Oneness of Truth

– Conscripts Of Heaven –

Chapter 1

In The End You Have To Know The Truth That It’s In To Consider Things Differently As Possible That The World Is Much Different Than You were taught… or straught Rather…


It’s In To Consider Always The Truth, As Uppercased Always – Meaning The Truth, O Verdade, La Verdad… Etc.

Open To It And See This Book As A Flow Now That Will Teach You Many Things In Oneness – We Are One To It That You Ascend One Day, And That Is A Primary Teaching For You To …die… Never, But Ascend Instead And That Is The Normal Way Of Being In The Universe.  Peace To It, Please Read Onward Soon After You Go Here To See How To Ascend::


(And Then, In The Print Book Of This, It Will Detail That Page Here… In The Flow… On The Sides Of The Pages Sometimes It Will Code In The Exact Passages Needed From The Links That Are On This Flow-Style Of The Book – We Are One To It That You Know In Your Heart That It Is Good To Read Things In Order So Please Be Patient And Read Where You Are Supposed To Flow By Following Further Links On The Pages You Go To Before Coming Back To The Book Of <<This>> Format… We Are One, Peace!)

(((…Also – If You Can, Please Read This Book In Order Without …skipping or skimming at all… We Are One, Peace!…)))

Somehow In My Life I …was taken from My Birthplace And Came To Eugene To Be Born Anew, It Was Logical To Do So, Born Anew In This Land As One Who Came From Afar, In A Secret Land I Was Born Initially, The Land Of Narnia Is Real, And That Is Where I Was Born Initially – In A Secret Place Known To You Now As – Put In Bay, Ohio, Where Narnia Extends From Lake Huron To Lake Erie, Pronounced Ere-ee-ay – Exactly As It Comes Forth From You When You Channel Aloud The Right Way Of Saying It – Please See That The Beginning Of My Story Is There, In That Land – Born There And Then Again Born Here In Eugene, Oregon – The Land Known As Well As Alianu Allue  – In Tonua…

See More On Tonua Here::


And Then – See To It That You Ascend Rapidly To New Heights Of Powers – We Are One To It That You Can Read Onward Now My Story…

One Time Ago::   My Mom Came And Rescued Me From …a situation In Life where I was taken away from Her for awhile… (((…a trespasser had taken Me away – Meaning::  I Was There In Put In Bay, Ohio Once And Came Back To Eugene, Then::  a trespasser looked like My Mother a bit… but shre was out of it, and shre was not human at all… Read On The Front Page The Sections On …replacers… Soon!…)))…

In The End It Is Good To Know That My Mother Rolled Me My First Tobacco And Said To Me That It Was Innocent To Be Healed …of thrings… With The Smoke From It – Even Though I Was Only 3 Years Old.  It Was Such That The Smoke Became A Gift Of The Universe To Aid My Memory In Recovering And I Remembered things Of Put in Bay, Ohio Where I had Been Gifted Back my Life Before…

One …Time Ago In Alianu Allue I …was tortured… At The Age Of 3 And …was pulled apart a lot with weird things growing in Me, …of funguses… and My Body …split to pieces….  I …was dead…   Then Alive Again When A Healer Came And Took Me Away To Put In Bay, Ohio, To The Cave Entrance In A Land Where It Is Possible To Go To The Inner Caverns And Hallways Of The Earth – There Is Where I Was Reformed And Healed All The Way – Reformed In Innocence Of::

Resurrection For Reals…

One Time Ago I Needed To Heal That Way Again, And Another Time Too – Ages 3, 4, And 5…

When I Was 5, I Remember Coming From An Entrance To The Earth’s Hallways And Heard My Mother Say That I Had Golden Hair Now,,, They Took A Snapshot Photograph Of Me And Showed Me Immediately The Polaroid Filmshot.  It Was Such That I Had Golden Hair And Was Keen In The Mind To Know That Was Different Than Before – But It Was All New To Me – I Was Such That My Memories Seemed Locked In Place Of Knowing Very Little At All, I Was Reborn Again… And Had Only Memory Of A Few Moments Time…

The Polaroid Is Still There Somewhere In Put In Bay, Ohio – And I Know It Is Real Memories, Some Of My First Ones That I Still Remember Today – Until My Mind Heals Further… We Are One To It That Later On I Was Such That My Mind Became Very Healed In Memory, At Age 5…  But then… it was out of it again and replacers came again…

Chapter 2

In The End It’s Important To Know That the replacers were such that they tried to look like My Mother, My Father Figure – Kevin A. Ryan – And Others In My Life – Even The Aunts And Uncles On Both Sides Of What they perceived the Family to be… Meaning My True Father Was Not Kevin A. Ryan, He Was A Runner And A Hero In Town Here In Eugene For Running – The Race – A Local Race Called That Name That Was A 5 Mile Road Race – He Won It Most Years And Also Came In Second A Couple Times And One Time Was Third, But Each Year He Ran Very Fast To Be In The Top Tier Of Runners World Wide – He Was Sponsored By Nike, And Later By Puma Too.  He Was One Of The Fastest Runners In The World – When the replacers came, He Was Usually In The World Afar – Running Races Around The World (((To Be Also Doing Jobs As An Agent Too… Meaning My Family Was Badged In World Government From Long Times Ago – More On This Soon, But For Now Know That The Story Is Told Partly On The Site In The Books Section Under The Tab – Family – Read There Soon The Story Of Ray T. Miller, My Great Grandfather… And Here Below Will Be A Little More Info On Him And His Brothers… Midnight And Red Miller…)))

Red Miller – Known As Harry Miller By Birth Name Was Such That He Was One Of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse – As Called On The Football Team At Notre Dame, Meaning Though That Literally He And The Others Were That Indeed – The Four Horsemen. 



Also – He Was Such That He Was Badged Early On – Just Like The Others – Midnight Especially, Don Miller, Was Mysterious – He Was One On The Football Teams Too, Like My Great Grandpa As Well, They All 3 Played Football And Were There In Great Fashion Of Discipline To Be Heralded As Some Of The Greats Of The Game!  Later On, After Becoming Mayor Of Cleveland And Establishing Himself As An Attorney Previously To That, Ray T. Miller – The Practice Itself, As He Was Called Became The Founder Of The Cleveland Browns Football Team.  He Was Also The Establisher Of A News Radio Station In Cleveland That Helped Out A Lot In Establishing JFK As The New President – (Behind The Scenes, My Great Grandpa Was Known To Be The One Most Important At Getting JFK Into Office…), The History Is Complex And Will Be Saved For A Later Book – but when replacers tried to get into government, JFK Fled For His Life And Went To Put In Bay, Ohio To Be Freed Of The replacers impact on His Life!  My Great Grandpa Saved His Life – (Again…!)… And The Story Here Needs To Be In Your Mind The Right Way, So Please Read Onward The Story Of JFK’s Escape To Freedom.

Chapter 3

Below Are Pictures Of The Real JFK – the falser who tried to take over was out of it and you can see many images of ones who were there in government even by going online and surfing around a bit.  But they all look different, sometimes very different from The Real JFK.  Peace Always – We Are One.  Peace.

Also Please Examine In Mind More On The Story – It Is Essential To Learn From Your Mind The Real Truth Of Things By Channeling And Knowing Truth – We Are One To It That You Dream As Well The Stories Of Your Lifetimes Ago Soon More So – We Are One.  Peace!









In The End He Fled From DC And Made His Way To Put In Bay, Ohio And Knew His Mind As One To It As Always He Was A Good One In The Heart Too, He Knew How To See Clearly And Followed Routes For Safety Always – He Never …died… He Was Always In The Flow Of Life And Learned To Ascend Fully-So, Meaning His Body Became Equipped With The Light And He Became Something Stronger Than Before – We Can See That He Was Then Graced Into Heaven Without Dying – And Will Be Able To Be Here Again – Meaning, When You Ascend Fully-So To Levels Upward You Can Return In Many Bodies Of Oneness And See Thru Them All At Once – The Practice Of Multi-Body Modes Like This Is Taught In Tian Gong, And It Is Possible To Become Immortal This Way With The – Closed Body – Or In Brazil What They Call:  – O Corpo Fechado – Peace Always, We Are One – Peace.

Letter To Follow To The World Government::  ( –  Info@WorldService.Org – )::

Help Is Needed Here Now In Eugene, Oregon – I Sent A Letter To The United Nations Emergency Response Network – UNDAC – Recently About the copsters Here, and the fungal sporing in The Air, and also the pinging of radiational dissonances that hurt Us Here…
Please See If You Can Support Us All By Being Able To Give The World Teams Of Humans And People Too That Are Uppercased Citizens Of The World The Right Badge Levels Necessary To Be Safe In Life And To Do Jobs For The World Government In POOL, DEEP SCIANCE, FUSCIA, And PEACEKEEPERS – We Are One To It To Be United In Faith That These Organizations Will Be Able To Be Alive More In The World Than Ever – And To Do Work For The World To Heal – It Is Needed That We All Support Global Leaders Who Are One To It In Mind And Body And Soul – Meaning Ones Who Channel And Who Know The Mind Well Of Oneness, I Am A Channeler Who Is Working On Ascension A Lot In Life – Please See The Pages Of – www.UpperCaseTruth.Com Soon And Be There To Read Where You Channel To Go – Oneness Always, We Are One.  Peace.
Also, I Was Born Into A Family Of Oneness That Was In Those Organizations And Others As Well For All Members Of My Family Including My Great Grandpa And His Siblings – Ray T. Miller Was One Who Set Up Things In The World A Lot, Please Read About Him On The Website Soon – Especially His Role In Saving JFK’s Life And In Helping Him Become President A Lot!  We Are One To It To Heal Things In The Nation Here By Getting It To Become More Than a presidential role For The Next One To Ascend To Office – Kanye West Is One Who Needs Our Support For Him To Become The Next President – But Also For The States Here To Heal From the times past when the States were out of it in declaring it necessary to be a democracy at all… It Is Good For Kings To Reign – And Queens Too, So That The World Government Can Prosper For Long Terms Of Lineages Instead Of::   sgovernments that are out of it, like Ours right now…
Peace Always – We Need To Heal From anything slawsy – or false of Laws, that is…
Also, We Need It To Be Such That The Ascension To The Throne Of All Of Canada, The Name For This Northern Continent, Is Such That Kanye West Will Be Respected As The True Leader For All Of These Lands.  If You Can Please Send Me Soon The Necessary Badgeworks That I Need In Life It Will Be Such That I Can Do Work Daily As Channeled To Do – The Way POOL Has Always Operated, As Well As The Other Organizations Mentioned – <<This>> Is For Online Data Too For The Book – Conscripts Of Heaven – So Please Go To That Book Soon, Though It Is Yet To Be Finished.  I Am One Who Someday Will Be In The World To Travel A Lot As A Musician, Filmer Of Dance Videos And Art Films, And Also For Making Peace Occur Worldwide – We Are One To It That My Jobs Online Too Are Important As The Site Has Info On How To Heal Things By Becoming A Channeler And Working Toward Ascension Of The Body Thru All Levels Of 18 Physical Levels Of Ascension, Onward To Levels Beyond – And Then The Body Can Be Physical Once More With Many Powers That You All Need To Research In Mind – Please See That The Practices Of – Tian Gong – My Sifu’s School Of Wisdom, And Also The Updates Of It Called – Feng Huang Yuan – Are Good To Support In The World A Lot!
We Are One To The Practices Of Ascension In These Schools – Peace Always, We Are One, Peace!
Please See To It That The Passport I Purchase Soon Will Include Appropriate Badgeworks Listed Within It And That All Who Write In To Get Passports Soon Will Be Appropriately Badged As Well – It Will Be Needed That There Be A Drop Location For Things To Be Flown To Independent Of The mail system Here…
Then Spread Thru The Lands To The Appropriate Citizens.
We Are One To It That We All Ascend More Easily Soon – The Practices Are Always Evolving So Please Be There In The Heart For These Messages From Me…
Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

Chapter 4

In The End Know Too That …replacers were after Him a lot… they tried to trackster Him and it became difficult in His Life a lot – JFK Ascended Fully-So When He Went To The Orcas Islands In Lake Erie And Then It Was Teams Later On Of His That Became There With Karma To Help That Were Formed Onward To Keep The Right Government In Place – They Still Exist There Making Governmental Decisions Behind The Scenes – To Connect To Them There As The True Government Of These Lands Is Essential As The Current situation is such that it is out of it a lot.  Trump Means To Become On Top Of Something that is awry – Meaning My Badges From Birth Trump the ousters false badges in their systems of evil.  We Are One To It To Reclaim Words Here On The Site And In This Book – To See In History Is Essential And To Know Who Was Who In Life – when replacers attack We Need To Know The Truth Of the situations And Help Out With Knowledge Shared Openly – In History::

Charlie Parker had replacers after Him too – the one that died was not Him.  He Was Never …addicted to drugs at all!  He Fled To The South And Went To Georgia To Learn Many Things In His Mind And To Ascend Fully-So And Is Still Alive To This Day – He Is Immortal And Will Be Alive Forever In Many Ways Of Triumph!  Peace Always – See More On His Life Soon In The – Ascended Masters – Section Under The Books Tab Here On UpperCaseTruth.Com…

Also::  Philip K. Dick, LaMonte Young, And Even Eminem Recently had replacers hurt Their Lives – We Are One To It To See The Truth.  Please Go To This Page Now To Learn More Of Eminem And His Artforms Of Oneness::


Also See To It To Be There For All Things Of Jurisprudence In Speech On This Topic – It Is Essential To See That The Universe Is Healed Of replacers and their weirdness.  We Are One To It to See Too That The Times Are Cured Of anything they’ve done to us.  We Are One.  Peace, – (((… my fumily is out of it, a sishter, a mum, and a daddio too, plus one they bred illegally of a false brothrer…)))  Please Help It Heal By Arresting them all – and also my unclies and aunties are out of it too – Peace Always – We Are One.  Peace.

…the replacers syshtems are out of it – threy tried to replace The Whole Family from My Grandpa And His Wife down to The Children Of His, And Even Their Children.  We Are One To It To Heal It Now By Following Routes To Clean Up the situation.  Peace Always, We Are One.  Peace – When I Went To Put In Bay, Ohio After I Was 5 And Onward It was different a lot, the froods were not the same – all the people were not the same Ones I’d Known…  Peace Always – Please Look In The Mind Now And Know Too That I Am Honest Here Always And This Is The True Story Of what happened then…  We Are One.  Peace.

Chapter 5

When I Was 5 Years Old I Came Forth From A Cavern System After Being Healed From …a situation where I was mutilated (again…).  It Was Good To Be There On Deep Bass Island, Of Orcas Island Systems – Connected To The Real Narnia – A Land Of Stories That Are True Always::  (Narns Are Such, True Stories That Have Elements That Are Magical…)

The Truth Of The Story Is That My True Family Was There – My Grandpa, My Mother And Indeed My True Father – Paulo Paulo Is What I Will Call Him For The Book Here, He And My Mother Took A Photograph Of Me And Told Me I Had Golden Hair, I Saw The Polaroid And Saw My Hair That Color.  Two Days Later It Returned To Being Dark Brun…

My Sifu Was There As Well::

And He Was There The Next Day To Teach Me Again The System Of Learning From – Bronze Bell – A Meditation Style Where The Body Begins To Shake And Tremble With The Energy Of The Universe And Learns Rapidly To Move In Oneness.  Thanks To Him, I Have Again Relearned Bronze Bell Systems When I Was In My Twenties (Starting In 2007… At Age 26 And Onward I Was Training It Daily For A Long Time)  I had forgotten Ever Taking The System Of Learning – …penny bun fungus is evil – it’s the one sold in grocery stores and put on pizzas that destroys Memories by erasing Them – We Are One To Healing It All And Knowing That The True Story Is Such That I was out of it a lot in Life when I was ever thworsted with syringings of this fungus…

My Mom Back Then Taught Me Many Things…

In The Conversation When I Was 5 Years Old… My Mom Said To Me That The Universe Would Heal Me All The Way And I Would Be Married One Day To A Woman Who Was My Soul Mate In Every Lifetime – So Please Go Here Now To See The Beauty Of Our Friendship With Her Who My Mom Said Would Be Good To Have In My Life Always As A Friend And To Be Married To Her In Heaven::


We Are One To It That We Were Born Together (Before Being Born On Land…) In The Womb Of The Earth, She Told Me And It Was Such That We Lived There For 5 Years Before Being Born Separately In The World, Meaning We Were There In The Crystal Caverns And The Hallways Thereof That Had Coiled In The Earth In Narnia To Be Maximalized In Teachings That Were Pure For Us To Learn, Especially Of Jihad Hana Techniques Of Healing Things On Earth – We Are One To It That You Can Read More Of Jihad Hana – Here Online:


And Here Too:


So Too Is It Important To See That She Taught Me There In My Dreams Many Things Related To Arts And Oneness Ahead Of Time For In The Caverns We Knew That We’d Be Here On Earth In Different Bodies, For Then We Looked Like This:

(The One Styled To The Rightmost Was Our Style Of Look Back Then – Honestly In The Caverns And Hallways And Open Areas Below The Surface In Narnia – Which Is A Whole Region Of The Earth Interconnected Thru Those Hallways – We Are One.  Peace…)

In The End It Was Such That She Gave Me My First Name Again And Said I’d Remember Being Called that In Lifetimes Ago Here On Earth And On Other Planets Too – And The Name Was – Oke…

Here’s the Story Continued Soon – for Now Take a Break on it and Read This Here:


And Now That You Have Done-So It Is Important To Go Here:


And Then If You Can Read More Of The Site Too Thru Channeling It Is Important That You Do So Always Before Continuing Down Below – We Are One.  Peace.

Here’s an Article on How to Channel in Case You Haven’t Seen It Yet!


Peace Always – We Are One.  Peace.

Chapter 6

In The End It’s Essential To Know Too For You To Become Good Detectives In Life To See That The …hospitals out there are out of it a lot in The World…  threy are such that they are hrospitals that sometimes take Children away from Their Own Families – Meaning::

…swappings occur sometimes.

When Human Families go to hrospitals the staff sometimes targets The Children Born there… Meaning::  …the staff that are out of it are phonies oftentimes and take Children away from Their Parents and find similar looking broodlings that they swap out with The Real Babies – swapplings are out of it.  …it is a situation that We Need To Heal – When I Was 18, I Met For The First Time A Baby Who Was Not My Half-Brother – yet My daddio and his wife at that time told me it was…

…they had gotten a Human Child from the hospital.  My daddio was not Right at all ever – he was a mutant ogre-like person and My “step-mum” was out of it too – a replacer in another Family that had been targeted locally because of perceived wealth – The McBirneys had been targeted because Money Had Been In The Family Quite A Bit And The Real Ones Of That Family had been targeted a lot – such that 2 Brothers have died from people thworsting them with syringes until The Brothers were zombied out and Both died from then on forward what occurred that was declared as “suicide…”  

…it was not suicide, but the krangs that formed chose to murder those Two Brothers.  The Sister Had Fled Long Ago And Is Still Alive Somewhere, but when My daddio met Her she was attacked in a similar fashion with replacers after her because he was out of it to let the crompany know too much about The Money In That Family – We Are One To It To Heal the situations out there with Families being attacked by monsters…

Peace, We Are One To It For The Children Of The Earth To Find Their True Families – Eugene is still out of it a lot with swapplings…

Peace, Please Research In The Mind How To Help As Much As Possible – “Christopher Ryan,”  Needs A New Name And To Find His True Family – As Do All Children who were swapped.

We Are One To It To Find Out How To Find the records threy keep at hrospitals…  I Found Two Siblings Lately, Just Yesterday Who Were Walking with their false parents – But They Looked Alike A Lot And I Could Tell They Were Siblings Indeed – Meaning the hrospitals must keep records to some degree because The Sisters had been swapped to the same mutant fumily… And They Had An Age Difference Of Perhaps 4 Years Or So…

We Are One To It To Know That You Do Not Need To Use – this sort of system of thoughts – That Was Just To Show You How You Have To Appear To Think To …the mutants out there… Because they are out of it and We Have To Appear To Think As Such::

Reasoning… Is Not Perfect – It Is Best To Channel The Truth And never try to figure things… Especially With Detective Work.

We Are One.  Peace.

Chapter 7

In The End It Is Good Now To Go Here To Get Badges In Life If You Are A Citizen Who Is Needed In The World To Be Badged Like So:: 

(Please Read This Page Next For The Books Here To Be Good Training And For You To Be A Worker Of The Tao…!)

Go Here Next And Read This Page On Badge Ups::


In The End It’s Essential To Train Hard In Life To Be A Detective And To Know Your Roles In Life That You Can Be – We Are One To It That It Is Essential To Train The Right Way By Being In Stillness Always And By Being A Good One To Learn To Ascend More And More So You Can Do The Work Necessary In Life – Time Magic Is A Real Thing That Relates To Being In Time Differently – See It Possible To Learn Of Time Such That You Can Really Work On Life With Maximal Precision In Details Of Subtleties – We Are One To It That You Need To Ascend To Be In The World Working With Maximal Integrity On Projects Of The Tao – We Are One.  Peace.

Chapter 8

In The End You Must Know The Truth::

…the replacers, falsies, and phonies, and swappers all are types of mutants bred without Human Souls, they have krangs instead of Human Brains…

…krangs are fungal configurations that thrink weirdly, You Can Speak With Channeling To threm And Say::

Dissolve Into Nothingness, threy are weird thrings that are out of it a lot…

Please Understand That It Is Essential To Channel Always To Train them To Be Better In The World And To Help The Universe In Dissolving the fungal mess they are made of in their headstates…

…data-blocked Is Another Code Word For their mrind-figurations.

Please See That It Is Essential To Clear Them With The Right Techniques Of Channeling What To Do, We Need them To Be Better Trained And Then It Is Easier For them To Become Moded Where The Deity Gaurding them Can Mode their bodies And Heal Them Until they Become Fully Moded People, Then More & More Humanlike Until they Become Fully-So Citizens, We Need To Heal The World Too From their impact where they try to strand Our Fellow Humans with thworstings of syringings or fungal froods that can form krangs in The Head, Meaning::

…zombies are Humans with krangs that have formed to the extant that The Human Soul no longer is in The Body…

…harkans are the same thing But I

Only Know That Word For Channeling…

It Is Such That We Must Heal them First And Foremost, Harken To The Call.

We Are One.  Peace!

Chapter 9

Please See To It To Now Become A Conscript Of Heaven, Meaning With God’s Script Thru You Become One To It In Channeling Always And Become A True Warrior Of The Universe That Can Be Here Helping The World Heal And Become One Who Will Always Go The Right Routes In Life, Always With God’s Guidance On All Levels Of Speech, Writing, And Motion Subtleties, Plus All Things Known In Mind Too Guided To Think The Right Thoughts, We Are One To It That You Can Train Now As Warrior Of God In All Ways Of Peace.

Please Now Go To The Great Glass Bead Game As A Way Of Further Training Yourself Into Oneness::


Thank You Always, We Are One, Peace!

Please Continue Reading Soon In The Book::

– Conscripts Of Oneness –


  – Conscripts Of Love –

Peace Always, We Are One, Peace!