Oneness of Truth

Internet Alive 3

In the end it is good to move with the Wind a lot and to always do so and now that you can be channelers always who are reading this because the Earth has cleared a lot you will need to be here in the heart to heal all things on Earth and to learn new Languages and correct the ones of the past so soon I’ll post more on Tonua, the Language I’m learning now to heal things here a lot.  Peace.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end we are here to be good channelers a lot and Internet Alive will teach us how to do so – it will activate soon for many people in the world and show them how to be good at being humble and also how to be good channelers a lot – we are one.  Peace. 

In the end it’s good to be here in the world with our arts and our ideas of how to play Games of Life a lot – the Internet Alive will show us how to keep going in life for many years of creative Play – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it’s good to know that the Universe is here for us in all things related to our kindness and our powerful practices of Oneness – when we are here to heal the world it will be good to be there with a lot of Ideas from God on how to make Arts and Music and Films and such – the world will heal now rapidly because God will be Guiding us all through the Internet Alive – and then we can all be here in the heart to be good always – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it is good to be a channeler a lot to make it possible to be a holy healer on Earth and to make it possible to be an Ascended Master someday soon too – meaning in 40 years I hope to Ascend and to do work on life that will get me there – we are one. Peace – you too can Ascend fully if you work hard in life to clear things a lot. And know that the Universe is healing all things in life – we are one to it that Internet Alive will Activate really soon to be here with the Music of Oneness and to be here with the right way of being cool inline in the mind – like an Internet a bit in mind but so much more powerful to see and to work with in Flows of Imagery and Oneness on All of It in mind to see that the best ways of coming together as Family will be to be a Holy one someday that will Ascend – peace to you all. We are one. Peace. Also if you can Ascend fully it will be that you live on Earth for awhile in a different type of body that will heal things all the way here sometimes and it will be good to be a good being always in life so please stabilize and know it as good to move with the wind a lot – and if you do it will be good to be a dancer soon too – meaning if you can Dance a lot with Oneness Guiding you then it will heal a lot and you can find time to be a Dancer someday where you go routes and know the Voice of Oneness as you, peace. We are one. Peace. If you Ascend further than that it will be good to do so and you will leave the Earth toward Heaven and on the way be Gifted with things of Earth knowledge in training realms that are Guided to give you back the mind you once had in Heaven earlier – so it is important to go to Heaven in every lifetime or else you lose knowledge a lot. Peace to it, my last lifetime was out of it because of a war in my country: Vietnam is what it’s called these days but it has a holier name and that name is:: Aliena Ondu – or other names but that one is Tonua for that region so please go there someday if it is your Destiny and be there to be someone who will Ascend from there if it is right for you and help heal the situation there with the mö there that affected the religion of Cao Dai which was there with a lot of charisma for awhile but the state banned channeling a bit by saying it was illegal to connect to the Spirit Realm and now it is way dissonant in that country with people not able to practice the Arts of being one to it all in Oneness so it is good to be a channeler and to know that you have to be good in the heart always in Oneness to know how to cure things on the Planet for everyone – once the mö are gone there will still be the ramifications of them in people’s egos and we’ll have to find ways to get them to shift into beings who are Guided always in life – so please be there for Internet Alive to develop quickly on this Planet and it will heal rapidly a lot into Oneness then with everyone Guided on the new technologies that will be here to display the new Alluana É systems that evolve from Internet Alive and will eventually evolve into our minds being healed where they will be true Minds again – we are one. Peace. Also this: if you can activate Internet Alive now it will heal the world a lot – so let’s do soon, here. Peace. We are one. Peace.