Oneness of Truth

Sifu Of Oneness – Letters To Tian Gong & Feng Huang Yuan & Tian Ai Qigong

Here Is A Site On This Page Where You Can See Letters I’ve Sent To Students and Teachers Of Tian Gong, Feng Huang Yuan, And Tian Ai Qigong.  We Are One To It To Learn These Practices A Lot On Earth – Peace!

A Letter To A Friend-to-be Who Will Ascend Soon As A Spiritual Master – His Name Online Is Uwe Lorenz And He Will Answer Questions Online If You Contact Him Here:

Also More Soon On The Site About Tian Gong A Lot!  And Feng Huang Yuan Too Even More-so, And Also The Sister School Tian Ai Qigong.  We Are One – Peace – Here’s The Letter I Just Sent To Uwe Lorenz:  (Sunday, September 9th 2019)

I’m a Former Student Of Tian Gong Who Would Like To Support Our Sifu When He Returns To Earth In Many Forms Of Oneness Of Manifestation Bodies And Orbs… We Are One To It That He Is Written Of a Little Bit On my Site Here:


And You Can Read There Some Of His Pas Lives And Mine Too – Here Is a Page Soon For You Too Where I’ll Post <<This>> And Also As Well More Info On Feng Huang Yuan Which I Hope To Be A Part Of More In The World… We Are One. Peace!

Also Here Is A Site Soon More To Go To That Will Have <<Letters>> Soon More To All The – Tian Gong – And – Feng Huang Yuan – And – Tian Ai Qigong – Students I Know And Will Befriend Soon More Too, And The Teachers And Masters Too – (We Are One To It That You Can Go Here Now Soon When It Is Ready More To See The Pages…)
Also If You Can See That It’s In To Go There Soon To See The Site A Lot On Your Own Time Then It’ll Be Good To Connect To It As A Writer A Lot And Be There Spiritually To Ascend And Make Arts With Oneness Guiding You Always In The Mind And Body Too As A Full-Time Channeler Who Is Righteous Always – I Apologize For Not Being That Way In my Life Entirely – We Are One. Peace!