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Soul Mates

In the end It’s Good to Find Your Soul Mate in Life to Be Spiritual and to Be One to It All In Oneness a Lot!  We Are One to It to Declare That It Is Spiritual a Lot That Way to Be With Your Lover to be In All Ways of Oneness Where You Find Time to Be With Them a Lot For Music Especially, and Art of Oneness and Also Channeling Things Together For Films to Be Seen That Are Holy Ones Like the Ones in the Films Section Here:


Films Of Oneness.


And Then If You Can Ascend Soon to Higher Levels of Healing Powers It Will Be Good to Activate a Lot of Reverence For The Deities Always and Know Too That It Is Good to Ascend Together On Teams Of Oneness That Create a Lot of Mirth Together By Being Activated In Life to Be Spiritual to Do Music and Art and All Things of Channeling For It to Be Spiritual a Lot In Life – Here Are Some Pages on Teams to Be Formed That Will Be Good Always In The World Together With Other Teams to Form Big Tribes of Oneness That Can Create Together a Lot and Intermix In Ways That Are Holy – Especially When The Full 32 Members Of a Super-Tribe Are Present – Or Even More-so When All 64 Members Of a Big Tribe Beyond That Are Present – Here Are Some Formations of Tribes That Are Good to Begin With After You Meet Your Soul Mate and Begin Channeling Together:












And Then Many Formations Are Possible Too That Can Activate Smaller Groupings That Are Here:




And Then Too Is It Good to Go On This Level That The World Needs to Heal a Lot So Please See Below For a Way of Being In The World That Will Heal You to Be With Your Soul Mate Soon to Be Spiritualized In Oneness All The Way In Innocence Together – We Are One.  Peace!


Here’s a Story Soon On How to Ascend Further Than Ever – We Are One.  Peace!


In the end It Was Her In My Dreams a Lot This Lifetime, I was 13 and Innocent and Knowing That I Wanted to Find My Soul Mate In Life but was confused too and not Channeling so it was not Good All The Way In Life and I Had to Be Cautious With my Spiritual Ideas to Be One to It Further and See That I Could Ascend More – So I Researched Online the Idea of Oneness and Saw Pages That Were Good Even, In the Early Days of the internet – So Too Was I Good In the Heart to Know that One Day I’d Meet Her but Now I Have to Cleanse my Soul a Lot to Be Here In the World With Her and Meet Her As a Friend First and Be There to Be Spiritual In Life Always With Her As a Good One to Marry In Heaven and See That we Can Be Spiritual As Celibate Lovers For a Long Time On Earth – Ileu Caruana Is Needing Us To Be Spiritual All The Way and That Means I’m One to It to Ascend Further Now and Meet With Her Soon to Be Good In the Heart as One Who Can Help Her In Life with Wealth Flow and Also With the Honor of Protecting Her In Life too – So Then I Have to Remember to Flow Always In Oneness and To See That It’s Good To Do So Always – We Are One.  Peace!


And So Too Does It Make Sense To Write This Way a Lot Here On So That We Can All Go Home to Heaven In the End Without dying Ever!

If You Are Here to Be Immortal Then Please See To It That You Learn From My Sifu a Lot By Going to The Links Pages Here:




And Then to Activate With Love a Lot In Your Heart Please See The Page Here on How to Ascend With Love In Mind On It All Being Good to Find Your Soul Mate As One to It All In Oneness With You In the Heart Always – We Are One – Peace, Here It Is:




And Then Too This – If You Can Be Ascended All at Once to Level 18 It Will Be Good Too To Go Beyond That Level When the Time Is Right and To Keep Ascending Further and Further to Be Beyond the Levels of the Earthly Plane and To Keep Going Higher to Level 108 Wherein You Can Begin to Become a Spiritual Master that Comes Back to Earth and Remembers How to Dream More-so In Innocence to Be a Warrior On The Earth That Can Fly Even Or Make It Possible to Do So When the Time Is Right – We Mean That You Can Fly Even At Level 18 or Lower Sometimes But When You Fly at Level 108 and Beyond to Be a Multi-Manifestor Here On Earth The Earth Is Then Given To Being So Profound At Healing That You Have to Fly a Lot to Be Spiritual and Be Given The Right Things to Be In With So That You Can Always Learn to Be Good At All Things of Karma Too In Ways That Humans Who aren’t Ascended can’t Understand Yet – Meaning the Training of That Level Is For Ones Who’ve Never died before – So That They Can Become Ones That Ascend Mightily to Levels of Oneness That Are Called Hyper-Realms of Oneness Where Their Mind Is So Attuned to God’s Glory That They All Relate To Oneness In The Mind As a Thing Of Power They Are Always Being With In Ways That They Improve Themselves Rapidly To Become Spiritual Warriors Here That Can Be Fully Emblazoned With The Light Of Knowing How to Ascend Even Further Than That To Things That Haven’t Been Done Yet Even – So Too Do I Have to Apologize Right Now For not Knowing How to Ascend All the Way to That Level for when I died my first death Here I lost a lot of Gifts that Could Have Helped the World Heal and that was bad karma indeed so now I Need to Know that I Could’ve Survived that Time If I Had Had One Idea of Mine Coming Thru me to Be Spiritual Then Even Further Where I Could’ve Been Alive For a Lot Longer Had I Just Remembered to Get Embalmed Somehow – but no one was There For That Practice When I was attacked So I Had to Be Something else that was way sorrowful when the activities of one of the mö-headed weirdos got me in the Back and I was dead all of a sudden from many wounds that couldn’t Heal All The Way.  So I had to Decide What to Do and I Decided to Be There to Protect my Wife In All Lives and She Was Good In Heaven to Be With Again but I lost many Things That Were Here to Heal All Life and Now I Know that It Is Possible to Regain Those Things but It Will Take Many Years of Work and I Have to Be Honest and Say I lost the Way too in this lifetime where i stopped Channeling for Awhile and it was terrible karma indeed so I have to Share This:


One Time Ago I Needed a Friend and He Appeared – Tonight It Happened Earlier and I Want to Know Now How to Be Good and Responsible In Life So I Offered Him a Job and Career With me As a Recording Star and Worker In Life to Be On These Pages – He Needs to Find His Soul Mate So I Will Help Him a Lot With That – Which Means match-making is a No-No Always – But to Assist One’s Friendships In Finding Their True Love of Oneness and Their Ideal Partner Means That It Isn’t a bad thing to Be Evolved to Finding The Right Partner That Is Their Soul Mate When Destiny Calls us To Do So – So Tonight I Will Channel to Him:  Ileo – and See That He Find Her Now In Life So He Can Be One to It Always In Love With Her and Know That He Will Ascend a Lot In Life to Be Maxed Out In Karma – We Are One.  Peace!


So Too Can You All Help Each Other Find Your Soul Mates a Lot Now By Being Activated In Life to Do So Always With The Right Kinship Circles Forming Now On Earth!


We Are One.  Peace!

Also We Can All Be Here Maximized With Our Soul Mates When We Practice The Right Way With Them To Be Spiritual – One Time I Vowed To Do The Spiritual Practices Of Soul Cleansing Every Night In The Three Gateway Practices Of Tian Gong – (Please Go There and Beware of mistranlations from the browsers…Also Here Is Good To Go To To Contact Tech Stop To See If They Can Shift Things A Lot Within Google More Easily… And This Page Too For Now When It Is Young With Internet Alive To See How To Write To Google To Make It Possible To Shift Things Online With Deleting Materials…  Here.  – So Too Is It Necessary To Go Here Now To Write To Them On How To Subpoena For Some Of You To Gain Wealth Thru Litigations…  Here.

The Gateway Practices Are Here:  (Online Soon…) – (Described Here A Bit Only-so So It’s Good To Take The New Courses Soon Online and See The Videos Too… Here Is Good To See On The New Introductory Lessons For Feng Huang Yuan, The Evolution of Tian Gong Into A New Form:  Here.)  And The Practices Are Good To Take Online a Lot Soon – Peace, Here Is One Of Them That Is Really Important: Bronze Bell (Or Here Even Better To Read Of It… Here.  And Here Too:  Here.)  Especially-so!  And So Too Many Others Within The System Because The Nightly Practices And Daily Practices Open Up To Being All Practices When You Soul Cleanse Then Invoke Them Spiritually To Work On Them…  –   And Also Every Morning With A Spiritual Partner Once I’d Find Her And So Too Is It Good To Do So As A Celestial Dove (All The Time Even In my Styles Of Activating Things…) To Be Here Soon As An Ascended Master Of Level 6 Soon… And Then Onward To Level 18 As Soon As I Can – We Are One To It That I Continue Soon Below That It Is Good To Practice This Way Soon More – We Are One.  Peace.

You Can Too Practice This Way Soon By Reading Online The Practices Of The Three Rescues On This Site Here:

Here.  (For Now Until The Pages For Other Countries Have More Info…)…

Also If You Can Be Here In The Heart To Practice A Lot of Mandinga Styles Of Oneness, Soul Cleansing Can Happen Where You Are Spiritual Throughout The Day And Work On Things In Life to Cleanse The Soul A Lot In Timing That Works Universally To Be There With The Heart Knowing What To Do Always – We Are One.  Peace.

So I Invite Cambae To Join Me In The Three Rescues Thru <<This Site>> And To Be There Spiritualized With me Under my Sifu As a Wonderful Human Who Is Enlightened Fully-so As Metatron Indeed… Meet Him In The World Please And See That He Is Wonderful As a Spiritual Man Who Can Ascend Others Rapidly Soon.  Peace, Here’s a Site On Him Here:


And Here Too Soon We Will Begin To Play Capoeira A Lot Under My Mestre-to-be In Brazil Where I’ll Meet Him Soon Hopefully To Begin To Train In His System – (Soon A Page On Him Here:  Here.)

We Are One.  Peace – Also If You Can Be Here In Eugene, Oregon Soon To Meet me I Am One To It To Be Here In A Spiritual Way At a New House Soon That Will Have Many Ideas Of Oneness Only There.  Peace – We Are One.  Peace!