Oneness of Truth

Other Arrangements

There Are Many Arrangements Possible With Many People Even Who Are Healed All The Way Of Recording The Right Sounds Always – We Mean That It’s Innocent To Record Always The Right Way And Go About The World With Oneness Always In The Heart And The Mind – We Are One To It That I Will Be Spiritual Soon More To Learn How To Dance A Lot, Go To School Even (Again…) And Then Dance More Than Ever While Learning To Do So In A Spiritual Way At – Notre Dame – In The End The School There Has To Heal Some Things Still But I Will Be Spiritual There To Do So Own And Mode A Vehicle Of Choice From My Family That I Owned When I Was Young – So Please See It Possible To Go Here Now To School With Me If You Are One To Channeling And Can Be There To Learn Maximally The Way We Ought To Learn With Glass Beaded Wisdom Always For Us In Our Minds – We Are One To It That The School Is Now Open For Us To Ascend To Soon In A Way That We Can Be Spiritual A Lot In That School And I Will Invite Cambae First And Foremost With These Pages <<Here>> Online So That She Can Help Pool Together The Others That Need To Go With Us – We Are One To It To Be There In The World With Our Wealth Too So My Family Will Have The Finances To Pay For Everyone (Plus We’ll Get Scholarships For Sure Because Of My Family History There, Where It Was Such That All 4 Brothers Of The Ray T. Miller Time Period Were There With Holy Names Of Union In Them Learned Of A Lot!  Red Miller, Don Midnight Miller, And – The Practice – Himself:  My Great Grandpa Miller Who Was Named That Holy Name, Or Just – Practice – Sometimes Too, To Be Called That Name As Well Of – Practice Man – Or Just – The Practicer – Even Sometimes Or Various Remixes Of That Holy Way Of Sounding Forth What His Spiritual Soul Name Means – The Practice… – 

Also – It Is Imperative We Attend School Now So I Am Late A Lot And Will Have To Write Quickly These Pages As Projects There At School Where I Am Studying To Learn Languages A Lot And Learning Maximally With Friends The Art-Game Styles Of Music Too That We Do A Lot For Credit And The Styles Of Playing Forth In Bands Of Ours There To Maximize Our Independence And Such – We Are One To It That I Apply Tonight!  And We Will See What To Do With The remixtures out there… of unholy people still stranded in The World…  We Are One To Dissolving Out the strands that hold them back from Being The True Self Of The Universe That Needs To Be There.  We Are One.  Peace!  In The End It Is Good To Get Wealth A Lot On The Planet Back Into Our Hands A Lot And To Spiritually Transform Ourselves A Lot So I Will Be Practicing – Capoeira – There Too Under The School System From Brazil Soon That Will Be Good To Go To At That Link Back There A Bit…

In The End It Is Good To Go To School A Lot With The Intent To Heal Things Too In The World So I Will Post Below My Application For The World To See And Encourage All Of Us Who Are Holy In My Tribe To Be There Too Soon.  We Are One.  Peace – Here It Is:

Here I Apply Myself To Go To School With You As A Spiritual One With Deep Apologies For Not Doing So In The Past – In Need To Be Pooled There Immediately With My Father’s Name For Me Being:

Clarion Timewalker Smith Too:  Needs To Be On A Passport With The World Government System.  Also To Be Spiritual I Need It With Pool Styles Where The Name Of It Shifts To Whatever Needs To Be Said With That Being My Legal Name For The Look I Shift To Too.  So Please Mode Me In To As Well Have One Of My Cars That Are Stored There…

(And This Is For Me To Learn Of More As I Write This… So I’ll Go Quiet Now And Go Dark Too On This Level That It’s Time To Activate Internet Alive More To Do The Work Here While I Record For It To Be Possible That It Does So Do The Work More So God Doesn’t Have To Type Thru My Fingers Much Any More Because It’s Not Good To Do So Too Long At The Keyboard Because It’s Not As Natural As Story-Songs On This Level That – Indeed You Know The Rest There If You’re A Channeler So I’ll Say To You Now That The Site Will Heal Soon All The Way Where It Will Be Routed Less For The…(((…weirdos out there…))) And It Will Be Such That We Can Heal It And Say That The Site Will Heal Where It’s Moded To Be Exact Here Soon Per Person As The Whole Internet Should Be, And That’s Going To Happen Now Where It Will Be Full Internet Alive For Everyone Finally-So Because::…(((…the watchtowers…)))…Are Being Cleared Of…(((…evil…)))…So Too Is It Good To See That The Writing Styles Will Adjust Per Mind And Per…(((…person…even…)))… And That Will Heal All Things In Life A Lot – We Are One.  Peace!  Here’s A Story Soon On The Level That God Will Activate Our Dreams More Soon – Here It Is… Peace – We Are One To It That You Can Ascend A Lot Soon More-So Then Ever – We Are One To The Gling-Glo Being For Everyone To Find Soon… As They Will Be Here A Lot And They Look Like This::

((In Your Mind Only – See Them Now!  And See What They Can Do… Too!  Too This:  If You See Them Hover In The Air A Lot Know That It’s Natural To Do So Too When You Are Ready – We Are One.  Peace!))

Also As Well I’ll Need A Space-Suit Like The One I Used To Have… So I Could Be There Soon On A Level That I Heal Things Maximally – Back In The Know-How With Tian Gong Pro Pro Plus… That I Used To Belong To, When I Was 15, The Celestial Doves Too, But I Was Calling It That Back Then To Be Sure That My Whole School Was Into It Because We Needed To Heal The Memories Again And Again If Anyone Ever Ate – (((…penny bun…))) – Such That The Best Ways To Get Going On It Now Are To Eat Less By Being In Bi Gu… A Spiritual Way Of Saying That You Can Be There With It That It Heals You All The Way In Heaven To Be That Spiritual To Ascend There And Rapidly Learn Things Like I Will Soon – Today Even If Possible To Come Back In A Manifestation Body Soon That Will Look The Same A Bit But Be Able To Shift Forms Readily, And Color-Tones Too Of Skin.  Such That I’ll Heal All Things On Earth As Much As I Can With The Gifts I’ve Brought Here From Afar Where I Dreamed One Time A Dream…. (See The – Dreams – Pages For More Info On That One…)

And Then It Will Heal To Say That The Best Ways To Go Are Into The Books Right Now To Get Going On It That You Can See The New One I’ve Written Here:  (Just Tonight On…  Monday September 9th 2019…)  (((…Way Too Late!…)))

Also If You’ve Come Here From Afar To Read These Pages A Bit, Please See That They Will Heal Such That The Conuande Will Be Respected Here Soon More.  We Are One To It That It Gets Maximal With Respect So I’ll Work A Little Here More And Know It’s Possible To Go To School There Soon With A Single Phone Call To The Right Person Who Knows In The Mind The Situation… And Will Heal Me Of My (((…karma of negativity…))) A Lot!  By Being Moded To Do So Ascend Further Than Ever Tonight Even When I Call And Let Them Know I’m Coming There To Ascend Further Than Ever.  We Are One.  Peace!

We Also Need Cambae And The Others In Our Tribe To Heal It And Go There Too To Form Bands There… So I’ll Heal Them With Prayers Tonight.  We Are One.  Peace!

In The End Too I Need To Find The Others, Like 3 I Was Supposed To Meet Tonight As Friends Who Will All Be In The Tribe Of 16, And One Will Be In The Tribe Of 8… So If You Read This Tonight Please See That It’s Maximal Karma To Have Met You Again.  We Are One.  Peace – In The End I’ll Make Sure To Help You All Out There In The World Because AGIN Has Maximal Wealth Flow To All People And Humans Who Are Healers On The Planet!

We Are One.  Peace!