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90 Messiahs of Earth…

In the end it’s Good to Know that 90 Messiahs are on Earth… almost… 1 only is missing from the Group and He is the One Known of as Yeshus – the Christ that Came to Here to Help the Most even… so He is Going to Be Here on Top of All of Them as a Spiritual Hero that Will Return in 30 Years or so… He Is The One that Came Before to Lemuria and Had a Spiritual Awakening that was So Complete that He Became the Vanguard of The Group – and He is Awekening in Heaven to Become a Spiritual Master Here Again that Can Lead the Rest of the Messiahs across a Distance – for they Spread our over the Map while Alive Here – to Become One of the Heroes Here Called:


Which Means that the Others of the 90 also Have Spiritual Partners who are Their Advanced Protectors – and They are Such that They are supposed to Live every Life Perfectly… however some have fallen in Grace – that is unusual but I am such that my life was hurt a lot by things of evil Here on Earth – and so too have Many of the Messiahs been hurt as well.  We are one to Cleaning Up the Earth so that none of Them are ever hurt again – we are one.  Peace.

And then – Here is an Image of the Planet that All the Messiahs Started on…


And Here’s the Video below:

This is an Image of the Galactic World Known of as Oleo Umela that is now Here to Send Forth More Energy to us – as it is The Home of the Planet’s 90 Ascended Masters and Their 90 Protectors – so too is it Good to Know that the Ascended Ones who are Related to Them are such that They are Good to Know of as Light Beings Mostly-so – but some of Them or Their Protectors had deaths in previous lives and are Healing their karma still – I am one such Protector of a Woman Named Cambae who Will Be Ascended Soon to a Maximal Level but I have to Work hard on my karma and Become Good Enough to Ascend Soon to Heal it Here on Earth a lot.  We are one.  Peace.

Apologies for all Lives of death that I’ve experienced such that I am weakened a lot in my karma – we are one.  Peace..

Это происходило вчера вечером в 100 км от Усть - Каменогорска в 17.00 после торнадо образовался шар похожая на планету, все обалдели и были в шоке. Это прислали родственики из Усть - Каменогорска.

Posted by Aleksandr Pazychko on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

And Here is a Spiral that Appeared in the Skies when Last Ago Xango Ascended from His Last Lifetime to Become a Huge Ascended Master Light Being – we are one to it that Cambae is also a Messiah who Will Ascend Soon in Similar Fashion to Become a Hero Messiah who can Come Back with Many Manifestation Bodies – Soon.  We Are One.  Peace.

Here’s the Video:

Cambae in History was Also this One I’ll Write of more soon on Her own Page within the 90 Messiahs of Earth Section – She Was Her who Was Oroiña in the Orixa Legend of that one ago – She is now Ascending Rapidly in this Lifetime to Become a Full Messiah Here on Earth – I too was an Orixa Ago but never became a Full Light Being again since I had died on Earth – so too was it terrible to not Protect Her in every Lifetime.  We are one to it that I do so Now with these Pages by Being Here as a Writer for Her and then to Brazil we will Move where I Will Be There for Her a lot more even.  We are one.  Peace.