Oneness of Truth

Yeshua – Messiah of the Earth 1

Yeshua was a Christ Being who was Here with a lot of Fire in His Soul to Activate People on the Earth to Be Prismatic all the Time – He was Here a long time and Came Here Again for the First Time since Lemuria fell when it was 0 AD December 24th.  He was such that He was a Child Born Here to Be Good Always in His Soul.  And I am Sorry to not Be Like Him in my own Soul…

We are one to it that He had a Protector on Earth who was His Lover-to-be…

But She never Found Him in that Lifetime for She was gone from the Earth Early when it happened that he died almost instead of Meeting Her – He was such that He was Cool to Be with Her soon Having Completed some Missions there in that unholy Land…

He was Going to Be There in Her Arms of Love as a Celibate Warrior would Be – So He’s Innocent to Know of as Someone Always that Way of Celibacy – so too did He have an Armor of Faith and Kindness Always – He was Known to Be a Warrior on the Earth who Knew how to Dissipate energies of evil a lot.  We are one to it that He was Ascended from Birth even at level 16 or so… and when He Came to Earth that time it was hideous what happened to Him – so He Will Return Soon – in 30 Years or so to Be on Earth Again – and Unite to His Lover Here who also left to Be With Him in Heaven for a Long Time of Preparation.  We are one to it that He Will Return Soon and Be Here for a Long Time of Powers that He Brings Here Soon Activating the Earth With the Best Ways of Healing it Here.  Peace Always – we are one.  Peace – many more Stories of His Lives will Follow – He was also the Ascended One in the Lemurian Time Period that Sealed Things Here the Most to Prevent Catastrophe a lot.  We are one to it to Call Him as Well:

Sananda – King of Earth a lot – we are one.  Peace.

Also to Find out how to Abridge to Him and Learn from Him Please See this Section Below on How to Channel and then Learn that He Comes Only to Teach in a Way where He is Good a lot at Being Here in Innocence to Be Given to the Earth in that You cannot Channel His Mind directly – so “channelers” out there that claim to be with His Mind are wrong a lot and You should Only Channel the Oneness Itself and not another Being who would not be Yours to Channel – We Mean that Everyone Human has a Light Being Family but they mostly Remain Beyond Name – so too do You Need to Know that the Names of Them can Be Such that They Use Your Name of Your Soul from when You were a Light Being Styled to Work With Them Always in Unison – too this:

It is Good to Know that Yeshua Will Return Soon.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Jesus Christ is also a Name now used for Him but Please See that it is inappropriate to name Him other than His True Name.  We are one.  Peace.