Oneness of Truth


Soundbender Activated His Channeling Tonight Beautifully With This Message Online Here:

– Sunset on the Springfield bridge heading to Glenwood (whatever it’s called). –

And I Responded:

Thank You For Channeling That – It’s Called: Foliano for now Because that Region is Larger Though in that Naming – to Bridge Between the Two Rivers Here: Willamette Ilie, and Wandie Ilie. The Two Are Spiritual Rivers That Are Connected By That Section of Land and It’s Good to Consider it Possible to Know the Tonua Namings More than Ever Soon of the Mountains too, like Candie Calu, Pisgah Calu, and Combuwa Calu – Here too online it’s Good to Go Soon to Ascend in Oneness All the Way for You Now that You’re Channeling – we are one. Peace!

Good to Go on This Site Soon to See His Styles Develop as an Artist a lot and His Music Will Shine Online Soon and Here are the Biz Cards we Designed Together to Activate His Styles of Oneness:

Soon See the Posts we Do Together on Teams of Oneness With His Styles Masterfully Learned to Go Together With His Wife-to-be Who He’ll Find Soon – Peace, we are one.  Peace!

Also I’m Sorry I’ve Been Busy Lately So I Have To Be Quick and Say that It’s Good to Record Soon and I’ll Have a Zoom H4n Pro for You as a Gift Soon!

Peace, we are one.  Peace.