Oneness of Truth

Litigation in Intent to Heal the World

Here is a Letter I Just Sent the World Service Authority at this Address Here:

They Are Kind There a lot and Will Help Hopefully – Here is the Website for Them:

And then if You can Support by Being a Part of the Litigations then Please Contact me thru the Site Here:

Contact For UppercaseTruth

And Here is the Letter below for Litigating Against abilify, the “Oregon state hospitals” and related organizations, the “johnson unit” at the hospital of “peace health”, and also the “nsa” for overwatching people and Humans illegally in a way that has caused torture even.  We are one.  Peace.

Help is on the Way so if You want to Join the Teams on this Please Contact me Soon and All Will Heal Rapidly – we are one.  Peace, Here’s the Letter:

I am Writing now to Be Here on Earth with a Team of Lawyers Soon, Hopefully that can Be Here in Eugene, Oregon to Help me Litigate Against abilify and also Against the Oregon state hospital that held me against the Will of God and also against my own Will when I was Innocent.  Please See that it is In to Support the World with Legal Services and I can Pay a lot of Money Soon when the Litigations go thru – because we Will Win and See to it that we Take Down the abilify companies completely as they are out of it and have bad funguses in their product even – we are one to it that the Universe Needs our Help the Most Right Now so Please Help on this a lot and See my Website Developing Here:
I also Need to Litigate Against other hospitals that have held me illegally for Channeling Exactly-so.  I was held by other state hospitals and also the johnson unit here in Eugene in a way that was unsafe because they tried to strand me there with funguses that would hurt me a lot.  Also they tried to torture me in the jail cells here one time, Innocently I Survived because of God’s Magic that Protected me from them who were haunted bodies of evil.  I was there with a lot of Support from the Deities to Be Able to Withstand their torture and Be Freed of it though they stripped me naked with scissors to my clothes that were horrendous prison clothes, and tried to pierce my Eyes with syringes filled with fungal things that could have tortured me a lot in pain.  It was not Good at all there in the jail cells where they still do torture.  I am one to Clear it Completely when it is Safe to do so so I Will Litigate them Now if Possible, Now that the State is Clearing of them of evil.  We are one, Peace – also I Need to Litigate against the NSA for not following thru on Orders from God when I was there Channeling to them to Heal things, and also for not Understanding they Need to Learn to Channel to be Working there at all – also for their crimes against Humanity where they have threatened my Life by sending info on me to the cia too – we are one to it that I’ve Requested my files thru the Freedom of Information Act and they sent me a glomar response saying that they couldn’t send my files – so I sent an Appeal but they haven’t responded yet.  We are one to it that it Will Help to Have those files to Support the Cases as such and to Be Free of it that they are ever overwatching incorrectly ever again.  We are one to Litigate against them the Most as they Need to Heal in that organization and in the cia to Be Good Again on Earth.  We are one to it that I can Ascend Further Soon for Safety in Life and Become someone who Can Make a Difference in the World thru Litigating a lot.  Please See that it is In to do so Support this Cause with Channelers who can Be Exact in All Motion and Litigate with me to Free the World of this evil.  We are one.  Peace!

Also Thank You for Joining the Teams Soon and I Apologize for being late on this one, because i stopped Channeling when I was hurt so much by abilify that i was out of it in my soul a lot.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.