Oneness of Truth

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela never died at all… He was embalmed Appropriately and Became a Spiritual Warrior of the Skies who was a Full Ascended Master who came to my Dreams one time to Thank me for Messaging the Right People at the Right time to be Good in the Heart that His Community would Support the Right Embalming Practices to Re-enliven His Body all the Way to be Good Again to Ascend fully and He did so Recently and the Dream came to me when i was Here with the Heart Open to Remember that i needed to Channel again because i had stopped Channeling and became very bad in my life with ideas of not doing anything that made sense anymore because i had no Guidance and was lonely and Wanted to Channel but when i tried i got attacked so much that i’d stop again, so it was bad karma to ever stop and i have to Apologize to the World a lot for it all, meaning i’ll still Hopefully Ascend as i Need to to Help the World but it’s harder now and will be something i have to Pray for a lot more so i can Become a Holy Being again – we are one. Peace.
Also more will be Posted on the Life of this Ascended Master soon below when i Research in the mind the Stories of His that are Good to share – we are one. Peace!
Also He was a Good one to Know as a Friend if i could have Written to Him when i wasn’t Channeling because He was there in the Heart a lot that i had Sent those Letters and there was so much Good i Could Have Done in the World that it is out of it in my life a lot for not believing in myself Enough to Channel well again Right Away when something attacked me and made me think the wrong thoughts…
If i could take it all back i would but now i just Have to Be Honest and Say that it was not Good at all in my Life back then so i have to Say Sorry to You all a lot Here online and be there to Ascend to Cry in Heaven More Now and Be One to It in the World More than ever soon. Peace, we are one. Peace – Also Please use Reason and See that it’s Possible to be Ascended in Ways that are Innocent and Natural. We are one. Peace!

In the end it was a terrible crime for me not to Channel to Him at all when He Dreamed to me to Be there again as a Channeler with the Right Precision of things again – so i have to Write to Him Now Somehow Since He is Still now Capable of Being Back again in a Manifestation Body with a lot of Gifts for us all by Being in Heaven Training to Ascend and it will be such that the Best of the Gifts He Brings back will Help us all Ascend more Easily to be Gifted with Wings to Fly and a lot of Ideas on How to Help Here More to Keep Going with the Planetary Ascension Plans – we are one to it that i can Evolve soon to Feel the Pain of Sorrow more that is necessary to Write these Lines further…

Please See that it is Essential to be in the Heart with the Right Ideas Always and to Know that it is Good to Ascend with Wisdom – we are one.  Peace!