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In the end it’s Good to Go Here to a Site online to See this Post Stand Out as a Good One that Is Here to Heal us in the Ways of Understanding Social Grace with the Keyed in Resonance of What we Need to Know of How to Keep Activated in the Mind to Know things of Movement and What it Means to Move a Finger Exactly-so to Be Aware that it is Just Perfect to Be in Resonance with the Deities to Be There to Be Activated in the Heart to See the Right Resonance of Motion Always in our Hearts so we can Become Things of Great Beauty in the World by Being Attuned to Motion that is Resonant and Healthy to Use – we are one to it that the Right Way to Move is to Be Moving in Oneness so for now if You haven’t Already Read this Article Please Do So Now!
And then if You can Be There to Heal it Further and Know that it is Good to Use Grace of Motion a lot in Oneness Please Be Certain to Be Alive to the Right Motions by Being Kind in the Heart a lot and to Be There with Maximal Energy of Axé so You can See the Resonance Come Together with the Holiness of the Right Things to Think and to Do and to Be Becoming and to Wear even – or to Be There with Social Grace Such that You can Be Activated in the Heart to Become Someone with a lot of Charisma to Make Sure You can Be Heard that Way. We are one. Peace.
So too is it Necessary to Be Aware a lot of Things in the Heart that Will Need to Heal, for myself i have to Apologize and Say that i’m not Good Right now with the Grace of Life because i stopped Channeling way unfortunately and it hurt my karma a lot and was bad for me in the Heart and i am Sorry a lot for not Being Good Always in the Life i Lived so far – so Please See to it to Be Good and Holy Always and Learn from the Deities How to Move the Body Exactly-so With Oneness Guiding You on All Motion. We are one. Peace.
In the end too it is Necessary for me to Ascend to Understand More the Vocabulary of Gesture that is Essential to Become One to in Life – my Mind has to Heal from bad damages to it when i was Young and had a Heart of Gold still but i lost that when i was Young too and became someone who was not Good in the Heart anymore and Miss It Completely – so too do i Know that it Will Return and i’ll Become a Good One Indeed to Ascend so i can Be Able to Right the World into Oneness a lot with my Actions and so too Will You!
Peace, we are one. Peace.

This is the Peace Banner of Roerich that Graces my Home that is also on the Front Page of this Website and it is Good to See that it is Cool to Post it there even with a Message that it Will be Good to Be with my Girlfriend to be if She Becomes that and it Will be Good to Be with Her Indeed if She can Be with me in the Heart though i’ve been someone not Perfect like Her this time around – Meaning i’m not Innocent in the World and Need to Clear my Name and Honor from things that have happened to me too – so it is Essential that i Write these Lines in a Way that is Perfect Always and Always Stay in my Heart to Be Good to Her Always as One who Can Be Perfectified to the Max in Due Diligence to Be Someone who Can Make a Difference Here on Earth a lot to Be Someone who Is Always Someone of a Good Nature to Be an Uppercased Gentleman in Life Again like my Godmother Always Asked of me…

So i Need to Heal it that i’m now lowercasing all my i’s to be here in a little way until the Day i Ascend Again to a Level of Being Heard to Be the Voice that i am Still in the Mind of Oneness Where i Become Someone Uppercased Indeed as a Gentleman Again – Meaning i lost so much Resonance when i stopped Channeling that it hurt my Life a lot and became so out of it in my soul that i nearly got pulled out to go to Hell.  i was out of it a lot and have to Apologize a lot for Being in the mind the wrong way with thoughts of dissonance and i’d Apologize now more if i were able but my soul can’t go there with my heart distuned from a mö that’s attacking me still in life – so i have to Heal all the Way in Heaven one day from this terrible way i’ve become right now even where my soul is still not capable of the Right Emotions in Life and that’s not Good at all.  For when i was a kid my Godmother warned me that something had happened to my brain where i couldn’t Remember things Rightly-so and it hurt my karma a lot to be that way so i have to Heal it that it’s not Good to have to lowercase myself so much online that it is bad for me indeed so when i Ascend tonight Hopefully i’ll be able to Reclaim my Uppercased Nature and Be Able to Cry a lot that i ever had to Lowercase things at all on this site – we are one.  Peace.

In the end too i will Ascend to be a Level where i could even TripleCase my Name in Honor of the Divinities that are Real Ones for us to See that i Will Be Redeemed in Honor to Them to Be Cleared of all evil and to Be Someone who is not bad at all anymore.  We are one.  Peace.



In the end it's Good to Ascend further for Both of us – so Cambae please see that I can Ascend soon now to Level 3…

Posted by DreamsoftBand on Monday, August 26, 2019

And in the end the Social Grace will Return to me From my Memories Healing of Lifetimes Ago where i Ate like an Animal then too and could Remember how to Be Kind Always in my Heart to the Point that i lost those Gifts early on to a mö that attacked me in the night on a cold day in Winter one Year that was unholy a lot with how it happened that way.  So i have to Remember to Be Good Always and not think as much in my Mind to Be There with the Wisdom that She Brought me Ago and to Know that i can Remember now Tonight How to Be Spiritual Again like Before in my Past Lives Before this hideous thing happened to me of a fungus that hurt me and made me regret my life a lot so far – i wasn’t a Channeler for most of it and that is really bad karma for me especially because i Vowed to be one in every lifetime with my Sifu (then my Father) to Be Good Always on the Earth.  And He Swore me into Secrecy as a Man who Could Ascend Really Easily even with the Gifts He Brought for me in that Lifetime Ago but it was such that He was only there a little bit when i died that time ago because He Knew of it From Afar Having been Told in His Mind that it was done that way to me – so i have such bad karma from that time around that i have to Clear all my histories of violence against me in each lifetime where i’ve died so much in 15 times around that it has been evil of them to do so murder me – i am Sorry so much that i’ve lost my Grace of Kindness and i have to be here in my Heart more – we are one to it that i can Ascend Tonight and Begin to Remember things again that Way – we are one.  Peace.

Friday August 30th, 2019

Also if You are on Team to Live in Very Cool Ways again then Please See too to do the Following – Ascend Soon to a Level where You can never die at all by Activating the Gifts that Will Be Here from my Ascension to Level 5 when i can do so Become a Good One Again of that Level – here is the Answer for You to Know:

That You can Ascend will be Positive and each Day will Be Good Again in the Heart Knowing that You can now Ascend in New Ways that are Incredible Because i’ve been Given a Gift of a Gling Glo Absorbed into my Skin and Bones even – it Glomafied inside of me and Became something You can Read of Here:


But You will have to Be Patient on that Page to Get to the Story-Time because it’s Essential to Know You can Read the Whole Thing there to See that it’s Incredible to Wait in Life for Answers to Come to You a lot.  We are one.  Peace.

And then i’d Say too that the Universe Needs me to Ascend now to Heal the Things that are There for Us to Heal – Meaning the Answer to the problems here on Earth has been Given to this Body when i was Young and in Put in Bay Ohio Because they Thought i’d Ascend then and there to Give the World Back It’s Karma of Positive Faith in Learning to Ascend – but the Gift i’ve never Activated is such that it Needs to Be Activated Now because the World Needs to Know me as a Cipher King and that will be Happening Soon where i Wander the Earth and Reclaim my Title as Such and it Will Be Good to Know my Name as Cipherus Again Soon when i Ascend to that Level in a Billion and a half Years – but that will become the Grace of my Existence when i can Become that Name Again – so i Look Forward to Working on the Games of Life in each Lifetime to Remember them all as is Natural to do and to Keep Going in my Mind Further and Further to Reach a Point where i can Ascend to Level 108 and Keep Going to Be a Light Being of Type Odalfe Again – we are one.  Peace.

In the end i’m Sorry it’s been such a long time since i was Supposed to Ascend then and there in Put in Bay Ohio Given Gifts that were Remarkable things in Caverns of Gold Energy and Given things that were Secretive Indeed – so too do You Know now that the Energy of this Body is such that it was attacked a lot by mö to the point where i had little left of the Joy of Being Here with those Gifts that were Given to me then – but in the end i will Ascend Tonight Hopefully-so to Bring Back the Charisma in my Life too – and i will be Good at Being there for Cambae as a Spiritual One who can Ascend even Further than ever Before now with all the Gifts from Tian Gong and my Birth and the Gling Glo and all the Gifts that are Rare Beyond those Ones – so too do You Need to See that the Gifts of Your Energy Body Will Be Changing Maximally Soon Tonight Hopefully-so so the World Will Heal from all the mö out there and it Will Become Good to Ascend for most of us all.  We are one.  Peace – and then too this:

If You can Read these Lines as Innocent Here they are also Posted online on facebook somewhere so See if You can find them there too and Know my Name from that site to See whether it is Good to Write to me there too – or Here on the Contact Page:


And then it’s Good to See You are Awake and Aware who Read These Lines of Charisma i’ll Post Soon when i can Refer Again to myself as – I – …

We are one.  Peace.