Oneness of Truth

Conscripts of Heaven Intro

Before Writing The Book, Conscripts Of Heaven I Went
On A Walkabout To Cumbawa Calu To Ascend Further, Here Are Pictures Of The Trail::

Here Is A Photo Of One Of My True Fathers/PáPás::

And The Lighters I Carry With Me To Show The True Black & White Color Tones::

And Below Is A Music Video By The Cranberries::

Before Reading The Book – Conscripts Of Heaven – Please Read This Article On How To Channel::
Also To Be Good With The Heart Please Read Books By J.D Salinger.
Peace, Here’s The Catcher in the Rye:
Also See This Story, 
The Inverted Forest::
Here Is The Book::
By Richard Bach – And::
Here Is The Book Conscripts Of Heaven::
There will be as well 3 in the Series Called:
Conscripts of Heaven
Conscripts of Oneness
Conscripts of Love
Thank You!
Peace – we are one.  Peace!