Oneness of Truth

– Conscripts Of Heaven –

Chapter 1

In The End You Have To Know The Truth That It’s In To Consider Things Differently As Possible That The World Is Much Different Than You were taught…


It’s In To Consider Always The Truth, As Uppercased Always – Meaning The Truth, O Verdade, La Verdad… Etc.

Open To It And See This Book As A Flow Now That Will Teach You Many Things In Oneness – We Are One To It That You Ascend One Day, And That Is A Primary Teaching For You To …die… Never, But Ascend Instead And That Is The Normal Way Of Being In The Universe.

Somehow In My Life I …was taken from My Birthplace And Came To Eugene To Be Born Anew, It Was Logical To Do So, Born Anew In This Land As One Who Came From Afar, In A Secret Land I Was Born Initially, The Land Of Narnia Is Real, And That Is Where I Was Born Initially – In A Secret Place Known As Narnia.  Please See That The Beginning Of My Story Is There, In That Land – Born There And Then Again Born Here In Eugene, Oregon.

One Time Ago::   My Mom Came And Rescued Me From …a situation In Life where I was taken away from Her for awhile…  a trespasser had taken Me away – Meaning::  a replacer had plastic surgery to look like My Mother a bit… but she was out of it, and she was not human at all… 

In The End It Is Good To Know That My Mother Rolled Me My First Tobacco And Said To Me That It Was Innocent To Be Healed With The Smoke From It –  I Was 3 Years Old.

Later::  I was tortured… At The Age Of 3 I was abducted and My Body was split to pieces….  I was dead…   Then Alive Again When A Healer Came And Took Me Away To Narnia Again To The Cave Entrance In A Land Where It Is Possible To Go To The Inner Caverns And Hallways Of The Earth – There Is Where I Was Reformed And Healed All The Way – Reformed In Innocence Of Resurrection For Reals…

3 Times I was mutilated And Healed With Embalmings And Ressurections… Ages 3, 4, And 5…

When I Was 5, I Remember Coming From An Entrance To The Earth’s Hallways And Heard My Mother Say My Hair Was Flaxen Colored.  My Family Took A Snapshot Photograph Of Me And Showed Me Immediately The Polaroid.  3 Days Later My Hair Turned To Brun Again…

Later the replacers came to The Islands Of Narnia…  I was trapped in Life and taken back to Eugene, Oregon.

Chapter 2

In The End It’s Important To Know That the replacers were such that they tried to look like My Mother, Who Read Many Books To Me When I Was Young:: 


Mother, Mother, I Want Another


My Father’s Dragon


The Little Island


The Island Of Time


Historical Data

Running History


Almost Home


Another Nineteen


And the replacers were evil to try to hurt My Tribe And My Father – Kevin A. Ryan – And Others In My Life – Even The Aunts And Uncles On Both Sides Of What they perceived the Family to be… Meaning My True Father Was The Real Kevin A. Ryan, He Was A Runner And A Hero In Town Here In Eugene.  He Ran For Nike And Puma And Ran Around The World Including A Race In Eugene, Oregon Called::

The Race

…A 5 Mile Road Race That He Won Most Years And Also Came In Second A Couple Times And One Time Was Third.  He Was One Of The Fastest Runners In The World.

Kevin Andrew Ryan Was The Father Of My Last Lifetime Ago And the replacers thought He was My Father In This Lifetime Because He Had Been Around My Mother Protecting Her.  My True Father Is In Another Land With My Real Family.

My Mother Was The Granddaughter Of Ray T. Miller – The Founder Of The Cleveland Browns:



And The Creator Of The WERE Radio Station, An Attorney Who Became Mayor Of Cleveland, Ohio For Awhile, Then The Head Of The Democratic Convention In Ohio – He And His Brothers Had All Gone To Notre Dame And Played Football There.

Harry Red Miller Was One Of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse On The Football Team.



Don Midnight Miller Also Played Football There And The Whole Family Was In POOL And Other Organizations That Helped The World.  Ray T. Miller, More Than Any Other, Help JFK Get Elected.  The History Is Complex And Will Be Saved For A Later Book – When replacers attacked JFK’s Family, My Family Helped Free The Kennedy Family And Helped The Nation.

Chapter 3

Below Are Pictures Of The Real JFK.

…the replacers got into media and made spectacles, one of them got into The Whitehouse for 3 years.  









JFK And His Family Went To Spiritual Lands And Learned Practices Of Ascension.  None Of The Family ever died.

…the replacer who got into The Whitehouse was shot by a false cia group.

Letter To Follow To The World Government::  ( –  Info@WorldService.Org – )::

Help Is Needed Here Now In Eugene, Oregon – I Sent A Letter To The United Nations Emergency Response Network – UNDAC – Recently About the copsters Here, and the fungal sporing in The Air, and also the pinging of radiational dissonances that hurt Us Here…
Please See If You Can Support Us All By Being Able To Give The World Teams Of Humans And People Too That Are Uppercased Citizens Of The World The Right Badge Levels Necessary To Be Safe In Life And To Do Jobs For The World Government In POOL, DEEP SCIANCE, FUSCIA, And PEACEKEEPERS – We Are One To It To Be United In Faith That These Organizations Will Be Able To Be Alive More In The World Than Ever – And To Do Work For The World To Heal – It Is Needed That We All Support Global Leaders Who Are One To It In Mind And Body And Soul – Meaning Ones Who Channel And Who Know The Mind Well Of Oneness, I Am A Channeler Who Is Working On Ascension A Lot In Life – Please See The Pages Of – www.UpperCaseTruth.Com Soon And Be There To Read Where You Channel To Go – Oneness Always, We Are One.  Peace.
Also, I Was Born Into A Family Of Oneness That Was In Those Organizations And Others As Well For All Members Of My Family Including My Great Grandpa And His Siblings – Ray T. Miller Was One Who Set Up Things In The World A Lot, Please Read About Him On The Website Soon – Especially His Role In Saving JFK’s Life And In Helping Him Become President.  We Are One To It To Heal Things In The Nation Here By Getting It To Become More Than A Presidential Role For The Next One To Ascend To Office – Kanye West Is One Who Needs Our Support For Him To Become The Next President – But Also For The States Here To Heal From infiltration.  It Is Good For Kings And Queens To Rule The Lands For Lineages To Be Created Of Peace.
We Need To Heal From anything slawsy – or false of Laws.
Also, We Need It To Be Such That The Ascension To The Throne Of All Of Canada, The Name For This Northern Continent, Is Such That Kanye West Will Be Respected As The True Leader For All Of These Lands.
I Am One Who Someday Will Be In The World To Travel A Lot As A Musician, Filmer Of Dance Videos And Art Films, And Also For Making Peace Occur Worldwide – We Are One To It That My Jobs Online Too Are Important As The Site Has Info On How To Heal Things By Becoming A Channeler And Working Toward Ascension Of The Body.
We Are One.

Chapter 4

Many Others In History And Recently have been attacked by replacers – My Entire Family, Charlie Parker, Lamonte Young, JFK And His Family And Friends, Philip K. Dick, Michael Jackson And His Family, And Also Eminem.

Charlie Parker, Code Named::  Bird – Was A Spiritual Musician That Helped Create Bebop.  …the replacer that died in New York was not Charlie Parker.  Charlie Parker Fled To Spiritual Lands And Ascended Fully – When the spectacle reported that Charlie Parker died, Billboards Around The World Blazed With The Words::

Bird Lives!


Michael Jackson And His Family Went Into Hiding And Are Now Ascended Masters.


Philip K. Dick And LaMonte Young Also Ascended.


Eminem Released A Music Video Recently Showing a replacer In A Cage On A Rooftop…

Chapter 5

My Sifu::

– Le Tian Da Shi –

Taught Me Practices Of Ascension When I Was Young.

Years Later, When I Found Him Again I Learned New Practices.


Bronze Bell Qi Gong Is A Meditation Style Where The Body Begins To Shake And Tremble With The Energy Of The Universe And Learns Rapidly To Move In Oneness.  

Chapter 6

Hospitals Of The World Need Support – In The 1980s groups of infiltrators began swapping Human Children with mutants…  The Children Need To Find Their True Parents In Life.  The Parents Need To Heal From syringings of fungal goos that form krangs in The Head that take over mobility and zombie out Our Families.

Chapter 7

Connecting To The World Government And Learning Ascension Practices Will Help The World Heal From krangers and mutants.  Here Is A Link To A Training Page::

We Are One – Peace.

In The End It’s Essential To Train Hard In Life To Be A Detective And To Know Your Roles In Life That You Can Be – We Are One To It That It Is Essential To Train The Right Way By Being In Stillness Always As A Channeler And To Move With Guidance And Learn Practices Of Ascension. 

We Are One.  Peace.

Chapter 8

To Heal The World We Need Many On Team With Spiritual Organizations That Teach Ascension Practices.

The Links Page Here Has Good Organizations To Connect To::

Links Of Oneness


Thank You – We Are One.  Peace!

Chapter 9

Please See To It To Now Become A Conscript Of Heaven, Meaning With God’s Script Thru You Become One To It In Channeling Always And Become A True Warrior Of The Universe That Can Be Here Helping The World Heal And Become One Who Will Always Go The Right Routes In Life, Always With God’s Guidance On All Levels Of Speech, Writing, And Motion Subtleties, Plus All Things Known In Mind Too Guided To Think The Right Thoughts, We Are One To It That You Can Train Now As Warrior Of God In All Ways Of Peace.

To Learn Of Games Of Life Of The Great Glass Bead Game, Please See This Link::


Thank You Always, We Are One, Peace!

Soon The Next Books Will Be Written::

– Conscripts Of Oneness –


  – Conscripts Of Love –

Peace Always, We Are One, Peace!