Oneness of Truth

Ascended Masters

This is a Section of the Website i’ll Work on a lot soon More to Be Good in the Heart to Ascend soon like these Ones who never Died but Reached Further than ever to Become the Heroes Here on Earth that are now Going to be Giving the World the Gifts of their Ascension Skills and Creating New Bodies of Multi-Manifestation Bodies a lot by Being Guided in Heaven to Create them – we are one to it that i need to Ascend in this Lifetime Finally because so far my karma has been terrible on this Planet to have died 15 times and to not have had an Ascension yet at all – Meaning the Gifts I Brought Here through Cultivating many Years in Advance were not lost at all but they have not been Activated yet so it is Essential to Ascend and to Help the World to Heal a lot thru Doing so – we are one.  Peace!