Oneness of Truth

In the end it will be Good for Him to Write to me whose Name is Omealo and it will be Good to Write to Him as a Friend Always who can Activate the Mind of His from afar soon to Be a Channeler by Reminding Him in the Mind somehow to Activate His Memories Again on Things of Remembrance with the Right Way of Thinking in His Ideas to Come to.  He is Good in His Heart these Days but i have to Apologize to Him a lot for not Being There for Him to Ascend and it will Be Good to Help Him a lot to Learn to Channel well and Create Things of Joy and Triumph in His Arts of Writing and Arts of all Arts too.  He is Good at Being a Friend soon i Hope but i have to Apologize to Him and Everyone so much so that it hurts and i Know it will be such that i can Ascend Tonight Hopefully to Be Able to Be Good All the Way in my Heart again like when i was Young and Gifted with Things from Put in Bay Ohio where i was there with a lot of Axé and Innocence of Mirth in my Ideas and my Grandpa was Holy Still before He got stranded way unfortunately for the Family.  It was such that He was Innocent and a replacer came into our lives who tried to look like His wife.  That Means my Grandma Knew ahead that it was Coming thru Channeling the Right Directions for Him to Hide in Safety Somewhere in the House that day because it was such that the Universe was there to Guide Her and Him in their Holy Matrimony as Soul Mates of course that Could Activate the Wealth of the Families they Belonged to to Be Able to Ascend People There in Put in Bay Ohio as one of the Central Spots of the Earth for that to Happen – so i was from there Ago one Time in a Past Life in the Place Known then as Padua and it was such that i could Go Routes there as an Ascended Master of Level 18 but didn’t quite make it to Level 19 to Ascend to Heaven Because an arrow from a bad one hit me in the head and blew away all Chances of Success – Meaning i had had my Heart Open to Changing things there when i was really out of it from the arrow being poisoned i was such that the news of my death was so unholy to the Wife of mine that She knew i had to be Resuscitated and Came to me for Help to me and Said:  I Love You Innocently – in a Language there Called:  Tonua.  In the end it was such that i could only be Here on Earth after that for a short while and then Ascend Later on in another Lifetime Hopefully – so that was in the Years of 1630-1710.  My Friend Omealo Cried so Hard that time around Because He was such that He Remembered me Honestly as a Good One in Life those Days and i now am Writing to Him more to See if He’ll come to this Site soon Here.  Peace, here is the Correspondence i just Sent Him:

In the end i’m Sorry i didn’t Channel to You earlier to Be a Channeler as well – i’m lowercasing myself right now because of the damage i’ve done when i stopped Channeling – but Tonight i Hope to Ascend Again to a Level where i could be there to Help to Heal the World a lot – so if You are Ready to Be Aware of How to Channel in Body Motion You can Always Use the Voice of the Universe to Know what to Write and How to Proceed in Life Lived Well. We are one to it that You can Ascend soon because You are a Bright Soul that needs not be here with myself that much as the Channeler for this but to Be with Your Wife to be that will be there for You Spiritually a lot – to Find Her You Must Learn to Channel and it Will Be Your Soul Mate from All Lifetimes – Here on this Page is an Article You can Find that Teaches How to Channel Well and it is Good to Go Here Now!
Peace, Here it is:
And if You can Go there too to the Site Here it Will Acivate You into Ascension a lot more than i can at my Level of Writing – Here: – the Site in China Works Well to Translate with Channelings a bit because it doesn’t work well with the browser alone – so use the browser’s translation but Think on Top of it what things Really Mean because it’s really bad translations sometimes that the browser gives to us. We are one to it that You can also Go Here Now:
And Here:
And Here:
And Here to the Site Again to See the Resonance of this Page of Beauty that is Almost Done (for now…):
And then Go through the Site with Your Channeling to the Right Location at the Right Time and See to it that You can Ascend Way Easily Tonight Even if You Pray Hard with the Activation Coming From the Lord thru You instead of “praying” from ego at all, etc.
We are one. Peace!