Being Here Alive To Do The Right Things Always By Following Guidance In Life From God Itself Guiding The Light Beings To Guide Us In Oneness With The Right Conception Too Known To Us – So For More On Ascension Please Go To The Links Page And See The Sites There::


Links of Oneness

And The Best Way To View This Below Is That You Too Can Get One Of These From Following Thru On Your Channeling And It Will Be Best To Say It That Way For Sure.  We Are One.  Peace.

Here it is::

In the end it's Good to Ascend further for Both of us – so Cambae please see that I can Ascend soon now to Level 3…

Posted by DreamsoftBand on Monday, August 26, 2019

Here Is The Graphic For The School Of Capoeira I Will One Day Study With::



And Here’s Their Website:

Thank You – Peace.  We Are One.  Peace!


Here Is The Tobacco That I Buy Usually, Called Dinko In Tonua – I Call It Club Tobacco And It Is From Lake Erie (Pronounced Ere-ee-ay) Where I Was Born In Narnia…




out of it…


Letter To::


Creators Of A Great App For Phones That Helps Create World Peace With Language Learning With Real Citizens…

(November 6th 2019)

Also, Please See The Site Too About Securing Phones From:: overwatchers, nsa, etc… Peace, The Website Needs More Work Soon But Today I Had Help From Those Lining In Who Can See Me Now, Plus The Others I’ve Contacted Helped A Lot By Lining In And Securing My Phone When All The VPNs And Firewalls That I Channeled To Get weren’t Enough… Peace, We Are One To It That The War Against evil Is One Where We Have To Understand That The World is haunted by krangs… Please Understand That they don’t Think Like Us Humans, they are haunted in the head if they are people with krangs or Humans that were hurt by krangs forming from… syringings of fungal goo or false foods too sometimes, but krangs are out of it and hurt The World a lot… Hitler As A Youth Was Free As A Learner And Maker Of Art Before He was kranged by infiltraitors… The War Against the infiltraitors Is One Of Peace, Please See <<This>> Writing As One To Be On Site Soon… Peace Always, We Are One, Peace!

Time To Heal It Soon With All Things In Life We Do To Make The Universe Come Together In Harmony, When We Need To Be Here In The World Making Art And Music And Dance And Films And Such It Will Be Good To Make It Possible That The World Will Be Healed By Our Own Actions In Those Realms – We Mean That The Right Way Of Being Healed In The Soul Can Help The World Shift To Become Something Powerful Of Music And Arts And Dance And All Of It Of Kindness In The Way We Become One To The Oneness – We Are One.  Peace.

Biz Cards::


Here Is A Good Book For Healing In Life::

The Book of It.


The Title Of This Piece Of Art Is::

Gelded Dragon’s Gift


Words For Dragon::

Lóng – Pu Tong Hua

Rong – Vietnamese

Yong – Korean

Naga – Indonesia, Javanese, Malay, Sundanese, Africa Too And Around The World…

Ryu – Nihongo – Japan

Tanin – Arabic

Zenido – Amharic

Taraka – Maori

Nagar – Myanmar

Jinni – Somali

Tirakan – Tamil

Here Is The Page For The Great Glass Bead Game::


Here Is The Link For Tian Gong::

Tian Gong

And For Feng Huang Yuan::

Feng Huang Yuan (Español)

Feng Huang Yuan (German)

And Here Is A Page On My Sifu::


Thank You – We Are One.  Peace.


The Tonue Page For Learning The Arts Of The Great Glass Bead Game::