Oneness of Truth

Cambae and Actue

To Cambae::

Here is a book I wrote on things related to Capoeira and other Games of Life, in the end it’s good to train someday in this Game a lot – it is not like the false system at all if you train in Oneness – the answer to the idea of whether we could be there in Brazil someday would be that I’d be here for some time before moving there – so if you’d like to know of the Game more then please be there for this book – it’s a good one. Peace, we are one. Here it is::


In the end I’m not here for a long time but I plan on being in Eugene for three years, and if you want to be a friend I’d be very good in the heart, soon I’ll be there in Brazil in 2022 in January I hope and by then I want to set up some things to make a lot of money so I’ll be here to help the world heal somehow, thank you for being cool and understanding that I’m here to make things happen in the world a lot, peace, we are one.

In The End It Is Good To Move To Brazil Too Together Someday When The Time Is Right, But Also Around The World To Other Locations – Someday In Cuba To Remember Multi-Time There Because I Was Supposed To Be Bourne To There When I Was 3 Years Old… It Would Have Been Good To Be There And In Multi-Time We Are There Too… To Combine To Those Timelines And Heal Time Itself Can Reinstate The Right Thrones On Earth To Make It Possible To Heal The Pasts Into Ago-Time… Pasts Dissolve Into Ago In Time-Space Locations By Bundling And Clasping Time Into Oneness.  We Are One To Making Art Always In Life And It Will Heal Our Memories To Be There With Transformation Bodies Healed Into Ascension. 

Soon Too We Can Make Music Together In A Band Called::


It Will Be Healing For Us To Remember More The Years We Sang Together In Multi-Time When We Ascend To The Levels Of Evolving Our Minds To Be In Time With The Truth Of Time Revealed To Us.

(Cambae) – It takes divine timing. I have read this at the time I was ment to Thank you. I will go explore and find these things left, and continue on this perfect path –

(Cambae) – May I get another link to that specific page? Soul much love You can feel me? You can feel my shifts? –

Thank You For Your Words Of Love… Here Is The Link To One Page To Go To For Music::



We are one. Peace.
 And Here Is A Good Company That Makes Acrylics That Will Be Good To Buy From Soon::

Here Too Is The Dreamsoft Page::


Here Too Are Dreams Of Mine And Remembrances Of Past Lives::


And Here Is The Trailer To A Film That We Could See Together Soon, With One Of Our Past Lives To Remember::

And This Rare Film Animation Shows Things Of The Universe That Can Help The World Heal::



For You I Will One Day Buy A Flute From This Company And Saxophones Too To Play::


And For Dreamsoft We Can Record Soon, With Berimbaus Bought From Mestre Adó, And Many Drums… And Guitars That Are Fretted To Have 18 Main Notes Per Octave – (I Have One Guitar Now From Valco That Is A Fretless Lap Guitar With A Slide) And Violin, Viola, Cello, And Bass Will Be Good To Play In Our Band Too.  Peace Always, Love Eternal.  We Are One.  Peace.

(Cambae) – May your daycbe filled with love, for the world and for yourself –

Thank You Always – Love Eternal – We Are One.  Peace.