Oneness of Truth

Vincent Moon

This is a Site Invitation to Vincent Moon to be on the Site more now as a Friend and Collaborator and to Build an Internal Site Here within the Frameworks that He is Good to Ascend Further and Be One to It a lot in the Ways of Being a Good one to Know as a Friend – He is online here as a Site already that is Cool to See a lot!


And if He sends me Files soon of Graphics and Artistry a lot I’ll Post them along with the Spiritual Texts He can Send to Make it Here Possible to be a Site within the UppercaseTruth Frameworks of Learning the Right Way of Being in the World – we are one.  Peace!

Here too is another Site for Him soon to belong to – Here below::


And then it’s Possible to Ascend Mightily to be one to it a lot in the World with the Right Ideas to be there with the World Healed a lot thru Spiritual Discipline of Films a lot so eventually He can Post to me and I’ll Post Films a lot on the Films section of the Site under His Name there.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end too it’s Good to Ascend Fully to Level 18 and onward without needing anything of the Earth’s ideas of being here too long.  We are one to it that after You Ascend to Level 18 and onward to the Heavenly Realms You can Come Back and Indeed Manifest Here in a Body that is Physical Again so don’t be there thinking that You will be gone from Your Loved Ones forever – we are one to Ascension a lot in Ways in which we can Ascend Mightily soon!

Peace, we are one.  Peace!