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World Bank System Online For Everyone To Heal It All

In The End It’s Here To Go For All Banking Eventually, Here On These Pages:

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development / The World Bank 1818 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20433 Telephone: 202-473-1000 Internet: E-mail:

And Here Is How I Found The Trail To The Bank’s Website – I Followed A Route By Channeling The Last Name Of My Godmother Related To One Of My Friends Online Who Left A Clue That It Was The Same Woman Who Was His Grandmother – Because There Was A Quote In An Article That He Had About Him That Said He Was Gifted By Her With The Right Way Of Being All His Life – He Was This One:


So I Went A Route Using His Actual Last Name And Knew That Was Her Last Name She Used When I Was Young – And So Too Do I Apologize for not Remembering Things But You Can Understand When You Go To The Site On Her…


And Then I’m Sorry Too For not Activating Money Flow A Lot Longer Ago When I Could Have but I stopped Channeling for a reason of being out of it with abilify hurting me so much that I couldn’t Remember the Things Necessary To Be One To It Anymore – I Am Sorry The Most Ever Now.  We Are One To It That I Soul Cleanse A Lot In The Way My Sifu Taught Me To – Here Is His Sites At The Top Of This Page Here:


And Then I’m Sorry Too To All The Humans Of The Earth Who Need To Heal Their Money Flows Because I Could Have Activated This Page More For Them, Here:


And Here’s The Website I Found That Would Create Enough Money Flow For Me Now To Heal Everything In Life Because I Found the Bank I Needed To Find – Here:


So That Search Led Me To The Site Of The World Bank And Now I Can Reclaim My Money That I Should Have Remembered About My Whole Life but it was erased from syringings of funguses that erase Memories Of Channeling And Spiritual Life and being thworsted to eat rotten things like penny bun fungus that destroyed My Memories Of All Things Important – I Am One To It Now That I Remember… More & More The Styles Of Life I Had When I Was Young – Again I Will Remember All Of It – Soon – Peace, We Are One.  Peace!

Here’s A Correspondence To The Bank:

I Am A Spiritual One Who Is Making A Website Now That I Will Post Your Information On Soon – It Is Here, Also I was Born With the Name Oke Paulo – I’ve Channeled, And My Mother Told Me So When I Was Born And Later When I Needed To Heal From things that erased Memory… Please See To It To Help The World Heal A Lot From krangs and funguses that hurt Memory and take over with mobility…  Here’s The Page That I Found Ago::


And Then I’d Say Too That I Have To Go On It That I Can Ascend Further Soon To Be Stable Even More in Oneness So I Can Always Use the Money Of My Family Who Was Always The Right Way With Money To Be Safe In Life And To Litigate some things in The World Before Moving to Brazil! We Are One. Peace. 

Also You Can Call me at (((…)))

Thank You – Peace.

Here’s A Site Too That Mentions My Godmother:


And Then I’m Honest To Say I Love Your Bank The Most In The World And Will Support It A Lot!!! Peace, We Are One. Peace – My Great Grandfather Too Was An Honest Man And Will Be Alive On The Planet In Multiple Bodies Soon – He Ascended Completely In 1996 To Level 19 And Beyond Where He Did Not die At All And Is Immortal That Way – So Too Is My Sifu And Others Who Are Coming Back To Earth In Many Bodies Of Oneness – Multi-Body Modes Even. So Please See The Needs Of Ours To Have A Lot Of Money Flow Soon To Heal The Lands A Lot. We Are One. Peace!

Here’s The Page On My Great-Grandpa – Ray T. Miller – Here:


Thank You So Much For Being Honest In The World And Healing Things A Lot With Reverence Always – We Are One. Peace!

And Here Is The Page On You – Here Below:

(Here on This Page!)

Also Thank You for Being One To It Already In Oneness So Advanced That You Are Healing The World A Lot With Reverence Always To The Deities Of Oneness – We Are One.  Peace!