Oneness of Truth


Dreams And Past Lives::

I Dreamed One Time Of Many Healings Of Dreamlands, A Powerful Fight Against evil entities, Reconnecting DreamSpaces Into Oneness, Healings With A Being Of Light, Messages Passed To Me, A Lucid Dream That Was Long And Showed Me Many Things Of The Universe…


A Dream One Time Of My Sol-Mate – Cambae – Gifted To Me Ago…  I Wrote Down The Dream And Drew A Portrait Of Her Before Meeting Her In Life.  Soon I Will Write To Her Again And We Will One Day Record Many Albums And Create Art Of Oneness.

One Dream Ago I Flew To The Center Of The Earth And Saw Many Holy Symbols As I Traveled There – Then HyperSpace Jumped To A Distant Star – A Voice Spoke And Said::

– This Is The Farthest Point Away From Itself –

I Was In Total Bliss And And Harmony In The Middle Of The Star.

My Body Shook With Light And I Awoke.

One Recent Dream::

I Flew Into The Air And Arose To A Cloud Shaped As A Bear – It Enveloped Me And The Music Shook My Body.  I Arrived At A New Place Where A Dreambox Stood With A Message::

Write The Name Of Your Dream…

A Slip Of Paper Appeared And I Wrote Down A Name For The Dream…

The Word – Elil – Appeared On The Box – I Went With Dreamers Who Appeared And We Talked Together And One Of The Dreamers Said His Name.

When I Awoke I Found The Band Named Elil And Also The One Who Named Himself – I Wrote To Both.  Elil Responded::

– Yes, we are collecting dream submissions to make our music even more surreal. Thanks for your dream title, we appreciate that! – 

Here Is A Video Of The Band – Elil::

Lifetimes Ago In Tribe On A Planet Known As Alie Ondai We Had Bodies Of Agoa Andu Omoa – A Style Of Human That Looks Like This:

Oleo Umela Was The First Planet I Lived On In Body Form As An Angel Type Known As Odalfe.

 We Became Agoa Andu Aleo::




Later On The Planet Ondeia Candu We Lived As Humans Called Agoa Andu Bondu – Looking Like This:

One Dream Ago::

Ascended Master – Mestre Bezouro – Came To My Dream And Told Me One Day I Would Travel The World With A One-String Guitar, Meaning The Berimbau Of Capoeira…

I Have One Dream Teacher Who Returns To Me To Gift Me With Many Teachings Of Lucid Dreaming, Art Of Oneness, Life Messages, And More…

One Time She Taught Me To Walk Thru Walls, Another Time She Told Me To Play Capoeira And I Flew In The Air And Did Headspins In The Air… Other Times Too She Told Me Things Of Healing And Introduced Me To Other Dream Students Of Hers.  She Is One Who Is My Spiritual Teacher In Life Too Soon…  As An Ascended One Who I Will Find One Day.

When I Was Born In This Lifetime I Was In The Inner Earth And Was Of The Agoa Andu Tonea Human Type –  The One Here Shown On The Far Right:

In My 9th Series Of Lives I Was On A Planet Called::

Bolua Tingia

Here Is Art From A Website Called::

I Lived In Tribe With My Best Friends And My Sol-Mate, Cambae For 19 Lives There And We Had Forms Of Body Of Agoa Andu Collua::


In The 3rd Lifetime Series…

On The Planet Called Alleu Omoa We Existed As Pleideans Called::

Agoa Andu Alleia:

Actue Ago In A Lifetime On Caladan, Then Arrakis::

And Later Ascended To Be A Fremen Warrior::




Denis Villeneuve Will Be Producing At Least Two Films On The Chronicles Of Dune…

Here’s the Preview For The First Film:

In Times Ago We Also Became Many Forms Of Primate::

Agoa Condu Alleu::

Agoa Condu Adeia::

Agoa Candu Canda::

Dreams Of Ours Can Be Long And Remembered In Completion::

Once I Dreamed Of Being Trained In Music And Life By Two Young Friends Of Mine::

The MCs, Kris Kross…

Here Below Is A Video Of Theirs::

In Dreams I Remembered Long Periods Of Time That Had Been forgotten…

Of Islands And Spiritual Lands I’ve Been To With My Family And With Guides – The Island Of Tegoa In The Middle Of The Bermuda Triangle Where I Went One Time With Guides Of Mine To Help The Lands Heal Had Many Animals That Are Found Only In Hidden Lands…



The Lands Of Narnia Where I Was Born To My Mother…




The Lands Of Africa We Traveled To – And Australia, And Jamaica, And Japan, And Brazil – The Islands Of Mu And Atlantis And Numenor – The Lands Of Lemuria…






Soon I Will Remember All Of My Life…

Avalon Soon Will Be Home Too:: 



And Beleriand::