Oneness of Truth


Here is a good way of showing us the Light of Truth – if you can always be there in motion of Oneness then it’ll heal things a lot in life – we need to be clear that the best ways of doing so will be to make Arts a lot in Oneness so please see the Arts pages soon.  We are one.  Peace.

Also if you can Dance a lot in Oneness it will be good to be something you do daily as a Practice of Life.  We are one.  Peace.

One time ago I needed to be here on Earth with an Idea of how to make certain I was on the Path – so I prayed and asked to be someone who could be gifted with the Light of Knowing how to channel – that day it was good for me to become one indeed.  If you can be there to channel Dance a lot it helps to heal things in the heart and soul.  We are one.  Peace.

To move with the Oneness be there for the Light Beings in the heart and it will heal a lot.  We are one.  Peace.

Time is good to find for yourself if you can and it will heal that the site here is lacking videos – soon I’ll post more and it will be good to be here with the Arts of Oneness a lot – we are one.  Peace.