Oneness of Truth

90 Messiahs Of Earth…

The 90 Messiahs Of Earth Are Many That Reincarnate And Have Tribes Of 64 Total Friends That Are All Righteous As Spiritual Beings That Can Help The World Heal.

Here Below Is A Glowing Image Of A Planet That Appeared In The Sky To Show The World The Gift Of A New Vision Of Earth Ascension::


Below Is A Video Of The World To Be::

Это происходило вчера вечером в 100 км от Усть - Каменогорска в 17.00 после торнадо образовался шар похожая на планету, все обалдели и были в шоке. Это прислали родственики из Усть - Каменогорска.

Posted by Aleksandr Pazychko on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Here Below Is A Spiral That Appeared In The Skies To Show Gelded Light Glowing To Us To Help The World Heal.