Oneness of Truth

Hero: Janelle Monae

In the end this is for my Hero Janelle Monae who is a Kind Woman of Ascension Mastery a lot.  She is a Musician, Singer, Actor, and Friend to be who is One to It always in the World with High Karma for the Way She Channels – so too do i need to Apologize to Her for not Writing from Channeling before when i was attacked by mö and they wrote thru me to Her – so i am Saying now that i will be better at Discerning and Always Use the Voice of Oneness.  We are one.  Peace.  Here are Her Stories Soon Posted that Will Shine Forth as Something of Innocence on the Planet and Here too is an Introduction i sent Her online:

In the end i need to write to apologize again for not being here earlier as a channel to let you know about my music and arts and such – we are one to it that the art i do is also good to call Art because it is channeled a lot – here in the heart to heal it that it isn’t online yet all the way – so my site is needing me to work on it more and it will be good there soon – we are one. Peace – here it is::

Also i am in danger now and need help – the NSA activated a computer that had mö impact on it a lot and things from the bad side of the internet – meaning it’s way dangerous in my life now with the ones who do the hacking and such. We need to get evolved with the internet being healed soon from the darkweb. So if you can be here to help me just in case they murder me soon – we need to heal it that they are aware of me now with the possessions out there – meaning most hackers are full possessions a lot. If you can know that the best way to heal it is the way we use our words so the NSA will watch over us correctly then please be aware that bumblehive is not bad at all sometimes but they need to be aware of the problems with monstermind and such – these are codewords from the NSA that are activated now with intent to heal things a lot – we are one. Peace. If you can see that now that i’ve written their codewords they are reading these lines too – it is essential to work with them to heal the lands – but they need to channel to be aware of how to move like we do to make the world a better place – we need to channel a lot to see that they can be good at the work they need to do – we need it to heal that they are not good sometimes – we are one to the Internet Alive Revolution – (so if you think it bad to say that word at all please be kind instead – NSA…) Also we need to be there to heal a lot of karma of negativity that i created by not channeling for 3 years or so… meaning i stopped because a mö spoke thru me and confused me and i was not good in my heart for a long time, became depressed and was on abilify alone with bad bad bad impact from it – completely wrong a lot in my heart too about the Oneness itself so i was there with it thinking that the Art i had done was from a mö – even my music because i looked back at all the times they had hurt me and written thru me and thought that it was all one being that i was channeling – the Truth is that we who channel usually have around 16 or so Light Beings who we channel and they all are there sometimes at once even – meaning we can be here in our hearts to know that the best way to heal is to be good at times like this and see that we need it to heal soon. So we are good to go on it that I’m free of those times and have revowed to be again with the Oneness always in full-time Channeling – meaning I’m evolving it soon to a higher casing of my styles to be able to Channel a lot better in mind too – we are one to it that the body channeling methods i’ve used are good for me but my mind has to heal to be able to Download as quickly or think as well with Oneness yet – so i need to heal my mind from ego still and be able to think less until it all goes away of ego into nothing of it – soon i will have things in my mind that will help a lot – we are one. Peace. Also i am good in my heart to heal soon. We need to know soon too how to be in the world of magic and such – with the Intent to pray and be good in the heart i need to be good to say that we can all be here in the world with better ideas on how to go about our days with Art and Music and Dance, and Films, and all of it in Oneness and such – (meaning – NSA – to channel will get you there, perfectly so – to be able to channel will help you a lot with how to be able to be good in the world – peace – we are one…) In intent to heal it here i need to say that I’d like you to caretake my account should i die soon, or at all in any year forward – it could be someone on team with you that does so to moderate it a bit but mostly i want someone who is kind and in the world with best Intent – so it will be good to be in the world soon to heal a lot but i need to be careful a lot now, for it is dangerous way more due to their connections thru the internet they use that is dangerous a lot to even talk about – so if i wrote darkweb too many times right now it would call forth NSA members who are not good maybe, we’ll see. They need to heal a lot and channel where to go for safety because the darkweb has traps they don’t understand and so too does the internet in general now – my computer has viruses that suck a lot because i went to the wrong website one time from ego and it was not good to download something that i thought would help me, we need it to heal that the NSA doesn’t know how bad it is that they have little protection from bad-hackers of evil intent who are all completely possessed by demons. They don’t understand the “mind” of a demon is bad a lot at being evil and can make things in the world that are here to harm us a lot – so if you can be here to heal these things then please see they need to heal the world by securing their facilities a lot – and creating a huge idea on how to be Guided always in motion and in mind – we need them to heal it a lot soon – we are one. Peace.

Awesome to connect soon on this – i just set up my memorialization settings here to add you as the one who can be there to caretake my account if i pass away or need to look like I’ve passed on – so if this is good to go on this level of keeping ourselves safe then i need to be honest and say i’m here to be alive still if i can, but people in the NSA are so out of it that they are now being overwatched by mö hackers around the globe, and stuck there a bit. Meaning they are not good at being in the world right now – we are one. Peace. Here too in my heart to heal it that the music i do is not good yet in the world – i stopped channeling a lot for awhile and it hurt the world a lot. We need to heal these things a lot because i was doing good work through connecting to the world of ours and seeing that i could help out a lot but then i stopped and it nearly took away my life and the lives of others were lost too – so i have to be careful now in how i approach the world a lot, i have to be careful how i type even, because if any facility gets taken away from us we need them to get really good at clearing those possessions fast by arresting all of the hackers in the world now. Really fast at it all – because they’ve set it up now where they can just blindfold the NSA and make them not able to work on things – the Internet Alive now needs longer to activate a bit, but will be here to clear it soon. It will take 30 days before it is shown to people a little bit, and 10 more days before it’s shown to the world a lot – we are one. Peace.

In the end I’m sorry for not Channeling to you ago when i was out of it in my Life and didn’t make sense at all to myself or the Universe or the Deities or the people here who are Holy, we are one to it that i can be here to Activate things online for you soon more where you can be on my Website with a Perfect Website within it and Collaborations throughout the Site too by being there to Channel Lines to me soon that i’ll post in the Appropriate Sections to be there Maximally making Art that is Holy there, we are one to it that you go to this Section of the Website first:


Then on forward if you need to Design Graphics with Guidance on it here is a page where you can Download the Best one to use:


Also if you can see my bandcamp it is good to have a Discount Code as such:


And then if you can Donate there at all it will Heal my life enough to pay rent this month so i can Ascend more fully and be able to make Art for you that is Holy a lot and will be inside the Realms of Being in Context if the Game System that is described here in the Site:


Where it relates the Great Glass Bead Game to us in a Holy Way to be there understanding more of Color tones and Art thereof that Depicts the Tones if Color in Relation to the Art of Music that is Holy to see in the World as the Onenesses Best Ways of Tuning things in the Universe so Please go here now to see the Site as one to it a lot too on this Page where the Art Shines Forth soon more:


And if you can go now to the bandcamp and Donate i’d Design Art for you that is Spiritual that can be done soon with the Correct Tones of Color always done Exactly-so and it will Heal in Life Maximally to be Here for you to do Music soon too that way where you Hear my Styles of Playing forth the Music in Oneness and i’ll be there to do Collaborations of it soon too where you can take certain songs i send soon thru a Webpage i find soon to make it so you could Sing in them and Layer them up to. Be there with New Sounds and Styles that are Holy for the Future of Music here on Earth, here it is:


And Cipherus is my Name no longer because I’ve died before 15 times instead of Ascending fully so I can’t be called that Name until i reach a level of Ascending in a few billion years to become a Light Being again. Peace, we are one. Peace.