Oneness of Truth


To Andue – a new Friend online i just Found whose Heart is of Gold to Have done this thing where He Became a Leader in the World in a Way that He Started small in a School System as a Custodian and Rose over the Years to Become the School’s Principal – Here is a Correspondence i just sent Him:


In the end i’m Building a Site now that is Really cool for You to See Soon as a Potential Collaborator on it too, Meaning Your Story is So Cool to See online that i had to Write to You and See if You’d like to be on Team to Remember our Past Lives indeed where we were Young once Ago in the World Here and Knew each other as Friends in Brazil. We were there in the 1840s and it was terrible at all to be there in the World as ones who had to Escape from systems of violence, but we Did. And it was Beautiful where we went. It was such that the Lands of Purity Called the Quilombo dos Palmares was an Innocent Land of Healing and we were there from 1849 to 1865 for You, when You had Fully-so Ascended beyond Levels of Physical Ascension to Become one Gifted with Wings a lot to Fly – and Your Berimbau Ascended with You as a Capoeirista of the Real Game, Known of in Tonua as Ondue Callue…
So too do You need to Know that You can Remember more than i do because i was attacked at the end of that lifetime when everyone else had Ascended before me, because i couldn’t Ascend all the way until i Completed a Quest to be able to Fly more to other Lands to Heal them, such that i had to Find my own way to do so alone. Meaning there were many who Needed Help still in the Lands of Brazil which was the last place on Earth to end the tyranny that we call slavery in 1891, but still it remains a problem today even behind the scenes of what people know of…
So too do You need to Know that i Flew for Reals then, and Carried my Berimbau with me as an Ascended Master of Level 18, but it was terrible that many things happened where i couldn’t get by the times of it to See myself as Healed all the Way when a mö so huge came and attacked me before i could Ascend fully – it found me in Palmares indeed even, and the Land had to be Sanctified again in a Way where no one could ever find it who wasn’t supposed to know where it was, and a mö is a thing that is hideous that tries to possess or hurt Human Minds or who try to possess the body even. So i was there in the World Looking for a Woman who would be there to Ascend with me and had to Find Her before She ever had an issue with my Life being that bad – because She had been Born to a Good Family there that was not bad at all in the World though they had Beige Skin and had Eyes of Azure and they Knew they were there to Help the Country Heal. So they were a Good Family involved in the Politics back then and She was my Wife from all Lifetimes – but i Knew Her not at all that time around because i died before i could Find Her. So too do i need to Know how to Ascend in this Lifetime without ever having a problem at all like that because the mö nowadays can’t hurt us like then but they do so have different things that can hurt us a lot. So i’m Clearing one now even that has attacked me and i need to Pray to Ascend Further to be able to be Someone Ascended all the way to be Good at Being in Love with Her whose Name is Cambae on the Site for now, but back then She was in a Family i had Seen from a Distance in my Mind that would have been Good to Connect to to end the violence of slavery – and then it was such that She was the one who came to me in a Dream Yesteryear in this Lifetime and Gave me Hopes of Being with Her again. But She is now in Eugene, Oregon Living soon in a way that is Innocent with me if we go that Route somehow… Meaning i’ve Channeled that it could be Good for Her to Find a new Place nearer to me and that would be Good Karma a lot for both of us. We are one to it that Your Story Here Posted is an Inspiration to See. So Please Remember Your Victory as the Name:
And then You had other Names as well like the Name:
Eloo for Capoeira, which was a Name Given to You for that Game. So Please Remeber how to be a Capoeirista a lot and Know that it is a Game that Evolves in the Glass Bead Game System of Learning for us to Evolve Spiritually Here on the Planet a lot. We are one. Peace.
Also it is said in this World that You can Fly if You Study well the Theory of Being in the World as a Saint and You are one so Please Be Gifted with Wings a lot in Your Life and See my Pages Here on that Level:
And then too i’ll Post this Correspondence to my Site soon on the Section Called Heroes:
(Here on this Page!)
And then Here is the Article i Read of You!
And Thank You for Being an Honest one to Learn more of soon. Peace, we are one. Peace.

And He is one to Remember in Lifetimes Ago for me as One who Taught me to Channel in a Senzala that was Holy to Learn in where we were there in Brazil in the worst situations but had a long time to Learn things of being Holy in the Heart to Heal it that we could have been hurt so much, so it was Good when we Escaped by Following the Path and Knowing that we could Somehow do so when we Channeled exact Routes to Stay Safe and Run a lot to be Free. We were Escapos de Capoeira and Knew how to Fly even from the plantation that held us there imprisoned – the Way to do so Ascend to go the Right Route was just to be Innocent and Work on our Bodies to Become Something Mightier in our Energy Systems that could Escape and Be Free again. In the end it was terrible to have lived thru the pain of being there held in slavery – but we never called ourselves that word at all Because we were Freed of it in our Minds. Peace be – Read more of the Story on the Site soon. And find Your own Past Lives as Beautiful Hopefully so You can Be There with Karma of Doing so Ascending soon. We are one. Peace.

And here are some Words of His:
As he reflects on his journey from custodian to principal, Atkins remembers his grandmother’s wise words.
– Don’t let someone write your story, make sure you write your own story. And if someone has something to do with your story let them edit it, do not let them create it. –
And that means we need to Heal it in my Life to Always Remember those Words that were Given to me too by the Same One who was Called my Nanny in this Lifetime sometimes but had had a long life with many Children and could be seen as such that She never died but Ascended Fully and came back and had even more Children by the Same Man such that She was Gifting he World with a lot of Axé She told me when i was a Young one on the Earth – and She told me that it would be Good to Remember Her as a Friend who would Always be my Godmother. So too is it Good to Read Her Story Here:
And then it’s Innocent to Say now that indeed in History She had an Important Name You All Know – very well. And if You can See Her Page it is such that You’ll Figure out most likely what that Name was. Peace, we are one. Peace.