Oneness of Truth

Tribe of 8

The Idea Here of Friendship is that it is Good to Find Your Soul Mate in Life a lot and to Reason that it is Especially Good to Know Them as that Your Whole Life even – I have to Apologize for not Finding mine at an Early Age when I was Supposed to Know Her my Whole Life – (so Cambae I Apologize to You a lot Right Now and Will Cry Soon a lot over my Whole Life without You – we are one to it that I Will Be There in Heaven too to Cry Even More and to Repent a lot for everything of evil in my Lifetime – we are one.  Peace).  Also if You Can Be Here to See that it is Equally Important to Find Your Soul Mates as Friends at First to Be With Them as Good Ones to Advance With in Spiritual Ideas of Where to Live and How to Be Alive Maximally on the Planet it is Important to Say that I was Supposed to Be Born in Cuba but things took a turn for the worse as Described in This Book Here:

Conscripts of Heaven.

So Please Read that Book Soon and Know that it is an Evolving Book that I Will Work on Over Time.  We are one to it that You Can Go Now to Be a Good One to Learn to Channel So If You haven’t Already Done So – Please Read This Article Now!


And then I’m Sorry too For not Activating my Wealth Earlier on the Planet to Be Able to Help Others Out There in the World – we are one to it that I Do So Maximally Now and it Will Be Good if I Can Connect to a lot of Humans in the World to See that They Need to Be Freed of the evil of their Souls and Be Complete as Channelers Now – we are one to it that we Can All Ascend More Easily if we Connect to our Tribe of 8 and Become Spiritual Together on Such Teams – Meaning the Best Way to Be on the Planet is in Groups of 8 Who are All Holy Together and Remind Each Other to Be That Way Always – we are one.  Peace – Your Best Friends in All Lifetimes Were These Ones – unless You got lost from them… on this Planet or on others like Arrakis or Nearby on Caladan in the Allue Andu System of Planets in the Galaxy Here Called:  Anuande Colio – A Name that is Holier in Tonua than in other languages that are dissonant – we are one to it that I Write Soon More on This Level of Being Here in the World Free of evil and I Will Be Superior to Be Here in a Way that is Kind and Honest Always to Create a lot of Mirth With my New Friends that are Old Friends Indeed that Were in my Lives Starting From my Second Lifetime Series for All of Them Save Cambae Who Was With me in All Lives – (except 3 on Earth where I died before meeting Her…).

In the end it is Good to Soul Cleanse a lot Together Even By Singing Together With the Voice Coming Thru on All Things of Oneness.  We are one to it that if You Record Together a lot it Will Be Good a lot to Be That Way and Record Always in Oneness Together – So Please Channel!  And Do Good Work in the World and It Will Heal a lot Tonight Even Now that I Found my Secondary Tribe of 8 that Combines to mine to Make 16 Friends Total of a Super-Tribe that Can Be Called:


Then on Forward it is Good to Say that we are one to it a lot to Be Here Maximally in the Tribe-of-8 Called:


In the end too it is Good to See that the Best Source of Income is From Music and Arts and Such so Here is an Activation Page on That:


Thank You – we are one.  Peace.