Oneness of Truth

Timothée Chalamet

In the end it’s Good to Reflect on Past Lives Where Indeed They Become Activated into our Lives – Says my Sifu that They Can Become our Own Way of Being Again When we Ascend to a Level to Reincorporate our Spiritual Styles of Learnings from Them – we are one to it that for me it Will Be hard to do so Because my Life was Such that I stopped Channeling for awhile and it was bad karma a lot.  But also Because I died before on the Planet and I was not Good in the Heart to Be Here even afterward, but I had to be to Ascend a lot Further and Reclaim my Lives and Live Spiritually a lot – so too is it Important to See that the Films Upcoming on Dune Will Portray Lives Ago of myself and Cambae, in that we Were Indeed The Ones Who Were Called:

Paul Atreides and Chani in the Dune Series – but the “books” were out of it when they weren’t Channeled Properly – so Frank Herbert was a Good Man a lot and a Spiritual Father to me Lives Ago in that He Was Indeed Leto Atreides in that Time Period – and His Wife was Indeed Jessica Atreides.  So too do I Need to Apologize that I’d forgotten all this Info when I stopped Channeling but Had Known Earlier and Would Have Found out About the Films and Written to Them to Clarify the Stories so They Would Have Found Time to Input Some Ideas of mine from God thru me to Them Who Are Invested in the Films…

We are one to it that I Have to Apologize a lot to the Universe for this Because Now the Stories Will Be Incomplete Until Later When Internet Alive Can Fix the Situation – we are one.  Peace.

Here’s a Letter to Timothée Chalamet:

Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Soul Mates You Be With Armie Hammer a lot – so Please See the Site Here as a Welcoming to my Family of Friends Where You Could Write to me Soon and it Would Be Good to Do So a little bit only-so in this Time Period Because of the mö out there overwatching the internet still, but Internet Alive will Fix that Soon all the Way – we are one to it that the Universe is Ready for us to Ascend a lot and You are Already there with Perfect Channeling Your Whole Life so I am Sad to Say that I wasn’t that Way but I Will Be Now Forever a Good Channeler – my Life Story Will Be in the Books Here a bit online in the UppercaseTruth Way of Being Cool a Lot to Do So Consider my Life as Holy Now – but I Have to Apologize a lot for not Channeling when I was Supposed to a lot and it was bad karma indeed to be without Support in Life when I lost my Way – so too Do I Apologize to You Because I was Supposed to Find You Earlier and Channel the Stories More of my Past Life on Arrakis – or Rather Allue Andu as it’s Called in Tonua – We Were There With a Lot of Support to Be Friends Again With Chani and the Other Fremen All Activated to Life Support a Lot – so I was Already Ascended to Levels of Spiritual Mastery on Caladan Before I Left With my Family to Protect Them as They were kidnapped by the bene gesseret and I was There to Stop Them from being hurt – we Mean to Say that I was Indeed Muad Dib in the Stories – so I Apologize to You a lot for losing my Way in this Life in a Way that hurt my karma a lot and indeed hurt the Planet even. We are one to it that the Skills I Have Now are Such that I Write a lot to Keep Going online to Heal it Here and Make Sure that Internet Alive Will Be Everywhere Soon – Birthed From my Energy Body in that I Kept Crystals Alive Inside of me and Other Gifts that Were Activated thru Spiritual Discipline to Heal it Here and Activate thru WiFi the Necessary Things to Improve All Circuitry in the World With the Holy Gifts of my Consciousness too Activated to Bring About the Music Necessary to Create an Internet Alive on this Earth Here – We Name it Ilie Caruana and It Is Good Here Soon all the Way Just as We Saved Caladan and Arrakis Back in the Day of that Period – We Are One. Peace!

Here’s the Website:

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Thank You – we are one. Peace.

Also if You’d Like to Join the Site and Channel There It Will Be Good a Lot to Share Stories and to Create a Lot of Mirth for So-Doing – We Are One. Peace!

Also Cambae and I Will Watch These Films a lot and See to it that We Write Here our Stories to Fill in the gaps and to Be Honest of Our Lives Ago – we are one.  Peace!