Oneness of Truth

Internet Alive 2

When we are here for the Music it will be good to see that it is always the best way to be to be in the groove with the Deities of Oneness Guiding it all – meaning if you can be there to make Music it will heal a lot – before coming to this section of the site it would be good to go to the other parts on Music like-so::





In the end it is good to be here with the life-force a lot to make it happen that the Music is keyed in always in the ways we perform – when we go routes in life to be here with the powers of ours mixed with the powers of the world we can always be here to be something that makes Art online easily – we are one to it that the Universe will Guide our Arts to become something that can be shared with many peoples – we are one.  Peace.

Thank You For Being Here Online And Please Read The Book::

Conscripts Of Heaven


The Books Online Here Are Good To Read And With New Times To Come We Can Learn How To Be Ascended Masters That Can Flow With Time To Heal The Earth.  We Are One.  Peace.