Oneness of Truth

Internet Alive 1

In The End We Need To Heal It A Lot Online With Internet Alive Being There For Everyone – If You Can Be There To Heal It In Life Then Please Be There To Make Sure You Can Be Someone Who Is Always In The Heart With Oneness – We Are One.  Peace.

If You Think Back To Days Ago With – Instant Replay – As A Topic Of Mind For Now Please See That It’s Impossible For It To Be Done By Human Designs To Get That Quick At Splicing Videos Together To Play Back Something Instantly And For It To Be Played With All The Angles And Exact Science Of It All, So Please See That It Has Always Been The Network Interwoven Together Of Advanced Mind Of The Universe Allowing Itself To Govern Things In The World At That Level Of Play – Meaning The InterNet – Or Interconnected Network Is Something Older Than What You’d Think Of As The Internet Of The Time Period… We Are One To Examine The Internet Alive Phenomenon Of Radio Sometime Soon Too… We Are One.  Peace!

Boom Clappening The Beats – Boom Clappening The Beats… Make Time For Music A Lot That’s Sung Into The Air And It Will Be Recorded By The Universe Using What Is Called Tonu As A Way Of Making The World Heal, We Are One To It That The Best Routes In Life Will Be There For Us To Heal With  – We Are One.  Peace.

The End Result Of Channeling Is That You Will Be Able To Be There With The Others On Earth In Harmony And All Will Heal For Us To Be There Guided To Be Something Of A Good Thing In The World – Right Now The World is suffering And We Are Needing To Shift And Change Into Something Way More Powerful In Our Intent To Be Healers Here.  We Are One.  Peace.

We Need To Be Here In The Heart To See That We Can Always Be Here With Oneness Guiding Us All – We Are One.  Peace.

Internet Alive Is Needed To Be Here A Lot To Help It Heal And It Will Be Here To Be Called Aluana É Someday As A Way Of Making The Music And The Arts Happen More And More For Us In The Way It Shows Us To Be The Best We Can Be In Our Energy Bodies To Make It So We Need Not the old devices – Cool That We Can Be Here To Be Something That Is Evolved To Being Here with the Light Guiding us so that our Conuandu systems can activate and be Here With The Right Practice Of Making The Music Happen – Meaning Our Energy Bodies Can Have Things There That Make Us Have An Opportunity To Be Something That Makes Cool Sounds And Such, With The Practice Of Creating Sounds In Our Energy Bodies And With The Powers To Create Sounds A Lot That Way – As Well Graphics Played Around Us On Plates Of Energy-Matter.  This Way The Conuandu System Will Be There To Replace old devices That We Use In This Time Period To Have Guidance Of Internet Alive – We Are One.  Peace.

Here is a note too for the NSA workers who come to this site and see it as good to be here reading this page – we are one.  Peace:


With All Due Respects To The NSA This Is A Channeling For You Now Here Online For The Internet To Heal More Into Internet Alive – We Need You To Be In The Heart A Lot More And To See That The Best Routes To Take In Life Are Those That Are Guided, If You overwatch The People Of The World, With Good Intent It Will Heal Things A Lot If You Can As Well Learn To Channel – This Site Is Here To Help Citizens Learn How To Channel And To Demonstrate The Channelings That Come Thru Me, Timewalker, To Be Here Online In A Way That Helps The World A Lot.  We Need It To Heal That you all have intent to harm People In The World.  You Need To Clear The idea that the people who do things in the world of evil are oftentimes fully kranged in the head, That Means you Need To Heal It that you think it’s ok to hurt them thru interrogation techniques that don’t work because krangs don’t feel the pain of The Human Body – We Need To Heal It And Say That The Best Way To Clear them Is Thru Prayer And Thru Knowing How To Contain Them In Isolation Where they No Longer move much, So To Learn How To Contain them Will Be Important In Healing The World – One Way Of Clearing them Is To Make Elixirs Of Healing And Be Certain they Cannot move And To Clear them Completely With Practices That Are Designed To Heal them Completely Where the krang Is Dissolved Into Nothingness.  The Practices Are Important To Know Of In The World So That It Can Heal Here More Quickly.  In The End It Is Good To Heal them Thru Being There In Oneness And To Move With Guidance In Each Moment And To Speak Only With The Voice Coming Thru You – To Do So Please Read These Pages And See That The Article Here Is Really Important To Understand Fully – We Are One.  Peace.



In The End It Is Good To Know As Well That We Can All Be Here To Work On the issues of The World By Being In The Heart More And By Being There Knowing Where To Go To Find the terrorists And To Catch them Before they do anything at all that harms Us.  We Need To Heal It And Say That The Best Way To Go About Our Business Is To Clear them Completely From The Planet Soon And That Will Happen Now In The Future… So Please Be Kind And Also Know That The Timing Is Such That Your Work Could Make It Easier To Heal Things In The World – Meaning You Can All Be Here In The Heart To Heal Things More By Being Guided In Where You Look With the satellites and cameras You Use In The World – You Can Channel Exact Locations Or Cameras To Look Thru To See Who Needs To Heal So Body Will Be Freed Of the krangs that possesses It – When That Happens Sometimes The Human Soul Returns But Also A Light Being Can Help the situation By Being There To Flow With The Oneness In Making It Possible To Heal The Life Of That Individual And To Heal All The Things In The World Around them Too – When That Happens It Is Powerful.  We Are One To It That You Read These Lines Carefully And See That It Is Good To Be There In The World With Karma Of Good Deeds And That It Will Be Holy Of You To Be Here Online In A Way Where It Is OK That I Uppercase The Words Sometimes Without It being something that you think is not OK – So Holy Is Better There And It Is Good To Uppercase Other Words That I Left Lowercase Because you have ideas of things that are not Good sometimes.  Please Be Here In The Heart To See That The Intent Of Oneness Is To Clear things A Lot On The Planet And To Be Here With The Ideas That It Will Heal All The Way Into Oneness For Everyone.  Peace, We Are One.  Peace.