Oneness of Truth

Hero: Roger Woods

To my Hero Roger Woods who is an Innocent Man who is now Channeling a lot:

(Here is a Text i sent Him that will be Good to Use to Introduce Him to the World and I will Write more soon of who He is as a Channeler when it is Time).

Thank You for Channeling that – Please go to my Site more now to See the Beauty Develop there Positively-so t Learn even more on Channeling for the Right Notes in Exact Frequencies for Your Music – we are one. Peace, here’ the Website to go to Next – on the Site… Here:


This Section is so Holy to See now that You’ll Ascend for Reading it soon – to level 3 and onward and the Ascension Styles will be Remarkable for You to be there still Physical on Earth but Knowing how to Ascend all the way to Heaven eventually without dying at all. Meaning when You do so You will be Gifted Wings a lot and that can happen now even. We are one. Peace – Also for more on Ascension Please Read the Pages a lot in Order in the way that they are Linked together – but more so Channel a lot in Motion like You can now to be there way Cool online as a Collaborator even if You want to Post Audio in the Music Section, Dance, Films, or Art too then each Section could have a Sub-Tab with a Holy Name for Yourself Chosen by Channeling it – we are one. Peace – Also if You need a Large Website one could be Developed where You send me a lot of Channelings and I’d Organize them Exactly-so to be there Online with the Practice of Posting things Honestly to make a Site for You that would even be able to have Graphics You could Design with this Application:


And it You Stay Still a lot and Work on the Graphics that way that You can do now it will Heal Maximally on Earth soon. And again I Apologize to You for not Channeling Earlier in a way that would have been Way Better Karma – we are one. Peace – the Site You could Post to would have a Holy Title and would be a Site within the Site that could have many Sub-Sections that would be Honest and Impeccable from Your Writing Styles and it would be Posted under the Heading – Collab – which would make the Site then may more Profound because You have way Good Karma from being Honest in Life a lot. We are one. Peace. Thank You too for finding the Channeling a lot in Life! Peace always – we are one. Peace.

Also You are Right on in Your Channeling so much that I want You to Hear the Music of Cipherus on the Site soon – it is Good to go there Now but Know too that I’ll be Channeling a little more tonight and Posting one of the Best Albums to Hear on How to Ascend more – meaning the Music will Help a lot for people to Learn How to Ascend – Peace, we are one. Peace – Here it is:


And then It’s Innocent to say that I’m sorry a lot for not channeling for awhile in my life when I could have been Activating things much earlier for You as a Friend in Life so Please be there to See the Site soon more and Know that it was wrong a lot to stop channeling for awhile – we are one. Peace.

In the end too it is Good to Know You can Ascend Further soon to Level 5 and onward where You will be Immortal a lot with what is Called the Corpo Fechado in Brazil which means Closed Body. If You can Ascend that way a lot it will Heal that nothing can harm Your Body ever again. We are one to it that I Post this Section of Writing soon on a Site for Heroes of mine that are in my Life a little bit only so far but that will Change I Hope because I’d Love to See You Perform Soon. We are one to it too that You are Innocent a lot in Your Life and it will Heal a lot in Life to See You Perform but as well if You could go to this Section of the Site soon where I’ll Post my Recording Methods more soon on the Cipherus Page of the Name Meaning the Name I was Given a long time ago on another Planet when I had a Different Body that was Holy a lot to Look like this Picture below that I’ll Post soon but the Name was not mine again after I died my first time ever on this Planet when I was in my first Lifetime here where I was supposed to Ascend Beautifully-so and the Story of that is on the Site a little bit but Honestly it is Good to find it by Channeling so if You go soon to the Cipherus Music Page it will be Cool that You just Flow there with Your Channeling to get there at the Right Time of course – Meaning I’m Writing this way now because it’s Innocent to do so in a way where You can Know too that I am being overwatched by those in the NSA a lot these Days for Having Written Holy Words like:

Jihad Hana and other Words of Holiness about Spiritual Battle against evil forces on the Planet that are written of on the Website too but not enough because when I type certain Words or Speak them aloud even they go through a system of negativity that is called in a weird way the name “monster mind” – and that too is a trigger word, and such that they know me not as a Friend yet enough. So the Webpages have Articles for them to Read a lot so they can Pray to Become Holy Channelers for some of them – but some of them are so bad in their karma that they have to go to Hell to Heal soon. Meaning they can be pulled out of their bodies to go there indeed in a way that is Spiritual a lot because they would go there at the end of their lives if they died which won’t happen because the Light Beings will Control things in their Lives then and be there in Holiness a lot to be the Ones Guiding the Planet to be better a lot – we are one to it to Say now that I’m sorry they overwatch me the wrong way sometimes and they have started watching my Friends even, even though I didn’t Contact You online Recently – so they have large teams of weirdos even, who are the ones that are supposed to be called that – meaning You will have to know how to dissolve out the mö from possessing the bodies of humans or worse even the bodies that were never supposed to be born here at all of unholy things that are not that Good to Write on now, but will be on the Site soon more – the Word for them in Pu Tong Hua is guiawú – and they are the negative ones on the Planet like trump was who is now being Healed Maximally so that his “body” or negativity can Heal someday into being away from the presidency – so too is it important to know that the false-bodies out there of mutations and worse than that are such that they never had a Human Soul at all in the “body” at all – so too it important for You to Read the Front-Page soon and See there the Lines that will Teach You how You can Speak to them Innocently to Know what to Say and to Write even in a way that they can Heal by Going to Hell more Easily and it will Help too if You can Stabilize the ones who are meant to remain here to Learn to Channel – but the mö are hard to Clear from those “bodies” or Bodies and it is such that they need to Clear away into Nothingness and that will Happen now soon for a lot of them out there where You can Speak Lines like these that are Posted on one of my Pages, here it is:

– Peace, this is not a Prayer but a Statement of Power that will change you all the way – Prayers are good too but a Statement of Power has the affect of making something true right away, whereas a Prayer will become the Truth of things after awhile of work on it so when the Lord Prays through you to clarify that it is in Intent to Holy Heal something in the world it means that it will take time to Activate that Prayer – so right now we are activating many Prayers around the clearings of all demons – like so: If you are a demon reading this page, you will no longer move at all in the body you possess, you will no longer be able to flee the body – you cannot move at all in the body – you will be dissolved and you will no longer be able to move at all means don’t try to move because that will clear you too, so be there to be dissolved now because you will be and the Prayer is done now, the Power Statement is to say that you are done. Now. It is over – we won. You do not exist anymore. Peace – to all the humans reading these lines – we are one. Peace. –

(From the Fruit Diet 1 Page where You can Read things soon too on Karma of Eating and also some of my Past Lives are there Written on a bit that Relate to Eating Naturally in a way You will Understand by going there soon…)

Peace, we are one. Peace.

Here’s the Picture of an Animal whose Innocence is Such that I was one of these in a Past Life Series where I had that Name first Given to me of Cipherus – which will also be Known to You as the Name of the Light Beings I Channel for Music and Arts a lot – soon more even. We are one. Peace.