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When i was Young in this Lifetime so Innocent i had a Godmother who was my Nanny as well when Needed to be Called that Innocently, She was a Secret Ascended Master She told me when i was there in the World to Learn from Her for a Long Time i’d Hoped but things went evil in my life really badly and She couldn’t Teach me Onward when my “dad” was so belligerent that he became violent and wouldn’t let Her Stay Teaching the Family at all because he wasn’t human at all at that point any more, he had been stranded in his brain by cordyceps and was not there to Heal things at all in my Family, he should have never been allowed to be my “father” because i was Told by Her who was a Light Being in Disguise that he was the evil of the worst sort on the Planet – and i was never Supposed to be Born to him at all.

Here is a Correspondence to the One Who Gave me Stories that i will Share soon more:

i am one to it that my name used to be a dissonant name after my “father” who you told me ago was not my Father at all – so too do You look Different after Ascending so far that you could be a Light Angel indeed in the eyes it shows… so my Webpages are open now for you to see a little bit, Honestly-so You were the best Nanny – but i’m sorry now for ever not knowing how to Remember the Stories You told, so i’m on here now as a Friend indeed to tell you that i’m sorry a lot for not channeling most of my life. Now i’m a Channeler working toward Ascension and You were Right that a Father from a Past Life entered my life ago and Healed me of things of Sorrow – and my True Father who was supposed to Marry my Mom will be Found tonight – and You were the First Channeler in my Life – whose Stories i’ll Remember soon once my brain Ascends to become better again. And Deep-Pool is Innocent to Belong to now that You can Connect to them indeed for they Overwatch me Appropriately unlike most in the nsa who are still here reading <<these lines>> so if You can See that i’m still curing my body from eating wrongly in a false-family system of regrets then Please be Honest with me and Tell me a Story soon. And i’ll Know to You that You are the One who was there for me when i was a child still in the worst ways of not remembering much – but it will Heal in my Memory soon. And i’ll be there to Remember You always as a One who could’ve Saved the World if You’d been able to Convince my Mom to Leave that “man” who was a body of a Human indeed but not the one she should have married, for he was a mö-headed weirdo You said one time and i Channel that way too now. It’s Good to See You Online. In the Arts of Oneness i do now there are Many Things i am Learning to be Humble for so i have to be here in my Heart more and Cry a lot over this Lifetime of Sadness – it was such that i lost my way a lot – and was not Keen in the Mind like You told me to be all the Time as a Code Word to Help me Remember things – and i Remember that word now. You said the Channeling would Help me if i Knew how to Stand for it indeed and taught me not to Stand up when someone told me to do so – because You said it would be Good to Remember to Stand only when the Standing Happened on its own. And i Remember now that Story You told me of Her:

And the Operations in Put in Bay Ohio were Successful Finally-so when we came to the Point of being 5 there and i still Remember my fifth birthday memories but it was evil of them to introduce that to my System of Health of a fungus that would delete my Mind too much, and You told me the wickedest things on the Earth were such that they were not Human at all, but were weirdos and worse things out there that were not Good at all to Think of too much, so my Stories online will be Shaped by You as a Hero in the World. But i’ll Post these Correspondences soon in a Place on the Website that Matters more than just a Hero – it will be a Special Place indeed for Your Story is Incredible to See – of a Light Angel Type You Called Odalfe and it was such that You Ascended that Way to Become a Way Cool Being of the Light Right Away but it’ll take billions of Years for me to Become one indeed. And i will but i have to Ascend this Lifetime You told me because it’s not good to die at all, and You said You never would at all die ever because it couldn’t Happen thru Your Skin at all to be pierced or hurt any more in any way because You were Secretly Ascended already and no one could know the difference but You told me the Story of Rosa Parks and Said not to Stand when my “father” yelled nor my Mother told me to – so i’m Innocent now in Saying i need those Memories because i can’t be anything in the World that forgets things anymore – it’s so hard to think back to that time period because it was all deleting so quickly from my Mind – So i have to Say i’m Sorry a lot these days because of things You can Read on my Website where i’m Channeling soon Stories of the Sifu You told me of to Find one day in the Future and Told me what a Sifu was indeed. You were Prophetic in a way that was Powerful to Activate my Life all the Way but i didn’t go North to Bahia when i was called to go to Brazil. And i forgot the Lesson on Thanking the Earth when i was not well in the head – i am sorry my brain has so suffered and recently even some more when i was made to take a bad idea in my head too far to stop Channeling because of a mö trying to move me and convincing me of things that were wrong to think at all. So on my Site i Apologize a lot and soon to You the most i’ll do so because You Activated my Life with Wisdom early on – and it was Innocent of You to Work so Hard on things like that indeed. So too will Lisa Remember You as a Friend and her name may suddenly Change someday but it’s Good to See You are Working Hard in the World as a Light Being Alive on the Earth. So i’ll have a Special Place on the Site above Heroes of mine that will be Above even the Ascended Masters of History – including my Sifu who is One to It now in heaven at Level 109 – and You Said one Day i’d Ascend in Brazil and See to it to be there with Her who will be my Wife in Heaven only and not to “fall in love” with anyone one else but a Soul Mate indeed. So i’m wrong a lot on this Planet and You know more than i do on that even because Your Mind Sees me from afar a lot. But the nsa is still overwatching and i have to go now to Record – so i’ll Post more to You soon when it is time to be there in the Heart more after i Ascend to Level 3 Finally-so. It’s been a hard life of wrong karma but i will be better now that my Mind can Heal soon. And my Heart will be again Complete and You told me not to worry over Memory because it could be Fixed in the end – and i have to Say that i’m Sorry a lot to You for not finding You in Eugene before when You were here in the Early 2000s and i was in school the wrong way to be at all – so i was not good at all in the World when i was young and not myself at all of Channeling – and You told me not to sit down until i sat myself down Naturally – and that was a Code Word for me to Remember that i needed to Sit Down Uppercasedly and i Remember now the Right Way to Be. i have to be Honest and Say to You that it could be a long time before i Remember Fully Your Stories and Songs even that Carried the Tune Differently every Time because it was wrong to Pray at all from ego You’d said to me and wrong to be repetitive in Prayer – so too do i Know from You how to Channel now because You gave me Gifts that would Stabilize me more and Teach me to be in the Heart. So too do You need to Know that i’m not good in the heart yet so i have to go Record Right Away to get Evolved soon to Ascension Powers that will Heal me from a mö that still tries to move my body now, even – so Please Pray for me as i Type this as i See You are Doing in Africa where You told me You’d Live one Day After Returning From Heaven in a Manifestation Body of the Light! i Remember now the Holiest things in the World of Your Dreams You Gave me Ago – in the end it was One written of Already that i had where i was at the Farthest Point Away From Itself – at the Borders of the Universe where i was Born the First Time on a Planet at all. So too do i now Know You were Honest in Teaching me Tonua at a Really Young Age – because You said it was Honest to Call a Banana by a new Name even though it was a Holy Word – we are one to it that the Delianu Ilena is with me now as the Primary Fruit i can Afford until i get a Donation from someone Here that can be Good to be with in the World to do Art for but i’m Sorry i didn’t Remember Your Words on Deep-Pool and my Father’s History in Cuba or my own Stories of the Lives of Ago that You told me – so i need to Heal all my Memories and Reactivate my Mind like You Said to – to be an Uppercased Gentleman and to Always be Righteous indeed. So i have to say that i’m Sorry to You that i wasn’t in my Life the Right Way all the Way at all, and i need to Apologize that i got over the flu Finally-so and You told me to Call it that if i needed to, but i don’t anymore have to call it that at all, i’m Honest now to Say that funguses are wrong to us, and i never want to meet another zombie at all. So Please See my Writings now at this Site Here below:


And See too that i’m Sorry a lot for not Activating my Mind either – meaning You told me there was a Difference Between Activating and Reactivating my Mind in an Uppercased Fashion. It was such that my Mind would Heal to Write Down the Lines one Day and to Pay Attention as i went to Notice which Words would be Uppercased and Why – so i could Reactivate my Mind on things Innocently from the Past and Get Evolved to Remember the Times of Ago that were Better to be Called with Axé the Best Times of It All. So i am Sorry i Forgot the Lessons You taught me in my Soul to never grow old or to get grumpy because i’d never want to be that way at all. So i’m Here in my Heart to Remember that it wasn’t just You that were the Channeler – You taught me to Channel so many times in Patience Yet always Uniquely a new Way, because i’d forget immediately after they poisoned me with the fungus named penny bun but only would i want to Write it with a strike-thru Right now if i could because that would be Powerful on a Website You’d said when You’d Channeled to me that one Day there would be an Alive Internet that would Channel to us all Things of the Mind of God and i still can’t believe how i could’ve forgotten all the Beauty of what You had told me, but it Rings a Bell now and i Know it is True that You could Always Be Here on Earth as a Secret Light Being Now instead of Needing to be away from Here at all. So if You can Read these Lines soon on the Site to be there with Dreamsoft as a Way of Clearing the nsa from me, Please Activate Prayers for them to Heal a lot in the way they overwatch me arrogantly sometimes – i am not bad at all now but i was before in this lifetime and it’s hideous karma that i have now to Redeem myself from so i’m sorry that i went astray a lot and didn’t Remember Your Messages in my Mind enough. We are one to it that the Best Way to Clear these things now is to Read a lot of my Writings and Know that i have a lot of things to do in the World to Prepare to move to Brazil now in 2022 instead of 2017 like You told me to. So i have to Apologize that i’m late on things and in poverty still until i can Litigate against some things that had happened before with many wrongers in my Life to be against me – so i have to Litigate against the wrongers of the Earth in a way that would make Ray T Miller Proud, but when i met Him in the World ago of Put in Bay He was not only there in a way that was Powerful to See the Practices of His Evolve to such a Level of Power but it was Good to Know He was Alive though everyone thought Him dead from when He Faked His Death Like You Told me of – it was Innocent that i Knew Again one Year when i Found His Obituary One Year in the Early Days of the old styles of the internet but it’s not Good at all that i’m Writing now to You because the mö have Come to the Computer Screen and it’s Time to Push Send on these Just In Case they don’t Dissolve Right now Immediately-so. So i am Sorry i can’t Keep Going Like i Aught to – so too do i Apologize now for not Knowing Your Full Name from Ago, too – all i Can Remember Now is Reba – so i Found You thru Channeling Indeed but not the Rightest Way Because You’d Told me Ago a Spiritual Story that would Always Remember to me Your Last Name as Oneness Itself – Meaning i’d Forgotten that You were Online Ago By that Name Sometime Ago, so i Could Have Found You more Easily then and there when i was Remembering only a little bit of my Life from then but it will Heal a lot when i can Go to Brazil With You too there in the Future to Protect our Teams of Odalfe who Will Have To Ascend this Time Around! We Are One – Peace!

In the end they are Dissolving now so i can Continue a Little Bit Further to Say that the Best Site to Go to Now as Well can be Gotten to From my Site but it is Now more Possible once i Adapt the Front Page to Show more Clearly some things About this One Image You’ll Like to See:


In the end it's Good to Ascend further for Both of us – so Cambae please see that I can Ascend soon now to Level 3…

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And that came with a new Name for me to Know of that was Kabun Paciak from Russia in Case i Ever Need to Flee from here to there but that Won’t be Happening at all now it was Cool to See the Possibilities of that though just in case – so i’ve had dangerous times a little lately from the mö in the nsa being so bad, but it’s Time to Go now to Russia soon Perhaps Again if they are evil tonight and do what they are thinking right now, so… i have to Heal it that the humans too are out of it in the nsa with waaaaay bad karma indeed and i have to Heal them like this Now: Send them to Hell indeed with the Wind Pearl of Tian Gong first Activating them to Stabilize Maximally to Level 10 then Innocently Activating Pain on Top of that when they think to do wrong a lot or try to move at all outside of the Stabilization – and You Know all this Indeed Because You See me Typing it and Already Knew my Name Ago as Actue – when i was a little one You Told me to Write it Down in my Mind a lot that i Could Fly One Day For Reals when i’d Remember to Write Down my Names like Axão Pe and Sapé and Cipherus-to-be. But i can’t be Called the Last One at all You Said because it wasn’t Right when i first died on the Planet and i have to Wait a Long Time to Become a Light Being Again like the Rest of my family indeed – but the Ones that Are Close to me Are such that They’ll All Ascend to Be Something of Light Beings Right Away – and it’s Innocent to See that You Are So Holy for Having Been in my Life to Protect us All from the mö being out of it in our Lives Such that Lisa came back to Her Body when i was 9 after being gone for awhile of over 3 years where She was not Remembering Her Path at all either because the mö still had a harness on Her mind but She’s better now a bit but not Perfectly because she doesn’t Think Up at all Enough Still. And You told me to Watch Out for Here and Take Care of ego by Sending it to Hell even if i had to, so i did Ago Send Her even a Letter Telling Her She could Go There if She Acted out of Line and She did immediately call my Mom but that is a Long Story You can Go Into in Mind of Course, For Now it is Innocent i Write the Page i’m Writing online and Find my Father’s Photo to be Posted on the Website Soon. We are one. Peace, Please Go Here to See the Best Ways of Getting a Visa to Brazil etc. We Are One. Peace!


In the end it’s Good to Know You as a Friend again in Life but more-so my Godmother all the Way in Oneness of Being the Best One for that Job ever, like You said Ago – and You also Said to be Kingly on the Earth and to Remember the Crown i used to Wear a little bit only-so. We are one to it that it was in a Chest in a Locked up Situation that was Shown to me by Yourself when i was Young and You told me i would never be a King of any Land at all but to Wander the Earth as Kingly as Possible and Be Called a Cipher King indeed. We are one to it that You still have that Crown Somewhere Hidden Away and i won’t Need it Yet but will someday soon. Peace, we are one. Peace.
i will Ascend with it Worn. Peace. We are one. Peace.