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When we are here for the Music it will be good to see that it is always the best way to be to be in the groove with the Deities of Oneness Guiding it all – meaning if you can be there to make Music it will heal a lot – before coming to this section of the site it would be good to go to the other parts on Music like-so::





In the end it is good to be here with the life-force a lot to make it happen that the Music is keyed in always in the ways we perform – when we go routes in life to be here with the powers of ours mixed with the powers of the world we can always be here to be something that makes Art online easily – we are one to it that the Universe will Guide our Arts to become something that can be shared with many peoples – we are one.  Peace.

Sometimes we need to be freed of evil so much that the Universe has to do something like make Arts a lot to heal it here – so we need to have Internet Alive to show us the Arts of the Universe that will be there to show us how to become full channelers and helpers in the world – Peace, we are one.

With all intent to heal it in the future here on Earth we need to clear things with the NSA a lot to help the Internet Alive come to full fruition on all levels of keeping things Holy in the world – we are one to this:

If you can come here a lot to see that it is good to have the workers of the NSA become channelers then it will heal the world a lot – to catch the ones who do terrorist acts before they do so please be aware that they are almost always full possessions – meaning they have demons in the body and the soul can’t return to the body because the demon controlled it when the body was sleeping and hurt it in a way that caused too much pain for the soul to return – so then it becomes a battle over the body between Light Beings and demons where the demons try to do evil things in the body to fully possess it against the Will of the Universe – in all Intent to heal it you must know that the body can be healed but doesn’t need to be hurt in any way at all when you need information.  So please don’t interrogate with techniques that are there to cause pain because the demon doesn’t feel any pain at all and may pretend to to confuse you, so the body needs to heal from the demon and it can happen quite easily when you move with the Wind and follow Guidance – to do so please become a channeler and see that it is good to do so to heal the world – we are one.  Peace, also if you can see that it is good to be there with the Ideas of Oneness in the mind it is good to learn how to clear the mind into silence so you can more easily think in Oneness – this takes time before it is possible because there are many negative entities on the Planet that are harmful to us and try to speak into the mind and pretend to be the mind itself or the brain or your ego or your “subconscious” but that is something that doesn’t exist and was created as a word from someone who was haunted in their mind a lot.  To create a better world we need to heal it that Freud was someone so bad that he had to go to Hell for a long time before he can heal it and become a human again in a new lifetime – we are one to the Universe to say that the best ways of healing the Universe are to go routes in life that are Guided by God – and if you can be there to heal it completely then please see that it is good to go now to the right locations that you channel – we are one.  Peace, here is an article on how to channel that will be good to read:


One time ago I made a Disc called Consecrated1 and posted it online but the titles were wrongly done so I had to fix them somehow, now I’ve done so and they are available on bandcamp at this page here:   
In the end it will be healing that the Music you can hear will be there for a long time hopefully but the site needs to heal so I can post the rest of my albums and see to it that they are good to be there soon, plus the new albums that I make soon will be there as well. The best ways to heal it in life are to see that the Internet Alive was born through the Arts of channeling the info necessary on how to create the Music that would code all the necessary information on how to be safe from bad ones using techniques to destroy things online in way that is still hurting us a lot because the Internet Alive was supposed to have more albums of mine to reference in how to heal from attacks that could happen from nefarious ones who would try to discover how it was working and how to destroy it so we need to heal it and say that Internet Alive is here already but we won’t be able to access it fully until:
1. The Universe can clear most hauntings that trespass in a way that they overwatch us on the internet a lot. Then too the humans who do so have to be trained a bit by being in the NSA and other organizations in a way where they read things on how to channel and become good ones at it all the way in kindness to the Earth, also they need to know how to read well the lines on how to channel so they remain in their bodies to heal things here, because so many of them have left that were expected to be good channelers because they had thoughts that were harmful a lot when they overwatched me for instance or others talking of Internet Alive and thought they would want to stop it for some reason because they were told it was a danger to them or their ideas. So to clear that is necessary that a mö found out about Internet Alive somehow and became something terrible in teaching them to be bad in their hearts – we need to heal it and say that the word mö means something of a negative entity that can possess the human body – so when the Internet Alive is born finally all the way it will be good for me to cry a lot that I stopped channeling for awhile several times because I was hurt by mö and they thought to me that I was wrong to channel because I was thinking that I had been possessed or something which was really bad karma because though they had hurt me a lot, it was mostly the Deities of Oneness called Cipherus for now that are my family of Light Beings that came to me and helped me move in Oneness a lot. So I was trapped in my mind when it happened that I had believed incorrectly that my channelings had been untrue or such. So I have to heal it and say it was partly the fault of the NSA for not rescuing me when I was sent to the Oregon State Hospital for being a channeler and speaking to them when they’d overwatch me – a girlfriend had seen me do so one time or another and it was bad karma for her to think the wrong thoughts on it so much that she talked to my family and told them I should go there, which destroyed so many possibilities of Healing here the Earth that it became one of the worst deeds ever done in history by a human at all. So when I stopped channeling too it was as such. So I have terrible karma and I need to heal it that I ever was awry when I started taking abilify and it became so dissonant in me that I was questioning a lot whether it was true that the NSA had been watching me at all and that I was so bad in my heart when a mö came and suddenly spoke through me one word – I decided to test whether it was a mö or not, and it responded by suddenly moving my hand show a symbol that meant – yes – to me. So I thought somehow that all I channeled had been a mö – which was so wrong of me because all the Music and Art I had done was so Perfect that it was wrong to ever think anything negative on it at all. So I was there not listening to Consecrated1 or my other albums and it hurt the Internet Alive a lot that it wasn’t ready to proceed like it thought it should be by the end of that month even, if I had followed the Deities, so now I have to repent a lot and know that it will one day be better here than ever from the work that I’ve done to heal things here, but my soul has to learn to be Good and Holy all the way in a way that I have to cry a lot over the last 3 years or so when I wasn’t channeling and that made me out of it a lot in my life, so now I’m healing my finances and plan to litigate a lot against the NSA for one, and the Oregon State Hospital too, and then against abilify as well because it became so out of it in my life because of that false thing that I was no longer joyous at all in life, I became so depressed that I even had bad thoughts to not want to live at all. So too is it important to know that the soul of mine is good to Ascend and I’ll be in my heart to do so but I have to be honest and say it will be difficult unless the world heals all the way into Oneness rapidly so – so please go routes in life that will heal your karma and see that it will be good to be a Guided being in life all the way – so too do you know now that my karma is such that I need to heal it in my life even more around Music because I was supposed to have a band by now of two of us who would make Arts and Music in the world all the way in Harmony and be called: Dreamsoft. The intent to find my holy partner in life who would be there with the songs so much that she’d Ascend with me is such that I have to heal it with her that I wasn’t there at all so I have to be honest and say that I Love her a lot already even though we haven’t met yet. And I will be there to heal it that it is good again soon on Earth but in 40 years if it is still dissonant a lot then I will be going somewhere else then the plans to Ascend will take me to – so I’ll have to heal it in a crying room and be something that doesn’t understand the way I was at all, so I need to be honest and say that it is good for you all to channel now please so we can all become Ascended ones who will heal the lands a lot in Harmony – and it will be such that I can Ascend for sure should she Love me back because that would heal a lot on the Earth so many things in our World that I would know how to be a better person all the way and in Innocence I’d cry with her a lot to heal my karma on this. So too do you know that the Internet Alive also needs:
2. A way of being in the world with the Arts such that it can be online where people are not attacking it ever, for right now it is mostly the mö that are attacking it by being in physical bodies they stole to do so, but in the end it needs to be healed that they try to get humans to be that way too, so in the future in a few days all the mö will be cured hopefully sooner even, so on this date of August 16, 2019 it will be such that we’ll heal miraculously if you go here right now:
Peace, we are one. Peace.

I have a lot of sadness soon to heal in my heart when I know more of how I hurt the world when I stopped channeling so to heal it will be necessary in Heaven where I cry the most ever in any lifetime. But for now I’ll be honest and say to you all that my life is Healing now that I’m channeling again – so please be patient and see if you can help now – And it’s honest of me now to cry even more soon because I need to heal the World rapidly-so to be there in Heaven at all even because if I died now I’d go to a Bardo to heal there for a long time instead of to Heaven and that is sad a lot for the World because I wouldn’t be able to save it here with the Internet Alive that well, which was born from the Album Consecrated1 when I recorded the things necessary to create Music that would encode the necessary techniques of adjusting small Crystals that had been given to me in a way of Spiritual Assignment to create a new way of Coding the laptops that they could grow something in energy that would be sent thru wifi in a way where the Crystals could learn to grow and implement themselves on any laptop, or cellphone, or anything of a computer at all that would connect to the internet, so I had to see that it was possible to create that inside of me too in my Energy Body Structures which were so unique from taking the courses of Tian Gong in a Holy way where I did them all even – and then the fact of the matter is that I’m here to heal it all soon where I know I can upgrade the abilities of the Internet Alive to heal all things by finding more Crystals to work with soon that will be able to Resonate on my Computer to Heal it here faster then ever – so now I know I need to find specific Crystals that will complete the mission soon. And I’ll be given a Job soon to know of more on this level of Play – so we have to heal it fast now in my life by seeking a donation to heal it here further than ever before. Peace – if you can Donate to my site then please see I’ll do Art for you a lot throughout the years and even do a series that Relates to the Great Glass Bead Game Structures and will be Holy to read of that name more soon on the website called UppercaseTruth where you can go now to see my lines there of Holiness at the .com too – and if you are here in your heart to be a good one to Donate, then please see this page here soon:


And the site there is good to see as something simple to do where you could heal my life somehow – so please see it as an immediate need of the Universe to help me now – and I’ll be honest and say I need a friend right now too and then we can heal it all soon with the Internet Alive – and it will heal there too with the friendship of ours becoming something beautiful.  We are one.  Peace.

We are one to the “americas” being named Diffently now – a new Name:

As such – in the North it will be called The Cantue Catue System of a Continent indeed.  And the South will be called The Cantue Sadau System of a Continent for now because in Tonua it is Holier indeed to Name things a lot.

Peace.  We are one to it that anti-heroes such as the one these states are named after will no longer be anything of a name for us at all in anything at all.  Nor do we respect at all the name “columbus” nor any false “holiday” named after him because he wasn’t right on the Planet at all – so instead we respect to Remember all Holidays that are True only-so so no one please ever Play forth any false “holidays” at all.  Including anything false of Christmas which now should be known to be on the 24th indeed of December.  It was a mistake that it was ever on the wrong day at all.  And it was the Birth of Yeshua who was Innocent as Light Being only-so, he was not the Son of God that was the only one at all.  But we are all Children of God he Spoke to us – and he wasn’t God Itself at all and to believe so is Damnable so please understand that it is Holy to Know otherwise that He Ascended and never died at all in that Lifetime so hideously attacked and hurt by them who were evil.  Including one whose name I won’t even mention here who hurt himself instead of Repenting fully for his crimes so it was one thing that he did so that was hideous to Us who are the Star Beings Writing now thru this one of a child here of the Universe.  We are one to it that he will Ascend soon to level 4 and Become a mighty Warrior of the Universe too indeed but that is only a small thing compared to what is necessary for him to Achieve of leveling up to level 5 and onward where his skin tone will change from beige to mahogany because he was not supposed to be born with the dna he has inside of him so he will be given the choice to Ascend now fully-so to level 4 and onward and it will be happening soon because it’s dangerous in his life now that the CIA was out to get him last night – but that means that the NSA is out of it for sending onward his files and it was Innocent not to do so – so in the end one person in the NSA almost cost him his life but we’re clearing it as fast as possible with the Magic of the Lord coming thru to Protect him on the Earth – and it will be Incredible to be at level 4 and onward and it will be something of a Holy thing to know that his Sifu is Ascending even more so than before Upward to level 39 now.  From before when he was Ascended in his body when I knew him from level 2 and 3 to level 4 when I was on Retreat – and then during that Retreat in 2008 he was onward to level 5 suddenly-so so has been able to Fly the whole time that I knew him since then.  And it is Wonderful to be here in the Stars soon when I go the same Route because now that he has done so it will be possible for all of us to Achieve more easily on Earth to Ascend that high in the Heavens so when I’m Married there in Heaven instead of on Earth with my Wife to be who will be Celibate with me always we’ll be Friend there in a new way where we will know the possibilities of Love Given to Us so Deeply that we Ascend to level 39 or so which is rare for humans at all to Achieve – so it will be Given to us to be there with the Onesphere Guiding us all and then it will be known of that all the best things in life will be these things to do – to work on Ascension by following God’s Law here and I’ll say I’m sorry once more for not Ascending on that Retreat’s Day when I could have done so Marvelously but things got in the way because I started thinking that it was done or something though I’d known in my heart that it was something Miraculous that had just happened but when I had the single thought that it was over somehow ago I was just a little bit sorry that I hadn’t Ascended yet and that was wrong to feel a lot because it wasn’t over yet at all I was just about to go into an Operation and then it would have happened that I would have been level 4 in 5 minutes from then – but a mö in the next room was overhearing my thoughts somehow all of a sudden and it decided to meddle in things so much that I couldn’t Ascend fully that time around and the next years were hideous in how they attacked me so much that my life took turns for the worse a lot indeed.  And I have to be honest and say that it’s Incredible to be here with Them to Ascend fully now to a level of 5 suddenly-so so no one can harm my Body at all.  And it I can I’ll do so immediately now.  Because it’s important to be here in the Universe somehow so Innocently that I can Ascend again to level 8 on this Planet where before I had always been that way in times of Lemuria and now I know I can so it will be possible to be that way again.  And in Innocence I will be here to see only the best times to come instead of memories that hold me back at all that have been happening because of attacks on me.  And I will be honest and say I’m Innocent now for Repenting for all crimes of the past so it’s good to believe you can do so soon too to Ascend and it will be Marvelous if you can do so to be Holier now on the Planet so please Repent now and change and it will be so that it’s good to be Alive this Way – so Please see also that it’s Innocent to be here with the Love you have for the Universe – and it will be Given to you to Ascend now for reading these Lines.  So please understand too that this page here below will be good to go to to make a Donation if you can and buy the Music of Cipherus – the Name I will have again one day when I am Ascended fully to levels Above all levels we know of as Ascension at all – because to gain my Name back will take a billion years or so now.  But that will happen one day when I am Innocent in Heaven a lot and learn all the Games of the Glass Bead Game System of Intent to Heal our Souls all the way to become Light Beings again – so the Pages on the Tonue System of Earth Healings will be so Important for you to read now.  But first go here please:


And then go here please to learn more of the Glass Bead Games and there will be more info there a lot soon.  Peace.  We are one. Peace.


In the end too know that I will Ascend fully-so to a level of Being Kind and Generous Always-so as a Vow.  So please be there to Ascend likely-so and know that you will not need foods that much ever afterwards so Please be Kind and Holy always and know too that you can Ascend soon.  Peace, we are one – Peace.

Here’s a Page now too on how to Eat that way of being someone kind a lot to the Earth.  We are one.  Peace, here it is:


And if you go there too please see the Pages as cool to Learn from and I will be updating them as I go throughout my life to be more Holy even then now.  But please see the site as something you can follow thru on as a Game of where to go by following the links and the Pages that open to do so to with them by following the links on those Pages too – and then it will be Innocent to Map your Way thru the Site in a way that is Intended to be doing but if you can channel too how to go the right Routes it will Heal a lot to be doing so so move with the Wind of Guidance and know it as True that the Universe will heal you a lot to channel now perfectly-so to be Ascended soon.  We are one.  Peace.  So please go here now to see a Page on how to channel well and if you’ve read it already that is good but you can read it again now too.