Oneness of Truth

Internet Alive 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… (((Again I Write This Holy Book…)))…AGIN!

In The End It Was Once My Father True Explained To Me That The NFL Was Created By Teams Around 1 Person So Spiritual He Was Named: – The Practice Itself! – Or Also As Well: – Practicer – Or: – The Practice! – Or: – Practice… – He Was Also The Friend To Me As A Child That Taught Me Many Things Of Innocence In Writings Such That I Had To Heal My Mind Just Now To Remember Him Saying To Always Write Like <<This>> – Where Things Are – Separated Out A Bit From The Words Getting: evil ever… With Strike-Thrus On The Last Statement Even, If Possible I Would Here… But… – facebook!!! doesn’t: Have That Functionality – At All At All At All – So I Have To Heal It That My Grandpa Too Taught Me To Write That Way And See That It Would Heal Things Of: strands out there that should be: Crossed Out Too, Spiritually-So To Be Nothing At All On The Planet – We Are One To It That I Learned Maximally In High School Sometimes But Was: out of it when the stranders in: My Family… were such that they would hurt me a lot with strands in: My Tummy – I Was Such That I Would Channel A Lot In High School And Learn Of The Ways I Was Going In Life And Even Vow To Go To – Notre Dame – To Heal All Things In Life – So I Have To Apologize That My Memory Was: hurt in that way ever… We Are One To It That You Can Ascend More Easily If You Eat The Right Foods Only-So And Avoid: the strands out there that can cause: Memory… loss… Such That It Is Good To Eat A Lot Of Holy Fruits That Are The 18 Fruits That Are Good To Eat Only-So, I Even Became Fruitarian That Way In High School Several Times And Remember It Now After Having Been Awakened Several Times By A Note That Was In My Drawer To A: dissonant ambry that was not: Right At All At All At All To Be: something hideous to have been “searched” thru… One Night When I Was Sleeping And Then: the stranders of one of them came into the: Room Where I Lay… and hurt me a lot with a syringe to: My Tummy Where I Had Been Healing From: strands from earlier – So The Fruits Clear Things A Lot With Their Holy Nature Of Clearing Energy And Clearing Fibers And More-So Their Clearing Tinctures Of Holy Things That Can Be Blessed To Be Super Powerful In How They Heal Us All… I Am Still Healing From: things I ate that were not: Good At All to eat… So I Need To Heal It And Say It’s Good To Write This Way To Recover My Memories Of Clearing Things In High School So Much That The School Transformed For Awhile With Everyone Learning Things Thru Channeling It All In Oneness And They Called Me A Hero Even But It Happened That The Memories Of Most Of Us Got: erased one time when the: Police… couldn’t Activate A Siren Enough To Heal The Sounds With The Technologies They Had Brought To Town Because I Had Called: Pool Strategies Of Oneness To Be There A Lot In My Family Ways Of Getting It Activated With The Dragons And Phoenixes And All Light Beings to Be Cool That We All Moved With Mandinga And I Knew That I Was A Capoeirista Named Axão Pe Because I’d Channeled The Name So Many Times By Then That They All Called Me My Past Life Names For Awhile (When They Could… Meaning All – was not well Enough To Be Cleared Of It All. So I Was There Channeling One Time On A Phone Pass And It Happened That The Schools Were: so out of it that: I Had To Be Opened To Going Somewhere Else And I Almost Did With My Mom In Tow But The Car Driver Was Such That He Turned Around And Drove Us Back When He Learned That The World Would Be: waaaaay bad if: He Took Us With Him, So He Channeled To Be Exact In Life And Took Us To a Place Where We Could Heal Maybe But: it was a “rock-quarry” as they “called” them, or rather: terminologies them… So My Channeling In High School Was Like This A Lot Where I Would Teach Many Others To Channel Rapidly By Clearing Them Of: things in their tummies like: yakuza-strands that were: parasites really – and eviller things that aren’t to be: Mentioned At All Right Now! We Are One To It That I Could Ascend Now Even To Learn Of The Dreams I’d Had That Were – Big Dreams – Indeed And Then Of How I’d Been Dreaming In Them Only To See Routes And Routes And Routes Of The Same Afternoon Explained To Me So Much That I Could Remember Being There For Hours Of It To Be Trained In How To Respond (Thru Channeling Only Of Course…) To Any Possible: danger… And Then At School I Spoke And Wrote Down These Words I’m Writing Now In A Way That I’m Still Doing That Sort Of… Where Timing Matters A Lot And It Makes Sense To Say We Can Always Be There Perfectly Timed A Lot. We Are One To It To Ascend Soon All The Way – We Are One. Peace!
Soon See More Of The Story Here Online On My Site Here Where I Apologize Soon Maximally Even For One Day Awry Where I: moved with a mö in: High School And Got To Be Cleared Of It In Karma When I Saw Ahead Of Time A Vision Of A Future Possibility Of Myself Ascending All The Way To Become Cleared Of It All And Even Then I Knew The Secrets Of My Childhood In Put In Bay Ohio Where I Was Maximal In Kindness All The Time And Was Such That I Ascended Spiritually To Be Becoming Myself Again In Life – Such That Ascended Masters Can Heal All Things When They Ascend And I Saw This:
One Time Ago I Saw Myself Standing By A Pool With Ashes In My Eyes… And I Knew That It Was From A Plane Dropping The Ashes Over All Lands To Clear The Air From: strands that were hurting us – And I Bent Over And Picked Up A Flyer And Realized They Were The Same Ones From Ago That We’d Had At Our High School One Time For It To Be Predicted That We’d Join The World Government Soon There At The School-System And Become Ones Of Learning How To Do So Ascend There In Life… But The Flyers Started: disappearing… When Told To Do So By God In That They: dematerialized in a way that was: Spiritual A Lot To Save Our Lives From: mö-weirdos in: Town There Trying To Hurt Us A Lot, And I Learned The Holy Names Of Mountains Then Too And How They Can Connect Together Thru: Energy Magic – We Are One To It That It Is Possible To Ascend Now Further Than Ever If I Can Just Remember Not To: hurt myself again with the karma of a mö-possessor trying to “trick” me, Or Rather: insult: Me With: wrong words thru me at all. So I Am Healing One Into Nothingness, that is evil a lot to be: Here At All In My Body Right Now – So I Apologize To You All That I Haven’t Cleared It Yet Because It’s Right To Do So Apologize – And I Shouldn’t Have To Say So – But Even “Channelers” Are Sometimes: not: Channeling When I Tell Them To Because They: can’t if they are out of it in: The World Here Using Things Of: drugs, or bad medicines… Rather Too, that are hideous things they don’t Know: hurt: Them So Badly That They Can’t Ascend Even When: the mö that are “physical,” Or Rather: intriguing to: Us, In That They Are: here as mutants or weirdos too or strangers or just people that: Need To Be Healed – So I Wrote Letters To People Online That Were Healed All The Way And They Started Companies For Me Again In A Way That I Uppercased Myself All The Way In My Life And Became An Uppercased Citizen Of The World… We Are One To It Now To Remember That I Wrote A Book Then Even On My Computer That Was So Good That The World Listened To It A Lot In A Way That The Early NSA Was Cured So Much By Reading It That They All Heard It As Profound To Be There Dissolving The mö-headed-weirdos Out There Into Nothingness Indeed! And I Said Some Of The Same Lines From The Book Just Now To Remind Them To Find It Through Copying And Pasting <<This>> In Entirety Even To Awaken Thru Channeling A Memory Of A Far Distant Time Period When I Knew Ahead Of Time I’d One Day Free Everything With That Book That I’d Written So Powerfully Back Then – Typed Thru My Fingers Such That We Had Internet Alive Back Then Even All The Way For Awhile In Life On Every Computer System And It Was Such That The Crystals Of My Body Healed It Thru One Modem System That Was Rightly Timed To Call Me The Name:
Actue – In The Title Passage Of The Books Entrance – Where It Was Subtitled – Actue’s Emergence Of The Internet Alive System Of Faith In Channeling To Get There To Heal All Things In Life On Planet Earth Such That We Can Heal It All Tonight Even If We All Pray Now This:
And Then The Book Began As A Prayer Statement With (((Parenthesis Around… (((unholy things if ever they were…))) Mentioned At All… And Things Of The Nature Of That Going Away From The Book Once You’d Read It One Time To ReRead It Again From Front To Back Because It Became A Classic With The World Back Then When Everyone Healed Almost. Such That When It Fell Apart From That All Of A Sudden Because Of A: (((mö-conspiracy where they are in…))) Our Dreams Even Sometimes… (((…they can “see” and “feel”…))) …You… (((…at a distance… when…))) …You Awaken To Realize That Indeed Internet Alive Needs Us To Heal It All The Way Right Now So We Can Dream Again On Earth To Heal Our SubFaculties Of Mind Again Like Before Twice This Happened Ago And Once On Top Of That – Because The Book Was Written In A Way That Once I’d Typed The Prayer To Begin It Took It’s Own Form Every Time And Became A Prayer Book So Powerful That Everyone Read A Different Copy Of It That Was Just For Them, And In All Honesty When It Happened That… (((they tortured me again… when…)… I Was 15… (((…and too when…)))… I Was 16…(((…and earlier even….)))…. When I Was 14 Twice… So That Each Time I Had to Come Back By Ascending Super Fast And Flying To Levels of Knowing How To Mode Down And Stay Safe Again, But Now That I’m Awakening To Memory Of This Again… I Have To Be There To Be Honest And Say That: (((…it was bad torture a lot to begin with and…)… I… (((almost died again… several times over…)))… But I Secretly Ascended Really Rapidly When Star Ships Came To The Rescue And Left A Decoy Body There Too Make Them Think I Was Still There… And I’ve Written <<These>> Before To Make Sense Of My Life And Say That Soon Internet Alive Will Reactivate All The Way Again, Finally-So And Protect Us All From The: (((…mö-weirdos out there who are evil disssonant sort and…)))… You Don’t Need Me To Define That Word So Much Right Now Because If You Don’t Know What That Word Means By Now You Probably Need To Go To Sleep And Dream More To Be Activated On It That I’m Going To Be There As A Dream Warrior Soon To Activate Internet Alive Of The Mind More For Everyone – (((…Just In Case We Need To…))) …To Heal It Further Too – And To See That I’d Ascend Soon If I could to Be Level 13 Again, Or 18 Rather Again Soon Is Where I’d Like To Begin… But I’m Still At Level 5 And Soon Will Be Level 6 Again Like When I Was Younger – So I Just Wrote The Name Of A Company I Own And Switched It Back To Being A Word That Is Normal To See As Again, But It Was A Glitch, Not An… (((…error…)))…(((…At All))) – So I Have To Ascend Soon To See The Text Clear Of All …(((…dissonant….)))…Words Used Here…(((At All!)))… Such That <<This Book>> Came Back AGIN, Into My Life Almost Exactly Word-For-Word Because:: (((Some Of You May Remember Now Being Trained Before By It… — If You Could, But That Was Long Ago… So It Won’t Help This Time In The Same Way It Did Back Then To Reenliven Them In The Memories, Such That:…))) If You Read This Book Now It Is High Karma Indeed For Going Routes Of Safety Always In Life So You…(((Never)))….(((get… stranded…)))(((At All At All At All…)))… We Are One To It That I Finished The Book Again Jut Now… Because It Was A Shorter Book The Second And Third And Fourth Times That I wrote it Ago – And Now It Needs To Heal On Our Computers A Lot For Reals With Internet Alive… So I Say This Prayer As It Comes To Life Now:: A Prayer I’ve Said Many A Time In This Lifetime Here: Prayer 1 Begin Now:: Aluana É – And With That The World Healed Each Time Almost, Because Once The NSA Is Cleared And…(((the cia too…)))… We Can Heal It That We Can Go Dark Now Too More Easily And Cleanse All…(((…bad karma…)))…Rapidly – So See The Hidden Message Here – That – AGIN – Comes Back AGIN To Mention Twice In The Same Sentence As A Message To you To Invest In That Holy Company A Lot, Because Once You Do Spend Time With Them At All Online – You Will Remember Things More Easily Of Where You Are From – You Will Remember How You Got Here To Earth Ago… You Will Remember Who You Are Here As Spiritual (((…People too…)))…(((….But Mostly…)))…Humans Who Are Needed On The Planet Now To Awaken Fully To Their Higher Potential… We Are One To It That The Wealth Of The Planet Is Yours Now – So We Heal It Soon And Say:: I’m Sorry Right Now For Everything That’s Happened When I’d Go To Sleep And…(((not…)))…Remember Things At All Of The Days Ago Where I’d Channeled A Lot In The Uppercased Way You Can Find Online Now, Such That I Predicted In The Book That One Day I’d Have a Spiritual Text Online On A Website That Would Activate Thru Music I’d Do…(((enough with the weirdos…)))…To Be Exactual And Honest A Lot In Channeling A Lot… To Be Here Online With A Spiritual Site Called:: – So Go Now NSA To Find The Previous Copies Of The Texts I’d Created Back Then Even To Heal The World Magnificently Such That It Was Predicted That By 2012 Everything Would Have Healed All The Way – Or The Next Day Even, (((…but…)))… That…(((…couldn’t…)))… Be Possible… Is True If It…(((…didn’t…)))…Happen Yet…(((…but…)))…It Will Happen Now Finally-So… That Every…(((…mö-weirdo…)))…Goes To Sleep Now And My Computer Will Heal All The Way Now That It Can Be This Way From My Body That The Graphene Levels Are Back To Where They Need To Be For Me To Ascend More, And Graphene Is This:: Tek From A Company That Is Spiritual To The Max For Creating More And More Of The Right Prayer-Works In Life To Heal All Things At Once… We Are One To It That They Heal You Now Even, Now That They Can Connect Again To Earth…(((…because…)))…(((…They Will All Be Back…(((…Soon….)))…)))…Tonight Even!!! And Then I’ll Say To You All, Now That They Can Be Here Again On The Planet In A Way That…(((They’ve Done This Before… Go Away For Awhile To Heal Themselves From …(((Not Being Able To…)))… Work On Life Goals The Way They Wanted To, Then It’s True To Say They Had To Go Away For Awhile, Openly Declared… Without Any More Parenthesis Even For It’s Natural To Do So When They Can Get Back To Their Lives On Other Planets – So They Are Here All The Time In Spirit And In The Flesh Too, Soon… We Are One. Peace!