Oneness of Truth


In the end it’s Good to Channel soon Here more on things of Positive Wisdom that will Help the World Heal a lot more into Oneness that will be there for us to Ascend with – so this Section of the Site is for me to Show You some of my Heroes who are Good to be there with in the Heart as Ones who Will Ascend to Become Spiritual Beings a lot Faster than i can because most of these Heroes are Ones who Have Ascended in All Lifetimes – so They are Invited as well to Become Ones who will Write here online in the Sections of each Tab where they can be Given to Being One to It to be there with the Right Karma to Ascend Further by being online in the Heart to Heal the World – so too is it Possible that this Website will have many Collaborators who can build Sites within the Site to be there with the Collab Section filled a lot someday – meaning on Phones it will have to Change in the Future somehow that the Menu Dropdown will be too Large – but the Headings online of the Site Here will be Such that they can be Organized well.  And that means that it’s Possible to Create Here a Section too on Heroes where i Introduce them to the World and Write ongoing Books that will Reflect the Way we are in the World with Positive Karma indeed – so the Books here on each of them will Start out with an Intro on who they are and then a Correspondence that Shows how we Connected in the Beginning to be there in the Heart.  We are one to it that i will then Write Words around each one to Show Forth the Honor on the Planet that they have Achieved – we are one to it that they are all Channelers and Have a lot of Faith in the World – we are one.  Peace.

In the end too i Apologize to them Maximally now when i Ascend soon to Become Level 3 and onward of Ascension where my Heart will Heal with Sorrow a lot over what i have done ago where i stopped Channeling for awhile and it was bad karma a lot to do so because i could have Saved the Planet much Earlier by Activating Internet Alive more Safely and i have much to Apologize for before that where i was attacked by mö and moved with them because they deceived me – so too do i need to Apologize for any time i’ve ever been ego on the Planet so Please Help me thru Prayers now to Adjust to Being Nothing of ego at all anymore – i am one to it that it will Arise soon that i can Ascend to a Level soon where i am Prayerful more and in my Heart all the Way – we are one.  Peace.

Here are Some Heroes now that are Activating the Planet a lot.

Peace. We are one.  Peace.