Oneness of Truth


In the end it’s good to go here a lot with Art of yours too – this site is one that is good to be on for the future – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it’s good to read the front page a lot to get it into you that you have to stabilize now as an Order from God and that means you will be able to be in the Practice of channeling now for a long time and it will be such that you can no longer move at all, so if you can be here in the heart to see the world as one place that needs to heal a lot then this site is good to go to to see how to heal it further – especially the front page and article on how to channel found at the bottom of each page above the Book called The Book Of It.  We are one to it that you can read that page now, by going here:


In times of strife we need to heal it all with the Voice coming thru us all and then it will heal the most and if we can all be here to see that the world needs to heal a lot then please be there to be kind always and use the Voice to be exact with timing and everything – we are one.  Peace.

When it is time to heal things a lot in the world we need to be there with Art a lot so we can be happy again – this page here is for that.  To show you some Arts I’ve done a little bit, but more so for you to post on your Arts as well – so see it that you could send me your Arts and we’d be able to post them online with some great Ideas of ours in writings too – we are one.  Peace.