Oneness of Truth

Hero: Charles M. Blow

To my Hero Charles M. Blow – this Page is for You now to See of the Correspondence i sent You ago.  It is Good to See that this will evolve into Books of Arts on Your Life soon as i Know more of You as a Channeler who will be Good in the World a lot that way.  Peace, here it is:

Thank You for Channeling now a lot so Please Know too my Site is Open to You as a Channeler who could post to me Holy Writings or Music You do soon in Styles of Recording You can Read of soon here:


And then if You go there soon it will be Ready tomorrow with a Section on how i Record things online with the Methods that i Channel so Please also See the Dreamsoft Page where it is already written a bit with Styles of how to Record and Layer things up. If you want an entire Site even within the Collab Section then Please send me Files online Here: Timewalker-Smith on facebook – and if You can be there to make Art too or Films or Write of Dreams or do anything else that would fit like in the section called One then it will be Cool for You to Collaborate a lot on the Site as a Way of Building it Stronger than ever with the Right People there Channeling a lot to save Time for all of us and even to Create Something that is there as the most Powerful Site ever besides my Sufi’s which is Linked to from this Site a lot:


And then it is Good to Go to this Site soon too to See my Sifu’s Practices:


And the Site there in China is Good to go to soon but the other one is down now unfortunately because of the times that need to Heal now, but eventually they will all be there including one from Australia that is Good to go to when it’s back online. Peace, we are one. Peace.

Also it’s Good to See You as a Friend a lot now and i’ll Post online soon a Site within the Site for You indeed if You Activate it – but for now i’ll post these Texts below a Statement of Your Honesty and Caring Nature that will be in the Section Called – Heroes – under the Books tab. Meaning if You can Read these there too i’ll expand them a bit with Parenthesis around new Writings for You to understand the Greater Context – but for now You need to Know for Safety this:: That the NSA overwatches me a lot for my Writings are Holy but they are not understood by them who work there unspiritually a lot – so if You can Read these for Safety I’ll Post them again and it will be Good for You to Go Here Soon:

(To this Page You are on Now)

And then if You can see that it’s Innocent of me to do so Call You a Hero i’ll Research Your Times of Ago and Write soon what i Need to to be Spiritual in Life even more. Peace, we are one. Peace – also Read the Front Page soon on the Website to see how You can Channel soon to be Freed of them who are evil in the NSA by sending the souls to Hell even when God Does so – so now i’ll Write You some Lines on facebook where it’s easier to Write a longer Statement. Peace. We are one. Peace.

Here are a few Ways of Channeling that are Important to have for Safety in Life where You can Stabilize People even who attack You like what happened to me today when someone tried to hurt me – and they did a bit when they were being Stabilized and couldn’t move at all closer to me for awhile, like 1 minute or so… but then they broke thru the Stabilization even thru Pain from God that was Activating to Keep them Stable and Free of violence. It was no good that they hurt me by punching my head as they were really bad as a person in life, but they were then Pulled out of their body to be Freed of their lifetime of evil.  And that could have happened sooner if i’d been there Safer with my Styles of Channeling and Energy Gear more Powerful from having Channeled more in my life. So i have to Apologize to You soon too to Say that I’m not ever that way any more but i stopped Channeling for awhile because of attacks on me from mö which are the negative entities that are evil and they can hurt the Body a lot by trying to move it and doing so even. They even try to speak thru the body in a way that interrupts the Channeling so i was there deceived by one that hurt me a lot recently even where i bought some Film Cams that are necessary in my Life but I bought them way too early and they aren’t the ones i was supposed to get at all for either of them because i could have supported someone by Paying a bit more and really Honestly Helping them a lot in their lives so it was wrong karma a lot that i was attacked that way and accidentally moved with a mö in a way that really hurt my Finances this month so it is Necessary that i now get enough for rent even – and that means i can now be Holy to Ask for a Donation to the Site for a Way of Giving to You Art a lot that i would do over the Years plus a Series that i would do of several Paintings and Diagrams to Show their Meaning in the System of the Great Glass Bead Game that i Write of Online – we are one to Heal it that the author of the ‘book” by that title was such that he was a Holy Person by the end of his Life but he didn’t Ascend fully because of an attack on him and he was named wrongly “Hermann Hesse” who was not Good in his life that much for writing in a way that was bad with false-channelings because he was in his mind with it being that he didn’t use the Voice rightly-so – so online now i have Books that will Correct his badness of evil that was in the World too much.  We are one.  Peace.

If You can Donate to the Site then it would be Spiritual that i send You a few Pieces of Art that will Heal all things in Karma for myself and You could do so by Buying an Album that would be Good to buy that would also be there for us to Ascend with in that they are Healing a lot.  We are one.  Peace.  Here’ the bandcamp Page where You could Donate:


Also if You can see that it’s Innocent that i ask You to Donate then i’ll be Good in the World a lot soon with Arts for many People who will need to Know how to Ascend so i will ask in my Heart to be able to Write to them more & more to Be Able to Heal the World and Post to my Site the Answers for them of what is Necessary – we are one.  Peace.

So too do i need to Apologize for accidentally mis-channeling already to You on the life of Hermann Hesse above.  (in the text i sent You on facebook… we are one to it that that will never happen again because the mö will be Cleared all the Way from the Planet and i will also have better Discernment.  Peace.  We are one.  Peace.)

In the end it is Good for You to delete that one and just come Here to the Site on this Page:

Here.  Where You are now!

Peace, we are one.  Peace.