Oneness of Truth

Big Tribes

In The End I’m Sorry A Lot I Never Went To University – but went instead to a college that was unright a lot where I Learned:   nothing at all of Importance…

So Too:  was it bad Indeed to go there at all to the “school” I went to – We Are One To Healing It That I Could Have Learned Maximally At The University Where I Could Have Been Healed Rapidly And In My Family Again With All Things Healed In Life By Being With The Right Ones To Connect To Again In Life – So Too Do I Apologize Right Now For:  ever being anything other than Perfect In My Life!

I Am Sorry To My Grandpa Especially Who Reminded Me When I Was 5 Years Of Age To Be In The World With Them At That School And Only At That School Where He Had Invested Even To Maintain It There And I Was Supposed To Be There To Help It Heal Should It Need To Be Healed There – And It Is Good There Right Now To Spiritualize The Place Even Further – Because It Is Catholic In The Right Way There A Lot.  We Are One.  Peace.  We Are One To It That It Is Right To Be Catholic In That The Saints Are Respected As Ascended Ones Who Were Always Good In Their Lifetimes (After Repenting A Lot For:  anything badly “done” on the Planet – Or Rather, badly shifted on The Planet – Such That Some Had To Do So Repent But Not All) – And Most Of My Lifetimes Were Saintly Indeed But I Need To Soul Cleanse A Lot Tonight For:  not Being Spiritual All The Way In This Lifetime And I Still Have To Heal A Lot.  We Are One – Peace.  And Then I’d Say Too Here:

…That It’s In To Be Deity-Minded Again Soon With The Oneness Solving the problems that occurred when I was out of it in The Life Of Mine Here…

So Too Do I Apologize For:  not Being In My Heart Always When I’m Supposed To Be Way Superior In The World A Lot To Be Here As A Deity-Minded One Who Was Supposed To Learn Maximally In My Lifetime And Create A Lot Of Wealth Flows For Others To Heal With In My Life To Help Them All Ascend – We Are One To It That Now I Need To Create These Pages A Lot Quicker To Be Good At It Indeed So I Will Activate The Internet Alive Faculty Of Oneness As Much As I Can To Solve The Problems Of Needing To Be Here At All On The Laptop When I’d Rather Record On Walkabouts And Sing The Right Way With Friends Soon – We Are One To It That I Go Now To Sleep Less And Less To Have More Time In The World And Practice The Arts Of – Bi Shui – A Spiritual Name For Practices Of – Wakefulness – Indeed It’s Optimal To Be There A Lot In The World With The Frameworks From Tian Gong That Sleep Is Less Necessary When You Ascend A Bit And Become Liberated From “needs” that are unholy, Or Rather:  things that are thought to be Needed…

So Too Do I Apologize Now For Not Activating People With Wealth Enough To Get Destranded When It Ought To Have Been Done Long Ago When Remembering To Channel Again In The Eighties – When It Happened That My Grandfather Came To Me As A Young One Again… And Said To Me That I Could Be Spiritualized A Lot In The World As Someone Who Could Ascend Way Differently Than Anyone Ever Before Has And Come Back Again To Earth In One Body – (instead of Multi-Manifesting Like Usual…) And Then Be Born Anew To Write And Record Still But Also To Make Arts A Lot That Would Be Holy-In-Mind-Alone – To Be Styled That I Could Draw Still And Paint A Lot But Style My Life To Not Do So That Much Because I Will Do So Ascend That Way Still, But I Need To Do So In A Few Years Now Instead Of Waiting And Then Quickly Come Back To Earth After Ascending Fully To Levels Up To 108 And Then I’ll Be Ready To Cry Later After I Ascend Further Even Inside Of Level 108’s Mastery System Of Creations Of Perfections Of Joy For So-Doing It Rightly On The Planet – We Are One To It To Do So Create A Lot Of Wealth Flows For Everyone Soon For I Will Be Rich And Also Just Enough So To Do The Right Business On Earth With Friends More Paying For Everything – In That The Circles of Wealth Created By My Great Grandpa And His Teams Was Such That They Were Called – The Humans Of Wealth – Sometimes In A Spiritual Way – But Never wealthy At All…  Meaning That Word Is:  atrocious To Us And We Need To See That It Is Clear That We Can Ascend Fully-So Into Oneness Tonight Even Further For Safety In Life – So Too Do I Need To Litigate Still Here In Eugene So I Can Take Down:  the institutions that hurt Me a lot In Life – Particularly:  ones that tried to strand me or torture me again or hurt me in any way physically or mentally at all – Meaning I Want To Go To School Now A Lot To Be There With My Sifu At That School A Lot With Wealth For Him – And Wealth For My Mestre-To-Be Who Reads These Pages A Lot And Also For My Sensei To Be Who I Will Find Soon Again For I Met Him In Japan One Time And Indeed He Was The One Who Saved My Life One Time In Eugene And Has Many Helpers In The World – One Of Whom Created The Look Of The Stylized Kimono I Wear Tonight Even To Ascend Further With It In A Way That It’s Holy To Respect Him And His System Of Learning True – Ninja – Styles Of Being On The Planet – So I Have To Repent And Change And Grow Spiritually A Lot And Always Apologize To You All For:  not Understanding The Things Necessary In Life To Learn Always The Right Way And To Be Spiritual In That Endeavor – So Tonight I Go Home To Heaven Perhaps In My Dreams To Learn Maximally There – If I Can That Will Be Spiritual A Lot To Have – Big Dreams! – From Now On Forward…

In The End It Means That I Can Ascend Now Spiritually To Be With Cambae At That University Where We Will Have The Gear We Need There More Than In:  this city And That Will Be A Triumph A Lot – We Are One To It That the city Here Has To Heal A Lot To Be Removed Even From The Land Because:  it was “placed” Here inappropriately and was not Right At All to be Here At All Ever!  So Too Do I Apologize For:  it being Here At All That Way For If I Had Ascended Earlier I Could Have Dissolved Things More Easily On The Planet Using Sound Techniques Of – Jakata Vom – Again In My Life Here!

Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

And So Too Do I Apologize For not Ever Being Present In My Life Fully Aware Of Myself Being One To It After:  I lost my Way When I was stranded as a Youth with funguses that hurt Me a lot in ways of evil… like how it happened that I was tortured and “shown” things of evil in:  My Mind when it happened that:  The Universe could not Prevent:  the situation that developed:  On Earth with:  My Family getting stranded a lot…

In The End I’m Sorry To All Of Them In Heaven Who Are Awaiting Return To Their Bodies – We Are One To It That I Still Have To Go To School There Now When It’s Possible To See If I Can Ascend There More Fully-So And Get A Job Even That Will Be A Holy Career In Arts Mostly-So But Also To Work Spiritually In The World In Business At The Same Time To Mode Things In The World Here Exactly-So Timed To Be One To It In The World With Freedom A Lot And Also The Right Livelihood…

We Are One.  Peace!

Here Too Are Other Systems Of Integrating The Styles Of Learnings From Tribal Styles Of Play Where You Can Be Ascended More Easily By Finding The First Ones To Be With You In Lives Of Ago For Friendship And Oneness Of Your Soul Mate With You Even – Here To Be Are The Other Individuals In Your Lives Who Will Be Your Spiritual Creators With You To Make Arts And Musics And Things Of Life That Give Forth Blessings On The Earth – We Are One To It That You Read These Below A Lot For Each One Because They All Contain Different Wisdom On Things And Will Be:   Needed To Read On Soon –    Here They Are:

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And Then Too It’s Important To – Remix – Things Even More With Friends Soon Too!

We Are One.  Peace!