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Before Writing The Book, Conscripts Of Heaven I Went
On A Walkabout To Cumbawa Calu To Ascend Further, Here Are Pictures Of The Trail::
Before Reading The Book – Conscripts Of Heaven – Please Read This Article On How To Channel::
Also To Be Good With The Heart Please Read Books By J.D Salinger.
Peace, Here’s The Catcher in the Rye:
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The Inverted Forest::
Here Is The Book Conscripts Of Heaven::
There will be as well 3 in the Series Called:
Conscripts of Heaven
Conscripts of Love
Conscripts of Oneness
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Here Is A Photo Of My True Father::

And The Lighters I Carry With Me To Show The True Black & White Color Tones::

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Which is a Story that begins much earlier but had a hardship happening in 1916 which She Mentions as a Year that was unholy where cordyceps began trespassing even more around the World with syringes rather than just in “foods” that were crass things to begin with and Should Never be Eaten at all. So Please See that the Fruits of the Earth of 18 Fruits are the Best Foods and are the only ones Designed to Be Eaten for Humans of our Type which is to Say There Are 5 main Types of Andu Ottio of the Primate Family or Agoa rather to be more Precise. So Agoa Andu Ottio is a way of Saying the Main Type of Human Here but for now that is… True this too is such that it is Good to See Many Types of Andu and Omoa and other Styles of Being on my Website that are Canuande from the Universe Here too. Meaning it is Good to See that there are 5 Types of Humans Here – From Africa there are 2: I am Supposed to Be Both Alengo which I am, but also Jingo too which You are… and also there are others Here from Brazil, Australia, and Nihon: Cumbo, Tambo, and Mungo – which are the 5 Types of Humans that Are Here that Have Distinctions that are Only Holy – and our Differences are Such that they are Beautiful Always – so Please Understand the Difference Between the Tones of Color Used for Objects Like those Said Ago – but Also in Art there are Many Color Tones of Precision You can Read of More on my Website on this Page:


– after the Histories of the evil that came Here to harm us – we are one. Peace.

And Please Know that racism is evil and is mostly caused by those that are evil and have never been Human at all. Peace, we are one. Peace!

Peace Always – the Story Will Continue Soon below…

One time ago I was walking to School in a land Called Allumana Decalu for now to Speak of it in Oregon – Meaning the town’s name was dissonant a lot but it will be Called that for the Book Here and for the Future too that Region will be Known as such Again.  Peace, we are one to it that the Items there for sale in the World of it were such that they were horrendous things but I was working maximally to be there Honestly as a Good Employee a lot in a mö-haunted place that won’t be named at all, but it was such that I was Spiritual for so-doing because I could get a Saxophone with the Money I’d saved…

And I Remembered All of a Sudden that I’d Flown in my Dreams the Night Before – and it was such that my Memory Awakened to the Point where I could Remember being a boy again where I had Smoked one time with my Mother and it was Beautiful to Remember Again…

But I lost it the next Day because I was out of it again with what I ate that night…

So too do I Apologize for doing-so losing my Memory that time because it was Innocent to Be There Channeling all of a sudden again with the Voice coming thru me to Speak about things a lot that I’d lost.  It was such that the foods had so much penny bun stranded fungus that they all were haunted – even though I was being vegetarian.  It was such that the haunting of all the “foods” was such that I’d lose my Memories of anything Holy first and foremost – then the Universe would Show me More of It but I’d lose it again rapidly when the way of eating those things came to me from my bad step-dad who was never human ever in his body of evil – he had a krang in his head that was out of it and he was always upset and stormy in his out of it ways of evil.  It was such that my Mom married him because She was stranded still and not Herself at all.  So I had to live with him and he was an evil one that cooked things of crap all the time.  So I had to Heal it and Say that it was Innocent to become vegetarian and later vegan but not enough to Heal my Mind with Memories being Constant Again – so too do I Apologize for the years I spent not channeling enough – so I was Awakened that Day to the Memory of this – which has come back now Recently and Found Itself Stabilized in my Mind so I will never forget it at all anymore – we are one to it that the Story will Begin Now in the Next Chapter in the Subheading – Chapter 1 – We are one.  Peace.

Also to Litigate is Essential Now to Support the Universe in Healing Things Here Maximally – Please See This Page below to Send Support in that You Can Join Teams of us to Litigate against abilify, the “Oregon state hospitals,” and other “hospitals” around the World, and also to Free ourselves of the nsa and the cia and other organizations that overwatch us and also are there with torture to us.  We are one to it that the World Needs to Heal Now!

Peace, Here’s the Litigations Page – Here below:


And Here’s the Link to Chapter 1:


And Also if You can Read Back Here Soon this Book Will Be Evolving Over Time to Adjust to Being Perfect Online Soon.  We are one.  Peace!

Here too is a Website for You to Go To to Support the Teams There that Will Heal Things a lot.  We are one.  Peace – Here is the World Service Authority Website Where You Can Write to Them to Heal All Things In Your Lives – we are one.  Peace!


Thank You and I Apologize for being late on this from hurts in the World that had me torn apart in my soul from abilify and the “hospitals” especially – so it’s Important to Say my Soul is Healing Now a lot and I’ve Ascended Now to Level 5 Since Yesterday…

We are one.  Peace!

(Wednesday September 4th 2019)