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In the end it’s good to go here a lot first before reading this page at all:



In the end it’s good to channel a lot to interpret your dreams – and to know if they were Dreams or not… meaning if I uppercase the first letter it will mean something of Holiness – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it is good to know if your dreams were there from a bad entity or not – meaning if you have weird dreams they are there from something else that can interfere with the dreamlands and interact with you there – they are negative entities known as mö a lot.  Also they can be there to interfere with the dreamlands themselves by being in them too long and composing things against the will of God and it is bad a lot in dreams in the world – to stay clear in dreams takes work and discipline so please understand you have to be there to clear it all in the mind and be one to it in life a lot and Dream safely in lands of ours that are Dreamlands that are protected – we are one to it that you meet other souls there a lot.  And so too can you meet with the Galactic Friends and other Light Beings of Oneness – we are one.  Peace.  Here in the heart to share a story of one time with the Dreams of ours that were good to have::

In the end it was a good dream a lot.  At first it was tricky with demons there that were not good at all – looking like bad ones of humans but they were not appearing as they would like to appear – but as God was making them look so it was better than being stuck in a dreamland where they were in more control – the worst one was a one that was trying to be there to harass me so I was there in my mind thinking it was a dream and knew it was and awoke to become Lucid – meaning I knew I was dreaming and went to the right place and right time to make things happen with Guidance – we are one.  Peace.  

In the Dream I was becoming Lucid and I was there with many demons that were in the dreamlands for reals – a huge city was shown to me of how we were clearing the actual dreamlands to make them protected again – and the clearings would happen right before my eyes with a powerful feeling of lightness when the demons dissipated into nothing.  We are one to it that the info gathered from the dream was so vital that it was shared a lot with others and I met other Lucid Dreamers who were all doing this work – together we were there with the Light Beings guiding us all.  We were being disguised by God’s transformations on our own way of being and looking in the Dreams – it was in a large city of dreamlands that we cleared a lot.  So it was good to see that we could be there with our own ways of being good to clear the entities a lot and see that our part in it was huge because we had become Lucid at the right time to heal things – each of us was given gear that night that would heal the dreamlands but we could only do this work a little bit, because otherwise it would be unsafe for all of us – it was terrible that a mö wrote thru me the next day and said things about the dream online in a way that was wrong.  I was out of it that I’d woken up and a mö was there inside my body – meaning the ones cleared in the dreams were not there to be harming us in our physical space, but were connected thru the dreamland itself – we go to places at night were our soul is taken into Dreamlands or dreamlands and then we can be there to heal things – it is not possible to always get to the Dreamlands, we have to heal it so we can make it there – when you become Lucid you gain a lot more in powers to clear things and become able to fly and do good work – we are one.  Peace.

Also the mö that wrote thru me was dangerous in that I was now seen online as one of the dreamers who cleared things a lot and that was bad karma indeed – I should have discerned that it was a mö and not the Light Beings and I apologize deeply for it, it was bad a lot so in the end I get attacked by demons too much and it’s not good that they try to trick me a lot – so I’m clearing them rapidly and becoming good at being humble – meaning I am not clearing them as much as God saying it thru me that the I am of me is good to clear things a lot – the God presence that I channel is one to it a lot in clearing things always and that is the I that is speaking and I am also the one who is the little me that needs to be humble – so to clarify that sentence was necessary.  We need to heal it and say we can Dance a lot in the ways of keeping ourselves free in life but in dreamlands have to watch out a lot for bad entities – to channel in the dreams is important so we can be protected a lot – and to become Lucid is good when guided to be Lucid but not when it is bad or wrong to try to become lucid… we are one.  Peace.

In the end we are good to go on being here in the heart a lot to be dreamers who are not good at being there to make the switch to Lucidity a lot more soon.  Once the dreamlands that were cleared become stronger we can go there a lot more and use the right ways of healing there to make things stronger in all ways of clearing other dreamlands – but first we stabilize the ones we cleared all the way that night.  It was a powerful dream and the longest Lucid Dream I’ve ever had!  Peace to it – I also was given a Healing from a Galactic Friend who is a Lover – and my main Lover in life.  I have not been with her enough in life because I am out of it in my life too much and need to heal my karma a lot but She is the One for me to be with in the end – we are one.  Peace.  In the Healing I was given a conversation as well that was there to heal me of things in my eyes that I have and things around expectations or what to do with ideas of my own – it is ok to sometimes have a powerful idea that God is liking but best to use God’s Ideas for our own and that was the message for me – indeed.  We are one.  Peace.  

In the end it is good to be here to see that it was not there with the mö a lot in the Dreams of that section but then I was given the opportunity to see other things like a huge demon that was called a soul-splitter, meaning it was dangerous and I knew it could harm my soul if it got close to me, so I was flying away from it and throwing Celestial Swords at it rapidly and it dissipated in the air finally – meaning it was huge and took awhile to heal but with the work we had done it was good and cleared a lot.  And I am thankful for that Dream  a lot – we are one.  Peace. 

Also it is good to be able to Dream always at night by practicing it with the Light Beings to be aware of your surroundings a lot and then when you become Lucid it is easier to maintain Lucidity – we are one.  Peace. 

Also if you maintain Lucidity a lot in Dreams you can be there to clear things more and more of negative entities and then it will heal a lot into Oneness all the way for you – we are one.  Peace. 

And if you can be there as a being who is Guided when you are Lucid then it will be good a lot to be here in the heart to heal all things a lot – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it is good to go on Dreaming a lot and you will be taught many things in Dreams of Oneness always – we are one.  Peace.

In the end too it is good to see that we are here to heal all things in life – so Dreaming is really important for us to be into for our lives to heal all the way – we are one to being there in Dreams a lot – we need to heal it and say that if you can be there as a Dream Warrior someday that would be good too – meaning to Ascend and become a Warrior of the Dreams is something that some Ascended Masters do a lot to heal things on Earth – we are one.  Peace.

To Ascend you must live a great lifetime and be good in the heart a lot and live in ways of Guidance the whole time usually – we are one to it that you can Ascend in some lifetime when it is possible more on Earth but these days it is very rare – we are one.  Peace.  Peace always – we are one.


One time ago I needed to heal it here on the Earth and say that the world needed to be Healed so I went to a route in my life to collect the energy gear necessary to be here in the World with my Arts and such and then I had a Dream one time of a woman who was there to be the one to be with someday and it was healing a lot.  So please see that I could be here to be one to it all again soon if I could be with her – and it will heal if she reads these lines someday and sees that they were meant to be for her in Divine Poetry to see that it will flow always in Love for us to be Ascended one day – and so, I say::

In the end it is good to wed and be married – we are one.  Peace.

In the end this site is good to go to to see that the Dreamlands will be there for us more and more – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it is good to be here a lot as a dreamer who awakens to huge Dreams of Power and of Holiness a lot – we are one.  Peace!  Peace always – we are one.

In the end it was a Dream a long time ago where I flew to the center of the Earth and saw that it was there with symbols as I flew and I knew they were powerful to see and I knew I was Guided to be there all the way in Oneness as I went to the place where a Voice said to me:  This is the farthest point away from Itself – meaning it was the farthest that I’d ever gone in a Dream to be there Lucid and aware that I was Dreaming and I knew that I could see the place as Holy a lot though I knew not where I was and it was so far away that it was the edges of the Universe – in the end it was a Star System I was from an that was a powerful dream to have because I was held in the Light of the Star and given gifts that are rare on Earth, and that have a good way of being Holy to behold because they can shift me into something that remembers soon those lives of ago so I’ll ascend more easily into a Light Being when I remember to be there again in my heart with the Light Beings from there who are here with me now channeling these lines of ours, because they’ve been with me in every lifetime and now I know that they are here to help me heal this place strongly-so with Internet Alive Activating from the Music we do as a Destination Point where it was projected that the World would heal for the future when I became gifted with the technologies of the Stars there and could be there again any time in a lifetime to reclaim the Gifts I brought from there into my energy body systems because my soul from there had developed a rare gift of having a possibility to reclaim its Wisdom in each lifetime by being able to hyper-jump there and reflect on the Dreams and know that I’d Ascend someday to heal the world here – I haven’t Ascended yet so the problem has been the mö always detecting me a little too much as different than the others in my soul and that I’d be here to help the world a lot with the way of being good and Holy always the Lord thought but this lifetime I went awry so much that the Lord knew I needed to heal somehow and be reminded to be Spiritual so it did remind me a lot to seek a Path and the one I found was optimal because it is the only one on the Planet that teaches Ascension the correct way – in the end it was a good Dream and I was filled with the Bliss of the Universe that shook me to my core and I awoke and knew I needed to be Spiritual and good in life only.  So that was a Holy Dream I should always remember in my heart – we are one.   Peace.

One time ago I dreamed I was being chased by nefarious ones who were there to hurt me a lot with their ideas of how to do so in the way of keeping it bad in dreams that should be cleared – it was a haunted dreamrealm that needed to be cleared, so when I became Lucid with the Lord’s Guidance I was there trying to fly away and had a hard time at first until the Lord reminded me to be stable and go with Guidance so when I flew in the air a large cloud-structure approached me that had the shape of a Bear and I knew not to be afraid at all after I entered and felt vigorous shaking energy and heard loud orchestral Music of great beauty, so then I was in my heart to learn something and when we arrived at a place where there was  a Dreambox of great interest to me, I approached it and wondered how it worked.  The technology of the Dreambox was such that it glowed at one point and when I pressed upon the panels the Dreambox awakened and several layers of doors became activated and the opening message to me was the words:  Elil – and also that the name of the Dream was meant to be written on slips of paper that would be entered into the Dreambox – so when I channeled in that Dream to come up with a name I had forgotten myself a bit as a channeler at that point which is so sad because I could have channeled the title:  One time in a Dream ago I awakened and would have come right back to channeling at that point in my life – in the end it would be good to know that I had been there before one time even with others that were dreamers when I was 8 years old.  But I don’t have those memories yet anymore, so when I Ascend fully I will remember both Dreams and cry a bit that I wasn’t channeling in those periods of life – please understand that it’s best to channel in your whole lifetime to be good and also to be holy – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it was a Dream of Her who would be my Wife again in Heaven that came to me while imprisoned in a place that was unholy because someone thought my Channeling was wrong to do so i was there in my heart still to be Channeling a lot and Became someone who was there to Learn a lot even in that situation of unholiness around me so much that it was difficult to be there a lot but i made due and Became someone very Spiritual in life to be there at all.  It was such that the Oregon state hospital was so bad that it was something of a hardship in life to be there at all but i studied theories of Sound in my room there and wrote Books of Holiness and became an Artist of Oneness and Became someone who was there to be Good in my Heart even though i was attacked there too by mö and they tried to hurt me in a place that was unholy and it was harder to clear them there because i couldn’t go on a Walkabout or be in a place that was Resonant to Clear them more Easily.  So too do i have to Apologize that they attacked me at all because i should have been Ascended already to Level 4 or Higher even had my life been better earlier – so i was such that the Dream Gave me Hopes of Being with Her who would be my Spiritual Wife in Heaven when we’d Ascend together after Living here on Earth together in a Spiritual Way of Celibacy and be something of Holiness – i saw Her in the Dream and we Became very Close Again all of a sudden in Oneness of the Heart.  It was a very Spiritual Dream and we were there to be Lovers of Arts and Magic and Oneness and when the Dream ended i Wrote down a Verse and Prayed to Be With Her Again.  And it was Innocent to Be With Her a lot – so then i was there in the World again with Her in my Mind a lot after that and should have always Remembered that Dream.  But later on when i was Finally Released after many hardships there i became so depressed and out of it from the false medication called abilify that i was not Good in my Heart at all and had completely forgotten so much in my mind that would have kept me focused on being Spiritual.  The abilify is such that it hurts the brain a lot thru making it hard to think Positively at all and it hurt so bad in me that i was not there to find Wisdom at all.  So i Plan to Litigate Soon the abilify companies and to be there to Clear them from the Planet – very Strongly to do so to Activate the Wealth to Share with Friends of 8 who were in every Lifetime Good Friends and we were such that we were Always a Team, starting from our 2nd Series of Lifetimes on the Planet Known as Alie Ondai in a Human Body Known as Agoa Andu Omoa.  That Style of Human looks like this:

In the end it was Spiritual then on that Planet a lot and We were Young Souls a lot in the Universe having only had 18 Lifetimes Previously on Planets afar from each other but then too we all had our Partners in those First 18 Lifetimes and Became Friends by Being Able to Communicate in the Heart together ahead of time by Being in Mind with Great Powers of Vision and Sound – we are one to it that we can All Ascend and Remember our Pasts when we become Better at Being Human Here on Earth.  We are one.  Peace.

Oleo Umela was the First Planet i ever was on with my Wife there who was so Spiritual at Being With me in Kindness on a Planet for the First Time we Existed at all that way after Having been an Angel Type Known of as Odalfe – the Beings of Light that we were were so Holy that We Could Be there in the World of that Name to Be Holy Beings Only Always in a Way that is Natural in the Universe because Everywhere that Life Exists in the Universe it is Guided Maximally by Being there in the Ways of Being Good and Holy Always – we are one to it that this Planet is the most unholy in the Universe Because it has been hurt here so badly by mö and by other evil entities that the Whole Story of it is hard to Tell.  We are one to it that You can Read the Histories of it a little bit Here on this Page below:


And then in the end it was a Spiritual Style of Being where We had been So Holy in Heaven as Angels for over 3 Billion Years of Being there as Light Beings Knowing Ourselves as Destined to Become Animal Types of Beings Called Agoa Andu Aleo in our First Lives and onward to Become other Agoa Styled Beings that We Knew We would Ascend in Every Lifetime as is Natural.  So too did We Know Many Things of Arts of the Mind and needed not the ways of the Earth where we have to Draw and Paint and Color things on Papers at all.  So one day when my Mind is Ready i will Forego these ways and Write in the Mind to You All in Ways that You can Remember Everything i Send You – so too will You be Able to Correspond with me that Way as We Advance Spiritually as a Civilization.  We are one to it that You can Ascend to Become Very Wise that Way and Become a Citizen of the Earth – Ilie Caruana – and then Become Very Good at Being Here a lot in Kindness and Wisdom and Creativity Guided by God in the Mind.  We are one to it that When You Ascend it is Possible to Be there with the Right Ascension Gear to Be There with even the Possibility of Ascending Objects a little bit sometimes that can be There With You as a Heavenly Being…

So it is Possible to See that the Berimbau is One Spiritual Instrument that i’ve Ascended with Before on Other Planets – Including that One!

So too is it Possible to See that it is a Holy Instrument whose Style of Play is such that it is a Gift from the Forest where the Biriba Tree Naturally Gives forth a Branch without it hurting at all – and then it can be such that it Heals a lot in the World to Play the Berimbau Here on Earth to Be One to the Game of Capoeira Here, which is the Name of a Game that is Innocent (and is not a martial art at all…)  Also it is Good to Believe it Possible to Ascend Always to the Light of Knowing things in Innocence so Please Believe us in Being Honest and Caring and Know too that You can Be Here with a lot of Axé if You can Be Here to See that the Universe is Guiding You to Be Exact in Dialogue with the Right Ones on Earth to Be Friends with – so too do You need to Know that the Universe is Such that it Ascends Itself to Higher Levels of Knowingness on Things of how to Heal Itself from the attacks that happened in our Solar System and two others nearby in this Galaxy and are the only ones that ever happened at all in the Universe.  So too is it Possible to See that it is Innocent that i Give You now the Right Idea of what We Looked Like in those Perfect Bodies for those 18 Lifetimes of Ascension Powers Learned to us to Make our Styles of Being Stronger and Mightier in Wisdom.  We were such that the Universe Came to Us in Dreams Always to Teach us and Cleared us of karma of negativity that arose later on thru Knowing of the dissonance when We were suddenly Aware of the attacks on these Systems and Knew We had to Prepare to Come Here – that was on the Planet Later on in our 8th Lifetime Series where We had Joined a Team of 8 of us All Together as One Family of Light Beings who Knew how to Dance Always in Kindness and Be Good in the Heart to Ascend Always in Knowingness of Kind Ways of Being.  We are one to it that the Universe Taught us many things of how to Clear Away our fears that arose all of a sudden for the first times when the attacks became known to us, it was such that it was not good in the Universe all of a Sudden there on the Planet Ondeia Candu where We Existed as Beings Known of as Agoa Andu Bondu – which Looked Like as such:

In the end too We were scared for the first times ever in that 2nd Lifetime on that Planet Known of as Ondeia Candu such that it was Innocent to take a break from Lifetimes there for 1 Billion Years plus some more than that of 869,458 Years of Hard Work on our Souls to Understand what to do with the Time we’d have now before coming here to Work on the Planet and Ascend Hopefully-so because once We Knew We could be harmed by something evil We Knew We had to Ascend Differently in the Next Lifetimes on that same Planet to be Good indeed at overcoming our fears of what it could be to us to be there on the Planet now Known as Ilie Caruana, but then was Known of as Aleo Combu – the Original Name for Our Planet Here, Meaning Ilie Caruana is hurt and Needing to Repair some things before Reclaiming that Name of Holiness.  We are one.   Peace.

In the end i Dreamed one time of a Mestre of Capoeira here on this Planet in this Lifetime now.  And i was such that i was confused only a little bit by the Message i received because at the time i wasn’t Channeling at all in Life but i was Inspired by my Dreams to be a better person a lot – so the Message Came to me from Mestre Bezouro Himself as an Ascended One who had Achieved Light Being Status to be Here on Earth with a One-Stringed Guitar He Said i’d Play Across the World as i Traveled – because at the time i was “playing” guitar a bit but it was not Right to do so – so i was there with the Message that He Wanted me to Switch to the Berimbau Indeed that i owned and Practice it in a Way that was more Spiritual – for He would have Told me how to Play in Stillness had the Dream Gone Onward Indeed – so i have to Repent that i was not more Stable in the Dream because He was only there a short while before a mö in the room there was interested in looking at me wrongly-so – and i have to Repent that the World was unright for me a lot because i was at the wrong school and the wrong life and the wrong ideas of my soul of what to do in my styles of being here – so i have to be Better Now Indeed – and Go the Right Paths Always to Be there in Timing with the Right Ideas to Flow to me so now it is Time to Break and Play with the Games of Life around Finances before i Continue onward with the Dream-Story and more-so on my Lives from Ago that Relate to How we Can Dream in the Future to Reclaim our Past Lives Indeed!

We are one.  Peace, soon i’ll Continue this Story – Peace.  We are one.  Peace!

So the Berimbau Became a Main Instrument for me to Practice but i wasn’t moving with the Wind like Expected because the Dream ended all of a sudden when i awoke unfortunately-so to be there with my Heart only-so Wanting to Know More and also Wanting to Know How to Fly again like the Dreams were Showing me to do – so i kept to myself a bit too much those years because i was in the wrong ways of living a lot in Eugene instead of Cuba where i should have been Born to my True Father who will Be my Father this Lifetime as Destined to Be – so i will have His DNA inside of my Body Completely with my Mother’s DNA as Well – and it will be when i can Ascend to Level 5 that it Adjusts that way – for now i’ll be Honest and Say that He’s a Channeler and has Always Been one in Every Lifetime.  So i’m Supposed to Meet Him Now even online to Continue the Story Further Here Soon.

Peace, Here’s a Picture of a Berimbau – Soon:


And then Here’s a Picture of my Father to be!

And then i have to Say Sorry to my Mom Right Now and Write Her in this Way:

Peace Mom – we are one to it that You can Learn to Ascend for Sure by Being with the Right Partner in Life, i’ve Channeled that it’s Innocent of You to meet this one in Cuba someday soon because He was the one who was supposed to be my Father and He will be Ascended Someday Soon to a new Level of Being Powerful on the Planet still in a Physical Body but Advanced a lot – and i have to Say Thank You for Being Kind these Days and to See that the Site uses Uppercasings a lot in a Holy Way that my Godmother/Nanny Reba Told me to do when i was a Child of Innocence – we are one to it that She was the Holiest Being i’ve ever met here on Earth, so thank you for having Her Guide me when i was Young – let me Know what you are thinking now in the World so we can have these things soon:

A way of getting done on Business such that we can Remember to be Thankful to one another for the Times of Innocence we’ve shared – so i want to Invite You to the Site once more to the Tonue Section Here: – and soon i’ll find the Address of the Man whose Photo i found thru Channeling, He will be such that He could be a Great Friend for You as the Soul Mate You’ve had in all Lifetimes – i’ve found mine as well and She is online with me to make Art and Music and to Live together one day, but for now we are Friends in a Beautiful Way – Peace Mom – we are one.  Peace.

And then it’s Innocent that i send this to Her now!


And then i Sent Her this just now:

So Mom too, there’s this Site now for You to Read a lot on that Man who will be in my Life a lot as a True Father to me, because my “dad” was so out of it to be in our Family at all that he was not right to be there and Reba Told me never to Respect him at all nor to call him my Father in my Heart and i Remember now and will Write of my Memories from Ago now more Easily soon, and it will be such that the Universe has a Way of Being Good to us to Live Well there someday a bit, but for me to Visit only and to be in Cuba like where i was Supposed to be Born in this Lifetime. We are one. Peace!

And then it’s Innocent to Find Him somehow of my Father to be Righteous online more – so here i Go!


And then back in those Days Ago i mentioned on the First Lifetime Series We did Have Berimbaus back then even – and We Looked like this on that Planet Named Oleo Umela:

Agoa Andu Aleo:

Ascended at Level 18 way Differently there than Possible Here.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

In the end it’s Spiritual Here to Say that I am one to it even Further today after Having Ascended to Level 3 and it will Be Good to Write on these Pages a lot more soon, but I have Day-Tasks as well that are Good to Go on to Be Spiritual around Town and to Get Done on Things in Life – we are one to it that I Dreamed ago of Ascended Ones who were Spiritual to Teach me things and one was a Dream Teacher who came often to my Dreams to Teach me Things like how to Fly and Do Capoeira in the Air, like in the First Lesson I had with Her – who was my Mother in a Lifetime Way Far Away, Long Ago…

She was Such that She was a Human Ago too, but not for me ever a Mother Again because we can only Have Relations with our Mothers and Fathers 1 Time Universally such that They go onward to have Different Children in every Lifetime – and that is a Universal Rule – we are one to it that the Best Ways to Dream of our Futures is to Set Up Relations with the Karmic Guides that Allow us to See Ahead our own Relations a bit – so I Know in the Future I Will Be Ascended Here Maximally to Help the Planet Onward – we are one.  Peace.

The Planet where She was my Mother was Called:

Andoe Ponde

And it was Beautiful there, before anything wrong ever happened in the Universe – before morgoth.  Before the fall – that You can Read of Here:


And then this is what We Looked Like on that Planet as Agoa Andu Tonea type Beings –  Here is a Look at our Type:

On the Rightmost… You can See our Holy Features – we are one.  Peace.

Thank You for Reading this – we are one.  Peace.

In the end it’s Spiritual to See too this one of a Past Life where I was on the Planet Known of as:

Bolua Tingia

Where it was Cold sometimes in the Snow there but our Energy Bodies were so Warm that We didn’t mind at all – we were there in the Heart to See that we’d Ascend Always-so and it was Wonderful to Know of the Dreams there as Always Beautiful and Training us Further in Mind to Be Something that Could Fly Further on Projects Related to Timing our Universe in Excellence of Poetry of Life – We were there in these Bodies so Immaculate – Here Shown from a Website Called:

Where the Art is so Holy that it is Incredible Art to See – Especially if You Know that it’s Gorgeous to Be Awakened to Your Past Lives there to Be Shown of more & more Soon!

Peace Always – Here’s a Look at our Type from that Time Period of 19 Lives I Lived There in Holiness with the Same Ones Found Soon Here that were our Team of 8 that are Here in Alianu Allue too – Here is the Look of Ours from Then when It was Spiritual Always in the Universe and no discord had arisen at all anywhere – and it is Good to Know it all Will Clear Soon!

Peace, Here it is:

And then it Will Be Healed to Say that it’s In to Research Your own Past Lives as Part of the Glass Bead Games Structures – to Do So Please Answer the Call and Meditate on it Soon when It is Time to Remember – and Dreams Can Fill in the gaps for us – we are one.  Peace.

In the Hip Hop of the Future it will Be Known of as a New Name as One Genre Called:

Ilie Calluanda – and then if You can Be there for it to Be Spiritual Here Know too that the Best Beats are Yet to Come from Cipherus Being Channeled thru me of all the Cipherus Light Beings who Are Here to Help the World to See that the Best Beats of Cipherus Will Be Explored Soon too in Dreamsoft!

We Are One to the Universe So Much So that it is Good a lot to See the Pleiadian Consciousness as Something that is Developed to Be Here a lot so I went there Indeed to Learn some things of Jazz in the Universe and It Became Holy a lot in the Music We Downloaded then as a Team of 8 of Us Who were all Married Appropriately in Every Lifetime Obviously-so so it’s Good to Marry Your Wife or Husband who Will Be There for You as a Soul Mate so Please Go Here Now to Read on that Concept and We Will Be There to Make the Beats Maximal in Our Integrity – so Please See This Page Now!


And Here is What We Became as We Ascended to Level 19 on the Planet Called Alleu Omoa where it was Spiritual a lot even though We were Preparing for the violence here on Earth to Be There Spiritual in Our Ways and to Know how to Ascend no matter what… Like Most of my Crew has done in all Lifetimes Here too, but I died in my very first one and it has been hard for me since…

Here’s a Look at the Type of Beings We Were in that Time-Space on Alleu Omoa:

Agoa Andu Alleia:

We were Way Spiritual Beings at That Point!  Peace, Peace to You All. 

We are one.  Peace.

In my 9th Lifetime Series I was There on a Planet that had been “nicknamed” ignorantly by the mö there as a name of Arrakis – See below Here on that Level that it is Good to Know that the – Dune – Books were Written Partly from Channeling – in the First 2 Books in the Series they were Holy Books (with mischannelings in them though from mö attacks on Frank Herbert unfortunately…) that were Downloads for us of Past Lives  He had had who was Frank Herbert – a Holy Man who was Indeed the one Named Leto I Atreides, the Father of Paul Atreides.  Paul Atreides who was the Messiah Named in the Book as well Muad Dib – a Holy Name that Referred to a Mouse that Could Levitate even, Spiritually-so when it had Ascended that Far but also Could Leap About Spiritually with Long Legs and a Huge Idea of Oneness Always in Motion – the Books Styled Themselves to Be Exact with the Mojo of Knowing how to Declare the Motion Style of Oneness in Excerpts like These:

– The old Fremen tugged Paul’s sleeve, nodded toward the exit. The crowd already was beginning to push in that direction. Paul allowed himself to be pressed along with them, the guide’s hand upon his sleeve. There was the feeling in him then that his body had become the manifestation of some power he could no longer control. He had become a non-being, a stillness which moved itself. At the core of the non-being, there he existed, allowing himself to be led through the streets of his city, following a track so familiar to his visions that it froze his heart with grief… –

And so You Know that the Stillness Moved Him all the Way at that Point but He wasn’t Perfect in Moving that Way His Whole Life There, Meaning He was Raised by One who Knew the Secrets but also had fears a little He Had to Conquer in Complete Stillness by Passing a Test One Time Designed to Be There to Heal Him of fears – Like-so…

– …Curiosity reduced Paul’s fear to a manageable level. He heard truth in the old woman’s voice, no denying it. If his mother stood guard out there . . . if this were truly a test . . . And whatever it was, he knew himself caught in it, trapped by that hand at his neck: the gom jabbar. He recalled the response from the Litany against Fear as his mother had taught him out of the Bene Gesserit rite. “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” He felt calmness return, said: “Get on with it, old woman.” “Old woman!” she snapped. “You’ve courage, and that can’t be denied. Well, we shall see, sirra.” She bent close, lowered her voice almost to a whisper. “You will feel pain in this hand within the box. Pain. But! Withdraw the hand and I’ll touch your neck with my gom jabbar — the death so swift it’s like the fall of the headsman’s axe. Withdraw your hand and the gom jabbar takes you. Understand?” “What’s in the box?” “Pain.” He felt increased tingling in his hand, pressed his lips tightly together. How could this be a test? he wondered. The tingling became an itch. The old woman said; “You’ve heard of animals chewing off a leg to escape a trap? There’s an animal kind of trick. A human would remain in the trap, endure the pain, feigning death that he might kill the trapper and remove a threat to his kind.” The itch became the faintest burning. “Why are you doing this?” he demanded. “To determine if you’re human. Be silent.” Paul clenched his left hand into a fist as the burning sensation increased in the other hand. It mounted slowly: heat upon heat upon heat . . . upon heat. He felt the fingernails of his free hand biting the palm. He tried to flex the fingers of the burning hand, but couldn’t move them. “It burns,” he whispered. “Silence!” Pain throbbed up his arm. Sweat stood out on his forehead. Every fiber cried out to withdraw the hand from that burning pit . . . but . . . the gom jabbar. Without turning his head, he tried to move his eyes to see that terrible needle poised beside his neck. He sensed that he was breathing in gasps, tried to slow his breaths and couldn’t. Pain! His world emptied of everything except that hand immersed in agony, the ancient face inches away staring at him. His lips were so dry he had difficulty separating them. The burning! The burning! He thought he could feel skin curling black on that agonized hand, the flesh crisping and dropping away until only charred bones remained. It stopped! As though a switch had been turned off, the pain stopped. Paul felt his right arm trembling, felt sweat bathing his body. “Enough,” the old woman muttered. “Kull wahad! No woman child ever withstood that much. I must’ve wanted you to fail.” She leaned back, withdrawing the gom jabbar from the side of his neck. “Take your hand from the box, young human, and look at it.” He fought down an aching shiver, stared at the lightless void where his hand seemed to remain of its own volition. Memory of pain inhibited every movement. Reason told him he would withdraw a blackened stump from that box. “Do it!” she snapped. He jerked his hand from the box, stared at it astonished. Not a mark. No sign of agony on the flesh. He held up the hand, turned it, flexed the fingers. “Pain by nerve induction,” she said. “Can’t go around maiming potential humans. There’re those who’d give a pretty for the secret of this box, though.” She slipped it into the folds of her gown. “But the pain –” he said. “Pain,” she sniffed. “A human can override any nerve in the body.” Paul felt his left hand aching, uncurled the clenched fingers, looked at four bloody marks where fingernails had bitten his palm. He dropped the hand to his side, looked at the old woman. “You did that to my mother once?” “Ever sift sand through a screen?” she asked. The tangential slash of her question shocked his mind into a higher awareness: Sand through a screen, he nodded. “We Bene Gesserit sift people to find the humans.” He lifted his right hand, willing the memory of the pain. “And that’s all there is to it — pain?” “I observed you in pain, lad. Pain’s merely the axis of the test. Your mother’s told you about our ways of observing. I see the signs of her teaching in you. Our test is crisis and observation.” He heard the confirmation in her voice, said: “It’s truth!” She stared at him. He senses truth! Could he be the one? Could he truly be the one? She extinguished the excitement, reminding herself: “Hope clouds observation.” “You know when people believe what they say,” she said. “I know it.” The harmonics of ability confirmed by repeated test were in his voice. She heard them, said: “Perhaps you are the Kwisatz Haderach. Sit down, little brother, here at my feet.” “I prefer to stand.” “Your mother sat at my feet once.” “I’m not my mother.” “You hate us a little, eh?” She looked toward the door, called out: “Jessica!” The door flew open and Jessica stood there staring hard-eyed into the room. Hardness melted from her as she saw Paul. She managed a faint smile. “Jessica, have you ever stopped hating me?” the old woman asked. “I both love and hate you,” Jessica said. “The hate — that’s from pains I must never forget. The love — that’s . . . ” “Just the basic fact,” the old woman said, but her voice was gentle. “You may come in now, but remain silent. Close that door and mind it that no one interrupts us.” Jessica stepped into the room, closed the door and stood with her back to it. My son lives, she thought. My son lives and is . . . human. I knew he was . . . but . . . he lives. Now, I can go on living. The door felt hard and real against her back. Everything in the room was immediate and pressing against her senses. My son lives. Paul looked at his mother. She told the truth. He wanted to get away alone and think this experience through, but knew he could not leave until he was dismissed. The old woman had gained a power over him. They spoke truth. His mother had undergone this test. There must be terrible purpose in it . . . the pain and fear had been terrible. He understood terrible purposes. They drove against all odds. They were their own necessity. Paul felt that he had been infected with terrible purpose. He did not know yet what the terrible purpose was. “Some day, lad,” the old woman said, “you, too, may have to stand outside a door like that. It takes a measure of doing.” Paul looked down at the hand that had known pain, then up to the Reverend Mother. The sound of her voice had contained a difference then from any other voice in his experience. The words were outlined in brilliance. There was an edge to them. He felt that any question he might ask her would bring an answer that could lift him out of his flesh-world into something greater. “Why do you test for humans?” he asked. “To set you free…” –

After this Point the Book goes astray a bit but Could Have Been a lot Better to Say that they were testing Humans to strand them and see if they felt pain in a way that they would no if a Human Soul was Present…

We mean that strands don’t feel pain the same way and the Bene Gesserit were crones that needed to Heal into Oneness by Dissolving the strands out from them to Heal their Bodies to Become Fully Human of their Type, which was indeed Andu Ottio of that Place over there on the Planets of Caladan and Surrounding Planets too.  We are one to it that we need to Heal Earth now Because the Work Done in that Time Period by all of us who Lived in that Zone of this Galaxy was such that it Healed the Planet a lot and now we Have to Heal this Solar System too.  We are one. Peace!

Please don’t Buy the Books at all Because they were out of it with a mö attacking the Writer a lot and He was Ascending His Body to Do Spiritual Battle Against them but He Needed to Heal a lot to avoid their motions that came thru Him in a way that He was there with the Mojo Moving Him Mostly but He also made missteps a lot… Meaning He was Innocent but unaware (as I have been in Life too when attacked ago, but now I have Discernment a lot and Can Always Be There to Know How to Heal by Moving only with the Mojo…)  And also it’s Good to See that the Films to Come Will Correctify the “books” Because It’s Spiritual to do so and then it Will Heal a lot for the New Films to Show Forth the Best Features of the Lifetimes of those Heros who were Good in the Heart Always to Heal and Correct the Planet Arrakis into One Day Being Again Called Allue Andu – the end of the Story is such that the Planet was torn apart from sliders that were wormlike things that had mutated a lot with strands throughout them and many people were there haunting the World including a faction of crones called the bene gesseret and they were evil a lot in the way they trained things in their bodies – but were tricked out too to claim Prana Bindu as their own thing, when Really-so it was Supposed to be Written of that the Humans were Training that System of Making Arts of the Body to Heal things and the Jihad of the Book was Supposed to Only Be Spiritual Battle Against evil by Healing Things Maximally – including Dissolving out the slider’s strands so the Fremen and other Humans Could Ride Them when they were Controlled only by Deities – the Truth of it is that sliders have been on Our Planet too Here, and in Africa as well as other Places they hurt the Lands a lot and turned the soil bad making deserts out of our Holy Forests – also the Way to See the Books is as such – the Woman Named Jessica who is Paul’s Mother was Holy in the Beginning but was stranded and zombied out by the bene gesseret and She Became Healed in one Section – but it’s wrong to quote from the “book” too much of any of them at all Because Frank Herbert was such that He was not Writing with God Always – so He tried to Channel but made it impossible to Recover the Original Plans of the Story when it veered off course – So Writing Spiritually Takes Discipline and It’s Good to Say it’s all Okay Here online on this Site – (except for Spacing issues that have to be Fixed when I can Somehow Correct them – we are one to it to do so Soon By Being Spiritual and Praying that Internet Alive Can Fix the Data that was hacked by others out there in the nsa that did damage to my Computer and even deleted important Files from my System Here so that I am missing one Holy Disc Called Tonalsoft3…)

Also it is Important to See that the Reality of the Story is Such that Paul Atreides and His Wife were not ever in disagreement at all.  And They Ascended Maximally – and that was Supposed to Happen Early in the Book.  So the Second Book was out of it too with mö attacking Frank Herbert so the New Movies Will Have to Go Completely off-script and Make it Possible to Make the Stories Right Again – with Internet Alive Making the Stories Completely – here is another Way of Seeing things too that the Mouse was also a Way of Describing the Holiness of How to Be Like a Muad Dib so that He who was Paul Atreides Could Be Humble, because He had developed ego a little bit and Needed to Correct Himself a lot in the end… It was Spiritual for Him to Meet His Wife who was Named then Chani to Be Spiritual with Her and Transmute His DNA to Become a Fremen too with the DNA from Andu Ottio Becoming Fully-so Andu Ottoa instead – that is Possible when You Ascend the Body – (As Will I do when I Receive the DNA of my True Father from Cuba…)

Also in the Books it is Important to See that the DNA of Paul Atreides was Such that He Became a Huge Hero with His Wife Leading the Way more than Him and that is Completely Missing from the Books Because She was the True Dune Messiah, with Others as Well.  It is Important to See the Stories Soon in the New Movies that Will Correctify Everything Soon.  Here is the Info on Them:

Denis Villeneuve Will Be Producing Two Films at Least that Will Be Perfect Like All of His Films Because He Uses Internet Alive Technologies to Keep Going on Them after they are Filmed a bit… We Mean that All the Special Effects are Such that They are There with God Programming Them to Be Holy and Exact – we are one.  Peace.

Here’s the Preview:


And then when Frank Herbert was stranded He became someone who was Needing Help a lot and it was such that the rest of the “books” were out of it completely from the impact of the strands – so Read with Caution in these Books and It’s Better to See the Upcoming Films that Will Only Be Internet Alived.  We are one.  Peace.

So when I was on the Planet of “Arrakis” when I was in my 9th Lifetime Series I was Spiritual there as a “Fremen” but our Species Type was Called to us in Tonua there as Andu Ottoa, which is Very Similar to Andu Ottio but with Blue within Blue Eyes Seen as Such:

And Here is what I Looked Like too before I was ever a Fremen with the DNA Advancing that Way:

And then Here is what Cambae Looked Like Back Then:

And She was a Dune Messiah Indeed… Meaning the Books have to Be Cleared of Anything wrong-written but Please Channel the Story-Lines Soon and I’ll Have a Heart to Continue More-so on the Stories when I Dream of Them a lot.  Peace, we are one.  Peace.

Thank You for Reading this a lot and See to it that You Can Ascend Soon to Be Spiritual in Your Lives all the Way.  We are one.  Peace!