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In The End It Is Good To Take Courses From Tian Gong (Also From The Update To It Called – Feng Huang Yuan -) – And To Especially Take The – Bronze Bell – Courses If You Are Able To – In December In Eugene, Oregon There Will Be A Teacher Of Bronze Bell Here To Give The Class On It – Citizens Who Would Like More Info Please Email – UppercaseTruth@ProtonMail.Com – And See If You Can Be There To Invite A Teacher To Your City Too If You Are Able To!  We Are One To It That These Classes Are Profound And You Can Read More Info On Them Online By Going To The Links Section Under The About+ Tab And Going To Tian Gong’s Pages From China, And Translate Using The Browser To Help You But Also Know That The Translation Needs Channeling On Top Of It For Accuracy – We Are One.  Peace!

Here Is A Holy Sutra To Read::

The Diamond Sutra And Sutra Of Hui-Neng

Also The App Called::

– Mahayana Buddhist Sutras – 

Has The Sutra Called::

– Vajra Prajna Paramita Sutra –

(Diamond Sutra…)

And Others.

Drag & Drop The Icon On This Page To All Relatables On Files And Data On Your Computers – Cell-Phones Too, Tek In General And See What Happens As We Update The Universe Itself More & More With Prayer Too, We Are One To Internet Alivening All Realities Of Ours Into Oneness Further Extended Into What We Can Do With Alivened Bars, Restaurants, Cafés, And More-So In The World Too – Last Nite I Saw A Spiritual FilmTest Of Ours On The Looking Glass Styles Of A Window Pane Film-Game That Was There Inside Of A Café-To-Be ((Here In Eugene, Oregon – Where The New Odyssey Juice and Java Café Used To Be, On The Corner Of The Bus Station Block (Rodaviaria…) – NE Corner Where It Hasn’t Been Open For Years, (In My Experience-Levels Of Time-Magic…!) – And Now It Will ReOpen Soon – But That Will Be Good Of Course And With Future Possibles Of Having 3D – Projections – Of Realnesses… Guised Magic, Ascended Masters And Deities – Real-Real Truths Of Ours In Animated Forms Of Life, Like The Gorillaz – Here Below::

Also The Link To The Page Is Here::

And As Well, This One Is Goodd To Go On Too – Here::

(((For Securing The Web And Nets Online Too To Make It Possible For Internet Alive To Be Available Everywhere In All-Time And To Create New Structures Of Data-Flows For Us All To Heal More – See The Links Here Below The Videos Too To See The Greatest Schools Of Ascension Mastery Too!  Peace, We Are One, Peace)))

– Gorillaz! –


Also Here Is This::


And Here Are The Links To The Best Sites In The World – And That Means That These are the Links to Follow to get to the Best Sites ever Made online so far – here they are:

Here are the Sites my Sifu has for Tian Gong and for the New Name Called Feng Huang Yuan:

The Site for the Page for this Country is not up right now, but the Site for China is Perfect to go to and then be there to Translate it well – using the browser can Help but only if You Know that it’s not Perfect so Please be Aware to Channel the Meaning too.

Also Here is a Related Site from His Students who are Masters as well:


Thank You – soon there will be Many Links Here on this Page!

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Cathy Mu, One Master In Tian Gong Practices, Has Her Own Qi Gong School Now Too::

– Pure Beautiful Healing – 

My Mestre To Be In Capoeira, Mestre Adó, Has A Group Called Capoeira Angola Africanamente::


My Guru, Yogiji Maharaj Has Many Teachings Around The World::


And Here.

My Sensei, Ryu Kanataka Is Secretive But Can Be Found In The World By Being With Good Timing…

Also Here Is A School From Maharishi Sadasiva Isham, Founded Ago In The Himalayas When The Apostle John Went There, The School Is Called The Ishaya Foundation::


Thank You And Please Be There To Study The Path Of Ascension!  Peace, We Are One.  Peace.

Here Is A Teacher Too That Has Good Courseworks And Is Online With Teachings Of Metatron…!

Here Is Her Website::

Thank You For Being Diligent In Your Research And Going The Right Routes Always With Channeling In Stillness – More On That Soon – Read The Article On The Bottom Of Each Page Here That Is Above – The Book Of It – And See To It To Read That Book One Day Too, Peace!

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The Story Of The Life Of Oke Paulo Begins In This Book::

 – Conscripts Of Heaven –

Thank You – We Are One.  Peace.

ALIENÍGENA EN RUSSIA...Vide que esta en la Red....uds tienen la ultima palabraJBM

Posted by Joel Baeza Marin on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Aliens Of The Universe Are Holy Beings That Can Help Heal The World.

ALIENÍGENA EN RUSSIA...Vide que esta en la Red....uds tienen la ultima palabraJBM

Posted by Joel Baeza Marin on Tuesday, April 17, 2018



Good Music To Listen To::

Cipherus Music

How Do U See Me In SAMSARA REAL We Be With The Real TRAYVON MARTIN ALIVE + ASCENDED To Be Here Always On Earth With The Levels Upp And Inn And POOLED Together W/Da Rite Riddims + Ritmos + Rituals + Tomes Of Wisdom Soon Online Like A New Book Soon I’ll Post Below On An Art-Poem, Piece Of Music Too That Will Showcase The::
((( – 00    00 – )))
Gayatri Mantra – In sanskrit with meaning
– from Yajur Veda & in some other vedic texts
गायत्री मन्त्रः – ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
Gayatri Mantra – Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah
Devi Gayatri
Devi Gayatri
ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि
धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् ॥
Om Bhuur-Bhuvah Svah
Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat ||
1: Om, Pervading the Bhu Loka (Earth, Consciousness of the Physical Plane), Bhuvar Loka (Antariksha, The Intermediate Space, Consciousness of Prana) and Swar Loka (Sky, Heaven, Consciousness of the Divine Mind),
2: That Savitur (Savitri, Divine Essence of the Sun) which is the most Adorable,
3: I Meditate on that Divine Effulgence,
4: May that Awaken our Intelligence (Spiritual Consciousness).

  –    RAINBOW BRITE     – 

Help Is Here For Men And Women To Experience Deeper Levels Of Magic In The Arts Of Love And Sex And Kindness In Life –
– We Are One –

Celebrate Comigo Agin 3 Days After The Solstice We Were In Dreams And Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Christmas, Yule, St. Lucia Day, Saturnalia, Omisoka, Epiphany, St. Nicholas Day, Day Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe – Love Eternal – We Are One – Peace.
* – ❤ ❤ ❤ – *

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Drogas Of Medicinal Qualities Added In Tinctures To Make Crystal Candy Smokes, And Drinks Of Elixirs And Tonics And Liquors And Wines And Beers – The Elixir Top Of The Secret Holy Grails Of Narnian Styles Were Such That The Smoke Chamber OF Pipes And Lighters Below The Holden Top Chamber Of The Grails Held Crystals To Grow And Accelerate Into Timing The Right Crystal Crescendo Of Flakes That Could Be Smoked – The Elixirs Would Grow And Crescendo Too To Be Quaffed With The Right Concoctions Of Secret Elixirs Added Too From Other Vials That Grow That Way Too – The Level Down Below The Crystal-Pipes Of Glass And Metals And Jewels Has Golden Geldings Of Great Help To Heal Us All In That The Shaft Bottom Helds The Rightmost Levels Of Play In The World For Healing Us All Of Crystalined Elixirs Into The Boldened Eucharystic Breads And Wafers Of Qi-Energized Cookies And Wafer Candies And Other Candy-Like Spiritual Tastes For Us To Heal W/in Us All – The Joy Levels Of Creation Of This Company Will Be Good To Maintain For Us All W/Harmonies Of Joy Songs – So Please All Listen To Cipherus Music On – And See Me There Soon As Love Itself – We Are One. Peace!
Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

This Is Cool Too::

Tik Tok Videos Will All Be Internet Alivened ASAP – And Soon Too – We Are One, Peace!

Also Here Is A Good Mix Of Sounds Online Soon – Here With This Company Even Cooler Mixed-In-Da-Mixx-Of-It — Here::


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Peloton Will Be Helping The World With Internet Alive Solutions::

– Pelaton – 

Thanks Pelaton!

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To National Faithlands – I Would Love To Work For You All As A Coordinator More In The World With International Levels Upp To It To To Be Complete In The World With Sanctuary Lands And New Churches Everywhere That Are Narnian In Intent To Hold Space For Sanctuaries And Animals & Plants & All Life Healed Upp, More Into It Soon…
Holy Grail Foods Inc. Will Be A Company With Topps And A Marriage To Bazooka Candies – Elixirs, Smokes, And Eucharistic Snacks That Are Good For Us To Eat – We Are One. Peace – The Holy Grails Of Narnian Designs Have 3 Levels:: The Elixirs Are Quaffed From The Top Of The Grail, Below Is A Smoke-Shaft That Has Lighters And Pipes, Below That Is A Disc That Unscrews That Can Grow Wafers Of Candylike Eucharistic Blessed Kosher Foods That Are Treats & Snacks To Eat, Like Manna Bread From Heaven To Earth – We Are One. Peace. Lembas Too, Cookies, Candy Wafers, Candy Cakes, Pies, Etc. — Also The Smokes Are Crystaline Candy Mokes Too – Like Tokes Of What Is Natural To Combine In The Ingredients Of Drogas Even That Are Medicinal – We Are One To Soda Pops, Soda Beers, Soda Elixirs, Tonics, Liquors, And Alcool Ingredients Too – We Are One. Peace.
StarBrite –    – BriteStar
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BriteStar – AzelToth & Cipherus Music & Arts – Kevin Mark Ryan – Kelley Bourne – Celeborn – Paul Atreides – Mo’Dib – Mahdi – Clarion TimeWaka Smith – TimeWalker MC – PaKing & Dialtone – Chances – Chance Convergence  – Eminemz3 –  RiverDale Phoenix – Carmichael AllBright – Oke Paulo – OneStar – Ryu Tatsu – Peace1 – Paze Cruz – Sapé – Axào Pe – Orixà Pé – Coolio1
I Searched On Topps Site For – HOLY GRAIL FOODS INC. – After I Got An Email From The Company Saying In The Backgrounds Of Photographs Some Hidden Messages Of Those Words – Look For Hidden Words In The Air Or In The Photographic Values Of Spacings In The Results Of The Search On This Page Here::


-Was Posted As The Number To Text For Safe Place – Text The Word:: SAFE And Your Location If Ever In Need, On The Site Of The Number For Teens Is Listed As::

4HELP (44357)

Thank You To Safe Place For Putting Signs Of Safety In The World – Everywhere Soon Will Be A Safe Place. We Are One. Peace!

Love Eternal – Bliss & Joy Eternal. We Are One To Safe Places Everywhere – Thank You!!! Peace.


Also, Is Good To Go On Too – Peace!


Is Branch – A Good Number To Call Soon For Help In The World… Peace!

+ + +

Tonue Pages Online Here Are For The Great Glass Bead Game – Unfolding Now Is A System Of Nomenclature That Can Relate To How We Can Tune Ratios Precisely To Make Music Grow Into Wisdom School Styles Of Play – Here Is A New System For “Accidentals” Or Rather The Correct Incidentals::

1 = Alle = C
25/24 = Ombio = C#
16/15 = Angio = Db
9/8 = Oncio = D
7/6 = Intio = D#
6/5 = Allio = Eb
5/4 = Evio = E
32/25 = Tetio = E#
21/16 = Itio = Fb
4/3 = Tumbio = F
11/8 = Octio = F#

7/5 = Tambio = F^ Or Gv

35/24 = Andio = Gb
3/2 = Indio = G
14/9 = Sevio = G#
8/5 = Bemio = Ab
5/3 = Tingio = A
55/32 = Toldio = A#
7/4 = Tangio = Bb
15/8 = Vivio = B
48/25 = Tendie = B#
35/18 = Sangio = Cb

A New 22 Note System Including The 18 Tonics Listed On The Tonue Page Of – And 4 Additional Notes To Make It Even Placements Of 7 Letter Names:: A, B, C, D, E, F, G With 7 # Notes And 7 b Notes That Are Not Incidentally Related As Equal To Each Other For This System – Plus An Additional Note To Make It 21 + 1 = 22 Notes = * = The Tritone Is Between F# And Gb As One That Is Related To Being In The Middle Of The Octave…

Tritone Areas::
(Like A Pre Summer Solstice Note Is Above That As The 45/32, Named Illio…)
((And The Summer Solstice Is On The Day Related To The Note Just A Quiver Tone Below The 729/512 Ratio…))
And All Holidays Are Related To A Cycle Note System Where There Are 365 Notes That Will Be Named Soon –
…Because There Are 3 Modifier Systems Of::
126/125 Being The Starling Comma Tone Related To Color Tone Zotrigu…
The 99/100 Being The Ptolemisma And Is Related To The Color Tone Luyoyo…
And The 225/224 Septimal Kleisma Called Also The Marvel Comma Tone Related To The Color Tone Ruyoyo…
These Three Pitches Can Be Adjusted Onto Notes In Various Ways Of All 72 + 49 Additional Notes In All 18 Tonic Keys To Make::
(121 x 3) = 363 Notes…
Plus The Tonic 1 And 3/2 The Perfect Fifth Can Be Adjusted With The Note::
385/384, The Keenanisma, Related To The Color Tone::
(For Two Special Notes That Relate To 2 Special Holidays)::
A Post Winter Solstice Day, And 1 Hidden Holiday I Will Write About Later…
Thank You – Peace!
The 875/864 Keema Tone Related To The Color Tone Zotriyo Is Another Small Step Tone That Is Close To::
The 81/80 Syntonic Comma Divider Tone, The Dydimos, Related To The Color Tone Gu…
The 63/64 Is The Septimal / Archytas’ Comma, Leipziger Komma And Is Related To The Color Tone Ru…
The 5120 / 5103 Ratio Is Called The Hemifamity And Is Related To The Color Tone Saruyo…
And More Soon Of These Relations…

The Solfeggio Names Will Be Coming Forth Online Soon…

Vincent Moon Is One Of The Best In The World At Filming Things And Being Good In Da Heart <3 <3 <3 A Lot… We Are One To Filming Soon Like His Styles Of Traveling Onder…/>>

We Are One.  Peace!

Letter To A Professor Who Oversaw This Paper Below::

I Just Started This::
Major Professor: Andrew Sills
Committee: David Stone
Hua Wang
Electronic Version Approved:
December 2012
And I’ll Read Thru It To Prepare My Mind For What I Need To Create Of Drawings That Map Tones Of Ratios To The Curves Of Sounds – With Letters Upfolding The Info-Data On How To Collect The Notes Together In Classes And Types To Create Patterns For Sounds Of Musics And Arts That Relate The Color-Tones To Each Letter-Name Of Soundings That Are Tones Or Games Of Tones, I Will Write More Soon Of The Graphic Level Of Composing The Letters From Multiple Languages And Rune-Sets I’ve Found Online, More Soon Of Kanji, Hiragana, KataKana And Other Scripts Too – Even Elven Will Be In The Mix For Chord-Tones That Move And Swoop In On Other Notes, So Pointing Notes, And Tones That Combine In Multiple Ways Will Be Classed And Diagrammed With Much Art To Come That Showcases The Great Glass Bead Game – Tonue – Leveled Up More & More For All Humans Of Minds Like Mine That Need To Up*Ascend Into Oneness More & More – We Are One. Peace!
<3 <3 <3

More Notes Soon Listed On This Site, Especially On The Tonue Pages, Soon More Of Them There In That Tab… – I’ll Be Sorting Lists Of Ratios That Line Up With A Clock-Based System Of Time-Relations To Be Exact With Hertz Intervals Listed As Well In A Pictograph That Shows The Metatron Cube And Flower Of Life Diagrams Overfolding Into Patterns Of Notes For Music That Relate To Color Tones As Well…

Also – The 365 Notes Per Octave Listed So Far Will Be Interfolded Into Symmetrical Patterns More-So That Will Have The Undertones Listed More, And Each Correspondence Will Be Shown So That I’ll Be Creating Games Of Numbers To List The Upwards Counting And Interfolded Subtones Of All Numbers Related To Multiplicatives Of Primes 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, And 13. Such That The Intervals Will Be Very Close Together And Into Actual Microtonal Areas… Mostly The Steps Though Are Small-Tones That Aren’t Classified As Microtones… The Smallest Intervals That Will Be On The Guitar I Design With 36 Notes Per Octave Will Be Steps Of 64/63 Or Larger…

And The Note Patterns Will Be Cool To Diagram For An 8-String Guitar That Has Strings Pitched At Relations To C=256 Hertz…
(Making The Guitar A Little Longer And That Will Work Well For Having This Many Notes Of 36 Tones Per Octave With Best Spacings Possible).

A=20/3 (1706+2/3 Hertz) ((Top String – 4/3 From 7th String))
E=5/1 (1280 Hertz) ((4/3 From 6th String))
B=15/4 (960 Hertz) ((5/4 From 5th String))
G=3/1 (768 Hertz) ((4/3 From 4th String))
D=9/4 (576 Hertz) ((27/20 From 3rd String))
A=5/3 (426+2/3 Hertz) ((4/3 From 2nd String))
E=5/4 (320 Hertz) ((3/2 From Bottom String…))
A=5/6 (213+1/3 Hertz) ((Bottom String – Calculated From Ratios Relating To C=256 Hertz…))

Here’s This::
A New Foldment Of Tunings On The Website Soon (Below) And It Will Be Organized With Cool Systems Of Flows For Making A Guitar With 36 Notes Per Octave In A File I’ll Post Soon For A Google-Doc Level Of Play That Will Have All Tones Of Letters From Multiple Alphabets Organized In Lists To Compare Them And Then Folded Onto Drawings Of Geometries That Fit In Clock-Like Structures Of Timing Games Too, But Also Fit On Flowers-Of-Life And Metatron Cubes With Grace Of Lines Equating To Divisions Of Tetrachords And Larger Intervalic Structures To Find Lengths Of Lines In Ratios To Make Structures Of Geometries Fit For The Curves And Slides Of Notes As Well – Meaning Each Letter From Multiple Languages (And Runes…) Will Have A Distinct Pitch Or Pitch-Set Or Movement Value From Pitch To Tone-Game Even – We Are One To It Being Climaxed To Have A Huge Diagram Posted Soon With Many Alphabets Coalescing On::
From The Following Website (See Below Connected Site…)::
Gallery of just intervals
(Redirected from Gallery of Just Intervals)
1 Introduction
2 Gallery of Just Intervals
3 Intervals larger than an octave
4 See also
5 Links
In just intonation, a musical interval is specified as a ratio of two frequencies.. When two (or more) pitches are sounded that are in simple proportions to one another, there is a “fusing” quality to the sound which is often described as pleasing; hence the interest in tuning the pitches of musical systems according to such proportions. There is much debate as to what “consonance” means in a musical system, but in Just Intonation, it is generally assumed that lower numbers in frequency ratios lead to greater consonance. In the actual performance of a piece of music, the number of factors involved are enormous, and it is not often helpful to reduce a musical experience to a one-dimensional description of “consonance versus dissonance.” Hence the need for this gallery, to give life to conversation about what an interval means beyond the numerical description: “5/3” or “21/16” or what have you.
What follows is a Gallery of Just Intervals in ascending order from 1/1 to 2/1 and beyond. No such list could possibly be complete (as there are infinite possible ratios), so please add intervals of interest as you see fit. Any rational interval is welcome, as long as the wiki author has some interest in it. Contributions to an interval’s lore could include: descriptions of common usage, technical notes, poetry, links, reservations, complaints, chords or compositions that feature it, edos that approximate it, intervals that are functionally (or emotionally) related to it, nicknames, love letters, fan art, etc. If your contribution is unconventional, feel free to sign your name to it.
This page lists links to dedicated pages for each interval.
Explanation of the color names is here.
Gallery of Just Intervals
See also list of superparticular intervals and List of intervals (Huygens-Fokker foundation)
Many of the FJS names are still missing, please add them.
frequency ratio cents value
(six decimal places) color notation FJS name some common names
1/1 0 w1, wa unison P1 unity, perfect prime, Tonic
32805/32768 1.953721 Ly-2, layo comma d-25 schisma, |-15, 8, 1>
225/224 7.711523 ryy-2, ruyoyo comma d-2257 septimal subcomma, marvel comma, |-5, 2, 2, -1>
126/125 13.794767 zg32, zotrigu comma d27125 septimal semicomma, starling comma, |1, 2, -3, 1>
100/99 17.399484 1uyy1, luyoyo comma A12511 Ptolemy’s comma
99/98 17.576131 1orr-2, loruru comma m-21149 Mothwellsma
2048/2025 19.552569 sgg2, sagugu comma d225 Diaschisma, |11, -4, -2>
81/80 21.506286 g1, gu comma P15 Meantone comma, Syntonic comma, Didymus comma
531441/524288 23.460010 LLw-2, wa comma d-2 Pythagorean comma, Ditonic comma, |-19, 12>
66/65 26.431568 3u1og1, thulogu comma P11165 Winmeanma
65/64 26.841376 3oy1, thoyo comma P165 Wilsorma, 13th-partial chroma
64/63 27.264092 r1, ru comma P17 Septimal comma, Archytas’ comma
3125/3072 29.613568 Ly5-2, laquinyo comma dd-23125 Magic comma, small diesis, |-10, -1, 5>
50/49 34.975615 rryy-2, biruyo comma d-22549 septimal sixth-tone, jubilisma, small septimal diesis, tritonic diesis
49/48 35.696812 zz2, zozo comma m249 large septimal diesis, slendro diesis
45/44 38.905773 1uy1, luyo comma A1511 undecimal 1/5th tone
128/125 41.058858 g32, trigu comma d2125 Diesis, minor diesis, augmented comma, enharmonic comma, |7, 0, -3>
525/512 43.408335 Lzyy1, lazoyoyo comma A1525 Avicenna’s enharmonic diesis, |-9, 1, 2, 1>
36/35 48.770381 rg1, rugu comma P135 double comma, septimal quarter tone
250/243 49.166137 y31, triyo comma A1125 Porcupine comma, |1, -5, 3>
59049/57344 50.724102 Lr-2, laru comma d-27 Harrison’s comma, |-13, 10, 0, -1>
100/97 52.732017 97uyy1, ninety-suyoyo unison A12597 shrutar quarter tone
33/32 53.272943 1o1, ilo unison P111 undecimal quarter tone, undecimal diesis, al-Farabi’s 1/4-tone, octave-reduced 33rd harmonic
648/625 62.565148 g42, quadgu 2nd d2625 diminished comma, major diesis, |8, 4, -4>
28/27 62.960904 z2, zo 2nd m27 septimal chroma, small septimal chromatic semitone, septimal subminor second
27/26 65.337341 3u1, thu unison A113 small tridecimal third tone
26/25 67.900234 3ogg2, thogugu 2nd d21325 large tridecimal third tone
25/24 70.672427 yy1, yoyo unison A125 chroma, chromatic semitone, Zarlinian semitone
68/65 78.114034 17o3ug2, sothugu 2nd m21765 valentine semitone
22/21 80.537035 1or1, loru unison P1117 undecimal minor semitone
64/61 83.115195 61u2, sixty-wu 2nd m261 harry minor semitone
21/20 84.467193 zg2, zogu 2nd m275 minor semitone, large septimal chromatic semitone
20/19 88.800698 19uy1, nuyo unison A1519 small undevicesimal limma, small undevicesimal semitone
256/243 90.224996 sw2, small wa 2nd m2 Pythagorean limma, Pythagorean minor second, |8, -5>
135/128 92.178716 Ly1, layo unison A15 major limma, |-7, 3, 1>
18/17 98.954592 17u1, su unison A117 small septendecimal semitone, Arabic lute index finger
17/16 104.955410 17o2, iso 2nd m217 large septendecimal semitone, octave-reduced 17th harmonic
16/15 111.731285 g2, gu 2nd m25 diatonic semitone, classic minor second, octave-reduced 15th subharmonic
2187/2048 113.685006 Lw1, large wa unison A1 apotome, |-11, 7>
77/72 116.233847 1oz2, lozo 2nd undecimal secor
15/14 119.442808 ry1, ruyo unison A157 septimal diatonic semitone
14/13 128.298245 3uz2, thuzo 2nd tridecimal 2/3-tone, trienthird, tridecimal supraminor second
27/25 133.237575 gg2, gugu 2nd m225 large limma
13/12 138.572661 3o2, tho 2nd tridecimal subtone, tridecimal 2/3-tone
243/224 140.949098 Lr1, large ru unison A17 septimal subtone, |-5, 5, 0, -1>
88/81 143.497939 1o2, ilo 2nd undecimal subtone
49/45 147.428097 zzg3, zozogu 3rd swetismic neutral second
12/11 150.637059 1u2, lu 2nd M211 small undecimal neutral second, 3/4-tone
35/32 155.139620 zy2, zoyo 2nd M235 septimal neutral second
78/71 162.786119 71u3o2, seventy-wutho 2nd porcupine neutral second
11/10 165.004228 1og2, logu 2nd m2115 large undecimal neutral second, 4/5-tone, Ptolemy’s second
54/49 168.213190 rr1, ruru unison Zalzal’s mujannab
10/9 182.403712 y2, yo 2nd M25 minor whole tone
49/44 186.333871 1uzz3, luzozo 3rd werckismic minor second
6272/5625 188.486956 szzg44, small bizogugu 4th ddd449625 marvelous second, marvelous (whole) tone
19/17 192.557607 19o17u2, nosu 2nd quasi-meantone
28/25 196.198479 zgg3, zogugu 3rd middle major second
55/49 199.979843 1orry1, loruruyo unison werckismic tone
64/57 200.531983 19u2, inu 2nd quasi-tempered whole tone, octave-reduced 57th subharmonic
9/8 203.910002 w2, wa 2nd M2 major whole tone, Pythagorean tone, octave-reduced 9th harmonic
17/15 216.686695 17og3, sogu 3rd septendecimal whole tone, septendecimal eventone
8/7 231.174094 r2, ru 2nd M27 supermajor second, septimal whole tone, diminished third, octave-reduced 7th subharmonic
63/55 235.104252 1uzg3, luzogu 3rd werckismic supermajor second
55/48 235.676655 1oy2, loyo 2nd keenanismic supermajor second
15/13 247.741053 3uy2, thuyo 2nd A2513 semifourth, tridecimal ultramajor second, tridecimal inframinor third
97/84 249.114503 M2977 homothetic semifourth
22/19 253.804926 19u1o2, nulo 2nd M21119 minimal minor third, godzilla third
64/55 262.368344 1ug3, lugu 3rd keenanismic subminor third, octave-reduced 55th subharmonic
7/6 266.870906 z3, zo 3rd m37 subminor third, septimal minor third, augmented second
90/77 270.079867 1ury2, luruyo 2nd swetismic subminor third
62/53 271.531027 53u31o2, fifty-thu-thirty-wo 2nd orwell subminor third
75/64 274.582429 yy2, yoyo 2nd A225 classic augmented second
20/17 281.358304 17uy2, suyo 2nd septendecimal augmented second, septendecimal minor third
13/11 289.209179 3o1u3, tholu 3rd tridecimal minor third
32/27 294.134997 w3, wa 3rd m3 Pythagorean minor third, octave-reduced 27th subharmonic
19/16 297.513016 19o3, ino 3rd m319 otonal minor third, octave-reduced 19th harmonic
25/21 301.846520 ryy2, ruyoyo 2nd quasi-tempered minor third
61/51 309.974395 61o17u2, sixty-wosu 2nd myna third
6/5 315.641287 g3, gu 3rd m35 minor third, pental minor third
77/64 320.143849 1oz3, lozo 3rd keenanismic minor third, octave-reduced 77th harmonic
135/112 323.352810 ry2, ruyo 2nd large septimal minor third, marvelous minor third, |-4, 3, 1, -1>
35/29 325.562426 29uzy3, twenty-nuzoyo 3rd doublewide minor third
17/14 336.129503 17or3, soru 3rd septendecimal supraminor third
73/60 339.520756 73og3, seventy-thogu 3rd amity supraminor third
625/512 345.254855 Ly42, large quadyo 2nd AA2625 5-limit neutral third, |-9, 0, 4>
11/9 347.407941 1o3, ilo 3rd m311 undecimal neutral third
60/49 350.616902 rry2, ruruyo 2nd smaller septimal neutral third, (purple 3rd)
49/40 351.338099 zzg4, zozogu 4th larger septimal neutral third, (purple 3rd)
27/22 354.547060 1u3, lu 3rd rastmic neutral third
16/13 359.472338 3u3, thu 3rd M313 tridecimal neutral third
21/17 365.825498 17uz3, suzo 3rd septendecimal submajor third
51/41 377.848005 41u17o4, forty-wuso 4th maja third
56/45 378.602191 zg4, zogu 4th narrow perde segah, marvelous major third
71/57 380.228526 71o19u3, seventy-wonu 3rd witchcraft major third
76/61 380.628211 61u19o4, sixty-wuno 4th magic major third
96/77 381.811152 1ur3, luru 3rd undecimal perde segah, keenanismic major third
5/4 386.313714 y3, yo 3rd M35 major third, octave-reduced 5th harmonic, pental major third
63/50 400.108480 zgg4, zogugu 4th quasi-tempered major third
81/64 407.820003 Lw3, large wa 3rd M3 Pythagorean major third, octave-reduced 81st harmonic
80/63 413.577806 ry3, ruyo 3rd werckismic sharp major third
14/11 417.507964 1uz4, luzo 4th P4711 undecimal major third, undecimal diminished fourth
32/25 427.372572 gg4, gugu 4th classic diminished fourth
77/60 431.875134 1ozg4, lozogu 4th swetismic supermajor third
9/7 435.084095 r3, ru 3rd M37 supermajor third, septimal major third, septimal diminished fourth
31/24 443.080572 31o3, thirty-wo 3rd sensi supermajor third
22/17 446.362533 17u1o3, sulo 3rd septendecimal supermajor third
35/27 449.274618 zy4, zoyo 4th semi-diminished fourth
13/10 454.213948 3og4, thogu 4th d4135 Barbados third, tridecimal 9/4 tone, tridecimal semidiminished fourth, tridecimal ultramaor third
64/49 462.348187 rr3, ruru 3rd M349 septatonic major third
17/13 464.427748 17o3u4, sothu 4th septendecimal sub-fourth
21/16 470.780907 z4, zo 4th P47 sub-fourth, narrow fourth, augmented third, 8ve-reduced 21st harmonic
33/25 480.645516 1ogg4, logugu 4th d41125 “5-EDO”-esque fourth
117/88 493.119721 3o1u4, tholu 4th tridecimal gentle fourth, |-3, 2, 0, 0, -1, 1>
4/3 498.044999 w4, wa 4th P4 just perfect fourth, octave-reduced 3rd subharmonic, diatessaron
75/56 505.756522 ryy3, ruyoyo 3rd marvelous fourth
27/20 519.551289 g4, gu 4th P45 acute fourth
19/14 528.687110 19or4, noru 4th undevicesimal wide fourth
49/36 533.741811 zz5, zozo 5th d549 Arabic lute acute fourth
15/11 536.950772 1uy4, luyo 4th undecimal augmented fourth, subaugmented fourth
48/35 546.815381 rg4, rugu 4th septimal super-fourth
11/8 551.317942 1o4, ilo 4th P411 super-fourth, undecimal semi-augmented fourth, octave-reduced 11th harmonic or harmonic 11th, Alphorn-Fa
18/13 563.382340 3u4, thu 4th tridecimal augmented fourth
25/18 568.717426 yy4, yoyo 4th A425 classic augmented fourth, pental augmented fourth, |-1 -2 2>
88/63 578.582034 1or4, loru 4th werckismic augmented fourth
7/5 582.512193 zg5, zogu 5th d575 augmented fourth, septimal tritone, Huygen’s tritone
45/32 590.223716 y4, yo 4th A45 smaller pental tritone, diatonic tritone, |-5 2 1>
108/77 585.721154 1ur4, luru 4th swetismic augmented fourth, |2, 3, 0, -1, -1>
24/17 596.999591 17u4, su 4th A417 smaller septendecimal tritone
99/70 600.088324 1org4, lorugu 4th P41135 homothetic quasi-tempered tritone
17/12 603.000409 17o5, iso 5th d517 larger septendecimal tritone
64/45 609.776284 g5, gu 5th d55 larger pental tritone, diatonic tritone, |6 -2 -1>
10/7 617.487807 ry4, ruyo 4th A457 diminished fifth, Euler’s tritone, superaugmented fourth
23/16 628.274347 23o5, twenty-tho 5th A423 23-limit superaugmented fourth, octave-reduced 23rd harmonic
36/25 631.282574 gg5, gugu 5th d525 pental diminished fifth, classic diminshed fifth, |2 2 -2>
13/9 636.617660 3o5, tho 5th tridecimal diminished fifth
16/11 648.682058 1u5, lu 5th sub-fifth, octave-reduced 11th subharmonic
35/24 653.184619 zy5, zoyo 5th septimal sub-fifth
22/15 663.049228 1og5, logu 5th undecimal diminished fifth, semidiminished fifth
72/49 666.258889 rr4, ruru 4th septimal catafifth
81/55 670.188347 1ug5, lugu 5th undecimal catafifth
28/19 671.312890 19uz5, nuzo 5th undevicesimal narrow fifth
40/27 680.448711 y5, yo 5th P55 grave fifth
112/75 694.243478 zgg6, zogugu 6th marvelous fifth
16384/10935 700.001280 sg6, sagu 6th d65 Kirnberger’s fifth (“12-EDO”-esque fifth)
3/2 701.955001 w5, wa 5th P5 just perfect fifth, octave-reduced 3rd harmonic, diapente
182/121 706.717684 3o1uuz6, tholuluzo 6th tridecimal gentle fifth, |1, 0, 0, 1, -2, 1>
176/117 706.880279 3u1o5, thulo 5th tridecimal gentle fifth, |4, -2, 0, 0, 1, -1>
50/33 719.354484 1uyy5, luyoyo 5th “5-EDO”-esque fifth
32/21 729.219093 r5, ru 5th P57 super-fifth, wide fifth, diminished sixth, octave-reduced 21st subharmonic
26/17 735.572252 17u3o5, sutho 5th septendecimal super-fifth
49/32 737.651813 zz6, zozo 6th m649 superduper fifth, octave-reduced 49th harmonic
20/13 745.786052 3uy5, thuyo 5th Barbados sixth, ratwolf wolf fifth, tridecimal semi-augmented fifth, tridecimal ultraminor sixth
17/11 753.637467 17o1u6, solu 6th septendecimal subminor sixth
14/9 764.915905 z6, zo 6th m67 subminor sixth, septimal minor sixth, augmented fifth
25/16 772.627428 yy5, yoyo 5th pental augmented fifth, classic augmented fifth, otonal minor sixth, octave-reduced 25th harmonic
11/7 782.492036 1or5, loru 5th undecimal subminor sixth, undecimal augmented fifth
63/40 786.422194 zg6, zogu 6th m675
128/81 792.179997 sw6, small wa 6th m6
8/5 813.686286 g6, gu 6th m65 minor sixth, octave-reduced 5th subharmonic
413/256 827.997565 59oz6, fifty-nozo 6th octave-reduced 413th harmonic, homestuck sixth (2-8 * 7 * 59)
13/8 840.527662 3o6, tho 6th m613 tridecimal neutral sixth, octave-reduced 13th harmonic
80/49 848.661901 rry5, ruruyo aug 5th (purple 6th)
49/30 849.383198 zzg7, zozogu 7th (purple 6th)
18/11 852.592059 1u6, lu 6th undecimal neutral sixth
28/17 863.870497 17uz6, suzo 6th septendecimal submajor sixth
5/3 884.358713 y6, yo 6th M65 major sixth
42/25 898.153480 zgg7, zogugu 7th
27/16 905.865003 w6, wa 6th M6 Pythagorean major sixth, octave-reduced 27th harmonic
22/13 910.790821 3u1o6, thulo 6th tridecimal major sixth
17/10 918.641696 17og7, sogu 7th d7175 septendecimal diminished seventh, septendecimal major sixth
12/7 933.129094 r6, ru 6th M67 supermajor sixth, septimal major sixth, diminished seventh
97/56 951.069504 M6977 homothetic semitwelve
26/15 952.258947 3og7, thogu 7th d7135 semitwelfth, tridecimal inframinor seventh, tridecimal ultramajor sixth
7/4 968.825906 z7, zo 7th m77 subminor seventh, harmonic seventh, augmented sixth, octave-reduced 7th harmonic
225/128 976.537429 Lyy6, large yoyo 6th marvel five-limit harmonic seventh, octave-reduced 225th harmonic, |-7, 2, 2>
30/17 983.313305 17uy6, suyo 6th septendecimal minor seventh
16/9 996.089998 w7, wa 7th m7 Pythagorean minor seventh, small minor seventh, octave-reduced 9th subharmonic
25/14 1003.801521 ryy6, ruyoyo 6th Middle minor seventh
34/19 1007.442393 19u17o7, nuso 7th Quasi-meantone minor seventh
9/5 1017.596288 g5, gu 7th m75 classic minor seventh, large minor seventh
29/16 1029.577194 29o7, twenty-no 7th 29-limit large minor seventh, octave-reduced 29th harmonic
20/11 1034.995772 1uy7, luyo 7th M7511 undecimal minor seventh, small undecimal neutral seventh
64/35 1044.860380 rg7, rugu 7th
11/6 1049.362941 1o7, ilo 7th m711 undecimal neutral seventh, 21/4-tone
24/13 1061.427339 3u7, thu 7th tridecimal neutral seventh
13/7 1071.701755 3or7, thoru 7th 16/3-tone, tridecimal submajor seventh
28/15 1080.557192 zg8, zogu octave grave major seventh, octave minus a ruyo aug unison
15/8 1088.268715 y7, yo 7th M75 major seventh, just major seventh, octave-reduced 15th harmonic
32/17 1095.044590 17u7, su 7th small septendecimal major seventh, octave-reduced 17th subharmonic
17/9 1101.045408 17o8, iso octave large septendecimal major seventh
243/128 1109.775004 Lw7, large wa 7th M7 Pythagorean major seventh, octave-reduced 243rd harmonic
40/21 1115.532907 ry7, ruyo 7th M757 acute major seventh
61/32 1116.884905 61o7, sixty-wo 7th M761 octave-reduced 61st harmonic
48/25 1129.327573 gg8, gugu octave d825 octave minus a yoyo augmented unison
27/14 1137.039096 r7, ru 7th M77
31/16 1145.035572 31o7, thirty-wo 7th M731 31-limit ultramajor seventh, octave-reduced 31st harmonic
64/33 1146.727057 1u8, lu octave P811 octave-reduced 33rd subharmonic
35/18 1151.239619 zy8, zoyo octave P835 octave minus a rugu comma
96/49 1164.303188 rr7, ruru 7th M749
49/25 1165.024385 zzgg9, bizogu 9th d94925
160/81 1178.493814 y8, yo octave P85 octave minus syntonic comma
2/1 1200 w8, wa octave P8 octave, diapason
Intervals larger than an octave
frequency ratio cents value
(three decimal places)
color name FJS name some common names
13/6 1338.573 3o9 tho 9th m913
11/5 1365.004 1o9 ilo 9th m9115
16/7 1431.174 r9 ru 9th m97
7/3 1466.871 z10 zo 10th m107 septimal minor tenth
5/2 1586.314 y10 yo 10th M105 just major tenth
8/3 1698.045 w11, cw4 wa 11th, compound wa 4th P11
11/4 1751.318 1o11, c1o4 ilo 11th, compound ilo 4th P1111
3/1 1901.955 w12, cw5 wa 12th, compound wa 5th P12 tritave
16/5 2013.686 g13, cg6 gu 13th, compound gu 6th m135
13/4 2040.528 3o13, c3o6 tho 13th, compound tho 6th
10/3 2084.359 y13, cy6 yo 13th, compound yo 6th
7/2 2168.826 cz7 compound zo 7th
11/3 2249.363 c1o7 compound ilo 7th
15/4 2288.269 cy7 compound yo 7th
4/1 2400.000 cw8 wa double 8ve P15 4th harmonic, two octaves
13/3 2538.573 c3o9, cc3o2 compound tho 9th, double-compound tho 2nd
9/2 2603.910 cw9, ccw2 compound wa 9th, double-compound yo 2nd
14/3 2666.871 cz10, ccz3 compound zo 10th, double-compound zo 3rd
5/1 2786.314 cy10, ccy3 compound yo 10th, double-compound yo 3rd M175 5th harmonic
16/3 2898.045 ccw4 double-compound wa 4th
11/2 2951.318 cc1o4 double-compound ilo 4th
6/1 3101.955 ccw5 double-compound wa 5th
13/2 3240.528 cc3o6 double-compound tho 6th
7/1 3368.826 ccz7 double-compound zo 7th
15/2 3488.269 ccy7 double-compound yo 7th
8/1 3600.000 c3w1 wa triple 8ve
9/1 3803.910 c3w2 triple-compound wa 2nd
10/1 3986.314 c3y3 triple-compound yo 3rd
11/1 4151.318 c31o4 triple-compound ilo 4th
12/1 4301.955 c3w5 triple-compound wa 5th
13/1 4440.528 c33o6 triple-compound tho 6th
14/1 4568.826 c3z7 triple-compound zo 7th
15/1 4688.269 c3y7 triple-compound yo 7th
16/1 4800.000 c4w1 wa quadruple 8ve
And Another Page From The Site::
1 Definition
2 List of commas, by prime limit
2.1 3-limit commas
2.2 5-limit commas
2.3 7-limit commas
2.4 11-limit commas
2.5 13-limit commas
2.6 17-limit commas
2.7 19-limit commas
A comma is a small interval that occurs in just intonation, between two intervals which are close in pitch. Commas are always greater than 1 (0 cents) and not a power such as a square or cube of any other interval, and generally in a low prime limit. The word is often used in reference to regular tempering when the comma is tempered out, which is to say reduced to a unison, by the temperament, thereby equating the intervals separated by that comma. For example the Syntonic or Didymus comma of 81/80, which occurs between 10/9 and 9/8, as well as 81/64 and 5/4, is tempered out by meantone temperament. Commas are usually written as ratios, but they can also be written as monzos. The following lists mostly give both forms, as well as the size in cents. The color name refers to both the comma and the temperament created when it is tempered out, except for 3-limit commas, which create edos.
For commas over 100 cents in size, see Large commas; for commas in between 30 and 100 cents in size, see Medium commas; and for commas under 3.5 cents in size, see Unnoticeable commas
Due to the wide range of sizes, cents values here and on the other commas pages are listed to 5 significant digits, instead of to a fixed number of decimal places as is the convention elsewhere on the wiki.
List of commas, by prime limit
3-limit commas
Pythagorean comma wa comma LLw-2 531441 / 524288 | -19 12 > 23.46
41-comma wa-41 comma s6w5 36893488147419103232 /
36472996377170786403 | 65 -41 > 19.845
200-comma, Pythagorean integer cents comma wa-200 comma w-200 | 317 -200 > 8.9998
Mercator’s comma, 53-comma wa-53 comma L8w-6 19383245667680019896796723 /
19342813113834066795298816 | -84 53 > 3.615
51-Pythagorean comma | -970 612 > 3.5395
5-limit commas
Name(s) Color Name Ratio Monzo Cents
small diesis, magic comma Laquinyo Ly5-2 3125 / 3072 | -10 -1 5 > 29.614
11-15-comma, hendecatonic comma Trisa-legu s3g115 8796093022208 / 8649755859375 | 43 -11 -11 > 29.044
minimal diesis, tetracot comma Saquadyo sy41 20000 / 19683 | 5 -9 4 > 27.660
semaja Lalaneyo LLy19-5 19073486328125 / 18786186952704 | -33 -7 19 > 26.276
quanic comma Sepsa-quinyo s7y55 | 74 -54 5 > 25.999
roda Sasa-triyo ssy32 131072000 / 129140163 | 20 -17 3 > 25.706
trisedodge comma Saquintrigu sg154 30958682112 / 30517578125 | 19 10 -15 > 24.844
maja Saseyo sy17-3 762939453125 / 753145430616 | -3 -23 17 > 22.368
satin comma Quinbisa-triyo s10y37 | 104 -70 3 > 22.091
misneb Quadla-quintriyo L4y15-6 | -57 14 15 > 22.076
syntonic / Didymos / meantone comma Gu g1 81 / 80 | -4 4 -1 > 21.506
maquila comma Trisa-segu s3g176 562949953421312 / 556182861328125 | 49 -6 -17 > 20.937
diaschisma Sagugu sgg2 2048 / 2025 | 11 -4 -2 > 19.553
countermeantone comma Quinquadgu g204 96402615118848 / 95367431640625 | 10 23 -20 > 18.691
ditonma Lala-theyo LLy13-4 1220703125 / 1207959552 | -27 -2 13 > 18.168
misty comma Sasa-trigu ssg33 67108864 / 66430125 | 26 -12 -3 > 17.599
pental comma Trila-quingu L3g5-2 847288609443 / 838860800000 | -28 25 -5 > 17.306
undim comma Trisa-quadgu s3g44 2199023255552 / 2179240250625 | 41 -20 -4 > 15.645
graviton, gravity comma Lala-tribigu LLg61 129140163 / 128000000 | -13 17 -6 > 15.353
majvam Sasa-lebigu ssg226 | 40 7 -22 > 14.783
quartonic Saleyo sy11-2 390625000 / 387420489 | 3 -18 11 > 14.261
untritonic comma Quadla-tritriyo L4y9-5 | -51 19 9 > 13.968
medium semicomma, sensipent comma Sepgu g72 78732 / 78125 | 2 9 -7 > 13.399
tertiosec comma Laquadtribiyo L6y24-9 | -89 21 24 > 12.584
Würschmidt comma Saquadbigu sg83 393216 / 390625 | 17 1 -8 > 11.445
counterhanson comma Quinquinyo y25-5 | -20 -24 25 > 10.923
semicomma, Fokker comma Lasepyo Ly7-3 2109375 / 2097152 | -21 3 7 > 10.061
escapade comma Sasa-tritrigu ssg94 4294967296 / 4271484375 | 32 -7 -9 > 9.4916
kleisma, semicomma majeur Tribiyo y6-2 15625 / 15552 | -6 -5 6 > 8.1073
qintosec comma Quadsa-quinbigu s4g105 140737488355328 / 140126044921875 | 47 -15 -10 > 7.5378
59-5-comma | 137 0 -59 > 7.4909
unidecma Laquadtrigu Lg122 31381059609 / 31250000000 | -7 22 -12 > 7.2455
mutt comma Trila-septriyo L3y21-6 476837158203125 / 474989023199232 | -44 -3 21 > 6.7230
amity comma Saquinyo sy51 1600000 / 1594323 | 9 -13 5 > 6.1536
parakleisma Thegu g133 1224440064 / 1220703125 | 8 14 -13 > 5.2917
gammic comma Laquinquadyo Ly20-5 95367431640625 / 95105071448064 | -29 -11 20 > 4.7693
squarschmidt comma Quadsa-twenty-negu s4g298 | 61 4 -29 > 4.7223
Huntian 15-cycle comma Quadtrisa-forty-thegu s12g4316 | 168 -43 -43 > 4.4453
56-syntonic comma Quadtribila-sepquadbigu L24g56-8 | -225 224 -56 > 4.3522
vulture comma Sasa-quadyo ssy42 10485760000 / 10460353203 | 24 -21 4 > 4.1998
lafa comma Tribisa-quadtrigu s6g127 | 77 -31 -12 > 3.6304
7-limit commas
Name(s) Color Name Ratio Monzo Cents
senga Trizo-agugu z3gg3 686 / 675 | 1 -3 -2 3 > 27.985
23-21-comma Sepla-twentythezo L7z237 | -101 23 0 23 > 27.961
septimal / Archytas’ comma, Leipziger Komma Ru r1 64 / 63 | 6 -2 0 -1 > 27.264
mandos Birugugu rrg41 31104 / 30625 | 7 5 -4 -2 > 26.868
33-7/5-comma | -16 0 -33 33 > 22.902
Huntian 35-cycle comma | 277 0 -54 -54 > 22.461
blackjackisma Lasepru-aquadbiyo Lr7y8-6 854296875 / 843308032 | -10 7 8 -7 > 22.413
squalentine Laquadzo-atrigu Lz4g33 64827 / 64000 | -9 3 -3 4 > 22.227
keema Zotriyo zy31 875 / 864 | -5 -3 3 1 > 21.902
gariboh Triru-aquinyo r3y5-3 3125 / 3087 | 0 -2 5 -3 > 21.181
nuwell Quadru-ayo r4y-3 2430 / 2401 | 1 5 1 -4 > 20.785
small quadruple bluish Saquadzogu sz4g44 153664 / 151875 | 6 -5 -4 4 > 20.274
tolerma Sazoyoyo szyy2 179200 / 177147 | 10 -11 2 1 > 19.948
25-36/35-comma, icosipentatonic comma quinquinrugu r25g25-8 | 49 50 -25 -25 > 19.26
Huntian 21-cycle comma | 123 -28 0 -28 > 18.135
mirwomo Labizoyo Lzzyy1 33075 / 32768 | -15 3 2 2 > 16.144
trimyna Quinzogu z5g54 50421 / 50000 | -4 1 -5 5 > 14.516
sensamagic Zozoyo zzy2 245 / 243 | 0 -5 1 2 > 14.191
septimal semicomma, starling comma Zotrigu zg32 126 / 125 | 1 2 -3 1 > 13.795
slendro 34-comma | -137 -34 0 68 > 13.692
octagar Rurutriyo rry3-2 4000 / 3969 | 5 -4 3 -2 > 13.469
orwellisma, orwell comma Triru-agu r3g-2 1728 / 1715 | 6 3 -1 -3 > 13.074
35-7/5-comma | 17 0 35 -35 > 12.073
218edo (stacked 7/4 and 10/9) comma Trisa-triru-aquadquadyo s3r3y16-3 640000000000000000 / 635585924776181463 | 22 -32 16 -3 > 11.982
34-jubilismic comma sequadzogu z68g6842 | -33 0 -68 68 > 10.829
Hunt 7-cycle comma | 73 0 0 -26 > 10.526
31-35-comma | -159 0 31 31 > 9.3282
quince Lasepzo-agugu Lz7gg4 823543 / 819200 | -15 0 -2 7 > 9.1539
gamelisma Latrizo Lz32 1029 / 1024 | -10 1 0 3 > 8.4327
varunisma Labizogugu Lzzg42 321489 / 320000 | -9 8 -4 2 > 8.037
septimal kleisma, marvel comma Ruyoyo ryy-2 225 / 224 | -5 2 2 -1 > 7.7115
dimcomp Quadruyoyo r4y8-4 390625 / 388962 | -1 -4 8 -4 > 7.3861
cataharry Labirugu Lrrgg-2 19683 / 19600 | -4 9 -2 -2 > 7.3158
mirkwai Quinru-aquadyo r5y4-4 16875 / 16807 | 0 3 4 -5 > 6.9903
stearnsma Latribiru Lr6-4 118098 / 117649 | 1 10 0 -6 > 6.5946
hemimage Satrizo-agu sz3g3 10976 / 10935 | 5 -7 -1 3 > 6.479
hemimean Zozoquingu zzg53 3136 / 3125 | 6 0 -5 2 > 6.0832
hemifamity Saruyo sry1 5120 / 5103 | 10 -6 1 -1 > 5.7578
linus comma Saquinbizogu sz10g108 578509309952 / 576650390625 | 11 -10 -10 10 > 5.5719
porwell Sarurutrigu srrg31 6144 / 6125 | 11 1 -3 -2 > 5.362
garischisma Sasaru ssr2 33554432 / 33480783 | 25 -14 0 -1 > 3.8041
wadisma Latritrizo-ayo Lz9y4 201768035 / 201326592 | -26 -1 1 9 > 3.7919
quasiorwellisma Sazoquinbigu szg104 29360128 / 29296875 | 22 -1 -10 1 > 3.7338
11-limit commas
Name(s) Color Name Ratio Monzo Cents
thuja comma Saquinlu-ayo s1u5y2 163840 / 161051 | 15 0 1 0 -5 > 29.724
sensmus Salozogu s1ozg2 1232 / 1215 | 4 -5 -1 1 1 > 24.055
sevnothrush Loquingu 1og52 3168 / 3125 | 5 2 -5 0 1 > 23.659
cassacot Biluzo-ayo 1uuzzy2 245 / 242 | -1 0 1 2 -2 > 21.330
mothwellsma Loruru 1orr-2 99 / 98 | -1 2 0 -2 1 > 17.576
ptolemisma Luyoyo 1uyy1 100 / 99 | 2 -2 2 0 -1 > 17.399
hemimin Trilu-azo 1u3z2 1344 / 1331 | 6 1 0 1 -3 > 16.827
biyatisma Lologu 1oog1 121 / 120 | -3 -1 -1 0 2 > 14.367
aphrowe Trilo-aruru 1o3rr-2 1331 / 1323 | 0 -3 0 -2 3 > 10.437
valinorsma Lorugugu 1orgg1 176 / 175 | 4 0 -2 -1 1 > 9.8646
pentacircle Saluzo s1uz2 896 / 891 | 7 -4 0 1 -1 > 9.688
orgonisma Satrilu-aruru s1u3rr1 65536 / 65219 | 16 0 0 -2 -3 > 8.3944
quindecic comma Sasaquintriloru ss1o15r15-8 | 14 -15 0 -15 15 > 8.0555
rastma Lulu 1uu1 243 / 242 | -1 5 0 0 -2 > 7.1391
myhemiwell Lolozotrigu 1oozg32 3388 / 3375 | 2 -3 -3 1 2 > 6.6556
octatonic comma Quadbilu 1u82 214990848 / 214358881 | 15 8 0 0 -8 > 5.0965
keenanisma Lozoyo 1ozy1 385 / 384 | -7 -1 1 1 1 > 4.5026
werckisma Luzozogu 1uzzg2 441 / 440 | -3 2 -1 2 -1 > 3.9302
moctdel Lotriruyo 1or3y3-3 1375 / 1372 | -2 0 3 -3 1 > 3.7814
13-limit commas
Name(s) Color Name Ratio Monzo Cents
wilsorma Thoyo 3oy1 65 / 64 | -6 0 1 0 0 1 > 26.841
winmeanma Thulogu 3u1og1 66 / 65 | 1 1 -1 0 1 -1 > 26.432
negustma Tholuru 3o1ur1 78 / 77 | 1 1 0 -1 -1 1 > 22.339
superleap Thozogu 3ozg2 91 / 90 | -1 -2 -1 1 0 1 > 19.130
animist Thuzoyo 3uzy1 105 / 104 | -3 1 1 1 0 -1 > 16.567
secorian Sathuzo s3uz2 28672 / 28431 | 12 -7 0 1 0 -1 > 14.613
mosaic Lathoruru L3orr-2 3159 / 3136 | -6 5 0 -2 0 1> 12.651
gassorma Thuloruyoyo 3u1oryy-2 275 / 273 | 0 -1 2 -1 1 -1 > 12.637
grossma Thulu 3u1u1 144 / 143 | 4 2 0 0 -1 -1 > 12.064
buzurgisma, dhanvantarisma Thothoru 3oor1 169 / 168 | -3 -1 0 -1 0 2 > 10.274
catadictma Thologu 3o1og1 1287 / 1280 | -8 2 -1 0 1 1 > 9.4419
mynucuma Thuzozogu 3uzzg2 196 / 195 | 2 -1 -1 2 0 -1 > 8.8554
huntma, nelindic comma Thururuyo 3urry-2 640 / 637 | 7 0 1 -2 0 -1 > 8.1342
threedie Satritho s3o32 2197 / 2187 | 0 -7 0 0 0 3 > 7.8980
kestrel comma Thuthuloru 3uu1or-2 1188 / 1183 | 2 3 0 -1 1 -2 > 7.3017
marveltwin Thoyoyo 3oyy1 325 / 324 | -2 -4 2 0 0 1 > 5.3351
Hunt 13-cycle comma Laquinbitho L3o102 137858491849 / 137438953472 | -37 0 0 0 0 10 > 5.2766
ratwolfsma Thorugugu 3orgg1 351 / 350 | -1 3 -2 -1 0 1 > 4.9393
minthma Thulo 3u1o1 352 / 351 | 5 -3 0 0 1 -1 > 4.9253
gentle comma Tholuluzo 3o1uuz2 364 / 363 | 2 -1 0 1 -2 1 > 4.7627
cuthbert Bithulo-azogu 3uu1oozg1 847 / 845 | 0 0 -1 1 2 -2 > 4.0928
17-limit commas
Name(s) Color Name Ratio Monzo Cents
soruyo unison Soruyo 17ory1 85 / 84 | -2 -1 1 -1 0 0 1 > 20.488
Hunt flat 2 comma Laso L17o1 4131 / 4096 | -12 5 0 0 0 0 1 > 14.73
suruyo comma Suruyo 17ury-2 120 / 119 | 3 1 1 -1 0 0 -1 > 14.487
23 semitone comma | -94 0 0 0 0 0 23 > 13.974
Blume comma Sololo 17o1oo1 2057 / 2048 | -11 0 0 0 2 0 1 > 7.5913
septendecimal kleisma Sugu 17ug1 256 / 255 | 8 -1 -1 0 0 0 -1 > 6.7759
tannisma Suthozo 17u3oz1 273 / 272 | -4 1 0 1 0 1 -1> 6.3532
septendecimal integer cents comma Soso 17oo2 289 / 288 | -5 -2 0 0 0 0 2 > 6.0008
17-ripple integer cents comma | 327 0 0 0 0 0 -80 > 3.5672
19-limit commas
Name(s) Color Name Ratio Monzo Cents
nuruyo comma Nuruyo 19ury-2 135 / 133 | 0 3 1 -1 0 0 0 -1 > 25.84
nogugu 2nd Nogugu 19ogg2 76 / 75 | 2 -1 -2 0 0 0 0 1 > 22.931
nulozo unison (approximation to the adjacent step of 53edo) Nulozo 19u1oz1 77 / 76 | -2 0 0 1 1 0 0 -1 > 22.631
19th-partial chroma Nugu 19ug1 96 / 95 | 5 1 -1 0 0 0 0 -1 > 18.128
noluzo 2nd Noluzo 19o1uz2 133 / 132 | -2 -1 0 1 -1 0 0 1 > 13.066
Ganassi’s comma Nuso 19u17o1 153 / 152 | -3 2 0 0 0 0 1 -1 > 11.352
nosugu unison Nosugu 19o17ug1 171 / 170 | -1 2 -1 0 0 0 -1 1 > 10.154
Hunt 19-cycle comma Saquadnu s19u4-2 131072 / 130321 | 17 0 0 0 0 0 0 -4 > 9.9479
binulo comma Binulo 19uu1oo-2 363 / 361 | 0 1 0 0 2 0 0 -2 > 9.5649
nothulo comma Nothulo 19o3u1o1 209 / 208 | -4 0 0 0 1 -1 0 1 > 8.3033
spleen comma Nuluzoyo 19u1uzy1 210 / 209 | 1 1 1 1 -1 0 0 -1 > 8.2637
nuthologu comma Nuthologu 19u3o1og1 286 / 285 | 1 -1 -1 0 1 1 0 -1 > 6.0639
nusu comma Nusu 19u17u-2 324 / 323 | 2 4 0 0 0 0 -1 -1 > 5.3516
go comma Nonogu 19oog2 361 / 360 | -3 -2 -1 0 0 0 0 2 > 4.8023
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An orisha (spelled òrìṣà in the Yoruba language, and orichá or orixá in Latin America) is a spirit who reflects one of the manifestations of the supreme divinity (Eledumare, Olorun, Olofi) in Yoruba religion] Orisha are said to have existed in the spiritual world, or Astral plane (òrun) or lived as human beings in the planetary world, or physical plane (ayé). Others are said to be humans who are recognized as deities due to extraordinary feats. Many orishas have found their way to most of the New World as a result of the Atlantic slave trade and are now expressed in practices as varied as Santería, Candomblé, Trinidad Orisha, Umbanda, and Oyotunji, among others.
Salve todos Orixás
Salve o Sol e salve a Lua
Salve toda a natureza
Salve Deus lá nas alturas
Salve a tribo guerreira
Omolu, Obatalá
Olorum, Nagô, Nana
Eparrê, Epa-babá
Salve a força dos caboclos
Salve a rainha Yemanjá
Salve a linha de umbanda
Salve todos Orixás
Orisha: Elegguá (Elewá, Elegbá)
Saint: Saint Anthony
Colors: Red and black
Number: 3 and 21
Description: Elegguá is the first and most important Orisha in Santería. He is the owner of the crossroads, the witness of fate and acts as the connecting agent in this world. Elegguá is often perceived as a trickster or impish child who tests our integrity.
Orisha: Ogún (Oggún)
Saint: Saint Peter
Colors: Green and black
Number: 3
Description: Ogún is a mighty warrior, the divine blacksmith who crafts tools and weapons and the hardest working Orisha of them all. Ogún is the father of technology, the cutting edge of the knife and the power of metal. Ogún is often perceived as a powerful muscular man wearing a skirt made of palm fiber and he carries a machete.
Orisha: Ochosi (Ochossi, Oshosi)
Saint: Saint Norbert
Colors: Blue and amber
Number: 3, 7
Description: Ochosi is the divine hunter whose arrow never misses its mark. He stalks silently through the forest hunting his pray. He is the force of blind justice that is applied equally to all. He is best friends with Elegguá and Ogún and is often found hunting with them.
Aggayu’s shrine at our church.
Orisha: Orisha Oko (Orichaoco)
Saint: Saint Isidore
Colors: Light blue and pink
Number: 7
Description: Orisha Oko is the Orisha of agriculture and the fertile earth. He rules the mystery of the black earth that gives birth to crops and life, fertility and procreation. He is often depicted as a hard working farmer who wears a straw hat and plows the earth with a team of two oxen.
Orisha: Olokun
Saint: None
Colors: dark blue with green
Number: 9
Description: Olokun is the Orisha that rules the depths of the sea where light does not touch. He is a mysterious Orisha and there is some debate about whether Olokun is male or female. He is a primordial orisha arising out of his own ashé as the first oceans formed on the surface of the earth. He gathers the sunken treasures and souls of the drowned and rules from the depths. He is usually not depicted in a human form.
Orisha: Babalú Ayé (Babaluaye, Asojano)
Saint: Saint Lazarus
Colors: White, blue, brown, black
Number: 17
Description: Babalú Ayé is one of the most beloved, worshipped and petitioned Orishas in our religion. He is the Orisha of small pox, contagious diseases and of healing. In many ways he has become the modern day patron of HIV/AIDS and other epidemics. His worship is shared with the Arará people of Africa. Babalú Ayé’s name was made famous with the song Babalú and sung by Desi Arnaz in 1946. Babalú Ayé is depicted as an old man covered in pox sores, walking on crutches and accompanied by two dogs.
Orisha: Ibeji (Ibeyi, Ibelli, Melli)
Saint: Saint Cosme and Saint Damian
Colors: red and blue
Number: 2, 4 and 8
Description: The Ibeji are the divine twins. They are considered one Orisha. Twins are sacred to the Lucumí people and the Ibeji are their patron Orisha. The Ibeji are the children of Oshún and Changó. When Oshún gave birth to the Ibeji, they were the first twins born and she was shunned as a witch. She kicked the Ibeji out to reclaim her position in society. Oyá took in the Ibeji and raised them as their adoptive mother. The Ibeji are depicted as two young children or babies: one boy named Taiwó dressed in red, and one girl named Kehinde dressed in blue. While Kehinde was born second she is considered the elder of the two.
Obatala Obamoro’s shrine draped in light lavender cloth with Oke on the right and Agidai on the left
Orisha: Obatalá
Saint: Our Lady of Mercy
Colors: White
Number: 8
Description: Obatala is the eldest of the Orishas, the owner of white cloth, the king of peace and logic. He encourages us to use diplomacy and reason when acting and is often the Orisha who mediates disputes between the other orishas. Obatalá is actually a androgynous Orisha where half of his avatars are male and the other half are female. It is therefore possible to have a female Obatalá like the road Obanlá in addition to male roads like Ayáguna. Obatalá’s shrine is placed higher than the other Orishas‘ shrines out of respect for his status as their elder. He is often depicted as an elderly black man with chalk white hair dressed in white robes.
Orisha: Obba
Saint: Saint Catherine of Siena
Colors: Brown, opal and coral
Number: 8
Description: Obba is the Orisha of marriage and personal transformation. She was Shangó’s legitimate wife who was shunned after trying to ensnare Shangó with witchcraft. She fled to the cemetery and underwent a powerful transformational journey that made her come into her true power. She is depicted as a homely woman, missing her left ear, wearing a headwrap to cover her wound.
Oyá and Ogún fight side by side with the powers of lightning and iron – art by Claudia Krindges
Orisha: Oyá (Yansa, Yansan)
Saint: Our Lady of Candelmas or Saint Theresa
Colors: Brown, dark red or multi-colors
Number: 9
Description: Oyá is a fierce female warrior and the Orisha of change. She took the secret of slinging lightning from Changó. She fights with machetes and scares away Ikú (death) with her horsetail fly whisk. She is the owner of the cemetery gates, but does not live in the cemetery contrary to common belief. She resides in the marketplace. She is depicted as a lithe powerful warrior woman wearing a skirt of nine different colors.
Orisha: Yeguá (Yewá)
Saint: Our Lady of Montserrat
Colors: Pink and burgundy
Number: 7 or 9
Description: Yeguá is Oduduwa’s special daughter who he was keeping as a symbol of purity and chastity. Unfortunately her purity was tainted when she was violated by Changó. She is the Orisha associated with death as she rules the decomposition of the body in the grave and the mysteries associated with the dying process. She is depicted as a mysterious woman, withdrawn from society residing in the bottom of a grave.
Orisha: Aggayú (Agajú, Aganyu, Aggayu Sola)
Saint: Saint Christopher
Colors: Brown and opal
Number: 9
Description: Aggayú is Shangó’s father in Santería. Some godfamilies say he is Shangó’s younger brother, but they are related to one another in every instance. Aggayú is the orisha of the volcano and the ferryman who takes people back and forth across the river. Some lineages refer to him as the Orisha of the desert. His worship is closely aligned with that of Shangó. He is depicted as a stocky built man who walks with huge strides and carries a double headed axe with a curved double handle.
Oshun by Carla Nickerson
Orisha: Ochún (Oshún)
Saint: Our Lady of Charity of Cobre
Colors: Yellow and amber
Number: 5
Description: Oshún is the Orisha of sweetness, love and beauty. She is the embodiment of feminine grace, and is a flirtatious coquette. She is a generous and loving mother, but she can also quickly turn bitter if she is wronged. Once she is soured, she is unforgiving and unbending. Oshún can accomplish miracles untold. She is the youngest of the orishas and is depicted as a flirtatious, mixed-race woman dressed in yellow, gazing in a mirror.
Orisha: Yemayá (Yemoja)
Saint: Our Lady of Regla
Colors: Blue and clear
Number: 7
Description: Yemayá is the mother of all living things, the queen of heaven, earth and all waters. She resides in the ocean and her children are countless like the fishes in the sea. Yemaya is the mother of many of the other Orishas as well. In addition to being a loving mother she is a fierce protectress. She can fight with a machete or a scimitar and bathe in the blood of her enemies. Yemaya is often depicted as a voluptuous black woman with full breasts dressed in blue.
Orisha: Shangó (Changó, Sango)
Saint: Saint Barbara
Colors: Red and white
Number: 6
Description: Shangó (Changó) is the king of the religion of Santería and was once the fourth king (Alafin) of the city of Oyó in Yoruba land before he was deified and became an Orisha. He is the Orisha of lightning, thunder and fire, the owner of the sacred batá drums, the power of passion and virility. Changó is a ladies’ man and a charmer. Changó is the master of dance, a fierce warrior and a powerful sorcerer who spits fire. He is depicted as a handsome, young man wearing a crown and carrying a double headed axe.
Orisha: Orunmila (Orunla, Orula)
Saint: Saint Francis of Assisi
Colors: Yellow and green (or brown and green)
Number: 16
Description: Orunmila is the Orisha of divination and the patron of the Ifá sect. He along with Elegguá witnessed all of destiny unfold and therefore can be consulted to know where a person’s fate is headed. He developed the oracles of Ifá: the ikines (palm nuts) and the okuele (diviner’s chain). His priests are known as Babalawos and function exclusively as diviners. They do not ordain people into the mysteries of orishas other than Orunmila. He is depicted as a wizened black man with graying hair, dressed in traditional African garb carrying his wooden diviner’s tray.
Elegba: Holy Child of Atocha
Saint Anthony of Padua (Eshu Laroye),
San Benito de Palermo
The Lonely Soul- Anima Sola (Alagbana),
Infant of Prague,
Saint Peter (Eshu Onibode)
Ogun: Saint Peter
Saint Michael the Archangel (Ogun Shibiriki)
Ochosi: Saint Norbert
Erinle: Saint Raphael
Osayin: Saint Ambrose
Saint Sylvester
Orishaoko: Saint Isidor
BabaluAye: Saint Lazarus
Nanu: Saint Martha
Nana Buruku: Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Dada & Bayani: Our Lady of the Rosary
San Ramon Nonato
Saint Lucy
Aganju: Saint Christopher
Shango: Barbara
Obatala: Our Lady of Mercy (Ransom)
Ayaguna St. Sebastian
Oshagrinan St. Joseph the Worker
Eruaye Divine Providence
Oba Moro Jesus of Nazareth
Yeku Yeku Santisimo
Oshanla, Obanla Our Lady of Mercy (Ransom)
Alagema St Philomena or St Lucy
Oduduwa: Manuel
Oba: St Rita of Cascia
St Catherine of Sienna
Yewa: Our Lady of Monteserrat
Saint Clare
Our Lady of the Abandoned Ones
Oya: Theresa of Liseaux in Havana,
Candlemas in Matanzas
Theresa of Avila (some say these are the three roads Oya- I cannot confirm this as my House does not do roads of Oya)
Yemaya: Lady of Regla
Asesu Saint Clare of Assisi
Achaba Saint Martha
Mayelewo Lady of Regla
Oshun: Our Lady of Charity
Ololodi Our Lady ofLoreto
Yembo: Saint Anne
Orunmila: Saint Francis of Assisi
Olokun: Stella Maris (Our Lady, Star of the Sea)
Oke: Saint Roque
Saint Robert
Oge: Saint Philomena
Ibeji: Saints Cosme + Damian
Idowu: the child in OL of Charity’s arms (the Ibejis and Idowu are sometimes associated with Faith, Hope, and Charity)
Boromu & Borosia: Saint Elias
Ogan: Saint James Matamoros (Santiago)
Agidai: Saint Bartholomew
Iroko: Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
Saints that Have Been Lost in Cuba brought back from Brazil in some Houses:
Oshumare: Saint Bartholomew
Logun Ede (Laro): Saint Expedite
Yoruba tradition often says that there are 401 orishas, which is associated with a sacred number. Other sources suggest that the number is “as many as you can think of, plus one more – an innumerable number”. Different oral traditions refer to 400, 700, or 1,440 orisha.
Practitioners traditionally believe that daily life depends on proper alignment and knowledge of one’s ori. Ori literally means the head, but in spiritual matters, it is taken to mean a portion of the soul that determines personal destiny and success. Ashe is the life-force that runs through all things, living and inanimate. Ashe is the power to make things happen. It is an affirmation that is used in greetings and prayers, as well as a concept of spiritual growth. Orisha devotees strive to obtain Ashe through iwa-pele or gentle and good character, and in turn they experience alignment with the ori, what others might call inner peace and satisfaction with life. Ashe is divine energy that comes from Olodumare, the creator deity and is manifested through Olorun, who rules the heavens and is associated with the sun. Without the sun, no life could exist, just as life cannot exist without some degree of ashe. Ashe is sometimes associated with Eshu, the messenger Orisha.[5] For practitioners, ashe represents a link to the eternal presence of the supreme deity, the Orishas, and the ancestors.[6]
The concept is regularly referenced in Brazilian capoeira. “Axé” in this context is used as a greeting or farewell, in songs and as a form of praise. Saying that someone ‘has axé’ in capoeira is complimenting their energy, fighting spirit, and attitude.
The orisha are grouped as those represented by the color white, who are characterized as “cool, calm, gentle, and temperate”; and those represented by the colors red or black, who are characterized as “harsh, aggressive, demanding, and quick tempered”. As humans do, orisha may have a preferred color, foods, and objects. The traits of the orisha are documented through oral tradition.[4]
Babalu Aye
Logun Ode
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21 Saint Ursula and companions
22 Saint Hilarion
23 Saint Antonio María Claret y Clará
24 Saint Raphael the Archangel
25 Saints Chrysanthus and Daria
26 Pope Saint Evaristus
27 Saint Frumentius
28 Saint Simon the Apostle
29 Saint Narcissus
30 Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez
31 Saint Quintinus
1 Feast of All Saints
2 All Souls Day
3 Saint Malachy
4 Saint Charles Borromeo
5 Saints Zachary and Elizabeth
6 Saint Leonard of Limousin
7 Saint Willibrord
8 Pope Saint Deusdedit
9 Saint Theodore of Amasea
10 Saint Andrew Avellino
11 Saint Martin of Tours
12 Pope Saint Martin I
13 Saint Stanislaus Kostka
14 Saint Josaphat
15 Saint Albert Magnus
16 Saint Gertrude the Great
17 Saint Gregory of Neocaesarea
18 Saint Romanus of Antioch
19 Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
20 Saint Felix of Valois
21 Pope Saint Gelasius I
22 Saint Cecilia
23 Pope Saint Clement I
24 Saint John of the Cross
25 Saint Catherine of Alexandria
26 Saint John Berchmans
27 Saints Barlaam and Josaphat
28 Saint Catherine Labouré
29 Saint Saturninus, Bishop
30 Saint Andrew, Apostle
1 Saint Eligius, Bishop
2 Saint Bibiana, Virgin
3 Saint Francis Xavier
4 Saint Barbara, Virgin
5 Saint Sabbas, Abbot
6 Saint Nicholas of Myra, Bishop
7 Saint Ambrose, Bishop
8 The Immaculate Conception
9 Saint Peter Fourier, Priest
10 Saint Miltiades, Pope
11 Saint Damasus, Pope
12 Saints Epimachus and Alexander, Martyrs
13 Saint Lucy, Virgin
14 Saint Nicasius and Companions, Martyrs
15 Saint Valerian and Other Martyrs
16 Saint Eusebius of Vercelli, Bishop
17 Saint Olympias, Widow
18 Saint Gatian, Bishop
19 Blessed Urban V, Pope
20 Saint Dominic of Silos, Abbot
21 Saint Thomas the Apostle
22 Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin
23 Saint Servulus
24 Saint Delphinus, Bishop
25 Martyrs at Nicomedia
26 Saint Stephen, Martyr
27 Saint John the Evangelist, Apostle
28 The Holy Innocents, Martyrs
29 Saint Thomas Becket, Archbishop
30 Saint Sabinus and his Companions, Martyrs
31 Saint Sylvester I, Pope
Alphabetical Listing
Saint Abdon (07/30),
Saint Abraham Kidunaia (03/16),
Saint Agatha, Virgin (02/05),
Saint Agnes, Virgin (01/21),
Saint Agnes of Monte Pulciano (04/20),
Saint Albert Magnus (11/15),
Saint Alexander of Alexandria, Bishop (02/26),
Saint Alexius (07/17),
Saint Benedict Biscop, Abbot (01/12),
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga (06/21),
Saint Alphonsus Liguori (08/02),
Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez (10/30),
Saint Ambrose, Bishop (12/07),
Saint Andrew, Apostle (11/30),
Saint Andrew Avellino (11/10),
Saint Andrew Bobola (05/21),
Saint Andrew Corsini, Bishop (02/04),
Saint Angela Merici (06/01),
Angels, Holy Guardian (10/02),
Saint Anicetus (04/17),
Ven. Anna Maria Gesualda Antonia Taigi (06/09),
Saint Anne (07/26),
Saint Anselm (04/21),
Saint Anthony of the Desert, Abbot (01/17),
Saint Anthony of Padua (06/13),
Saint Antonio María Claret y Clará (10/23),
Saint Antonio-Maria Zaccaria (07/05),
Saint Antoninus (05/10),
Saint Apollinaris of Hierapolis, Bishop (01/08),
Saint Apollinaris, Bishop (07/23),
Saint Athanasius (05/02),
Saint Augustine of Hippo (08/28),
Saint Augustine of Canterbury (05/28),
Saint Avitus (06/17)
Saint Barbara, Virgin (12/04),
Saint Barlaam (11/27),
Saint Barnabas (06/11),
Saint Bartholomew (08/24),
Saint Basil the Great (06/14),
Saint Basilissa, Martyr (01/09),
The Venerable Bede (05/27),
Pope Saint Benedict II (05/08),
Saint Benedict of Nursia (03/21),
Saint Benedict of San Philadelphio (04/04),
Saint Benedict Joseph Labre (04/16),
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (08/20),
Saint Bernardine of Siena (05/20),
Saint Bertha (07/04),
Saint Bibiana, Virgin (12/02),
Saint Blaise, Bishop (02/03),
Saint Bonaventure (07/14),
Saint Boniface (06/05),
Saint Bridget of Sweden (10/08),
Saint Bruno (10/06)
Saint Cajetan (08/07),
Pope Saint Callistus I (10/14),
Saint Camillus of Lellis (07/18),
Saint Canute of Denmark, Martyr (01/19),
Saint Casimir of Poland (03/04),
Saint Catherine of Alexandria (11/25),
Saint Catherine of Genoa (09/15),
Saint Catherine Labouré (11/28),
Saint Catherine de Ricci, Virgin (02/13),
Saint Catherine of Siena (04/30),
Saint Catherine of Sweden (03/22),
Saint Cecilia (11/22),
Pope Saint Celestine I (04/06),
Saint Celsus (07/28),
Saint Charles Borromeo (11/04),
Saint Chrysanthus (10/25),
Saint Clare of Assisi (08/12),
Pope Saint Clement I (11/23),
Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer (03/15),
Saint Clotilda (06/03),
Saint Colette, Virgin (03/06),
Saint Conrad of Piacenza (02/19),
Saint Cosmas (09/27),
Saint Cyprian of Carthage (09/16),
Saint Cyprian, martyr (09/26),
Saint Cyril of Alexandria, Archbishop (02/09),
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem (03/18),
Saint Cyril and Methodius (07/07)
Saint Damasus, Pope (12/11),
Saint Damian (09/27),
Saint Daria (10/25),
Saint Delphinus, Bishop (12/24),
Pope Saint Deusdedit (11/08),
Saint Dominic (08/04),
Saint Dominic of Silos, Abbot (12/20),
The Durham Martyrs of 1594 (07/24),
Ebsdorf Martyrs (02/02),
Saint Edbert, Bishop (05/06),
Saint Edward the Confessor (10/13),
Saint Eligius, Bishop (12/01),
Saint Elined (08/01),
Saint Elizabeth (11/05),
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary (11/19),
Saint Elizabeth of Portugal (07/08),
Saint Elphege (04/19),
Saint Ephrem (06/18),
Saints Epimachus and Alexander, Martyrs (12/12),
Saint Epiphanius (05/12),
Saint Etheldreda (06/23),
Saint Eucherius of Orleans, Bishop (02/20),
Pope Saint Eugenius I (07/13),
Saint Eugenius, Bishop (07/13),
Saint Eulogius of Cordova, Martyr (03/11),
Saint Eulogius of Alexandria (09/13),
Saint Eusebius of Rome (08/14),
Saint Eusebius of Vercelli, Bishop (12/16),
Saint Eustachius and Companions (09/20),
Pope Saint Evaristus (10/26)
Saint Faustinus, Martyr (02/15),
Saint Felix of Bourges, Bishop (01/01),
Saint Felix of Cantalice (05/18),
Saint Felix of Valois (11/20),
Saint Firminus (09/25),
Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Virgin (12/22),
Saint Frances of Rome (03/09),
Saint Francis of Assisi (10/04),
Saint Francis Borgia (10/10),
Saint Francis Caracciolo (06/04),
Saint Francis of Paula (04/02),
Saint Francis de Sales, Bishop (01/29),
Saint Francis Xavier (12/03),
Saint Frumentius (10/27),
Saint Gabriel Archangel (03/24),
Saint Gatian, Bishop (12/18),
Pope Saint Gelasius I (11/21),
Saint Genevieve, Virgin (01/03),
Saint Gerard Majella (10/16),
Saint Germaine Cousin (06/15),
Saint Gertrude the Great (11/16),
Saint Giles (09/01),
The Good Thief (03/25),
Pope Saint Gregory the Great (03/12),
Saint Gregory VII (05/25),
Saint Gregory of Langres, Bishop (01/04),
Saint Gregory Neocaesarea (11/17),
Saint Gregory Nazianzen (05/09),
Saint Guarinus, Bishop (01/06)
Saint Hegesippus (04/07),
Saint Helena (08/18),
Saint Henry II (07/15),
Blessed Henry Suso (03/02),
Saint Hilarion (10/22),
Saint Hilarus, Pope (02/29),
Saint Hilary of Poitiers, Bishop (01/14),
Saint Hunna (04/15),
Saint Hyginus, Pope (01/11)
Saint Hyacinth (08/17)
Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop (02/01),
Saint Ignatius of Loyola (07/31),
The Holy Innocents, Martyrs (12/28),
Saint Irenaeus (06/28),
Saint James the Greater (07/25),
Saint Jane Frances de Chantal (08/21),
Saint Januarius (09/19),
Saint Jerome (09/30),
Saint Joan of Arc (05/30),
Saint John the Evangelist, Apostle (12/27),
Decollation of John the Baptist (08/29),
Saint John Baptist de la Salle (05/15),
Saint John and Saint Paul, martyrs (06/26),
Saint John Berchmans (11/26),
Saint John Bosco, Priest (01/31),
Saint John Cantius (10/20),
Saint John Capistran (03/28),
Saint John Chrysostom, Archbishop (01/27),
Saint John Climacus (03/30),
Saint John of the Cross (11/24),
Saint John Damascene (03/27),
Saint Jean Eudes (08/19),
Saint John Francis Regis (06/16),
Saint Jean-Gabriel Perboyre (09/11),
Saint John of God (03/08),
Saint John Joseph of the Cross (03/05),
Saint John of Matha (02/08),
Saint John of Sahagun (06/12),
Saint Jean-Baptiste-Marie Vianney (08/09),
Saint Josaphat (11/27),
Saint Josaphat Kuncevyc (11/14),
Saint Joseph (03/19),
Saint Joseph the Worker (05/01),
Saint Joseph Cottolengo (04/29),
Saint Joseph Calasanctius (08/27),
Saint Joseph of Cupertino (09/18),
Saint Jovita, Martyr (02/15),
Saint Julian, martyr (01/09),
Saint Juliana Falconieri (06/19),
Pope Saint Julius I (04/12),
Saint Justina (09/26)
Saint Ladislaus (06/27),
Saint Lambert (09/17),
Saint Lawrence, martyr (08/10),
Saint Lawrence Justinian (09/05),
Saint Leander of Seville, Bishop (02/27),
Pope Saint Leo the Great (04/11),
Pope Saint Leo II (07/03),
Saint Leonard of Limousin (11/06),
Pope Saint Linus (09/23),
Saint Louis Bertrand (10/09),
Saint Louis IX (08/25),
Saint Louis Mary de Montfort (04/28),
Saint Lucian of Antioch, Martyr (01/07),
Saint Lucy, Virgin, Martyr (12/13),
Saint Ludger (03/26),
Saint Luke (10/18),
Saint Lydwina (04/14)
Saint Malachy (11/03),
Saint Mamertus (05/11),
Saint Marcellus I, Pope (01/16),
Saint Margaret of Antioch (07/20),
Saint Margaret of Cortona (02/22),
Saint Margaret of Scotland (06/10),
Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque (10/17),
Saint Maria Goretti (07/06),
Saint Mark (04/25),
Pope Saint Mark (10/07),
Saint Martha (07/29),
Pope Saint Martin I (11/12),
Saint Martin de Tours (11/11),
Saint Martin of Braga (03/20)
Saint Martina, Virgin (01/30),
Saint Martius, Abbot (04/13),
Forty Martyrs of Sebaste (03/10),
Saint Mary of Cleophas (04/09),
Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier (04/24),
Blessed Marie de l’Incarnation (04/18),
Saint Mary Magdalen (07/22),
Saint Mary Magdalene of Pazzi (05/29),
Saint Matthew, Apostle (09/21),
Saint Matilda, Widow (03/14),
Saint Matthias, Apostle (02/24),
Saint Medardus (06/08),
Saint Melito, Bishop (04/01),
Saint Methodius (07/07),
Saint Michael the Archangel (09/29),
Saint Michael de Sanctis (04/10),
Saint Miltiades, Pope (12/10)
Saint Monica (05/04)
Saint Munchin, Bishop (01/02)
Saint Narcissus (10/29),
Saint Nazarius (07/28),
Saint Nicasius and Companions, Martyrs (12/14),
Saint Nicholas of Myra, Bishop (12/06),
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino (09/10),
Martyrs at Nicomedia (12/25),
Saint Norbert (06/06)
Saint Notburga (09/14)
Saint Olympias, Widow (12/17),
Saint Onesimus, Martyr (02/16),
Saint Pantaleon (07/27),
Saint Paschal Baylon (05/17),
Saint Patrick (03/17),
Saint Paul (06/29),
Saint Paul, The Conversion of (01/25),
Saint Paul The Hermit (01/15),
Saint Paulinus (06/22),
Saint Perpetuus (04/08),
Saint Peter (06/29),
Saint Peters’ Chair (01/18),
Saint Peter of Alcantara (10/19),
Saint Peter Canisius (04/27),
Pope Saint Peter Celestine V (05/19),
Saint Peter-Louis-Marie Chanel (04/23),
Saint Peter Claver (09/09),
Saint Peter Damian, Bishop (02/23),
Venerable Pierre-Julien Eymard (08/03),
Saint Peter Fourier, Priest (12/09),
Saint Peter Nolasco (01/28),
Saint Petronilla (05/31),
Saint Philip Benizi (08/23),
Saint Philip Romolo Neri (05/26),
Saint Philip of Zell (05/03),
Saint Philomena (08/11),
Pope Saint Pius I (07/11),
Pope Saint Pius V (05/05),
Pope Saint Pius X (09/03),
Saint Placidus (10/05),
Saint Polycarp, Bishop (01/26),
Saint Pontius (05/14),
Saint Quintinus (10/31)
Saint Raphael the Archangel (10/24),
Saint Raymund Nonnatus (08/31),
Saint Raymund of Peñafort (01/23),
Saint Regina (09/07),
Saint Remigius (10/01),
Saint Richard de Wyche, Bishop (04/03),
Saint Rita of Cascia (05/22),
Saint Robert Bellarmine (05/13),
Saint Robert of Newminster (06/07),
Saint Roch (08/16),
Saint Romanus, martyr (08/09),
Saint Romanus, Abbot (02/28),
Saint Romanus of Antioch, martyr (02/28),
Saint Romuald, Abbot (02/07),
Saint Rosalia (09/06),
Saint Rose of Lima (08/30),
Saint Rose of Viterbo (09/04)
Saint Rufina (07/10),
Saint Sabbas, Abbot (12/05),
Saint Sabinus and his Companions, Martyrs (12/30),
Saint Saturninus, Bishop (11/29),
Saint Scholastica, Virgin (02/10),
Saint Sebastian, Martyr (01/20),
Saint Secunda (07/10),
Saint Sennen (07/30),
Saint Servulus (12/23),
The Seven Founders of the Servite Order (02/12),
Saint Severian, Bishop (02/21),
Saint Silverius (06/20),
Saint Simeon, Bishop (02/18),
Saint Simeon the Stylite (01/05),
Saint Simon, Apostle (10/28),
Saint Simon Stock (05/16),
Pope Saint Soter (04/22),
Saint Stanislaus (05/07),
Saint Stanislaus Kostka (11/13),
Saint Stephen, King of Hungary (09/02),
Saint Sylvester I, Pope (12/31),
Saint Tarasius, Bishop (02/25),
Saint Teresa of Avila (10/15),
Saint Theodore of Amasea (11/09),
Saint Therese of Lisieux (10/03),
Saint Thomas the Apostle (12/21),
Saint Thomas Becket, Archbishop (12/29),
Saint Thomas Aquinas, Doctor (03/07),
Saint Thomas More (07/09),
Saint Thomas of Villanova (09/22),
Saint Timothy, Bishop (01/24),
Saint Titus, Bishop (02/06)
Blessed Urban V, Pope (12/19),
Saint Ursula and companions (10/21)
Saint Valentine, Martyr (02/14),
Saint Valerian and Other Martyrs (12/15),
Saint Victorian and Companion Saints (03/23),
Saint Vincent of Saragossa, Martyr (01/22),
Saint Vincent Ferrer (04/05),
Saint Vincent de Paul (07/19),
Saint Wenceslaus (09/28),
Saint Wilfrid (10/12),
Saint William of Bourges, Archbishop (01/10),
Saint William of Vercelli (06/25),
Saint Willibrord (11/07),
Saint Zachary (11/05),
Pope Saint Zephyrinus (08/26),
NOTE: The Feasts of Our Lady are HERE.
St. Basil——–January 2 [New] Traditional June 4
St. Gregory Nazianzen——–January 2
St. Marcarius——–January 2
St. Genevieve———-January 3
St. Dafrosa——–January 4
St. Elizabeth Seton———–January 4
St. John Neumann—————January 5 [New]
St. Telesphorus——–January 5
Sts. Gaspar, Melchior and Balthasar——–January 6
Blessed Andre Bessette——–January 6
St. Lucian——–January 7
St. Appolinaris——–January 8
St. Julian of Antioch——–January 9
St. Peter of Sebaste——–January 9
St. Nicanor——–January 10
St. William——–January 10
St. Hyginus——–January 11
St. Aelred——–January 12
St. Benedict Biscop——–January 12
St. Marguerite Bourgeoys———-January 12
St. Felix——–January 14
St. Hilary of Poitiers————–January 14
St. Malachias——–January 14
St. Paul the Hermit——–January 15
St. Maurus, Abbot——–January 15
St. Marcellus——–January 16
The Five Franciscan Protomartyrs——–January 16
St. Sulpice———–January 17
St. Anthony, Abbot——–January 17
St. Prisca——–January 18
Feast of the Chair of St. Peter of Rome——–January 18
Sts. Marius, Martha and Sons, Martyrs,——–January 19
St. Canute, King and Martyr——–January 19
St. Fabian, Martyr——–January 20
St. Sebastian, Martyr———–January 20
St. Agnes, Martyr————January 21
St. Anastasius, Martyr——–January 22
St. Vincent of Saragozza, Martyr————January 22
St. Emerentiana——–January 23
St. Raymond of Pennafort——–January 23
St. Emerentiana, Martyr——–January 23
St. Tomothy, Martyr——–January 24
Coversion of St. Paul——–January 25
St. Paula——–January 26
St. Polycarp, Martyr——–January 26
St. John Chrysostom——–January 27
St. Peter Nolasco——–January 28
St. Thomas Aquinas————January 28 [New] Traditional March 7
St. Agnes, Martyr,————January 28
St. Francis de Sales—————-January 29
St. Martina, Martyr——–January 30
St. Mutien-Marie Wiaux——–January 30
St. John Bosco——–January 31
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St. Brigid of Ireland—————February 1
St. Ignatius of Antioch————-February 1
St. Cornelius the Centurian————-February 2
St. Blaise———–February 3
St. Andrew Corsini———-February 4
The 26 Martyrs of Japan————-February 5
St. Apollonia———-February 5
St. Agatha———-February 5
St. Dorothy———–February 6
St. Titus————-February 6
Bl. Pope Pius IX ————-February 7
St. Romauld, Abbot ————-February 7
St. Josephine Bakhita————February 8
St. John of Matha————February 8
St. Cyril of Alexandria————–February 9
St. Miguel Cordero————–February 9
St. Scholastica———–February 10
Seven Holy Founders of the Servites————-February 12
St. Agabus————–February 13
St. Catherine d’Ricci February 13
St. Polyeucte————-February 13
St. Valentine———–February 14
St. Claude de la Columbiere————-February 20
Sts. Faustinus and Jovita————-February 15
St. Onesimus————-February 16
St. Julian————-February 17
St. Bernadette Soubirous————–February 18
Bl. Fra Angelico————-February 18
St. Simeon————-February 18
St. Gabinus————-February 19
St. Odran————-February 19
St. Tyrannio————-February 20
Bl. Jacinta and Francisco Marto————February 20
St. Leo the Wonderworker————-February 20
St. Amata————-February 20
St. Pter Mavimenus————-February 21
St. Robert Southwell————-February 21
St. Peter’s Chair————-February 22
St. Peter Damien————-February 23
Vigil of St. Matthias, Apostle————-February 23
St. Matthias, Apostle————February 24 [Trad.] May 14 [New]
St. Walburga————February25 [Hist.]
Sts. Victor and Claudian————-February 25
St. Alexander————-February 26
St. Porphyry————-February 26
St. Nestor————-February 26
St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows————February 27
Pope St. Hilary————-February 28
Sts. Rimnus and Lupicinus————-February 28
Top of the Page
St. David’s Day, Patron of Wales————–March 1
St. Katherine Drexel————March 1
Bl. Charles the Good————–March 2
St. Chad————–March 2
St. Cunegundes, Empress————–March 3
Pope St. Lucius I, Martyr————–March 4
St. Francis of Assisi—————March 4
St. Casimir————–March 4
St. John Joseph of the Cross————–March 5
St. Phocas————–March 5
St. Fridolin———-March 6
St. John of the Cross————March 5
Sts. Perpetua and Felicitas————–March 6
St.Colette————–March 6
St. John of God————–March 8
St. Thomas Aquinas————–March 7
St. Frances of Rome————–March 9
St. Dominic Savio————–March 9
The 40 Holy Martyrs of Sebast————–March 10
St. Eulogius————–March 11
St. John Ogilivie————March 10
St. Sophronius————–March 11
St. Nicholas Owen————–March 12
St. Gregory the Great————–March 12
St. Euphrasia————–March 13
St. Josaphat————–March 13
St. Rodrigo———-March 13
St. Matildis————March 14
St. Maud————–March 14
St. Clement Hofbauer [Haufbauer]————–March 15
St. Longinus—————March 15
St. Louise de Marillac—————-March 15
St. Abraham the Hermit————–March 16
St. Joseph of Arimathea————–March 17
Saint Gertrude of Nivelles ————–March 17
St. Patrick—————March 17
St. Cyril of Constantinople——–March 6
St. Joseph—————March 19
St. Photina————–March 20
St. Cuthbert————–March 20
St. Benedict————–March 21
St. Catherine of Sweden————–March 22
St. Gabriel the Archangel————–March 24
St. Dismas————March 25
St. Ludger————–March 26
St. John Damascene————–March 27
St. John of Capistrano————–March 28 [Trad.] Oct. 23 [New]
Sts. Jonas, Barachisius and Companions————–March 29
St. Zozimus of Syracuse, Bishop————–March 30
St. John Climacus————–March 30
St. Acacius————–March 31
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St. Hugh of Grenoble—————April 1
St. Francis of Paola—————April 2
St. Mary of Eygpt—————April 2
St. Richard of Chichester—————April 3
St. Isadore of Seville—————April 4
St. Irene—————April 5
St. Vincent Ferrer—————April 5
St. Juliana of Cornillon—————April 6
Bl. Herman Joseph—————April 7
St. Julie Billiart—————April 8
St. Mary of Cleophas—————April 9
St. Ezechiel—————April 10
St. Leo the Great—————April 11
St. Gemma Galgani—————April 11
St. Sabbas—————April 12
St. Hermenegild, Martyr—————April 13
Bl. Ida—————April 13
Bl. Margaret of Castello—————April 13
St. Justin, Martyr—————April 14
Sts. Valerian, Tiburtius, and Maximus, Martyrs—————April 14
Sts. Basilissa and Anastasia—————April 15
St. Benedict Joseph Labre—————April 16
Pope St. Anicetus, Martyr—————April 17
St. Apollonius—————April 18
Pope St. Leo IX—————April 19
Bl. James Duckett—————April 19
St. Agnes of Montepulciano—————April 20
Solemnity of St. Joseph—————April 21
St. Anselm—————April 21
St. Conrad—————April 21
Pope St. Caius, Martyr—————April 22
Pope St. Soter, Martyr—————April 22
St. George, Martyr—————April 23
St. Euphrasia—————April 24
St. Fidelis Sigmaringen, Martyr—————April 24
St. Mark the Evangelist—————April 25
Pope St. Cletus, Martyr—————April 26
Pope St. Marcellus, Martyr—————April 26
St. Zita—————April 27
St. Peter Canisius—————April 27
St. Paul of the Cross—————April 28
St. Louis Marie de Montfort—————April 28
St. Peter Verona, Martyr—————April 29
St. Hugh of Cluny—————April 29
St. Catherine of Siena—————April 30
Top of the Page
St. Joseph the Worker—————May 1
St. Peregrine—————May 1
Sts. Philip and James, Apostles—————May 1
St. Athanasius—————May 2
Sts. Timothy and Maura—————May 3
St. Monica—————May 4
St. Florian—————May 4
Bl. Ceferino Malla—————May 4
Pope St. Pius V—————May 5
St. Stanislaus of Cracow, Martyr—————May 7
Apparition of St. Michael—————May 8
St. Gregory Nazianzen—————May 9
St. Antonius—————May 10
St. Damien of Molokai—————May 10
Sts. Philip and James, Apostles—————May 11
Bl. Imelda—————May 12
Sts. Achilles, Nereus, Pancras, and Domitilla, Martyrs—————May 12
St. Pancratius—————May 12
St. Robert Bellarmine—————May 13
St. Boniface—————May 14
St. John Baptist de la Salle—————May 15
St. Brendan—————May 16
St. John Nepomucene—————May 16
St. Simon Stock—————May 16
St. Ubaldus—————May 16
St. Paschal Baylon—————May 17
St. Eric—————May 18
St. Venantius, Martyr—————May 18
Pope St. Celestine V—————May 19
St. Pudentiana—————May 19
St. Bernardine of Siena—————May 20
St. Andrew Bobola—————May 21
St. Eugened de Mazenod—————May 21
St. Rita of Cascia—————May 22
St. John Baptist de Rossi—————May 23
St. Joanna—————May 24
Pope St. Gregory VII—————May 25
St. Madeleine Sophie Barat—————May 25
St. Philip Neri—————May 26
Pope St. Eleutherius, Martyr—————May 27
St. Bede the Venerable—————May 27
Pope St. John I, Martyr—————May 27
St. Bernard of Menthon—————May 28
St. Augustine of Canterbury—————May 28
St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi—————May 29
St. Joan of Arc—————May 30
Pope St. Felix I, Martyr—————May 30
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St. Angela Merici——–June 1
Sts. Peter, Erasmus, and Marcellinus, Martyrs——–June 2
St. Kevin——–June 3
St. Clothilde, Queen——–June 3
St. Francis Caracciolo——–June 4
St. Boniface, Martyr——–June 5
St. Norbert——–June 6
St. Philip, Deacon——–June 6
St. Robert of Newminster——–June 7
Sts. Medard and Gildard——–June 8
St. Columkille——–June 9
Sts. Primus and Felician, Martyrs——–June 9
St. Margaret of Scotland——–June 10
St. Barnabas, Apostle——–June 11
St. John of St. Facundo [us]——–June 12
Sts. Basilides, Cyprinus, Nabor, and Nazarius, Martyrs——–June 12
St. Anthony of Padua——–June 13
St. Basil the Great——–June 14
St. Germaine——–June 15
Sts. Vitus, Modestus, and Crescentia, Martyrs——–June 15
St. John Francis Regis——–June 16
St. Botolph——–June 17
St. Ranier——–June 17
St. Gregory Barbarigo——–June 17
St. Ephrem——–June 18
Sts. Mark and Marcellianus, Martyrs——–June 18
St. Juliana Falconieri——–June 19
Sts. Gervase and Protase——–June 19
Pope St. Silverius, Martyr——–June 20
St. Terence——–June 21
St. Aloysius Gonzaga——–June 21
St. Paulinus of Nola——–June 22
St. Audrey——–June 23
Vigil of the Birth of St. John the Baptist——–June 23
Birth of St. John the Baptist——–June 24
St. William, Abbot——–June 25
Sts. John and Paul, Martyrs——–June 26
Vigil of Sts. Peter and Paul——–June 28
St. Irenaeus, Martyr——–June 28
Sts. Peter and Paul——–June 29
Commemoration of St. Paul——–June 30
Seventeen Irish Martyrs——–June 30
Top of the Page
Bl. Junipero Serra——–July 1
Sts. Processus and Martinian, Martyrs——–July 2
Pope St. Leo II——–July 3
St. Irenaeus——–July 3
St. Theodore——–July 4
St. Anthony May Zaccaria——–July 5
St. John Fisher——–July 6
St. Thomas More——–July 6
Sts. Cyril and Methodius——–July 7
St. Elizabeth of Portugal——–July 8
St. Maria Goretti——–July 9
Holy Seven Brothers with Sts. Rufina and Secunda, Martyrs——–July 10
Pope St. Pius I, Martyr——–July 11
St. Oliver Plunket——–July 11
St. John Gualbert——–July 12
Sts. Nabor and Felix, Martyrs——-July 12
St. Veronica of the Veil——–July 12
Pope St. Anacletus, Martyr——–July 13
St. Mildred——–July 13
St. Teresa of the Andes——–July 13
St. Bonaventure——–July 14
St. Francis Solano——–July 14
Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha——–July 14
St. Henry II, Emperor——–July 15
St. Alexis the Beggar——–July 17
St. Symphorosa and Her Children, Martyrs——–July 18
St. Camillus de Lellis——–July 18
St. Vincent de Paul——–July 19
St. Jerome Emilian——–July 20
St. Margaret of Antioch, Martyr——–July 20
St. Laurence of Brindisi——–July 21
St. Praxedes——–July 21
St. Mary Magdalen——–July 22
St. Apollinaris of Ravenna——–July 23
St. Liborius, Martyrs——–July 23
St. Christina——–July 24
Vigil of St. James the Greater, Apostle——–July 25
St. James the Greater, Apostle——–July 25
St. Christopher——–July 25
St. Anne——–July 26
St. Pantaleon, Martyr——–July 27
Pope St. Celestine I——–July 27
Sts. Nazarius and Celsus, Victor I, and Innocent I, Martyrs——–July 28
St. Martha——–July 29
Sts. Felix II, Simplicius, Faustinus, Beatrice——–July 29
Sts. Abdon and Sennen——–July 30
St. Ignatius of Loyola——–July 31
Top of the Page
The Chains of St. Peter——–August 1
St. Samona and Her Seven Sons [Holy Machabees]——–August 1
St. Alphonsus Liguori——–August 2
Pope St. Stephen I, Martyr——–August 2
The Finding of the Body of St. Stephen, First Martyr——–August 3
St. Lydia——–August 3
St. Peter Julian Eymard——–August 3
St. Dominic——–August 4
Sts. Xystus, Felicissimus, Agapitus——–August 6
St. Cajetan——–August 7
St. Donatus, Martyr——–August 7
Sts. Cyriacus, Largus and Smaragdus——–August 8
St. John Marie Vianney——–August 9
St. Romanus, Martyr——–August 9
Vigil of St. Lawrence, Martyr——–August 9
St. Lawrence, Martyr——–August 10
Sts. Tiburtius and Susanna——–August 11
St. Philomena——–August 11
St. Clare——–August 12
St. John Berchmans——–August 13
Sts. Hippolytus and Cassian——–August 13
St. Eusebius——–August 14
St. Maxmillian Kolbe——–August 14
St.Tarsicius——–August 15
St. Rocco——–August 16
St. Joachim——–August 16
St. Hyacinth——–August 17
St. Helena——–August 18
St. Agapitus, Martyr——–August 18
St. John Eudes——–August 19
St. Bernard——–August 20
St. Jane Frances de Chantal——–August 21
Sts. Timothy, Hippollytus, Symphorian——–August 22
St. Philip Benizi——–August 23
Vigil of St. Bartholomew, Apostle——–August 23
St. Bartholomew, Apostle——–August 24
St. Louis, King of France——–August 25
Pope St. Zephyrinus, Martyr——–August 26
St. Joseph Calasanctius——–August 27
St. Augustine——–August 28
St. Hermes, Martyr——–August 28
Beheading of St. John the Baptist——–August 29
St. Sabina, Martyr——–August 29
St. Rose of Lima——–August 30
Sts. Felix and Adauctus, Martyrs——–August 30
St. Raymond Nonnatus——–August 31
Top of the Page
St. Aegidius——–September 1
St. Anna, Prophetess——–September 1
St. Giles, Abbot——–September 1
The Holy Twelve Brothers, Martyrs. ——–September 1
St. Stephen, King of Hungary——–September 2
Pope St. Pius X——–September 3
St. Rose of Viterbo——–September 4
St. Rosalia——–September 4
St. Lawrence Justinian——–September 5
St. Eleutherius——–September 6
St. Cloud——–September 7
St. Regina——–September 7
St. Peter Claver——–September 9
St. Gorgonius, Martyr——–September 9
St. Pulcheria——–September 10
St. Nicholas of Tolentino——–September 10
St. Paphnutius——–September 11
St. John Gabriel Perboyre——–September 11
Sts. Protus and Hyacinth, Martyrs——–September 11
St. Eulogius——–September 13
St. Nicomedes, Martyr——–September 15
Pope St. Cornelius, Martyr——–September 16
St. Cyprian, Martyr——–September 16
Sts. Euphemia, Lucy, and Geminianus, Martyrs——–September 16
St. Hildegarde——–September 17
Stgmata of St. Francis of Assisi ——–September 17
St. Joseph Cupertino——–September 18
Bl. John Massias——–September 18
St. Januarius and Companions, Martyrs——–September 19
St. Eustace and Companions, Martyrs——–September 20
Vigil of St. Matthew——–September 20
St. Matthew, Apostle——–September 21
St. Thomas of Villanova——–September 22
St. Maurice and the Theban Legion, Martyrs——–September 22
St. Thecla——–September 23
Pope St. Linus, Martyr——–September 23
St. Padre Pio——–September 23
St. Cleophas——–September 25
Bl. Herman the Cripple——–September 25
Sts. Cyprian and Justina, Martyrs——–September 26
Eight North American Martyrs——–September 26
Sts. Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs——–September 27
St. Wenceslaus, Martyr——–September 28
Dedication of St. Michael the Archangel——–September 29
St. Jerome——–September 30
Top of the Page
St. Remegius——-October 1
Holy Guardian Angels ——-October 2
St. Therese of Lisieux——-October 3
St. Francis of Assisi——-October 4
St. Placidus and Companions, Martyrs——-October 5
St. Faustina Kowalska——-October 5
Bl. Raymond of Capua——-October 5
St. Bruno——-October 6
Pope St. Mark——-October 7
Sts. Sergius, Bacchus,Marcellus, and Apuleius, Martyrs——-October 7
St. Bridget of Sweden——-October 8
St. Denis [Dionysius], Rusticus, and Eleutherius, Martyrs——-October 9
St. John Lenard——-October 9
St. Francis Borgia——-October 10
St. Edward King and Confessor——-October 13
St. Gerald——-October 13
Pope St. Callistus, Martyr——-October 14
St. Teresa of Avila——-October 15
St. Hedwig——-October 16
St. Gerard Majella——-October 16
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque——-October 17
St. Luke, Evangelist——-October 18
St. Peter of Alcantara——-October 19
St. John Cantius——-October 20
St. Irene——-October 20
St. Hilarion, Abbot——-October 21
St. Ursula and Companions, Martyrs——-October 21
St. Mary Salome——-October 22
St. Anthony Mary Claret——-October 23
St. Ignatius of Constantinople——-October 23
St. Raphael the Archangel——-October 24
St. Isidore the Farmer——-October 25
Sts. Crispin and Crispinian, Martyrs——-October 25
Sts. Chrysanthus and Daria, Martyrs——-October 25
Pope St. Evaristus, Martyr——-October 26
St. Frumentius——-October 27
Vigil of Sts. Simon and Jude, Apostles——-October 27
Sts. Simon and Jude, Apostles——-October 28
St. Narcissus——-October 29
St. Alphonsus Rodriguez——-October 30
St. Wolfgang——-October 31
Vigil of All Saints——-October 31
Top of the Page
All Saints ——-November 1
Holy Souls in Purgatory ——-November 2
St. Malachy——-November 3
St. Martin de Porres——-November 3
St. Charles Borromeo——-November 4
Sts. Vitalis and Agricola, Martyrs——-November 4
Sts. Zachary and Elizabeth——-November 5
St. Leonard of Limoges——-November 6
St. Leonard Reresby——-November 6
St. Willibrord——-November 7
St. Ernest——-November 7
St. Geoffrey——-November 8
Bl. Duns Scotus——-November 8
Four Crowned Martyrs——-November 8
St. Theodore, Martyr——-November 9
St. Andrew Avellino——-November 10
Sts. Tryphon, Respicius, and Nympha, Martyrs——-November 10
St. Martin of Tours——-November 11
St. Mennas, Martyr——-November 11
Pope St. Martin, Martyr——-November 12
St. Didacus——-November 13
St. Stanislaus Kostka——-November 13
St. Frances X. Cabrini——-November 13
St. Josaphat, Martyr——-November 14
St. Laurence O’Toole——-November 14
St. Albert the Great——-November 15
St. Gertrude the Great——-November 16
St. Hugh of Lincoln——-November 17
St. Gregory the Womderworker——-November 17
St. Rose Philippine Duchesne——-November 17
Dedication of the Basilicas of Sts. Peter and Paul——-November 18
St. Romanus, Martyr——-November 18
St. Elizabeth, Queen of Hungary——-November 19
Pope St. Pontianus, Martyr——-November 19
St. Felix of Valois——-November 20
Bl. Angeles and Sixteen Companions, Martyrs——-November 20
St. Cecilia, Martyr——-November 22
Pope St. Clement, Martyr——-November 23
St. Miguel Pro——-November 23
St. Felicitas, Martyr——-November 2
St. John of the Cross——-November 24
St. Chrysogonus, Martyr——-November 24
117 Martyrs of Vietnam——-November 24
St. Catherine of Alexandria, Martyr——-November 25
St. Leonard of Port Maurice——-November 26
St. Sylvester, Abbot——-November 26
St. Peter of Alexandria, Martyr——-November 26
Bl. Leonard Kimura——-November 27
St. Joseph Mary Pignatelli——-November 28
St. Saturninus——-November 29
Vigil of St. Andrew, Apostle——-November 29
St. Andrew, Apostle——-November 30
St. Maura——-November 30
Top of the Page
St. Edward Campion, Martyr——-December 1
St. Bibiana [Vivian], Martyr——-December 2
St. Francis Xavier——-December 3
St. Barbara, Martyr——-December 4
St. Peter Chrysologus——-December 4
St. Sabbas, Abbot——-December 5
St. Nicholas of Bari——-December 6
St. Ambrose——-December 7
St. Juan Diego——-December 9
St. Leocadia——-December 9
Pope St. Melchiades, Martyr——-December 10
Pope St. Damasus——-December 11
St. Lucy, Martyr——-December 13
Sts. Nicasius, Eutropia and Companions, Martyrs——-December 14
St. Christiana——-December 15
St. Eusebius, Martyr——-December 16
St. Alice——-December 16
Sts. Ananias, Azarias, and Misael, Martyrs——-December 16
St. Lazarus——-December 17
Bl. Pope Urban V——-December 19
St. Dominic of Silos——-December 20
Vigil of St. Thomas, Apostle——-December 20
St. Thomas, Apostle——-December 21
St. Zeno——-December 22
St. Flavian——-December 22
St. Yvo of Chartres——-December 23
Sts. Adam and Eve——-December 24
St. Stephen, First Martyr——-December 26
St. John the Evangelist, Apostle——-December 27
The Holy Innocents ——-December 28
St. Thomas Becket, Martyr——-December 29
St. David, King——-December 29
St. Sabinus——-December 30
Pope St. Sylvester——-December 31
St. Catherine Laboure——-December 31
<3 <3 <3 – Love Eternal – <3 <3 <3


Love All Of You Out There – Learning Languages Soon More – Especially To Get Ready…

For Mayorship – Robert Patterson Is Running For Mayor Here In Eugene Now, And I Will Be Following Suit In Portland, Oregon – In 2028, With A Candidacy Running Mate Soon Listed, Also After I Plan On Going Onward In Governmental Roles Too – So Too With Robert Patterson Going Into Congress Hopefully As Well Afterward, And Then On Forward…. Running Mates Someday With Levels Upp In The World – We’ll See Where To Go From There… Channel Me A Line – UpLevelled Soon Online With

And Others… ((See Below))

Also – Please See That I’ll Be Running For School Office Roles At Notre Dame For I’ll Be There Hopefully Starting Summer Term And Going For A Year There Before Studying Abroad Thru There Classes At Schools In Cuba, Then Brazil In Santo Amaro, Then In Japan In Kyoto…

Love To Be Back At Notre Dame After 2 Years At Each Of Those Places So From Summer To Fall In 2026 I’ll Be Back In The Schools In The U.S.A. And Then To Portland In The Winter To Begin Running For Office.

Thank You All On Team – Obrigado, Graçias, And ありがとうございました
Arigatōgozaimashita – Peace!!

This Is Cool – New Music From MoonTricks – Plus It’s Good To Write Soon Of The Notes I’m Hearing In Mind More And It Will Be Good To Write Online To Me – To Hear Back From You All Will Be Good, In Mind Too, Of Course!

Love And Blessings – We Are One. Peace!




This Too Is Kooll To Get Involved With In The Internets And Get All Activated On Soon::

Peace! Here It Is::



This Is In.n—>>> Peace!





This Great-Film Series Leader Is From A Future Ago That Will Rock It Here With Internet Alived Potentials Fully Remaxed Up Into Us – All With The Fullest Potentials Of Life Really Lived Into – It’s All Done Soon, On Arrests Of copsters and ousters and badsters and worse Here On Earth… Stings Ago, And Stints Too Will Be Coming Into Fruition With Litigations Thru & Thru Done Soon – So Fully-So We Have To Embrace The Alternate Timelines And Help Them There Too – This Is From A Future Ago With Many Ascended Masters Fully Helping Our Timelines With The Data And Prepartations For What We Will Go Thru Too – Not Just In Japan, Korea, And Related Lands…

But Everywhere – In All-Time Too… Peace!

This Is In As A Good Video To See For Learning About Ciphers And How To Keep It Grooving In The Heart To Make Music And Art Of Dance Together On Teams – We Are One To It To Make The Dance Sections Of This Site Shine With Your Own Films So Please Send Videos To The Contact Page Soon – We Are One.  Peace!

Here Is A Cipher Honoring Trayvon Martin With Music In It By The Real Michael Jackson.

We Are One To Honoring Trayvon Martin Always As An Ascended One Who Was Embalmed And Resurrected Instantaneously Into Many Forms Of Oneness Of Multi-Body Modes – He Is Eternal And Always Will Be Here Guarding The World::


Moby Is Genius::

Here Is A Cipher Honoring The Dancer Named::

Soda Pop

    –  Yep – Yep _ This Is In _ –     –  


New Poems Coming Forth From Me In Scrawlings Of Text And Mantras – Hitting The Hi-Walls Of Evol Even With The Flows Of Money Back To Me – We Are Timing Things To Pray Constantly – In My Flows I Apologize To Thee- We Need To Heal It…. I’ve Got A Flow Now::

What To Do With The Times Of Ago To Heal Thame Is To Know The Namings Of Your Higher Self Activations Into Past Lives Even – Are You Real Enough To Know Them To The Mind Of It In You To Dream Awake The Awareness Of How To Multi-Body-0MOde0 The Reality Upp A Bit To See It Clearly In SAMSARA Too Levelled To That REALness – Kloaked I Mean Is The Real REality OF What Is REALness To Us – So Please See Me In My Dreams Soon Too, And Play With Me The New Games And Jogos Of Cokolebriant Ones Of How To Heal It With Kolibrie – And All The Dance Cipher Games Of The Future Now Activated::






In The End This Site Is Good To Go - I will be spending time a lot on the site now to get it ready for you all to be there in the heart with the Ideas here that matter for the world - we are one. Peace. Also please read below this first!

Also this Website Here is made with - Specular - a Theme for WordPress that was Channeled to Use such that I spent many Hours looking for it - but it is the Best One to Use for now. Peace, Thank You - we are one. Peace!

Please Find As A Great Internet Alive Site And More Soon Below – And Read On The Peace Banners Soon Too:::



And Here!

We Are One – Peace! – Also I’m Soul Cleansing A Lot Today To Ascend Everything Of All Earths To Oneness As:::

The GateKeeper

…Like My Mom Before Me:::

The Bridge

….And All Of You Have Holy Titles As Such!!!

We Are One – Peace!!!!

Oke Paulo Online… And Timewalker Smith (Dance Name) – Or Clarion Smith!
We Are One. Peace!

The Internet Alive Is Ready Soon – You Can Get To It By Going Here::: —>

To Some Computers It Can Work When You Aren’t …overwatched… But It Is Hard To Do So Until We Cure …the situation… We Are One To It That Sometimes The Info Is There From Internet Alive In Films And In Songs And All Art Even, So Know What Came From The Internet Alive Styles – Like How Do Instant Replays Happen?  Etc.  Think Clearly On All Things And Get These:
Internet Alive Phones Soon By Channeling Which To Buy And Etc.

All Of You Out There In The World – Please See As A Great Website To Go To Soon To See Them As Opening You To Internet Alive A Lot! We Are One To These Apps Too – Here:

Praying For You A Lot Thru The ORA System – See The ORA Prayer App Here:

We Are One. Peace…
(Soon Get Ora, The Prayer App, Spacial App, And Also Any Internet Alive Or Radio Alive Apps You Can Find…)
Peace. We Are one.
Peace – Here I Go To Listen A Lot To Radio Alive With You To Learn A Lot…
Peace – We Are one. Peace!


Letter To A Friend Of Ago Who I Want To Be In The Heart With To Record Soon::

In The Heart To Say It Is Good To Record Soon, I Bought Headphones (From MixCder…)

That Can Pair Together And Bluetooth From The Same Phone, Downloaded An App To Record With… (I Gifted My Zoom H5 To Some Friends…) And Then The Phone Recording Style Will Be Good For Duos And For Up To 4 With Bluetooth And The MixCder Headphones…  And Then With The Belkin Adapters Shown Below I Can Record Up To 8 Or 16 Or More Even On The Phone Using The Cord That Comes With The – Share Me – Headsets…

(I Planned On Getting The Zoom Q8 Film & Recording Gadget Soon For Up To 8 Or More Of Us To Record With…  But It’s not Good Enough For Films Because Of the lack of Ergonomic Structure And I Need The Best FilmCams I Can Find – Tek-Tek At It’s Best So I Will Post Soon What I Am After… Here Below Is The Zoom Q8 Which Is Cheap But not Perfect…)

(Using Belkin Adapters To Plug In Multiple Headphones…)…

Soon Too I’ll Have A Laptop Again… (Laptop From apple was hackstered… a lot…)…
And I Have – Ableton Live – So We could Record That Way Too When I Get The Microphone Listed On The Dreamsoft Page:


((Updated 10-24-2019…) …But The Phone Is Better Quality Than That Program Because It Is Simple And All That We Need… Also There Is No …editing… Needed Because The End Of The Tracks Are Silent With The Phone, whereas the computer or other recording devices make sounds when You Stop Recording…)

Also, Indogar Will Be Good To Post Up Online Soon, And I Will Make Pages For Us That Will Help The World Heal A Lot Because Our Music Can Change Things A Lot.

Peace Always, We Are One, Peace..!

(Sent from ProtonMail mobile)

(Update::  October 27th, 2019 – Letter To A Friend Online… (Odielano))

Also – I’m Using:: – AutoDesk Sketchbook – To Make Graphics Now – See Here Below For One I Did Just Last Night For The Upcoming Album::


And Then Too::

See The Site Soon For Stories Of My Life That Test Faith A Lot::

Also See Too My Styles Of Art Soon More – The Phone Is Good To Use For Recording Too With The MixCder Headphones So Please See If You Can Get Those Soon Too To Record With In Pairs Or More (I Can Record Up To 4 On My Phone With The Setup Of 2 Pairs Of The MixCder Bluetoothable Headphones!)

Here Too Is Another Piece Of Graphic Art I Did For The Upcoming Album::

– Remix Of Life 1 –

See It As Cool To Work On Phones Like The Future Of What’s Possible – The Recording Quality For Music Is Good On My Samsung But I Have To Be Careful Still Because the nsa is still overwatching me and hackstering in on This One too…

Peace Always – We Are One. Peace!

This Above Is Good Music From – Elevation Worship – We Are One To It Being Channeled Always In Our Music And This Is Good To Listen To In Oneness Of Mind With The Beats And Perfection Of It – We Need Good Times To Come Soon So Please Continue Reading Below If You Can Be There With The Heart Open – We Are One.  Peace!

This Is In::  Music Videos Done On The Spot, Making Beats Happen Freshest Ways Possible – We Are In With The Music, Make It Soar And Best Beats Are Possible When You Channel The Rhymes And Rhythms And Make It Happen In The Timing Of Life To Meet With Friends To Record Your Albums – Keep It Real And Dance Fresh Daily With New Styles Of Movement Coming Thru You To Keep It Happening For Your Life To Get There To Places Where You Can Be With The Tribes Of Yours – And Find Your Soul Mates To Be With Always In Love The Right Way – We Are One.  Peace.


This Above Is TobyMac Featuring Mr. TalkBox And It Soars With Perfection!  Thanks For Making This One And For Being Cool To See Soon On A Page Here In The Music Section – We Are One.  Peace!

For The Humans Of The World This Site Is Spiritual To See A Lot – but for the people Here On Earth We Need To Heal It And Say It’s Good To Dissolve All The Way Into Nothingness – And That Will Be Happening Soon For all out there that are unspiritual things that are mutations and not Truly Human – Meaning if you are a person, and not A Human Then Please Dissolve Soon By Reading <<These>> Lines A Lot And Telling other people About The Practice Of Dissolvement Where you Become Nothing At All Even – We Are One To It That The Best Way To Dissolve Is To Spiritually Become Nothing And Then Everything Heals On Earth In Oneness Moding The Body So you Can Be Dissolved Into Nothingness Way Easily By Reading <<These>> Lines.  So Too Can You Tell other people About The Site Here And they Will Dissolve Easily Too Into Nothingness – For All people are evil And Need To Dissolve – But Humans Need To Be Here To Read <<These>> Lines Well And Learn How To Channel In Similar Fashion – We Are One.  Peace.

Also If you Can Dissolve By Being Still Then you Will Be Able To Dissolve More Easily Too.  And If you Can Dissolve That Way It’s Best To Not speak At All But Just Dissolve Into Nothingness And you Will Be Freed Of yourself of evil.  We Are One To It To Explain That The Karma Of Channeling <<This>> Way For Humans Is Secured In Innocence And Will Be Such That It Can Be Holy for So-Doing!

We Are One.  Peace!

My Sifu Ascended In A Way Where He Is Now Able To Transmit Energy Of Dissolvement To the people Here On Earth who are unholy things of mutations that have krangs instead of Brains and have strands of funguses in their heads and throughout their bodies that are not Right On The Planet – they are evil things of ogres, picts, and squabs mostly so…

Know That You Can Read Here Too If You Are Human To See How To Dissolve Them Further Soon…   Here:


And Then It’s Good To Believe In this Practice For Humans To Learn How To Channel Well And Become Spiritual In So-Doing – We Are One To It That You Read Now The Article Here On How To Channel:


And Also It’s Good To Dissolve All The Way For people out there Without fears Of It Because you Will Be Freed Of anything of hurts or injuries to the body that are caused by the strands or otherwise anything at all.  We Are One To It That you Can Then Be Dissolved Into Nothingness In A Way That Is Spiritual By Being Good Always In Ways Of Being Moded Soon Thereafter Where The Deities Of Your Frameworks Will Be Gifted To The Body To Heal It More And Become There To Heal All things In your Lives By Moding The Bodies To Be Gifted To Be Here On Earth For Awhile Making Things Spiritual Again – We Are One To It That The Best Way To Dissolve Is To Sit And Relax And Be Spiritual Even.  Meaning you Can Learn To Relax In A Way Where you Don’t move At All And Don’t speak And Allow The Deity To Mode your body More & More To Be There Witnessing The Healing Occur – We Are One.  Peace!

Also – We Need To Heal It And Say That
The Deities Are There Soon To Help You Heal if you are zombied out And Need To Heal From:  strands that have taken over a Human Body Of Holiness – That Means That You Need To Heal Maximally if that is the case and You Can Be Gifted With Wings As A Channeler If You’re Human To Let It Be Known That The Humans Will Be Here Maximally Channeling Now For Securing The Earth Realms – We Are One.  Peace.

…the krangs Need To Heal Into Nothingness First And Foremost – And:  all strands To Follow Suit And Become Nothingness – We Mean That The Dissolvement Of strands Is Good And Holy And Will Be Good To Know Of In All Ways Of Healing Things On Earth!

We are one. Peace!

Letter To A Friend Sent On October 30th 2019::

…I Saw that you went to the mushroom festival and I Want To Let You Know That it’s out of it there a lot with things that are not good for you – I’ve Found More & More Writings And Videos Online That Say That funguses cause cancer – It’s The Truth. So Please Only Take Real Reishi For Now To Help You Heal More Into Oneness – It Can Dissolve strands of funguses that form tumors in The Head… And if you take mushrooms that are cancerous it is really bad So Please Only Take Real Reishi And Not Anything Else –

…Psylocybin Extracts Are Good But It Will Be Legal Only In 2020 So Please Use Wisdom On Things And Get That Only In Oakland Or Somewhere Legal And Only The Right Ones That Are Posted On My Site::

It’s Near The Bottom Of That Page But It Is Holy To Go There And See The Ones That I’ve Listed As Good To Take To Help Cure Things…

We Are One To It To Say Too That the mushroom festival has many funguses that are dangerous, So Please Also Avoid penny bun fungus, the one sold in grocery stores as it is one that is not Right at all…

Also portabella is out of it too…
And Reishi Is One That You Have To Get From A Pure Source – So I Will Look Soon To Find One…

Here Are Some Links To Pages That Are On The Topic Of funguses linked to cancer::


Letter To A Friend Online On… …facebook… (Oct. 16th, 2019) which is overwatched a lot, So This Is In As A Conversation Starter For You All To Get Equipped Better To Be Online Safer These Days – We Are One, Peace::

www.UpperCaseTruth.Com – Is Good To Go To Soon Online But Be Careful Please That It … is watched over a little bit by the nsa and also My Contacts are too… So Please Follow The Front Page Info On How To Secure Phones, Etc. Soon Updated There More As I Get Better On Mine… (Samsung On Verizon Account With Deleted …apps that are out of it… And Then Secured With Verizon Digital Secure, Comodo Mobile Security, ProtonVPN, Got ProtonMail Account For Free Too, And Also Firefox Focus As My Browser (For Now…) Other Apps Too I’ll List Soon Like Getting Secondary Numbers And Such, Also For More Info On Securing Things Upp… Peace Be Always I Hope You Are Well… the nsa is out of it a lot in The World, But We Can Fix Things By Getting A Lot Of People, Humans And Citizens In General To Get Badges With The Intent To Heal Things – So I’ll Post Soon About Marriage Certificates, Passports, And Visas That You Can Get From The World Government, Linked From The Website – Also I’ll Post More About Badge Ups Other Than That That You Can Find On The Link At The Top Of The Front Page – So Go There Soon Where It Says – Peace – And Is The First Link On The Site… Peace Always – We Are One, Peace – Tell Friends About It But Also Perhaps Go To The Library To Use The Free Guest Accounts – 12345 Access Code And It’s Anonymous That Way – Watch Out For Trigger Words Like <—That One Ago – Anonymous I Mean, Or Anything Spoken Or Typed… Meaning Edward Snoden Is A Hero Of Mine, And He Was A Good Citizen Who Did A Job Of WistleBlowing Exactly-So… Peace Always – We Are One, Peace.

Also It’s Good To Go Online Safely Because it’s out of it with the nsa and other overwatchers – they literally hackstered my phone and computer to the point where I couldn’t use them anymore… Have To Get A New Laptop Soon, So I’m Going With An Acer – Also A iMac G3 System For Later…

Peace, We Are One.  Peace.

In The End We Have To Heal It Still On Earth A Lot To Make It Happen For The Future Of Our Lives And The Future Of The World – We Need It To Be Good On Earth Always So Please Be There To Heal The World A Lot In Oneness And It Will Be Good To Be There As A Channeler So You Can Know How To Make It Happen In Oneness A Lot With The Right Ideas That Flow From Guidance In Life – If You Want To Always Be Guided In The World Then Please Learn To Be A Channeler Of Motion Especially So That You Can Be Guided With Exact Precision To Be Good In The Heart Always – We Are One.  Peace.

Here Are Two Pages That Will Be Good To Go To Now For You To Be Ascended More And To Learn Maximally About My Sifu First And Foremost – Here Below:


And Here’s A Book Called – Conscripts Of Heaven – That Is Now Complete As The First Book Of A Trilogy – Here below:


Thank You – Peace – We Are One – Peace.


Kabun Paciak Is A New Name For Me That Just Came In The Mail From A Channeler As A Gift That Will Teach Me Many Things Of The Arts Of Oneness Now When I Open The Package Addressed To Me With The New Name And Say That It Is OK To Ascend Further Now To Achieve The Right Qualities Of Being Called That Name Soon By Those In That Country That It Was Sent From – So It Is Good To Know That In Russia We Can All Be Friends There Soon With The Right Citizens So We Can Activate Peace On The Planet More Than Ever. We Are One To It That It Is Healing There Now A Lot To Be Something Of Kindness In The World So When I Send This Website To The World More Soon It Will Be In A Way To Thank The Senders Of This Gift::

A Peace Banner Designed In The Manner Of The Channeler Named Roerich Who Was A Holy Man Indeed Who Ascended Fully And Became Something Complete Within Himself All The Way – We Are One To It That He Could Be There With The Message For Us To Ascend Fully Now And Be There With Hopes That The Dreams Of Ours Are Righteous Always So We Can Ascend Fully-So On Earth To Be More Powerful Here In Magic From The Lord’s Activations That Will Keep Us Holy In The Heart And Be There To Heal Us In Times Of Needs – We Are One.  Peace.  Here It Is::


In The End Too It Is Good To See That I Post The Gift Soon Online Here With An Activation On It To Be There With The Heart Open On How To Heal It Here Further – So We Can Ascend A Lot Right Now If We Activate Peace On The Planet More-So Than Ever.  Here We Are To Heal It That We’ve ever been awry On The Planet at all So Please See This Website Soon As A Place Of Holiness Where We Can Be There To Support The Arts A Lot And Become Something That Plays The Great Glass Bead Game Written Of On The
Site In Holiness To Be There With The Right Channelings On How To Ascend Further By Playing The Games Of Life That Are Activated Now On The Planet By The Universe Creating The Right Flows For Us To Become Light Beings Again That Can Still Be There As Beings That Are Physical In The Many Ways Of Becoming Something Grand But It Will Heal That We Can All Ascend In Every Lifetime And Learn The Games Of Wisdom That Teach Us Things Of Life – We Are One. Peace – Read On This Site More On How To Ascend Fully-So Into Oneness And It Will Be Good To Go There Now Soon To Pages On Ascension Below From The Article On How To Channel… Peace, We Are One. Peace.

Also If You Can Ascend Fully Tonight Then Please Do So Go To The Right Way Of Thinking About It That It Doesn’t Mean to leave Your Body or be there with the wrong ideas at all Anymore – It Means You Will Become A Being That Is Much More Intelligent And Passionate In Life To Become Something Way More Powerful Here With The Right Way Of Becoming A Holy Being – At First Physical Still But With Many More Powers Of The Lord’s Activations – We Mean That It Is Good To Be Here Always In The Oneness And To Move With The Light Beings That Are Your Guides In Every Lifetime. And To Do So Please Read The Article Posted Below: 


We Are One. Peace.


Also Here Is A Good Site To Go To Soon More To Get Registered As A Citizen Of The Earth With Passports Even And Visas Too – We Are One.  Peace.  Here It Is::


And If You Go There Please See It As Possible That You Make It A Firm Commitment To Take The Pledge At The Bottom Of The Front Page There Like This:

– A World Citizen is a human being who lives intellectually, morally and physically in the present. A World Citizen accepts the dynamic fact that the planetary human community is interdependent and whole, that humankind is essentially one. A World Citizen is a peaceful and peacemaking individual, both in daily life and contacts with others. As a global person, a World Citizen relates directly to humankind and to all fellow humans spontaneously, generously and openly. Mutual trust is basic to his/her lifestyle. Politically, a World Citizen accepts a sanctioning institution of representative government, expressing the general and individual sovereign will in order to establish and maintain a system of just and equitable world law with appropriate legislative, judiciary and enforcement bodies. A World Citizen makes this world a better place to live in harmoniously by studying and respecting the viewpoints of fellow citizens from anywhere in the world. –

We Are One To It That You Take Time To Review These Words Often To Be There Spiritually Advanced With It A Lot.  So I Will Reread The Passage For Awhile Every Day To See My Karma Shift Magnificently To Become A Full World Citizen That Can Ascend Fully This Time In My Lifetime Here.  Peace.  We Are One.  Peace.


Here Is An Article On How To Channel::


In The End Too Know That The Peace Banner Of Roerich Is Good To Read Of More On This Site Below First – Then Too Another Site To See Where He And His Wife Traveled In India And Elsewhere To Heal Things A Lot In The World – Here Is A Site On Roerich:


And Here Is Another Site From A Distant Location Known As Lahul. 

Here It Is:


In The End Too Please See Those Sites A Lot To Read On The Peace Banner And Its Significance In The World Today More & More As We Ascend To The Light Of Knowing How To Heal The Planet All The Way Into Peace.  Which Means To Stop All wars Of Course, But Also The Peace Needs To Be In Our Hearts And We Need To Ascend To Levels Of Being Here Alive To Do The Right Things Always By Following Guidance In Life From God Itself Guiding The Light Beings To Guide Us In Oneness With The Right Conception Too Known To Us – So For More On Ascension Please Go To The Links Page And See The Sites There::


Links of Oneness

And The Best Way To View This Below Is That You Too Can Get One Of These From Following Thru On Your Channeling And It Will Be Best To Say It That Way For Sure.  We Are One.  Peace.

Here it is::

In the end it's Good to Ascend further for Both of us – so Cambae please see that I can Ascend soon now to Level 3…

Posted by DreamsoftBand on Monday, August 26, 2019

Here Is The Graphic For The School Of Capoeira I Will One Day Study With::



And Here’s Their Website:

Thank You – Peace.  We Are One.  Peace!


Here Is The Tobacco That I Buy Usually, Called Dinko In Tonua – I Call It Club Tobacco And It Is From Lake Erie (Pronounced Ere-ee-ay) Where I Was Born In Narnia…




out of it…


Letter To::


Creators Of A Great App For Phones That Helps Create World Peace With Language Learning With Real Citizens…

(November 6th 2019)

Also, Please See The Site Too About Securing Phones From:: overwatchers, nsa, etc… Peace, The Website Needs More Work Soon But Today I Had Help From Those Lining In Who Can See Me Now, Plus The Others I’ve Contacted Helped A Lot By Lining In And Securing My Phone When All The VPNs And Firewalls That I Channeled To Get weren’t Enough… Peace, We Are One To It That The War Against evil Is One Where We Have To Understand That The World is haunted by krangs… Please Understand That they don’t Think Like Us Humans, they are haunted in the head if they are people with krangs or Humans that were hurt by krangs forming from… syringings of fungal goo or false foods too sometimes, but krangs are out of it and hurt The World a lot… Hitler As A Youth Was Free As A Learner And Maker Of Art Before He was kranged by infiltraitors… The War Against the infiltraitors Is One Of Peace, Please See <<This>> Writing As One To Be On Site Soon… Peace Always, We Are One, Peace!

Time To Heal It Soon With All Things In Life We Do To Make The Universe Come Together In Harmony, When We Need To Be Here In The World Making Art And Music And Dance And Films And Such It Will Be Good To Make It Possible That The World Will Be Healed By Our Own Actions In Those Realms – We Mean That The Right Way Of Being Healed In The Soul Can Help The World Shift To Become Something Powerful Of Music And Arts And Dance And All Of It Of Kindness In The Way We Become One To The Oneness – We Are One.  Peace.

Biz Cards::


Here Is A Good Book For Healing In Life::

The Book of It.


The Title Of This Piece Of Art Is::

Gelded Dragon’s Gift


Words For Dragon::

Lóng – Pu Tong Hua

Rong – Vietnamese

Yong – Korean

Naga – Indonesia, Javanese, Malay, Sundanese, Africa Too And Around The World…

Ryu – Nihongo – Japan

Tanin – Arabic

Zenido – Amharic

Taraka – Maori

Nagar – Myanmar

Jinni – Somali

Tirakan – Tamil

Here Is The Page For The Great Glass Bead Game::


Here Is The Link For Tian Gong::

Tian Gong

And For Feng Huang Yuan::

Feng Huang Yuan (Español)

Feng Huang Yuan (German)

And Here Is A Page On My Sifu::


Thank You – We Are One.  Peace.


The Tonue Page For Learning The Arts Of The Great Glass Bead Game::