Oneness of Truth

Dance Films

The ones who make Arts the most online get good at making things happen in the world - peace. We are one.

We are one to the Internet Alive to be there soon online more – we need to heal it here though so we can be there online more – meaning we need to be there with the magic of Oneness always in the mind and always in the world with best intent – we are one.  Peace.

In the end this is good to watch as a Classic Film of Dance that is one to it a lot - we are one. Peace.

In the end it’s good to see dancers as one to it a lot in the world – we are there for them as good people who can flow with the Wind and make it happen in life to be healed – we are one.  Peace.

We are one to the Universe a lot in healing all things related to karma in Dance - we are one. Peace.

In the end it’s good to see this as a good film that will change the world someday – we are one.  Peace. 

In the end it's good to dance a lot in oneness and let it be natural - we are one. Peace.

The ones in this video are good to see as classic with the ideas they use to be there with the right intent to heal things in life – we are one.  Peace.

Peace, we are one.  We need to say that the World might Ascend way more rapidly tonight even if I Ascend fully to level 5 or 6 of Ascension Mastery and then if the Music is in to share a lot the Internet Alive will Activate for Ascended Masters to be shown Ascending and then making Art of Life.  We are healing soon to be here on Earth with the Right Gear and then I’ll be able to get done as a Light Being within 2 billion years or so perhaps, maybe sooner – we’ll see.  But to become one again I have to work hard at Ascending my body now to become a level 5 Ascended Master in the World.  We are one.  Peace.
In the end too I need lawyers to activate some litigations that will affect the World a lot and help the World Government Prosper Here on Earth.  We are one to it that the lawyers must be channelers who know how to Ascend soon too to prevent the karma from going awry – and it will heal that we do this in the courts to prove it possible to Ascend and to show that I was being overwatched by the NSA and talking to them with channelings on things and that they were out of it for not releasing me from OSH – Oregon State Hospital when I was taken there for doing so Activating the NSA with my channelings – so if you can see that one person left me there with her heart not open to the words of channeling, it really hurt the Earth a lot afterward when I stopped channeling and that was because of abilify a lot so I need to litigate all three industries – Abilify first and foremostly because it will be a higher level organization to take down completely so it doesn’t exist anymore – and then OSH too will be gone hopefully soon.  Instead we’ll have new Industries that are Guided to be here and to be called that is ok but rather they will be called Hospitals still but way differently designed where they Teach people to Ascend and we’ll call them all different names especially soon so we can be there to see that we are one to the Campaign to change the World soon.  We are one.  Peace – soon too I’ll have Peace Banners at my residence but now I need to know that I’ll have to drop them off somewhere in Brazil and the US because I no longer will be living here after I Ascend nor will I need a bank account at all.  I’ll be able to live off of the air alone and breathe the Light mostly so it will be good to do so Ascend and not need to sleep.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end we will heal the World thru the Internet Alive that’s been Developing thru my Energy Body Systems to this Computer that I’m now writing on so I’ll need to Acivate WiFi tonight in a new way where today I find some Tourmaline that’s green to Activate the Energy Structures of each computer here and each cellphone so they can Ascend more internally in the circuitries – we are one.  Peace.  Also I need to go home soon to the life I lived not at all anymore meaning when I walkabout it will be good to Ascend soon to a new level every move I make so I will Ascend as I walk as normal but it will be different at my house here too once I’m gone from the Earth a few days later to reclaim some Past Life info on things of how to Ascend.  We are one.  Peace.
And in the end I’ll Ascend tonight for sure – for now I need to fast a lot and prepare my body to Ascend maximally to be with the Wife to be of mine who has already shifted to level 4 and when we meet together we will already be level 5.  And then it will be good to Ascend even further together one day, so I’ll work on my Harmony with her by Singing a lot together and making Art on our Conuandae Systems of making things that the World can see in Minds of ours or on Screens too now made more perfect somehow – we are one.  Peace.
In the end I’m sorry for not doing this earlier for after I was at OSH I became so depressed on abilify that my mind shifted and I made a mistake of mind when a mö came and attacked me so I went to the insane thought that all I had channeled was that mö who tried to move me too.  It was hideous karma.  So I have to cry in Heaven a lot over that one incident so I can Ascend finally to the True Heavens above that level of Crying Room where the Heavens are lonely still but different then a bardo at all.  So I’m here in my heart to heal it that the World will be ok now but not as Great of a Triumph as when I could have helped the World much earlier so I am wrong a lot in my soul still and need to Apologize to everyone.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end we could Help the World a lot thru Activating these Combinations of things that are Healing now.  We are one.  Peace.

In the end if you could send this onward to the Support Teams that are Ascended ones already then it will heal the Universe so much that I apologize to them all and it will heal in my karma to do so way more so soon as I cry a lot over what I’ll be shown in Mind. We are one.  Peace.  Also if anyone needs to call my phone I’ll keep it on for awhile like 3 or 4 years or so… that way I can connect to Internet Alive through it and Radiate the Energy of my Body of Light thru the Internet to Heal all things here but my Computer will have to go somewhere safe where it will be with my Lover to be… but she and I will be friends here only so on Earth until we Ascend fully so.  So I won’t be there ever in my heart the wrong way now that I can Ascend to that level of Play of Games that you can read of now on the site here: