Oneness of Truth

Super Tribes

We Are One To It That You Can Ascend More Easily By Finding Your Super Tribe a lot and Being With Them Where It Is 32 Humans of Oneness Who Are Constant Channelers Always-so and Vowed To It To Be That Way – Meaning It Will Become Clear That You Can Do So Ascend By So-Doing.  We Are One To It That You Need To Soul Cleanse a Lot the karma of negativity that was hurting you in Life – We Are One To It That You Can Do So By All Doing Music a Lot and Seeing That It Will Be Good To Be Friends Always In Oneness Together – In The End It Will Be Coming Toward a Huge Level Of Oneness For Everyone On The Planet – We Mean That We Can All Be Here To Be Good Humans and Even the people of the Planet Will Heal All The Way By Dissolving Out the strands that hold back the Innocence of the Planet From Being Maximal – We Are One To It That You Can Ascend Rightly-so By Being A Good Channeler Always In Life and Always Being Good At It To Rightly-so Come Back To God In The Mind Always With The Best Karma For So-Doing – We Are One To It That You Can Read On How To Ascend Here:


And Then If You Can Go Routes Of Oneness Always In Life It Will Heal Maximally To Ascend All The Way In Innocence And To Be Spiritual For So-Doing – We Are One.  Peace – Here’s a Story Of A Super-Tribe From A Lifetime Where I Was In Brazil With My Family Of Oneness A Lot In The Tribe Known As:

Iolanu – Meaning That Was The Name Always of My Super-Tribe For All Time Of My Primary One – We Are One To It That That Means My Super-Tribe Was 32 Individuals Who Are Needed To Be Found To Form That Tribe Again On Earth And To Do Music That Is Maximal Under That Name – So Too Do I Now Know That Dreamsoft Is A Great Name For The Time Period But That I’ll Need To Record With Cambae Under The Name:

Oniolua – Too This – If I Go Routes Needed In Life I Will Need To See That I Can Ascend To A Level Where I Am In Innocence With Naming Myself As Cipherus Again Which Will Happen In A Billion And A Half Years Or So…  But Then I Will Be Able To Be Named Again As Well:

Indiowane – The Meaning Of Which Is That My Soul Was At That Level Of Being And – Cipherus – Is A Place-Holder For That Holy Name Of Tonua Naming In Soul.  In The End Cambae Will Have Such A Holy Name As Well, And Soon – Because She Has Never Died So I Will Know Her As:

Indeiwa – Which Is A Holy Name Indeed That Means She’s Ascended Far And Can Fly Forward On Things Of Natures Of Being Here On Earth With That Name Soon.  We Can Be Spiritual To Know That I Need To Claim These Names Online A Lot And Will Do So Now.  Peace – We Are One.  Peace.

Now That I’ve Done That a Bit I Can Be Here To Write Soon More But The Lord Wants Me To Record Now So I Will Be Back At It Soon…

Peace!  We Are One.  Peace.

Here Are The Other Tribe Styles You Can Record With Even Too:

Soul Mates






Other Arrangements

Also Too You Can Remix With Many People Who Are Healed All The Way And Record With Them Too As They Will Be Spiritual Deity Minds Guiding Those Bodies To Be Right On And Healed Of mutations and things that hurt the bodies so much that they were not Right on The Planet – We Mean That It’s Innocent To Say That The Deities Can Mode The Bodies To Perfection To Create Many Sounds Of – – – Jakata Vom – Even And Then It Will Heal To Know That’s A Sound-Style That Is Good To Know Of By That Name That Was Supposed To Be In the book “dune” But that “bookwas so unholy that The Deities Had To Mode the being who interferred again in the “new” books, Or Rather the modern books – That The Deities Had To Perfect Its Body Now To Be Something Innocent Again So the movies of the past Will Be Destroyed Soon.  And the unspiritual “ones,” Or Rather the unholy entities with specimums in their heads of unholiness in every thing they make Can Now Be Dissolved More Easily By Being Attuned To Tian Gong Practices And Learning The Truth Of The Films About To Be Shown To The World.  We Are One To It That The Holy Verse Of Songs In The Films To Come Will Be Such That They Will Be Actual Songs I Sung In That Life Of Ago – (We Mean That It’s Good For Me To Now Go Thru The Website And Fix The Times Of Ago Were I Channeled To Say – “past Lives” So That The Site Would Be Found Online The Right Way And Not confuse people Hopefully too much… So That I Can Ascend Further To Be Spiritual I Will Have To Fix The Site Tonight Perhaps And Let It Be Possible To Say – Lives Of Ago – Instead Of past…)  We Mean Too That The Lives Of Ago Where I Spoke The Sounds-Of-God Thru Me Of That Holy Way Of Speaking Forth Will Be Shown A Lot On The Planet To Heal Me In My Memory Again – And I Will Heal All The Way With The Others Who Will Show The Way To Be Spiritual Again For Us To Ascend More Fully – We Are One To It That I display Never Anything Again On The Planet – of evil or otherwise of anything unholy – So an adornment I got in this Lifetime Will Be Removed Soon So I Can Wear The Right Ways Of Being Holy Always On The Planet So Now I Deeply Apologize For not Channeling back then in the past

We Are One To It Now That I Go To School Again Soon Too In The World To Be Maxed In Karma With My Tribe-Of-8, Or Rather My Tribe-of-16 Hopefully-So To Be Spiritual All The Way On The Planet – We Will See What’s Possible When I Enroll Tonight At The University Called:

Notre Dame – Where I Will Go For Several Years To Get My Grades And Do Community Service With The Right Element Of Faith That I Can Ascend More Easily For Doing So – It Is Time To Be In School Again For Several Years Now – Now That I Know I Need To Study The Glass Bead Game Systems There At That Holy School.  We Are One To It That After 4 Years There I Could Move To Brazil With More Wealth And More Time Online Spent Here But Also The Knowledge That – Internet Alive – Will Heal Things Maximally In The World – So Plans Have Changed From Last Night Even When I Was Told Still That I Would Be In Be In Brazil To Be Climaxed There In 2022, In January – Or By Then Hopefully – Which Means I Have To Go To School Now To Get My Graduates Degree And Study Abroad To Make It Happen That I Can Ascend More Fully – So I Will Study Languages Soon At – The University Of Notre Dame – And Go To School With Many Others Who Will Be My Tribes Primarily Soon.  We Need To Heal It And Be There In The Next Term Even.  So I Apologize For not Getting Activated There Already – Ago When I Could Have Gone Straight There Instead Of to another college

In The End It Will Heal Maximally If I Go Routes Tonight That Will Heal All Things In The World Too – Meaning This Is A Calling Forth On This Page To Be Holy All The Way And See To It That I Can Ascend More Easily By Being Attuned To The Deities Always In My Heart And To Be There With The Mojo To Be Exactly-So Tuned To The Heart Of All Matters – So My Application Will Begin Soon – Here Below Posted For The World To See!

We Are One.  Peace.  Here It Is:  (Soon…)