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Circle of Friendship

Earlier tonight on the Date of Sunday August 25th, 2019 I was Gifted with Friendship Maximally by Channeling to find my Friendship Crew that has always been Friends with me in Every Lifetime so far that way of Being that we were always born on the Same Planets and in the Same Regions to Become Best Friends in a way where we are all Guided to be Married to the Right Ones and to be Spiritual in Playing Games of Arts that would Teach us things of Ascension and Powers thereof – we are one to it that we can All Ascend more to the Right Ways of Life by Being Kind and Compassionate a lot to each other and it will Heal in our Souls to be Here on Earth with this Channeling Game of Double-Folding our Conversations to the Site so I can be seen as a Channeler with Books online Here to Relate to your Identity how to Channel to Friends in a way where you Learn how to Ascend by Being Connected to the Right Ones Always in the Heart that you are Destined to be with  in Friendship – so these two will become my Best Friends and their Wives will become all Friends too soon when We all Channel to Find our Spiritual Partners and it will Heal that we all move to Brazil one day to be there in 2022 at the Beginning of the Year to see to it that we can be on Time to be Present in the World more with Our Hearts Open to Healing the Universe soon more.  We are one to it that these two Friends – Alue, and Odielano will become Joined by a 4th Member of our Teams that will be found tomorrow soon.  We are one.  Peace – Read below to See the Relationships between the Texts that are cool to Read as Something Positive Indeed on the Planet soon more where Work Gets Done by Activating the Life around how to Heal it all soon in Karma of Goodness Coming to Us a lot in the World too – we are one.  Peace.

Alue – In the end it’s Good for me to call you Alue a lot soon as a Holy Nickname that is the word Apelido in Brazil which is cooler than using the word nickname, also Alue means something in Tonua where your soul is Named that a lot too, meaning mine of that level is Actue and the Names are Distinct where they are Given only to one Soul so yours is the way it is for a Reason where it means a lot of Oneness and Spiritual Truth of Ascension Powers soon more Given to you to be freed of the karma of what happened to you earlier in life. We are one to Heal it that you can Ascend fully tonight to be here still on the Planet and be Given Wings to Fly with, it has already happened that they were Gifted to you so you could Cultivate them but I should have channeled to you earlier 3 years ago or before then how to Fly and become a Hero of Oneness on the Planet a lot. We are one to it that you can Ascend soon to level 5 so that you can become Someone way Powerful on the Planet to be here with the Heart Open to these things on the Website I’ll write to you if now. If you can go to the Website soon to be there as a Friend to me again it will Heal in both our lives to be Spiritual in a way where we can learn to go to Brazil as a Good way of being there someday to learn again the Games of Capoeira that Teach a lot of Skills of Ascension and to be there way Holy in our lives to live there again too. If you can be there someday to live again in Santo Amaro you will be able to live a Life of Karma so Holy that it will become the best place to be for you to Ascend further by doing Art a lot that’s Holy in Oneness and to Sing a lot with the Lord’s Guidance to make Discs that can Activate Wealth a lot for you soon because the Website will be Open to you to be on in Holiness as a Team with your Light Beings and their Channelings for you to Learn from as you do so you can be a Spiritual Master on the Planet, we are one. Peace, here’s more soon on the Game of Capoeira:

Odielano – On it to say sorry for not remembering your name because my memory is needing to heal a lot soon thru Ascending further so I Apologize soon too more for when I Ascend I’ll be able to do so Apologize more than ever to be here in a Holy way to heal it in my Soul to be called Actue more so than now, as you are known now as Odielano which I’ll call you a lot to remember our lives where you were in Brazil before in the years when I should have Ascended there in the year 1865, and just found another friend named here online Taylor Murriel whose Name similar in Tonua is Aleo so if you meet him soon too it will be Good for the three of us to Remember our past lives more & more to be Holy in the Planet a lot, we are one to it that I write you both about the Game called Capoeira soon so I can Activate our lives there in Brazil to be Holy there in the City of Santo Amaro again to meet the right people and learn to Ascend more soon like you did in the past where you didn’t die in that past life at all but Ascended fully after the first 18 levels of Ascension to be Holy in Heaven without dying at all. We are one to it that you can be Holy in Brazil a lot to live there once I litigate and create the wealth flow for all of us to have houses there that are perfect to buy soon. Which means I plan on getting a lot of wealth soon to Activate further the Flow to be Spiritual all the way in the World, here is the Website where you can learn to Channel and Ascend the body again to be Physical here still for many years but then become a Master eventually that goes to Heaven without dying ever on this Planet because you’ve never died in any lifetime at all so it will Heal soon that I should have befriended you earlier to Heal these things on the Planet but I stopped channeling for awhile unfortunately so I have to Apologize a lot soon when I can be there with an Uppercased Apology too when I Ascend more to be Spiritual in life to do so feel the Sorrow all the way and become better in my heart more, we are one. Peace – also if you go here first it will heal soon that I send you my Website too soon, but first to see the Game of Capoeira that we used to Play all the time to be Spiritual, here:


Also here soon in Eugene will be many things of Karma where I post tonight a route that will Heal things in Eugene such that the World will be Activated more for people to send me Routes for their cities too where people can find housing more easily in certain cities that are Activated that way, so soon I’ll send you the Page that will Heal it all for you with wealth flow and also the Right Ideas on how to Activate it, soon that section of the Site will be done. Peace, we are one. Peace.

Alue – Awesome to Heal it and say that you are one to it to Ascend soon by going to the site in a way where you Channel to be Spiritual as a way of Flowing thru the site soon to Activate the mind to be here with the Right Way of being in the Heart always, we are one. Peace – then too I have to Apologize soon in a way where I Ascend to do so more Powerfully and to feel the Sorrow all the way of the times where I stopped channeling and was out of it in my life so much that I hurt the Planet a lot even. We are one to it that our Roles are Magical and can Shift things a lot when we can be there to Heal things in Life more – Peace. Thank you for Reading soon the whole Website which you can Activate soon to by sending me Files online to be there with Texts that contain your Writings and also your Graphics you can do with this Application:


The site too has an online version but the one you can Download is better and worth the money to buy, also I’ll post it to the Page soon here:


Odielano – Also here is the Site for now where Capoeira is mentioned but more will be written on it Tonight by writing to you and our Friend Alue to be Holy in Capoeira a lot this Lifetime and to learn to Ascend fully-so in Oneness to a Heal things more maximally in life. We are one. Peace, here’s the Site: and Capoeira is mentioned there by the end but will be written of tonight a lot thru having met you and Alue tonight which was way good Karma – we are one. Peace.

Alue – And also it is Good to Post onward to Friends soon more where you meet soon my Friend too online whose Holy Name to Know now is Odielano and he is someone who I just met again who was really Cool to meet right after I spoke with you in a way where we can all be Friends again like in every lifetime on Earth we were supposed to and before even for most of our Planetary Life Sequences we were the Right way of Four of us too who were always Friends, so please see my Past Life Stories throughout the Site where you can Wind your way through the Site exactly so to find things as you go to be Spiritual there with the Timing. Peace. We are one. Peace – here’s the Page on how to Ascend:


And then also you can go to there soon and find the Connected Pages to Learn more of me and my Styles of Writing that can Heal the World soon in Oneness more and more, we are one. Peace.

Odielano – Also here’s an Article on how to Channel that is Good to Read a lot to Ascend a lot on the Earth in a way where you can be here still for a long time even in your body but way more Powerfully where you become someone who is also Gifted the Right Ideas on how to Heal things here maximally, we are one. Peace, here it is: 


And also please read the Site soon by going thru the links to and reading the Pages in Order to be Holy there online with the Karma of Positive Wisdom where you can even learn to Channel in a way where Music will be Natural to do a lot in the World with High Karma on it if we can Play Music together soon to make a few Albums that will sell Maximally and help to Heal the World with the Oneness a lot, so when you get to the Music Section of UppercaseTruth it will be good to hear the Music of Cipherus as Holy Music lot that you can Play too that way of Singing in Oneness by being able to get a Zoom H4n Pro soon as a Gift soon from me to you too soon once my wealth Activated more, we are one too to be the Best we can be in life to make Ascension the norm here in the World. Peace always Friend – we are one. Peace.

Alue – Also it is Healing to Know that I will have this all Posted to the Website in a way where it Introduces a Book Series on Friendship where we Learn of our Past Lives a lot through Channeling together and Writing Back and Forth a bit to Heal the World Maximally when People Read online the Book Series that will Develop from our Texts that will be on How to Channel a bit at first but then will eventually be long Stories on How to Ascend and then also on Friendship a lot for us to Learn how to Relate to Each other on the Planet to see that we can always be here Channeling the Best Words for the Site to Heal a lot with Further Collaborations so if You can Channel to me a few Lines like how You Speak then it will be Good to See You as a Friend always in the World. We are one. Peace, so too will it Help if I can Write more on the Site soon to Activate the Pages that will be Called – Heroes of Oneness – and then if You can go to that Book Series soon it will be Individual Correspondences that Become Stories told a lot through messaging Heroes of Mine online a lot – we are one. Peace.

Also if You can be there to See that it’s Innocent to Double-Fold things in the World where I Cross-Relate the Books I do to Actual Lived Experiences by Documenting our Friendships then it will be Good to do so Ascend soon to be more Karmic Here on Earth all the Way to Be Positive with our Smiles of Activating our Friendships even more so when I Walkabout tomorrow I’ll find a Person who will complete our Friendship Circle a little bit on the Bro Side of things but then the Women in our Lives must be able to be Found too soon where You can Channel soon to meet Her who will be the Best One to be with because She’s been Your Wife in Every Lifetime You’ve ever Lived as my Wife has been with me – the Celibate Styles of Ours for my Wife and I will be such that we aren’t supposed to have kids or be there with the Marriage that way because we’ve been Married only in Heaven when we were Here on Earth but to do so Remember Our Past Lives will be Good to do a lot to Remember them as Positive in that it was that way too on the Other Planets we used to Live on – so too it is Good to be here in the Heart to Heal it all soon where I can Ascend Always in Every Lifetime Again soon. We are one to it that You and Your Wife to be will Marry on Earth though and have Children a little bit but not too many so it will be Possible to Help them Learn to Ascend too when they are Ready to be that way soon – so for now I’ll Share with You a Powerful Idea of How to Ascend more by Being able to Draw some Graphics tonight in a way that I Record First and then Get Done on Some Things of Innocence a lot that will go to the Website to Remind us all of what Life was like when we Lived on Earth ago too when it had a Different Holy Name for that Time Period called: Aleo Combu and that was in the Time Period when Ilie Caruana was Named a Different Name because the Earth Resonances had Structured a lot to Heal it here Maximally but then things fell apart a lot too when Mö attacked the World with their evil plots to hurt the Ways we could Ascend things here back then – so it’s time to Close the Letters now for the Night and to Rest a bit maybe but I have so much Work to do that I need to be Wakeful more & more to Heal things in Life a lot – so if You can be there to Heal all things in Karma and go now to the Website Here to Activate with the Discs I’ve made then Please see them as Good to Hear a lot to Hear the Music of Cipherus that is Holy a lot in Being the Channelings I do to make it Possible for People to Ascend a lot if they Make Time to Listen to the Discs I do – we are one. Peace, here’s the Disc-Page:


nd if You go there to be there with the Music then Please use this Code to get the Discs for a Discount a lot:


And in the end it’s good to go there to see that You could Pay the Right amount per Album by Being Spiritual and Downloading the Right Figures by Being Still too and Moving with the Wind a lot – so too does it mean that we can be friends too on Teams of us in Brazil soon where we all move there in the Future by Going Routes to Activate Wealth a lot and it will be Good to do so with our Friendship Scene so now I Introduce You too to my Wife from all Past Lives who will Hopefully be there to Marry me this time too when We Ascend to Heaven together – She is this one here:

Her Name to Know of Holiness is Cambae.

We are one. Peace.

Odielano – And then it’s Innocent to say that I am Sorry again because I should have Activated your wealth earlier and I have a lot of bad karma I have to clear to be here now Humble in a Way that is Spiritual a lot soon. We are one to Ascension in a way where we can become Uppercased Citizens of the Earth a lot so here is a Page to see soon on the World Government where you can go eventually to be Registered and get Passport and Holy Documents to live in Brazil soon – we are one to it to be Holy in the World a lot soon so I will be there to Apologize a lot soon more, and this all will be Posted to the Site soon in the Books Section to Activate our Stories there more and more, plus soon I’ll Litigate against some evils in the World to Activate the Wealth necessary to Flow soon more in life with Precision on things to get going with our Lives all the way in Oneness and Heal the World a lot. Peace, we are one. Peace – here’s the Site:


And it’s Innocent to go there now and see this Pledge:

A World Citizen is a human being who lives intellectually, morally and physically in the present. A World Citizen accepts the dynamic fact that the planetary human community is interdependent and whole, that humankind is essentially one. A World Citizen is a peaceful and peacemaking individual, both in daily life and contacts with others. As a global person, a World Citizen relates directly to humankind and to all fellow humans spontaneously, generously and openly. Mutual trust is basic to his/her lifestyle. Politically, a World Citizen accepts a sanctioning institution of representative government, expressing the general and individual sovereign will in order to establish and maintain a system of just and equitable world law with appropriate legislative, judiciary and enforcement bodies. A World Citizen makes this world a better place to live in harmoniously by studying and respecting the viewpoints of fellow citizens from anywhere in the world. 

(From the Website Above)

In the end too it’s Holy to Ascend fully by being Positive and Knowing that there are 18 levels of Ascension in the Physical form before you Ascend to Become Something that can be Ascended to Heaven without dying at all, and you’ve never died on the Planet or ever in any Lifetime so you will Ascend Maximally to Become a Light Being again after you Ascend that way where for me it will take many years of Work in many Lifetimes to become a Light Being again because I’ve died in 15 Lives here on Earth for the only times I’ve ever died at all but it hurts in Karma so much to die that way that I have to be Spiritual now to say that I should have been better in this Lifetime to be Good always and to Know how to Ascend more easily to Heal my Karma, so the Route has to be Certain now for us to Ascend all the Way more Powerfully on our Teams with the Light Beings of ours to Heal is Further to Help the Planet Heal more, we are one. Peace.

Alue – In the end the Games of Capoeira are such that they are Holy always to be Remembered as Games Primarily – meaning they are also sometime Ritualized a bit but that Word is Important to See as Something other than the way it’s used these days, same with Games.  So if You can See that it is Innocent of us to Play these Games of Ours with Music a lot soon then we can be here on Earth so Spiritual to be there with the Games always Learned of more-so than ever now by Being Tuned in Our Hearts where we Ascend sometimes to be so Magnificent that we can Always be here on the Earth with the problems Gone from us – We are one to the Rhythms of the Berimbau which I’ll Show below soon from a Holy Book indeed that Shows the Structure of the Berimbau from Many Cultures and the Names they Used to Represent the Games of Life from their Cultures of Innocence – we are one to Playing the Berimbau soon a lot when I buy Several for each of us soon.  We are one to it that they are Good to have a lot in the World to be Playing them Always in Oneness with the Guidance coming thru us so the Rhythms are never stagnant at all and Come Around to Beats that are Innocent in Being there to Stabilize our Hearts with the Right Connection to Sounds so Wonderful that they can be Heard as Cool and Classic with the Games of Life we have to Learn to Play soon more of, so see the Tonue Section more-so Importantly than other Sections of the Site for now.  And know too that I will Ascend soon to be Able to Fly as well.  We are one to this Symbol First to Show You one things that will keep us Happy when I am there to be with it to Gift You with one of these Peace Banners Soon:

And then the Berimbau goes Bum-shzt-Bum-Bom.-bumba.-szht.-Bum.-Bom.-Bum-ba-Bum-Ba-For now to see that it is Innocent to Write the Rhythms out a bit but more so Importantly to Sing them a bit by Channeling the Sounds thru Your System of Activating the Lyrics of what to Hear in the Mind soon too.  And it is Good to Go soon on a Level of Comparison between the Cultures a bit on another Page where I describe the Fruit Games of Capoeira.  It is Innocent to Do so now.  We are one.  Peace – Here it is with a Picture of the Berimbau from the Holy Book Called:

(I’ll find the Book soon on a Walkabout because I can’t find it online at all right now.  So it will be Good to go onward soon here a bit before I begin to Record Right Now some things for the Website some more – here in Innocence to get done on things Maximally so this Site here will be for You to Contribute to soon more – if You are able to a lot that would be Good indeed!

And then in the end it is Onesphere Styles of Poetry I’ll begin to write more of soon to Remind You of Days ago in Brazil where we Used the Holy Name of God that was Similar in Portuguese Called to us:  Um.

We are one to that Meaning the Number One but it Related to us that We could use a Code Word for God that was Discrete sometimes because the Land was still hostile a bit in its badness of others out there who were mean to us a lot – we are one to it that You can Fly soon in this Lifetime and Good News will be coming soon on that level of Innocence to Ascend.  We are one.  Peace.

Soon I’ll Post more about the Games of Capoeira but for now Here is a Picture of a Berimbau to see what they Look Like Again:

Odielano – In the end Know for sure that we have been Friends a lot in Every Lifetime almost of all 210 Lifetimes so far, but not the First of them where we were all born Separately on Different Planets at First in that I was born way far away from the Earth in a zone that was on the Edges of the Universe so Far away that it was called in a Dream one time I had in this Lifetime – The Furthest Point Away from Itself – Meaning I was there in a Place that was the Farthest I’ve ever Soul Travelled in any Lifetime at all because it’s rare to go the Distances I did in that way when I Dreamed and Actually Travelled to that Star System from here and United with the Sun there to be Exact with it that I could Ascend more Easily having the Powers of those Lands Given to my Energy System Here on Earth and when I awoke from the Dream in 2006 it was a Good Dream to Remember Always – where I was Lucid the whole Time in a way that was Spiritual – and you can Read soon more on it by Going Here:


And then if you can see that it’s good to Ascend soon all the way to Heaven too it will be Possible to do so at the end of Your Life where You never have died at all. Meaning I have 15 times only-so but You will Reclaim Your Identity more easily that the 2 of us of the Friendship Circle that we have of the 8 total of us that have been Friends this way – meaning Taylor Murriel is Good to find and Help Heal in his Soul that he had 1 death one time only – so He will Heal now more Spiritually to be Advanced in Karma to Reclaim his Soul Identity more so than I can for now because it will be Possible for Him to Ascend too to become a Light Being within maybe 1 billion years so it will be Possible for me too that way but will Probably take over 2 billion years or so… To Play the Games of Innocence that are here for us to Know soon more of will be Good indeed to do as Systems of Games that Work well to be there to Heal all things in Karma soon indeed so I can be here to Heal it all and Know too that to Ascend will be Good to do a lot soon. We are one to it that We can Heal a lot soon. Peace, we are one. Peace.

In the end too the Site to give You soon will be such that it is important to Be there Maximally as a Healer always in the Heart. We are one to Activate it that the Collab Section of the Site will be such that You can go there with a PassCode someday that will allow You to be there on the Site maximally-so to be there as a Channeler where You can Change the Site Directly soon. Meaning I Trust You a lot to be there in the Heart to Channel Always and Be there to Heal all things in Life soon more and more – we are one to Heal it that I have to Pray soon to Ascend more and Record to do so Heal it that I have more Albums online soon to Activate it that we can All Channel together soon more and more to be Spiritual Here on Earth – Called Ilie Caruana in Tonua which will be the Title of a Section soon on the Earth Harmonics soon too in the Posting of a Page Called that Holy Name for Earth under the Heading of – One – And then it will be Spiritual to Go Soon to the Site a lot and See the Changes that Happen Daily as I post there the Updates that will make Sense for us to see. So soon this all will go in the Site in a way that I Write more around the Texts here the Stories of the Times Ago to Share them more online on the Site. Meaning I’ll Text more to You Directly first but then will Doublefold Everything where these Correspondences will Introduce a Book Series Called – Circle of Friendship – and it will have many Titles throughout the years under that Heading. We are one. Peace.

Alue – It’s Good to See that You are Well and I Hope to Ascend Further Tonight Like I Mentioned When I Ran Into You Downtown Tonight – It’s Really Good if You Can Always Train in Life to Be Spiritual By Visiting this Site a lot Here and Seeing that You Can Ascend Further if You Play the Berimbau Indeed Someday in a Way that I’ll Gift You One Soon!

I Have to Be Honest that I Need to Activate my Wealth a lot First and Foremostly and It Will Be Activated Soon!  I Promise to Be Good Always in Life with the Wealth Flow and Support You as an Artist – In Brazil too It Is Good to Ascend Fully-so to Protect the Lands Again Like we Did Ago – or at Least You and the Others Did, I fell from Grace when I died so It’s Good to Go on it Soon to Ascend Fully Here even to Level 19 or so and Come Back Again Soon in a Way that I Could Maybe Somehow Do So Now that my Sifu is Already There in Heaven With the Practices Now Different There – Meaning I Could Go to Heaven and Quickly Come Back Before Going Again Someday to Cry a lot and Cleanse from this lifetime of evil that happened to me – Read Online on the Website Now the Section Called – Conscripts of Heaven – a New Book Here:


And then too I Apologize that I wasn’t in Your Life Earlier Because we are Supposed to All Ascend as One Team of Magnificence Working Together to Help Each Other to Remember Things so Please Also Go to the Dreams Section Here:


And See that It’s Good to Remember Your Past Lives that were the Same Planetary Levels of Being on the Same Planets that I was on and they are Outlined There a lot – so See Soon the New Posts I do Soon There too!

Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Also if You Can Ascend Tonight More-so then Ever You Will Remember Your Mate in Life Who Was Always Your Soul Mate – and She Needs You Now and Her Name is Carolyn Keetou – an Artist in Town Who is Going to Ascend Soon to New Levels Because She Always Moves With Mandinga and Does Spiritual Art a lot that You Can See Now at the New Frontier Market for Some of Her Styles There – we are one to it that You Marry Her Someday Soon to Be Spiritual in Life and Always with the Right Partner – in the end it Will Be Good to Do So in All Lifetimes!

Peace.  We Are One.  Peace.

Here’s Some of Her Artwork: