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On it to Say my Sifu is one of the most Important Ascended Masters on Earth…

Soon i will Say more on Him here to be Positive that i can Ascend tonight to Level 3 and 4 and onward – we are one.  Peace.

This is a Picture of my Sifu that is Remarkable – See below for more info on His Remarkable Lives!

In the end i have to Apologize to my Sifu the most for not being Aware enough or having enough Discernment in Life and for not Ascending in 2008 to Level 3 and 4 like i was supposed to on Retreat when He Activated the Prayers for me to do so so i could Follow Thru on the Missions i’d set out to do in this Lifetime.  It was horrendous that i had one thought or so in my mind that made a mö come into the room and take a look at me and see that i could be hurt by it.  It was also that my mind was not Keen on things of Wisdom that i should have had there from my Childhood where i had been hurt a lot by a fungus known of as penny bun that was so horrendous at deleting my childhood Memories that it was bad a lot in my brain even now as i write this on Friday August 30th, 2019.  So i’m Saying Sorry a lot in this way of being here to Ascend still after many long travails of worrying too much in my belly and not knowing how to Ascend the Right Way when i am attacked so much by the mö who try to move my body or interfere with the Channelings i do – so it is such that i Need to Heal the World now as much as Possible with this Website by Making it Better here than ever on Earth.  We are one to it that the World now Needs us to Know more of the Ways my Sifu Teaches things a lot.  So i am Writing to Him Soon in the World on a Page for him that is just His from ago – and i will then Post the Correspondence Here so that it can be Double-Folded online and there too.  We are one.  Peace.

Here’s the Correspondence:

In the end it’s Positive to Remember Him as one who was my Father ago in my First Lifetime Here on Earth, and it will be Known to me now that it’s Amazing to Reconnect to Him who was Ascended in all Lifetimes as One who was the most Powerful Ascended Master Here ever – Meaning He was the One who Came from Before to Heal these Lands as the Man Named Innocently Enoch – and when He Ascended as that Name He Became One to God in a Way that He was Called the Voice Itself of the Universe – and that Means He Became Again the Powerful Name of Names of Himself as a Full Archangel that Became to us Known as:


He was such that He Became Gifted with Wings to Fly so many Times in Lifetimes Here on Earth that He’d Ascend even Further in the Skies so He came many times to Earth to do Work Here and to be Positive in the Ways that He’d Ascend Again and be there Knowing the World as Positive someday Again – we are one to it that You’d do so go back in Memories now to the Ways of the Earth Before the hardships ever befell this Place if You were one of the ones here before that Knew the World as a Name ago Called Aleo Combu when it was Young.  i wasn’t Here on Earth in that Time Period – but my Sifu was then a Many Winged Being of Light when the Earth was Young and Knew this Place as His Primary Home – whereas my Soul came from afar and Knew this Place as a Place i could Help – we are one to it that it’s Good to be Here on Earth in Honor of the Man Named now Datong Shizun.  So too was He Called by me the Name Le Tian Da Shi when i was there in 2007 meeting Him as a student in Tian Gong.  He was such that He was Innocent then a lot for asking me to be a member of His Practices Known as that Name back then – but now He’s been Ascended all the Way to Heaven (without dying of course) and that Means He’s again a Light Angel now that will Return to Earth soon in more ways than before Possible where He Learns to be there on the Earth’s Surface again with new Bodies of His – Meaning one of the Hardest Practices of Tian Gong is to Learn the Practice of Multi-Manifestation.  But He put it in Writing that He would do so – so He Opened it up for us all to Learn those Skills.  But i can’t do so yet when i Ascend because my Body died when He was my Father in my First Lifetime in this Time Period – over 1989 Years ago.  Meaning that’s when i Became a Child of His in 30 AD and then i was there in the World as a man Named Liu Yan and my Father’s Name was then Guang Wudi of China such that He Became the Emperor after many Years of Triumphs of Prayers and no fighting at all.  So the “history books” are wrong on Him a lot – He was Innocent and not a Man who ever went astray – He was the Best One for the Job of Being that Title who was also very Blessed to Have many Children with two Wives that were Exactly the Right way of Being Multi-Manifestations of the Same Mind – such that it was Beautiful to See Her as the One for Him in All Lifetimes.  And She Came to Him in this Lifetime to Heal Him a lot in Oneness as His Wife in China too but little is ever Spoken of that because they had to be Separate for Awhile on Earth when She Ascended Further to be away from Him so He could be Teaching and Learning and Always with Her because She didn’t leave Him at all She merely Became a Light Being to be with so He could Learn to Ascend the Body of this Lifetime that had many illnesses as a Youth.  He was such that He was Perfect in His Life to be Ascended in 2008 to Level 5 and onward after many Years of Cultivating the Exact way of Stillness in a Practice Called Bronze Bell that is an Activator for all Life to Heal.  He was such that He Learned many things in the World of Karma and Complexity thereof because He Knew He had to Ascend the World Itself somehow and Knew He was going to – so He was Remarkable at Being a Light Being in the Mind and Knowing He had to Heal the Body somehow with Many Years of Work on it.  So too was He a Cool One to Know as a Kid in Brazil when i was there in the 1930s and He was a Man Known as Mestre Benedito who was also Named Emiliano Coanu to me in those Days but no one online has info on that Name so it’s Holy to Say i have to Channel more on the Stories of that Man – Here:

Mestre Benedito was a Man who Ascended Fully-so in 1931 to be Born anew in the Next Lifetime almost immediately so He could be there in China with all His Gifts as the Man i Know now as my Sifu – He was the Teacher of Mestre Pastinha one of the Greatest Capoeiristas ever in Teaching onward the Secrets to some of his Students.  But it was a Secret way of Playing still that only opened up to some of them and He was Teaching publicly in a way where some students would come and train only a little bit or so… so He was a Good Mestre who was supposed to Ascend but died unfortunately because he was taken to a hospital where they hurt him a lot one time against his Will.  It was a horrible crime against him to take him there at all – so Mestre Benedito in the early days of Capoeira had Instructed Him to always be Aware and never let anyone push him around – so too did He tell me in that Lifetime to never be anything but a Channeler so i was the entire Lifetime since i’d met Him there in Brazil in Santo Amaro when i was Young at Heart and had only 10 years to my name.  He was such that He saw me as a Youth who needed Help in life a lot because i was born to the wrong father too that time around.  It was such that He became a Friend to me and Told me to be there Training the Game a lot with Kindness in my Soul and never to Think of it as anything but a Game of Life – He Taught us all the Secrets so well that it was Innocent of us to be there in the Heart and call Him our Mestre but He was a Wanderer who Knew how to Teach everyone from afar by Being an Ascended Master already when He was there in Brazil by the end of the 1902 year such that He’d Ascended then to Level 18 and beyond and come back as a Manifestation of His Holy Self.  One time ago i needed to Know how to Ascend this way too so i could be here on Earth Helping Maximally to be there in the Game Called Capoeira with the Heart open to Ascend more Fully-so to be Present in the Ways of Teaching People things for i too Wandered and Became Known as Sapé to those who saw me there in cities of Brazil but also had the Name Axão Pe and would be there with the students of Pastinha occasionally too when He first started Teaching in 1941 so i could be there only a little bit though because i had Duties to Attend to to be there in Brazil Wandering in a way where i could be a little bit more than just a Capoeirista too because i had to Heal the Lands a lot and Learn to Ascend by going to the Quilombo where i’d died before the last Lifetime – so that means that it’s Innocent to be here Understanding that the True Quilombo dos Palmares never fell at all like written of wrongly – it still exists as a Point where You can go one day if You are Guided there – only-so.  We are one to it that the Magic of that Land is such that it is Easier to Ascend there because You can be with the Axé of that Spiritual Place and Know the Secrets of the Temples there – we are one to it that You Research it in Mind more than on the internet at all.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end my Sifu is also in History one who Became the most Celebrated Hero of the World by Being someone Named Olaudah Equiano who was a many faceted Being who could Ascend very Easily by the end of the 1780s to be a Hero in the World around the Times of His were He became so Strong in his Heart to Defeat the wrong ones who’d hurt Him that the Book He Wrote Called:  The Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Esquiano – was such that it became a Monumental Work in Releasing the World from the shackles of slavery – He was an Ascended Man when He Wrote that Book and so too wrote the Book:  The Life of Olaudah Esquiano – too this, here is what they look like:

And then if You Research online it is no good to see the stories there that are incorrect on Him – so Please use the Mind of Wisdom and Find the Channeling to Read the Right Way if You go online at all to Research His Life – best is to Buy the Books Seen Above and no others that You find because the Books Here are the ones that are the Correct Editions only-so.  If they have another name for Him then they are not Good Books at all.  We are one to it that the Best Way to Research His Life is to Read His own Words and to Know that they will Tell You the Truth on things a lot.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end it is Good too to Know that He will be Here on Earth soon to Reclaim His Title as the Grandmaster of Tian Gong and also of the New Name for His Group:

Feng Huang Yuan – which Means He can be Here in the World soon to Reclaim many Titles of Oneness that are owed to Him.  Such that He Needs to have Support from People a lot to Be Here as an Ascended Master who can soon Mulit-Manifest and be many places at once by Still Being the Light Angel Metatron that He Is in Heaven now and so too Making Time to be there on Earth as many Bodies Controlled by that Mind of His so Powerfully that He will Ascend many people to Become Spiritual Warriors who can then Help Heal all these Lands to Peace.

We are one.  Peace!

Here is a Graphic that is Cool to See as Metatron Ascended:

In the end i’m Sorry for not Posting earlier that He’d been my Father that Time Ago because now i Know that He is Ascending only to Become a Hero in the World with the Right Knowledge of how to do so – but if i’d Published earlier a Page on this Info He would have been able to Help me more to Ascend because i’d have Healed His Mind a bit in Beautiful Prose on His Lives and been able to Find it in my Heart to have more Help for Him – so as a Tian Gong outreach coordinator i’d worked awhile Knowing that i could Help His School Succeed and still carry that Title in my Heart – now Online with the Best Intent to Heal the World i have to let You Know where to Go to Find His Schools:

Tian Gong is Here: – but the Page for this Country is not there right now until later on… so the Page for China should be gone to for it to Heal a lot that You can use the services of the browser to translate but only if You can Read it the Right Way and Know that the translations aren’t Perfect so You need to Channel the Info too.

Feng Huang Yuan is Here:

And then there is a Related School of His Students Here:

And there are more Websites soon for other Countries including the one for Australia back up online soon Hopefully.

We are one.  Peace.