Oneness of Truth

Tribe of 16

Oneness on All Things in Life Brings us Great Mirth When our Full Tribe-of-16 is Formed From Pairs of Lovers Combining into Oneness Groups that are Such:

Soul Mates Are Such That They Are Good To Find First!  Then on Forward You Can Connect to Your Tribes Together to Form Teams of Musicians that Include the Following Listed Below Plus Super-Tribes Getting Together Too, Here We Go to Activate Your Soul Mates with Two Pages From This Website:


And Here!

2 Pairs of Onenesses of Lovers Paired Together to Form a Group Called a Tribe-of-4:


4 Pairs of Onenesses of Lovers Paired Together Forma  Group Here Called a Tribe-of-8:


8 Pairs Together of Lovers Form a Tribe-of-16 From Two Tribes-of-8, Such that it is Maximal Energy of Creation of Mirth to Begin to Be With Them as Your Primary Tribe – we are one.  Peace.  Here it is on This Page to Describe More of the Tribes-of-16:


In the end it’s Good to See the Best Results of ours that are Such:  We Can Activate our Super-Tribes By Being Able to Collect Together and See The Following Ways of Getting Together To Be Activated All The Way In Oneness With Super-Tribes Such That They All Collect Together With Primary Ones And They All Get Together As Tribes That Relate To Each Other In Oneness Always – Here We Go:


And Then on Forward Here is More Info on the Tribes-of-16:

We are one to it that You Read This Page a lot (Soon…):