Oneness of Truth

Indiana Iola

Here is a Text Message I Sent a Friend Online Here to Be a Good One to Support in Knowing Things of Her Career Like-so – She Needs to Find a Good Path in Life to Support Her Styles of Wanting to Heal the World and She is Good to Do So a lot.  We are one to it that She Can Go Here too to Activate Her Career More in Knowingness to Be Good in Her Heart a lot to Be Ascended too – we are one.  Peace, Here’s the Letter I Sent Her:

Please Channel Where to Go in Life To Become a Channeler Who Can Heal Maximally and Get Done on Things in Life too to Be One to It All the Way – Wealth Will Flow For You a lot if You Become a Good Channeler All the Way – Full Time and Forever That Way – Meaning You Won’t die if You Ascend Fully as a Channeler – we are one. Peace, Here’s the Website Where You Can Learn to Channel:
Then on Forward it is Good to Be Uppercased in All Things and To Be Good Always in Life With an Open Heart and Oneness Guiding You Always to Know Where to Go for Your Career – Start Here for Healing Powers Too:
And I’ll Open a Page Up Soon For You to Join the Site as a Channeler in the Heroes Section of the Books Tab In Order For You to Activate Too a Collaboration with the Site to Maximize Your Oneness and to Be Spiritual There – Peace Always – we are one. Peace – Here’s a Name for You that I Will Use on the Site for now:
Indiana Iola
And if You Can Be There to Be Spiritual Always – See Soon How to Ascend a lot in Oneness – Always in Oneness – We Are One. Peace!