Oneness of Truth

Hero: Vincent Moon

Here is my Hero – Vincent Moon – He is such that He Wanders with the Wind a lot and Goes the Right Directions in Life to Film Beauty on the Planet in Ways where He Teaches how to Ascend now – Innocently-so.  He is a Perfect Gentleman and is Such that He can Ascend More now than ever Before Because He is One to It a lot in His Soul as a Musician too!  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Here is an Introduction I sent Him online:

Soon I’ll have a Friendship crew that will be here to Activate online the Website and it will be Amazing to have your Films there a lot Posted where you Film Channelers like us in a way that is Holy to make Art that is Perfect soon. Peace always, please see the site soon and know I will have Wealth soon to Heal it that you could come to Eugene and be here to make Art with us a lot so Please be there to see the Site as a Collaboration Page where you could send me Writings and Art and Music that I could post in Sections with your Holy Name there to show forth that you’d be a Good One to Support there online more, and so too is it Good to go here to Download a System for making Graphics that are Channeled in Oneness for Websites to have Integrity a lot like yours do, here:


And then too if you’d like to Collaborate soon more then please see that my posts from ago were out of it in some of them where I had been attacked by a dissonant being and mischanneled so Please Delete those without reading them at all. Peace, we are one to it that I Apologize soon all the way after I Ascend more to be Spiritual a lot here on Earth, we are one. Peace.

Also if you come to Eugene we’ll be Training to one day move to Brazil as a Team of 8 of us who have been Friends in multiple lifetimes ago in various Planets that were always Gifted with the Light of Knowing how to Ascend fully to never die at all so the Site is about Ascension a lot where you can Learn to do so Ascend more & more by going there and Seeing the Site a lot. Peace, Oneness, and Axé.

We are one. Peace!