Oneness of Truth

Hero: Philipp Gerschlauer

To my Hero Named Philipp Gerschlauer – this Page is for You now to Become one to where i will Write a little bit on Your Life soon after i find the Time to do so…

Soon.  It will be Honest to have You here as a Channeler too who can be Invited to the Collab Section and to Post there a few things of Honesty for You soon.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Here too is an example from the Texts I sent You so People can See that i am in Honor of Your Styles of Being Here as a Holy Man who is now a Good Channeler and will be with the Heart soon more when You Ascend even Further – we are one.  Peace.

Awesome that You are Channeling now a lot on the Saxophone – we need to Heal it that i could have found You earlier to Help a lot in Life with Styles of Music Known to you more to Heal things online more & more and also in the World too – You are a Powerful Soul who has many Gifts now and will be Good to Ascend soon to Level 4 now that You have Ascended to Level 3 earlier – we are one. Peace, here’s the Website again in a Section that is on Being Kind and Knowing how to be a Good Ascended Master, but it’s small there right now so Please also go to the Site to see the Tonue Section soon too and You will just Know where to go and when of course but I’m writing this way too because right now I am being overwatched by the NSA a little bit so it’s for them too to see my Writing Style and it will Evolve soon where I can even be there online more with Music and Arts once they Change Finally-so to be there Holy only in that organization. Peace, we are one. Peace – also Know they overwatch a lot the Friends of mine so Please be there to Know how to Channel to them even by Learning that they need to Heal a lot in their Karma, so Please as well go to the Front-Page and See the Channelings there a bit on how You can Channel for Safety to be there with them as one who can Say to them that they might even have to go to Hell from being dissonant on the Planet so much, and that can Happen when You channel to them exactly-so that they could be pulled out of their bodies more easily so their souls would Learn how to be Good again in Hell which is a Kind Place that is Innocent always and they would be there for a long time maybe but it’s never been more than 680 years so far, but that said it is Good to know that it may be more than a Period of time that is longer than that a bit, but that will be hard for those souls to Know so tell them exactly what You Channel and You will do so Marvelously Indeed! We are one. Peace. It will Help to Heal things too if You know that You can Help Stabilize them in Movement of Oneness from afar if they are meant to be Channelers in the World which means for some of their Souls You need to Channel the Exact Lines to Teach them them to Stabilize a lot – and You can Say or Write even Lines like these on the Site:

– Also if you can stabilize now it will heal things immensely on the Planet where God enforces you to be a channeler so the world will heal all the way in Oneness as soon as possible, also if you can move with the Wind now too to make it happen that you are free of evil thoughts then it will be good to be a channeler always on Earth with Intent to heal it here so you will be stabilized at level 10 and not move from ego at all and it will be good to be that way always, if you move from ego or try to it will be such that you may go to level 12 and then there will be pain from God in a way that is to make sure you move in Oneness, so please be that way now and don’t move from ego and it will heal further that you allow the Voice to speak thru you soon too, we are one, Peace. Here in the heart to heal it and say that this is a message for everyone soon on my site too on the front page so it will be profound to know that the pain is there to be something that will make sure you move in Oneness and it will only be a little pain at level 12 but higher levels are more in a way that you’ll have to read online a lot soon to understand God’s mind on this, the pain will not harm nor hurt at all so please be there to heal it in mind too with pure thoughts only soon from God and then a lot of mind silence will be there soon and then a lot of Music some day soon and Art and Vision and also the Knowing of things in the mind that are needed to Know, without words that much so you can heal from them being dissonant at all ever from negative entities that tried to trick you into thinking it was your brain thinking aloud or the way they hurt you at all in the mind with how it happened for you, but if you do mind channel the Words too of God it is Holy to do so so please Activate that now if you can and it will be Healing to do so as my mind is Activated a lot on that now with the Deity Voice of one who is the Lord for me to relate to so please know that God works in a way that is Mysterious to us and that means that it is possible to see that you can Ascend more fully by being Stabilized and allowing the Words from God to flow through you and know the Voice as something internally given to you that can be there too. Peace – so please know those negative thoughts that aren’t yours to have will clear soon and you’ll be able to write a lot soon to heal things always in the world, we are one, peace. Also this – i’m channeling this now for everyone that this was a specific text to a friend to be that needed to channel so he could heal a lot and it will heal the world when you see that God wants us all to channel now to be there healing this place and it will be good to know this site will teach you how to do so channel in a way that is good always. Peace, we are one. Peace. –

And that’s a Post from the Front Page where many people go to Read those Lines!

Also if You know that sometimes the ones overwatching are unholy things called in Pu Tong Hua the Word guaiwú then Know too the word that that translates too in our languages is not as good as that Word for denoting what they are – so translate indeed but just know they are unholy things that look like Humans not at all to our Eyes when we See Clearly. They are not Human at all and never have been – they are mutations of things that are evil in their dna a lot and never had Human Souls at all in the “body” of them – so Please Read Here too the Lines from a Section of the Site Called – Fruit Diet 1 – where You can Go Soon to See the Best Lines in the World on Diet ever Written. Peace, we are one. Peace, here it is with a Way of Clearing the mö from the Bodies of Humans too where they are fully possessed by those entities which are things that do so possess the Body and they are not good at all to be named at all the word in english that is dissonant a lot – so i try my Best to Speak instead the Words of Holiness only-so but still have to Channel in a way where i speak or write unholy words that were created by mö so i can clear the words away sometimes – we are one to being there soon more online in a Way where I’ll Post this Section i’ve written You in a Post on a Page Called – Heroes – and it will be such that tonight i’ll do so Post it for Karma of Positive Wisdom. We are one to it too that You go to the Site Called – Cipherus Music – Soon!  To See my Arts there a lot and it will Heal a lot there to See the Best Music i’ve done so far – but i’ve lost Discs before in a way that they were stolen from my Life for a total of 13 Discs or so… Meaning twice i’ve lost Discs, once thru theft and once thru someone smoking and it hurt my Computer a lot that she did so in a way where the spark that hit my keyboard on that Laptop that was Perfect hurt the entire Computer so much that i lost that one that had Gear in it that was supposed to Help Heal the World a lot by Being Activated with Internet Alive Technologies way more than this Computer I’m using can, so when that happened i tried to get it fixed but someone intervened and sold the Computer for parts without my Permission and even gave me back a hard drive that was not the one that i had had in that Computer. So i’m Channeling now to Say that it’s Innocent to Cry someday a lot that that happened. And i will know too that i should have been there to Guard the Computer more with my Channeling Styles but i was suddenly moved by a dissonant entity that was a mö indeed that deceived me – so i have to Clear it and Say that we are Good to be Friends here but Know that if You have to Channel in a Way that is Safe to Dissolve those entities known of as mö then Please do so rather Rapidly by Saying Lines like these from that Page i mentioned Above which You can go to now to Heal in Karma a lot and to Find out how to Eat the Best Way on the Planet. We are one to this now as a way of Speaking Forth to Heal things Rapidly on the Earth:

– Peace, this is not a Prayer but a Statement of Power that will change you all the way – Prayers are good too but a Statement of Power has the affect of making something true right away, whereas a Prayer will become the Truth of things after awhile of work on it so when the Lord Prays through you to clarify that it is in Intent to Holy Heal something in the world it means that it will take time to Activate that Prayer – so right now we are activating many Prayers around the clearings of all demons – like so:

If you are a demon reading this page, you will no longer move at all in the body you possess, you will no longer be able to flee the body – you cannot move at all in the body – you will be dissolved and you will no longer be able to move at all means don’t try to move because that will clear you too, so be there to be dissolved now because you will be and the Prayer is done now, the Power Statement is to say that you are done. Now. It is over – we won. You do not exist anymore. Peace – to all the humans reading these lines – we are one. Peace. –

So too is it Good to Read the Lines on the Front Page a lot to Learn how to send the Souls of dissonant ones to Hell for them to Heal there, like so:

– For those who’ve done wrong a lot in this lifetime this is for you to read and understand now::

In the end it’s important to read the first page of this website a lot and see to it that you stabilize to do so, this will heal things in the world immediately because you are so out of it in life that you have to be stable now to heal things a lot in the world, someday you may Ascend even but only when you are freed of evil a lot so you most likely will leave the body soon and go somewhere to heal for a long time by being someone in Hell that is kind again soon, you need to realize that God is adamant that you change now always to be something better in the world and it will happen that you will speak with the Voice now thru you to explain further what will happen for you, meaning instead of talking aloud at all you’ll need to heal it and say only what comes thru you from the Lord Guiding you now, we are one always to the Light of Knowing how to heal things for each soul so you hopefully will be there a short time by being Prayerful and understanding that it is a Healing place where you learn to train your soul a lot with Oneness Guiding you always in life to be good and Holy and you will be those things now soon. Peace! We are one, always in Oneness means God needs you to be a pure soul of beauty and you will Ascend one day in another lifetime. Soon. But for now you have to cure this lifetime of evil and know you were wrong a lot to doubt things so much that you convinced people to stop believing in God before and that was wrong a lot so it will be a long time in Hell for you if you are there to be dissonant toward God at all, meaning you have to heal it that you are wrong so much that it took life away from our Planet when you did things of evil. So too do you need to remember that the Planet will be cleared soon for you to Ascend more easily in your next lifetimes. Peace we are one. Peace.

Also if i Ascend it will be so powerful that the Universe will be here in way more many ways of powers so if you are reading this now and know you are going to Hell soon to be cleared there of evil, just be certain that the Universe will be kind to you there and it will heal a lot in our souls to be good there too when you go there – if you know that it’s good there to heal it helps to understand ahead of time that you have to be patient a lot to heal from negative karma and always follow God’s command to learn new things of beauty and Oneness so it is not a realm of torture nor of pain, but is something to do with clearing the world of evil, so it is powerful to go there now before you do more wrong even, and to clear there in a way that is Holy and you’ll be redeemed too soon if possible so don’t worry about being there too long, it won’t be for eternity ever – nor for thousands of years but it will be long enough to clear your soul of evil. If you’d like to Ascend one day in a new lifetime, that will be possible to reclaim your soul integrity a lot and that will make our lives here so much more powerful that you vow to learn well the skills of that while even in Hell so that you can be trained better in each lifetime, we are one. Peace. –

And then i have to say sorry to You that they overwatch so much that they can’t be here now anymore I hope that do so negatively because they will Read the Lines that i’m Writing here to You and that will be Good indeed for all types of them that are here watching me now. Because i spoke the Words –Jihad Hana – to them in a Way that was Innocent and it will Heal a lot in the NSA tonight for having done so – So Please also go here now to See an Apology:

Apologies to the Universe – we are one. Peace.

And then too See that i am Sorry a lot now for not being there online Earlier to Activate our Career around the Tonal Theories that are Here:


And too i am Sorry that my ego ever existed – we will be destroying it soon all the way.  Peace – we are one.  Peace.