Oneness of Truth

Sister 1

My Sister Is A Wonderful Healer In The World And Is Online Soon Hopefully To Read These Pages, But For Now I Have To Say That …the falser in My Life is out of it… Please Read::

Conscripts Of Heaven

For Further Info It Is A Good Book That Explains the situation…

Put In Bay, Ohio Is The Last Place I Saw You And I Hope To Heal It And Say We Can Reconnect Soon – the falser is out of it and prevents Us From Meeting Here So I Will Fly Around The World Soon To Be There In Life Without trespassers…

Dear Readers:  Here Is The Monument Dedicated To The Peace Instilled In The World After Oliver Hazard Perry Defeated the falsers invading Our Lands In Put In Bay, Ohio And Around The Great Lakes::

Read More Here On This Website About The Histories There::


To My Real Sister Please Read The Dreams Below That Talk Of My Past Lives Too A Bit::


And Here Is A Book On the society of the spectacle that interferes a lot with Our Lives::


Here Too Is A Warning Video To Make It Happen To Heal Those In Need that are stranded in any way::