Oneness of Truth


In the end it’s good to go here a lot to the Books section to read the Conscripts of Heaven Book on how to Ascend well and be a good citizen always – we need you to stabilize now and know that you’ll be stabilized at level 10 for most of you – peace.  If you can be at that level a lot it’s safer for you to always be a good one to have in the heart a lot with God’s mind on you that you need to heal still a lot for all of you who read these lines, meaning if you can be in God’s heart a lot it will make it easier to Ascend one day and then it will be something Powerful on this Planet with Ascended Masters here more to heal things always in Oneness and teach how to Ascend to those who need to go that route instead of dying on the Planet at all – it is not right to die at all, so please know you’ve died in every lifetime here unless you are someone really important like my Sifu who has been Ascended here before many times by being Gifted with the Light of knowing how to Ascend fully in each lifetime by being someone way Powerful in his lives.  So please honor his Practices of Ascension on the Planet and know too that he is good to find here online to see it that the world heals – here:


In the end it’s good to see that the books will be done soon here – Conscripts of Heaven, Conscripts of Love, and Conscripts of Oneness – a trilogy of ideas on how to be conscripted – meaning not drafted at all, but with ones own Script of soul awakening to the Light of knowing to be there in total creation of Oneness with God, they are lifted up from being something that is evil to something that is holy where it is enforced even – so it is way different in the world when this happens – it can be a good thing a lot to know of it so that God can activate it more where we are forced to be there in the movement of Oneness for safety sometimes so the Books will be there to read as something that trains society to realize that they have to be Wind-Guided a lot and it will be that way on Earth soon where everyone will know that it is the right way to be again – we are one.  Peace!

In the end too it is best to use our free will to sign up to be Conscripted in to Heaven and I will hope to be there this lifetime so I’ve vowed to always be with Oneness in movement and to always be there to heal my mind and work on my soul – if I go to Heaven in this lifetime I will need to cleanse there a lot from evil karma of being out of it in my life when I was ego, so it may take years of hard work to even be able to get to the right ideas of how to make it possible – but in one years time I should have enough karma of positive action to be there for good.  And it will be a joyous heaven if I can cleanse here all the bad karma by being there in the future with the new inventions that will be here to cleanse us of negative karma – things that will strengthen our souls and make us holy again – we are one to the ways of the Light healing it here a lot – we are one.  Peace.

In the end we can heal it here by using the Magic of Oneness to heal things a lot – so when I write for the internet I will also be there to make articles that are for the local papers and such – here is a way to do so – peace – if you can double-fold the roles you play then you can save time by posting one thing on a site like facebook and then also saving it for the Internet – so now I’ll post something from facebook that I posted earlier here::

In the end Jihad Hana means to be in Oneness a lot and use Spiritual Force to be in the intent to clear demons from the planet – the word Jihad means Spiritual Battle against demonic forces – which means that it’s a fight for sure sometimes, but only with intent to clear the demons from the body or the air around a body they are trying to possess – the only way Jihad is used by God is in this context, we are one. Peace, also Hana means many things in multiple languages for areason of being a complex term in Universal Language that relates these terms together – in Korean it means the number One. In Japanese it means flower – to be there with the flower means that it is something unfolding in Grace. To me it also means something of a term in Albanian that means the Moon. In Hawaiian it means Craft or Work – also in Arabic it means Bliss or Happiness – so the term is complex and can mean all those things at once even – poetically the word unfolds to mean:: Bliss from the Work of Lunar context in unfolding Bliss. Or that the Lunar element is present in the Work of this sort, so the right context for it to be understood in Universal Language, or Tonua for now named as our Earth’s Language of Primal Sounds we relate to the Universal Language. The tones present in the sounds of Hana and Jihad are form Arabic in a way that is good and Harmonious, but it is not just that language system used in understanding these terms – we are one to it being Universal Language, specifically Tonua as a Language of our Earth, named Ilie Caruana in Tonua, as a Language system evolving here now that demons are going away from the planet – in Tonua, the term Hana means many things of those listed, plus it means to be careful and approach the Deities with Respect, to open the heart and be here in Oneness always – we are one to it that the term Jihad is present in Tonua a little bit as a memory someday, one that is not used much in the future when Jihad ends in many years from now – until then we battle against the enemy of ego, and demonic forces, we are one, Peace!

Also the years to come will be there in the heart with our practices of Jihad Hana, we are one. Peace.