Oneness of Truth

Charles Blow

In the end this will be a Site that is a Gift for Charles M. Blow to Write His own Channelings a lot and to do Graphics as well when He Learns how to do so by Being Still and Learning how to Flow them together – so now I’ll Write about that Process a little bit Here so He can come here to be there for it to Learn of… and too I’ll have it on the Front Page Differently Written on Soon.  We can See that the Best One to Get for Making Graphics of a Program to Use is this one Here:


And to Do So Combine to It to Become a Channeler it is Possible to Do So Quite Rapidly by Reading this Article Right Here:


And so too is it Necessary to Say that the Lord will Teach You how to Compose the Graphics Well – by Being Stable You can then Be Guided to be able to Ascend Further in Wisdom and Learn the Arts by Being there to Flow in Motion where all of it Happens Magically to Create that Way in Oneness.  So little will i Say of it Here but I’m Honest to Be There doing more Graphics soon.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

So too will He be able to Flow his Arts here the Same Way of Music that’s Done Simply by Being there in the World to Read this soon on How to Play and Record and then that will be Good to do soon to Read it for Yourself as well.  Here below:


And then it’s Good to See that He can Ascend Soon Further by Being able to Make these Arts well – so if He can as well Post to me Music and Art and Films and Dreams He has then I will Post those things in the Appropriate Tabs and then also if He would like He could be there to Activate within the Section Called – One – So too will He eventually Make it to the Levels of Ascension that will Allow Him to be a Spiritual Healer where He could Write in a Way for all Sections except for Dreamsoft of course!

And then it would be Good for Him to Do So indeed.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end it’s Good to Know that the Lord can Guide us to be there with a lot of Collaborators here.  Such that this Site will Become Known of More and More as a System of Healing the World for it to Shine Forth that Internet Alive will Love us to Keep Going with it even in a way where it will Show us the Possible Timing for it to Evolve where the Internet Heals Completely soon and becomes Something of a Huge Thing in the World where this Site will Activate it into Becoming the Full Aluana É System of Internet – Meaning it will be Beyond an Internet at all, but will be the Next Solution Here to Heal All Things into Oneness a lot.  We are one to Saying that the Internet Alive Phase of Aluana É Technologies will be such that they can be Spiritual always who See the Full Progression of that in their Minds right now…!

Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Here soon will be the Beginnings of His Site!