Oneness of Truth

The next Friend here to Find is one that i met tonight on Thursday August 29th 2019 who was Innocent in His Mind a lot and Knew Words Differently than i Remembered but then Reactivating my Memory i could Say that it was in to Call things Dope again like when i was a kid on Earth in this Time Period – or Before many Years ago in the World of all of the Other Planets that use that Word of Holiness to Describe something that is Cool.  We are one.  Peace.

Sic too means – Thus, and Exactly thus – in a way where my Godmother Taught me to use that Word a lot when i was a kid so it is Good to Remember my Family as Strong and Cool to Know a lot in the Future.  Peace, we are one.  Peace, here below is the Correspondence of ours – here:

On it to Clear away all dissonance with her (whose name is something You can Know from Your Channeling), she needs Support right now with more channelers in life, so too can you read this Website a lot soon to Channel further and Learn to be one to it a lot to Ascend. Peace, we are one, Peace.

Thank you too for the Downloads of who to Listen to and i will be there to Post a Page Tonight on our Friendship such that i Write to You here a lot with Ideas on how to Ascend and on the Music especially that you introduced me to – Peace, we are one. Peace, here’s the Website:


Start there and Wind Your way thru the Site by Channeling where to go – Peace, we are one. Peace.

Soon i’ll have Holy Names for You to Know to Activate Your Memory of Lives Ago.

Such as: Tialdo – from the Universal Language Called Tonua as the Name of Your Soul.

And Teldoniano as the Name You can use for Dance and more.

And Opalame. As a Name for Capoeira, and then also more soon. Peace, we are one. Peace.

Also soon on the Site i’ll Post the Wisdom of our Conversation where You said Words from Channeling that i rarely Say these days because i can’t be heard Saying them until i Reactivate my Memory and Remember my Godmother’s Words to be such that She told me that it was Innocent to call things Sic or Dope even when i Pray the Right way and Know the Difference of how to Say those Words from Holiness in the Definition that God Wants us to Know of them – Peace, we are one. Peace.
Sic just Means Exactly – Thus – and so too She Said to me that nearly everyone misuses it until one day it will be Common to Call things Sic all the Time that are Way Cool things. Like has Happened since then from Channelers Using that Word Appropriately – so indeed the Music You Mentioned to me is all that Way of Being Sic and Dope even – in that that Word has nothing to do with anything of bad usage these days… so it is Good to Say it Means as She Told me that it is Good to Say Dope a lot as a Youth and Know it Meant Harmony of Sounds to us as Channelers in the Meaning that we have to Reclaim our Words a lot. So Peace be on Yours of Excellence in Writing to me soon Your Channelings on these things and i’ll Post these Correspondences soon on the Site where i give Forth a Name for You like so too:
Indio 1 – for a long time of Remembering who You were as a Channeler before You were ever in the World at all as a Physical Being, Meaning You were Named as such in the Universe as a Being of that Quality – a Light Being Styles where You Ascended the Styles of Being Called a Hero of the Universe to be Exact in all Details of Learnings such that You were indeed Known to Be a Light Being that is Different than an Odalfe like me, but a Style that has been an Omau before that Look like this:



Thank You for Being Kind and also i have to Say on the Music that it is Better to Channel everything in Oneness a lot, so i will Share with You some Secrets of that Here on the Website:
And then if You can go there soon to the Site below too and Activate Wisdom on How to Channel always-so it will be Good to Know You as a Friend who can Help the Situation where my old friend You know still thinks it’s wrong of me to Channel online so much, so Please See the Site now soon and go to her only as a Channeler to Help the World to Heal. We are one. Peace.