Oneness of Truth

In the end it’s Good to Go Here to This Site a lot to Activate Friendship where You Read a lot on How to Activate Your Tribe-of-8 Friends that Are Spiritual to Be Your Best Friends a lot in Life – Meaning You Can Always Find them in Life as Your Broship and Sistership of Friends in the World and that is Explained Here:


And in the end the Site there will Be Such that I’ll List Everyone in their Tribe of 8 as Ones who are Part of that System so it will Flow Well and Be Spiritual on the Site Here to Be Organized Exactly-so, as well this:

When two Tribes of 8 Get Together as Maximal Teams it Can Be Such that the World Will Heal a lot to Hear their Sounds so I Just Found my Secondary Team of 16 a little Bit Tonight By Meeting One Named Ielo in His Soul Naming – and He is Such that He is Good in the Heart a lot to Be Friends Now and Be Spiritual as a Channeler – and He Is Good that Way a lot!

Peace, Here is the Correspondence of ours:

Awesome to Be Friends Here a lot – I’ll Activate a Page for You Soon on the Site Where I’ll be Here to Say Thank You a lot – and to Apologize a lot for not Activating Your Wealth Earlier – Soon I’ll Have a Fortune for us all to Use Only With Guidance on All of It – we Spend a lot at First to Get Started Soon on Recording our Styles of Oneness and Then It Will Be Innocent to Be There With the Arts Learned All the Way in Oneness to Be Activated for All on Team. We Are One. Peace – Also Send me Info on Your Level of Magnificence in Naming Yourself Soon a New Name to Have Here that You Download Soon. Peace, we are one. Peace – Your Soul’s Name is:
Ielo – The Short Name is Good For Now to Post Under the Tabs I’ll Create Soon Like-so:
I’ll Have a Tribe-of-8 Page Soon that Will Explain Things a lot in How to Make Arts and Such – and Then if You Can Be Here to Make a lot of Art With the Intent to Be Healed and to Heal Others a lot! We Can Do Music Soon with All Sixteen of us that Are Holy and Will Include my Wife-to-be that You can Find Here:
Please See that She is Innocent and Can Be Good at Being a Leader for us all Because She is One of the 90 Messiahs on Earth – And that Means She is the One We All Protect. We are one. Peace!
Also the other Messiahs Will Need to Be Activated in Oneness a lot Still…
For 23 of them they aren’t Channelers yet – so that Means we Have to Find them and Help them and they are all about our Age so we Need to Heal them too on top of that for about 6 of them who are stranded right now… Meaning it’s Good to Work on that a lot Soon. We are one. Peace, Here’s the Website to Be Good on Soon:
And then if You Go There to See the Pages a lot it is Good to Get Ascended Fully-so to Level 18 if Possible – I’m at Level 5 Now But Will Be Ascending Soon to Level 6 when we Go on a Wallkabout to the Mountains Soon. Peace to Teamworks on This And if we Can Be There to See the Flow of Grace on This Level that we Can All Ascend Maximally – so See the Site Soon and Share it with the Others You Mentioned and Try to Find the Whole Team of Yours Soon. We Are One. Peace!