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Ray T. Miller my Great Grandpa was a Man who Ascended Fully-so to Heaven without dying like newspapers claimed inaccurately such that they Posted even his Obituary that was Written Well thru Channeling to Fake His death and to Send a lot of Love to those in the Heart to Know He was Still Alive – He Said to me in a Dream even that He was Alive and Well – and i Remember that Dream a lot now.  He was a Good Man to Ascend in Every Lifetime and Never die so it was Easy for Him to Become a Full Manifestation on Earth of Prismatic Wisdom that Received a lot of Karma for Being one of the 10 most Powerful Ascended Masters ever on Earth – He was such that He was a Uniter of things in Life and had many Roles like:

The Founder of the Cleveland Browns.

The Maker of a Radio Station in Ohio Called:  WERE – which was Optimal at Being the Groundworks for a Plan that has yet to Activate where the Internet Alive would be Broadcast Everywhere on all Radio Stations, because they Secretly Used Internet Alive Technologies Back then but Called it The Radio.

And then it was Innocent of Him to be an Attorney You can Read of Here:


He was Animated in the Court Rooms in a Way that was Specific to be one of the Best Lawyers ever in History as they Called Him back in the Day – and now Know too that He was Great at Being the Mayor of Cleveland for awhile…

He also Became a Hero when the Nation Needed a Victory to get the Presidency back in our Hands like Right Now even…  He was the One who Became so Gifted at Working Behind the Scenes that He Developed a Way to Control things such that the Presidency was Ensured to be Given to the Man Known of as John F. Kennedy in January of 1961.  He was such that He Helped so much in the Universe that He was Gifted Wings to Fly with as was Natural in the Family He was Born into – He was such that He Became a Light Being in Heaven all the Way in 1996 then Became a Manifestation on Earth who is Still Here in Physical Form even now Doing Great Deeds Always and Can See me Writing this in His Mind – He just Winked at me from afar – that Powerful Man is so Great to See in my Mind-Vision that i have to Be Honest and Say Sorry to Him a lot for not Channeling my Whole Lifetime as He Requested of me, so too do i Need to Apologize to Everyone that i didn’t Channel ago when i was Supposed to to Heal things Maximally with Internet Alive that You can Read now of Here:


So too do i Need to Say my Family has Many Members Related to that Man that will be Written of in Individual Sections Here on this Site by Folding out the Subheadings a lot – we are one.  Peace.