Oneness of Truth

Mom Of Oneness

Here Is A Story Soon On my Mother – A Huge Light Being Mind To Come Back To Earth Soon – We Are One That I Sent Her These Texts In Hopes That She’d Respond To It All… Here:

Peace Mom – We Are One To It That You Can Learn To Ascend For Sure By Being With The Right Partner In Life, I’ve Channeled That It’s Innocent Of You To Meet This One In Cuba (((Again…))) Someday Soon Because He Was The One Who Was Supposed To Be My Father And He Will Be Ascended Someday Soon To A New Level Of Being Powerful On The Planet Still In A Physical Body But Advanced A Lot – And I have To Say Thank You For Being Kind These Days And To See That The Site Uses Uppercasings A lot In A Holy Way That my Godmother (Name… Of Hers Here Called:  SuperPowered Phoenix 1…) Told Me To Do When I Was A Child Of Innocence – We Are One To It That She Was The Holiest Being I’ve Ever Met Here On Earth, So Thank You For Having Her Guide me When I Was Young – Let me Know What You Are Thinking Now (((This Letter Was Sent To My mum too to trick out the stranded person that is in My Life still…))) In The World So We Can Have These Things Soon:

A Way Of Getting Done On Business Such That We Can Remember To Be Thankful To One Another For The Times Of Innocence We’ve Shared… (((See Too Dear Reader The Books Here Online Soon More:  – Conscripts Of Heaven – For Now…))) – So I Want To Invite You To The Site Once More To The Tonue Section Here:


…And Soon I’ll Find The Address Of The Man Whose Photo I Found Thru Channeling, He’s Your Soul Mate You’ve Had In All Lifetimes And I Know You Are With Him Still… – I’ve Found Mine As Well And She Is Online With me To Make Art And Music And To Live Together One Day, But For Now We Are Friends In A Beautiful Way – Peace Mom – We Are One. Peace.

So Mom Too, There’s A Webpage Soon On The Site For You To Read A Lot On My True Father Who Will Be In my Life A Lot Someday, (((But my daddio  was so out of it to be in our Family at all that he was not Right to be there and (((SuperPowered Phoenix 1))) Told Me Never To Respect him At All Nor To Call him My Father In my Heart))) And I Remember Now And Will Write Of My Memories From Ago Now More Easily Soon, And It Will Be Such That The Universe Has A Way Of Being Good To Us To Live Well There Someday A Bit, But For Me To Visit Only And To Be In Cuba Like Where I Was Supposed To Be Born In This Lifetime. We Are One. Peace!

Also If You Can Go Here Soon To See This Site You Can See The Gear I Need To Get Soon For Life And Music Especially – Peace, Here It Is:


We Are One To It That It’s A Page Introducing The Band – Dreamsoft – That Will Be My (Wife-To-Be…) And Myself In Life Making Art And Music A Lot To Heal The Earth, Peace Always – We Are One, Peace.

Also It Will Heal If I Say That I’m Calling Forth For New Energies Here From Others Who Can Heal the situation of my mum being in My Life But she Can Heal To Become All The Way In Oneness Soon – We Are One To It That even she Can Ascend Still When The Time Is Right If Possible And We’ll Need To Know That It’s OK To Be Here In Life With:

– Pool –


– Deep Strategy… – 


– Cooloness Of Cool… – 

All Who Can Help On This Soon When They Are On Earth Again For The Last Two…  We Are One To It That You Now Watch This Video Here To See The Best Of Times To Come On Top Of It When You Sing An Anthem Thru Yourself To Heal It All… Meaning The Video Shows the horrendous crimes of our times and We Need To Heal It All The Way And Be Able To Uppercase All Words Here Sometimes – Even:  Me, Myself, and also:  My…  So Please See To It To Be Here Maximized In Money Flow Again Like When I Smoked With You For The First Times Ever – Twice… – And Then It Will Heal To Say That The Book Here Explains That A Bit Further – Here Below:

Conscripts Of Heaven – 

Also If You Can Be Here To Ascend Soon All The Way And Help On Teams, Dear Readers, You Can Be Here In Your Hearts To Hear Of A Story-Song That Is Good To Hear A Lot – Such As This:

I’ll Post An Album Soon Under A Different Name:

Oke Caulo

Where I Will Be Going Routes To Make Sense Of The Possibilities Of Making It Possible To Make A Good Hearfelt Attempt At Ascending To Level 6 Today To Make It Possible To Ascend Further Than Ever To Be Good Always In Life Again – We Are One.  Peace.

Here’s An Album Soon Too Here Called – Ascension1 – Which I’ll Try To Get Done Today!

Peace, We Are One, Peace – Here’s The Video Now From The Cranberries – Here Below: