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Pele Um was One to It as an Advanced Mestre of Capoeira in the Days of Old Ago who Knew many things of How to Ascend and was such that He was a Good Friend to me in Teaching me to Channel in that Lifetime which started out bad for me in that my Mother had married the wrong one, and i was such that it was evil then too in Brazil in the City Called Santo Amaro where i was Born.  This Story now Commences soon in a way where i Found someone Named Tongia who was a Good Friend to Write to me about a Recording Device that i had Posted up to Sell but can’t because it isn’t quite time to get rid of it yet because it is Holy in a Way that it has been Carefully Modulated with Energy Gear…

And then it will be such that when i get the Right Gear again of a Zoom H4n Pro i will be able to use it a lot to Record on but have to Heal it for a Year before i can Actually use it on my Discs in a way that it will have the Same Energy Gear Updated in it.  So too will it Help to Heal things a lot to do so – we are one.  Peace.

And then this was a Correspondence to Tongia – here below Posted now:

It is available to You indeed as a Channeler but Please only use it Wisely-so, so i can get one soon that is the Best One for me Called the Zoom H4n Pro – which is Available to You too as one You can See on the Site now, but once i get one i’ll still have to use this one for a year now… i’ll explain it this way that it has Energy Gear in it that is Great for the Resonance of the Voice to Carry thru such that it Activates things in the World a lot and is Holy to do so keep it for a year now… but if You want it Still that Way in the Future to Buy it then, i’d Gift it to You instead. We are one to it that i Posted this so You could find it and Write to me, as a Channeler – so Please go to the Store Here in Eugene and Get one of the Zoom H4n Pros that are only $200 and Pray with it to Become Enriched in the Same Way – and it will be Spiritual that i Post this online soon on my Website Here:


Then i’ll Post this Correspondence somewhere on the Site in the Friendship Pages Called Circle of Friends… and You’ll be one of the First ones there to see Yourself as a Good Friend to me again like in many Lifetimes Ago – so See the Site a lot and Be there to Know the Truth as it Stands – that we were Friends in most of our Lifetimes and that means You can be there a lot to Ascend again like times before when You Prayed to do so…. So it’s Innocent of me to Ask You to be there in Life with me soon to Learn how to Record with these a lot – so Go Here next and See the Site that says the Method for using these a lot to Make Holy Albums – like on this Page:


And the Name Cipherus was Gifted to me long ago but i no longer carry that Name for myself because i fell to death on this Planet before. So i no longer have the Resonance of that Holy Name at all enough until one Day i can Reclaim my Name when i Ascend to Become a Spiritual Being that is Ascended enough to Be a Light Being again Called an Odalfe Styled Being – You are too one of those but have never died at all. So when You Ascend Fully-so it will be that You can Come back to Earth even in a Manifestation Body that will be here to Heal all things in the World – we are one. Peace.

Also if You go here on the Site to Learn how to Ascend You can Go Here now even to see first this Page:


And then it’s Innocent to See that You are Good in the Heart to be here in Reverence to my Sifu whose Page i’ll Post soon on the Internet a lot. We are one. Peace!

And then i’m Sorry that i didn’t find You Earlier as a Friend online so it’s Good You found me here and i’ll take down the Posting now that You found me – we are one. Peace.

Sorry i didn’t Find You earlier as a Friend – the Truth is i need the Zoom H5 still to Record for now but Honestly the Zoom H4n Pro is much better for Recording because You can do more Track Layers in a Row before You have to Bounce it to Disc and Set it up to Record again with the new Bounced File Set Up to be there on the 4-Track System again – so if You want to Know my Process more, here again is the Post i Left You on the Site to See Here:


(Here on this Site here…)

And then i’ll Fill it in with the Best Ideas of How to Be a Friend soon to be there with the Ideas that we can be Honest and Make Art a lot together as Friends one day because You were a Good Friend to me in Brazil 1 time and Helped me Learn many things of the Arts of Capoeira in the 1920s there when i was Called then Axão Pe and You Knew Yourself as Tongia as the Name of Your Soul, so too did You have a Capoeira Name Called: Pele Um.
Also if You can Remember those Days Ago You will Ascend more easily – we are one. Peace.